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New "living the dream" podcast with my guest @joshgad who BEGGED me to be on it. He confesses that his biggest roles (Olaf & Elder Cunningham) were based on ME! My lawyer will be contacting him in the morning. In the meantime, enjoy our conversation about being college roommates, Spelling Bee, @bookofmormon, and life in the biz. (Link in Bio) #joshgad #thebookofmormom #frozen #beautyandthebeast #olaf #eldercunningham #williambarfee

Met this guy 9 years ago today. Thank God. He's given me joy beyond my dreams and I love him more than anything. Happy 9 @geroldschroeder!!!!

SPiN San Francisco

COME PLAY WITH ME! Happy Birthday Jordan!

SHN Orpheum Theatre

New "Living the Dream with Rory" is up! My talented, gorgeous, and sweet souled guest is @emmyraver!!! The #hamiltour's Angelica!!! We talk about how she has opened three companies of @hamiltonmusical and went from ensemble to lead. It's an incredible story and I'm so honored she shared it with us!! #emmy #hamilton #angelica #angelicatour (Link in bio)

Mom and Tech don't mix! #livingthedreamwithrory #podcast

SHN Orpheum Theatre

Jennifer Garner and my beautiful cast.

SHN Orpheum Theatre

These thank you notes from students who came to the #EduHam performance last week are overwhelmingly beautiful. Thank YOU all so much for being a great audience. Many of you said this has inspired you to get more involved in theater!! That is the greatest compliment you could ever give us. Keep working towards your dream!

New "living the dream with Rory" podcast is up! My guest is Mathenee Treco, our #Hamiltour's Madison/Mulligan! We talk about his experience with #AmericanIdol and how he and his brother both ended up in the #hamilfam (Link in Bio)

SHN Orpheum Theatre

I made a time lapse video so you could see my extensive makeup routine to get my King George the Third to look so pasty white! Happy April First!

SHN Orpheum Theatre

#fbf Last week when our General Thomas Kail gave the troops an opening night pep talk. He's really good at this.

SHN Orpheum Theatre



San Francisco, California

Jesus Christ last night was fun! #groffsauce #KG3 #orderofthegarter #reunion #openingnight #Hamiltour

SHN Orpheum Theatre

OK San Francisco! Let's do this! #OpeningNight #Hamilton #KG3 #Hamiltour

SHN Orpheum Theatre

When they take the staircase away and leave you stranded. #EscapetheRoomWhereItHappens

SHN Orpheum Theatre

I'm pretty sure I was the one who said "Hey guys! Let's do a Schuyler Sisters pose!" Of course those two gents look handsome no matter what, while I look like a frolicking idiot! 🤣 My family in San Jose was very excited though so at least they are still claiming me. So grateful for all the Bay Area love!!! #hamiltour #frolickingidiot (BTW, my mom said "Is the Mercury News like The Plain Dealer?!" Yes, Mom. Just like Cleveland's paper:)

New "living the dream with Rory" podcast is up with my friend @stealthgabel! Loved talking with him about how he and his wife @brycedhoward balance family and two very successful acting careers. (Link in Bio)

SHN Orpheum Theatre

Kristi Yamaguchi! She is a total delight. King of the Brits & Queen of the Ice.

Happy Opening weekend to @beautyandthebeast! In case you weren't sure how excited I was... #Bonjour

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