Тарас Сахно


Украинский кинематографист. В настоящее время живет в Голливуде и у ведет здесь свою компанию "SAKHNO FAMILY COMPANY", с производством аудио-визуального продукта в разных странах мира.
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Miracle Mile, Los Angeles

Happy Mother's Day! 🐣


Not all of #Starbuks in USA are really comfortable. But this one is very nice and perfect place to create new concepts for the future projects! 🎧💭

Happy orthodox Easter! Як каже моя дружина #такіяйцягріхневиставить 📷 Христос Воскрес, дорогі мої друзі!!! 🌴😇 #моїяйця #самзробив #космічніяйця #пасха. #myeggs #madebyme #orthodox #easter

Los Angeles, California

Alweys most beautiful things are around. Even if you sure they are just regular! 😏🌴 #LosAngeles #California #Palms

My little top model! 😍😎

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I just don't have enough words to explain how much am delighted. It's just only #licenseplate #sakhno in whole United States!🔥#California driver plate with gold letters on the black background is especially beautiful!!! Isn't it? 😍 Also Hybrid Toyota Prius 2017 makes me happy every day.. 🚘 500 miles per every $40 (whaaat?)

Los Angeles, California

#DownTownLA view.. 🔭💜

Just #infinity! 🔭📷

Carpathian Mountains

I am happy to be living in this beautiful world, I am proud about this great chance to be born in my family... Today is my #mother's Birthday and I want to say thank you @gala_choo for letting me experience this awesome world. I love you and wish you the best people around and brightest atmosphere anywhere you are. #Happy #Birthday, #mom! ❤

Мої коханнячка! 😍🌇 #happyvalentinesday

Happy Birthday, Baby! 😍🌇

PHOTO MADE BY #iPhone8plus with #nofilter Which smartphone brand you are using? For example - for work I prefer Android devices, couse it has a lot of options to unpack or watching a lot of formats and documents! But this photo was made by IPhone 8 Plus. And without filters it looks just like photo by professional photo camera. Isn't it? So if camera has to be reason to pay about $800 for smartphone? #iPhone #iphonephotography #iphonenofilter

#FatherInLaw #тесть

Just want to leave here this #daddydaughtertime picture. Am shure this photo have to be on my Insta! 📷😍 атмосфера отцовства или мимишные коменты приветствуются... иногда просто хочется погрузиться в уют! 💭

San Diego, California

How do you like it? KICKOOS.COM - #GameDev #IndieGame #gamedesign #BusinessCard

This funny #gingerbread man was made by me and my lovely wife! 😍❤ And together we wish you the #HappyNewYear! 🎄

Teach my daughter how to driving the car! Isn't it too early? 💭😍

Puerto Nuevo Baja, Hotel y Villas

Ukrainians! 🎨💭#MadeInUkraine

Mira Mesa, San Diego

Happy to working with @yuriybuzcko on our own projects! We always running wonderefull ideas to the progressive future.. 📡💰☕

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