Тарас Сахно


Украинский кинематографист. В настоящее время живет в Голливуде и у ведет здесь свою компанию "SAKHNO FAMILY COMPANY", с производством аудио-визуального продукта в разных странах мира.
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Los Angeles, California

Early morning coffee with my sis @IvannaSakhno! 🌇☕ #MagicCity #LosAngeles 🇺🇸

My team is hard working now on new episode of #MafStories show for @maf.club 📴📷... Моя команда професіоналів працює над новим випуском #МафСторіс #МафСторис. 🌃🎧

Am so happy, when my girls are relaxing. 😎🌅 #HomeSweetHome

Am showing, how to play #mafia! It was really nice picnic, super atmosphere and very sincere people!! @maf.club #InternationalPicnic 🌇🎈📴

Planet Earth

Awesome night with my lovely wife! Was watching very funny movie and breathing ocean. Just want to live this pictures in my #instastories. How did you finish your #labordayweekend? 🎥🌇

😎#NewGlasses 🌅#NewView 🏠#NewHome 🚀#NewBreathe ☕#NewStep

Sushi time. Sushi Family. 📷🍱🍜

Wynn Las Vegas

Memories from #MafWorldCup at #WynnHotel. Very soon I'll show you pilot from our new TV Program #MafStories, by @maf.club And I hope you'll like it, follow our YouTube channel and will be watching this project every week. By the way - production by @sakhnofamily. #Voronin

Planet Earth

#MyBaby on the beach! 🌅🍒

Decide to leave it here... as for me, this video with singing chair is too funny to publish it just through insta stories! 🎬🌌 #LonelyInCinema

With winners of 6th Annual Maf World Cup in #LasVegas. On the winner's checks are my two logos - @SakhnoFamily and startup #101AppBuilder.

Wynn Las Vegas

6th ANUAL MAF WORLD CUP. #DayFirst 🌎🗺🍾

Daughter's Mood! 🌅🎩

AM Place

It's wrapped!! Our work will see 185.000.000 people around the world! 🌎🎬

San Diego:) Webinar shooting for #InSpaceNetwork, @sakhnofamily partners! :)

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle! 🏔🎡🗽 (A special thanks for this aphorism goes to Albert Einstein)

Los Angeles, California

Creative day with business mood! 🗺🎧 Two countries, three cities, one day... ⌚️🚀

The Barber Shop Mexico

Who knows, what this barber master is doing with my face? 🎩☕️#BarberShop

I love you to the moon and back! ⛵️🌅☕️ #IAmFather

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