Тарас Сахно


Украинский кинематографист. В настоящее время живет в Голливуде и у ведет здесь свою компанию "SAKHNO FAMILY COMPANY", с производством аудио-визуального продукта в разных странах мира.
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Wynn Las Vegas

Memories from #MafWorldCup at #WynnHotel. Very soon I'll show you pilot from our new TV Program #MafStories, by @maf.club And I hope you'll like it, follow our YouTube channel and will be watching this project every week. By the way - production by @sakhnofamily. #Voronin

Planet Earth

#MyBaby on the beach! 🌅🍒

Wynn Las Vegas

Before #MafiaGame players leave theirs gadgets on the special table, on theirs own numbers. So this video called "When Taras came to #Vegas more for work, than for play!" 😂🎬🎧

Decide to leave it here... as for me, this video with singing chair is too funny to publish it just through insta stories! 🎬🌌 #LonelyInCinema

With winners of 6th Annual Maf World Cup in #LasVegas. On the winner's checks are my two logos - @SakhnoFamily and startup #101AppBuilder.

Wynn Las Vegas

6th ANUAL MAF WORLD CUP. #DayFirst 🌎🗺🍾

Daughter's Mood! 🌅🎩

AM Place

It's wrapped!! Our work will see 185.000.000 people around the world! 🌎🎬

San Diego:) Webinar shooting for #InSpaceNetwork, @sakhnofamily partners! :)

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle! 🏔🎡🗽 (A special thanks for this aphorism goes to Albert Einstein)

Los Angeles, California

Creative day with business mood! 🗺🎧 Two countries, three cities, one day... ⌚️🚀

The Barber Shop Mexico

Who knows, what this barber master is doing with my face? 🎩☕️#BarberShop

I love you to the moon and back! ⛵️🌅☕️ #IAmFather

Los Angeles, California

✅🇺🇸 Today I want to share with you what I consider to be respectable! It's respectable to compose serenades to our first love, as our forefathers did back in the Renaissance. I consider it respectable to hold family picnics, together with our children and completely immerse in childhood with them. I consider it respectable to be called a worthy father. It is respectable for me to speak at business meetings not only about political and serious things, but also about family values. It is respectable to feel puissance, while inhaling the aroma of your baby. It's great to see own wife happy, because you consider her most beautiful in the world! It's respectable to follow the traditions that your grandfathers once started. Respectable is when you have your own opinion and you don't change it under the influence of advertising and propaganda. Cool, when you have your own position, which is built on principles, not stereotypes. Cool, when all people are equal; when you don't have to be afraid, while you talking about your life position; and when you can be proud of your nature. Cool, when you have the strength to overcome all difficulties to pursuing your goals. It's great to help deprived and miserables, but not for the sake of PR. Cool to be full, but not by leaving someone hungry... If you have read this post and you also agree with these life values ​​- follow this #flashmob! Make your picture with hashtag #IAmHetero and share with your friends what makes you happy. Personally #IAmHetero and I want it to remain respectable.

When mom went for milk! 😎☕️

This week I'll present my pretty new project for my partners. It will be very and very important day for me, because just couple people already knows about this concept and I'll be glad to share it with my team!! 🚀 But today just so much love! ❤️😍

San Diego, California

Time to work by @SakhnoFamily. 🇺🇸🚀 #BrandedWatches #SakhnoFamilyCompany

San Diego, California

Right now a lot of us are waiting for Summer because of nice weather and tasty fruits, but Californian people have possibilities to enjoy it every day, every time! 🍉🌄

Centro Cultural Tijuana - CECUT

#Selfie with @DakhaBrakha! Це ще крутіше за пластинки - енергійно, професійно, унікально, наповнено душею!!! Дякую, дорогі #ДахаБраха за чудовий вечір! 🥁🎻🏛

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