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My amazing sister-in-law @nancybschroeder on my beautiful nephew Ian! ❤️❤️❤️ "One of the most important things I did when learning about Ian's Down syndrome was to follow several families on Instagram who have a child or children with Down syndrome. I had quickly tired of the medical information overload provided in the NICU & instead embraced the joyful, loving worldviews offered by these families. They are advocates for DS awareness & they rock at it. I continued to keep my Instagram page private. This is my space; it's always been for family and friends. I didn't want to open my world up to strangers (& possibly haters), even though I was a stranger who benefited from these community examples. Also, DS is one part of our varied & amazing lives & so I didn't think every post needs to be tagged about it. I do promote Ian & his abilities, but I have never felt called to be the advocate that these families so gracefully are. It seems like a lot of work to do it well & I felt that they did a fine job representing my views. I felt my voice wasn't needed. Until now. There was a recent news story on Iceland & how they have essentially eradicated Down syndrome-- not by "curing" it, but rather by aborting almost 100% of fetuses identified as having DS. When I read this, I thought, "people need to meet Ian." My peers continue to do a great job advocating, but I realized there can never be too many of us shouting their worth. I am pretty liberal, & think a woman's choice to terminate is resolutely her own, but hate that an entire country would consider terminating based on mis-information, no information, or fear. What's worse, because of the uniformity of these decisions, an entire country (albeit a small one), is likely left with no resources to support anyone who would dare consider otherwise. Ian is outstanding. He is funny, smart, capable, kind, & stubborn. He has enriched our world in so many ways. He is his sister's best friend. He has NOT EVER added undue burden to our lives. So I'm making my account public. I don't promise to be the best advocate. But I do promise that our household is loving & full of fun and that Ian is an active contributor to that."

Thanks for having me over to play at @cw_crazyxgf Rachel!!! #Repost @racheldoesstuff (@get_repost) ・・・ @mrroryomalley is not only King George but also King of My Heart for coming to play with us on #crazyexgirlfriend!

Diane Rosenstein Gallery

Go see the amazing work of @joshlehrerphotography at the @dianerosenstein gallery! #awesome #wow #Repost @dianerosenstein (@get_repost) ・・・ Last night Rory O'Malley brought down the house at The Pantages theater in Hollywood. Josh Lehrer's portraits are on view today at Diane Rosenstein Gallery LA | #roryomalley #hamiltonmusical @joshlehrerphotography #dianerosensteingallery @mrroryomalley @hamiltonmusical @jseller

Hollywood Pantages Theatre

I think he liked it! #linmanuelmiranda #hamiltour #OpeningNight #LosAngeles

Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Started our Opening Night doing a #Ham4Ham with these amazing people!!! TODAY WILL BE THE BEST EVER!!!! #hamiltour #LosAngeles #OpeningNight #bitofaday

Hollywood Pantages Theatre

My next guest on "Living the Dream" is Jordan Donica! #Hamiltour's Jefferson/Lafayette! We talk about his meteoric rise after college and my connection to his high school. Jordan is an amazing guy and an incredible talent. He's extremely focused and a leader in our cast. I was thrilled to get to talk to him!! Such a great way to celebrate the big day today in LA!!! #openingnight #hamilton #losangeles #livingthedream #podcast #actorslife #actor (Link in Bio)

Heather Heyer was a hero and we should all respect her memory by speaking out against hate and evil every chance we get. Well said @joshgad #repost ・・・ Heather Heyer. This is what heroism looks like. Today we remember. Tomorrow we continue to fight. Hatred and bigotry may be lit by tiki torches today but every fire ultimately dies out. We will not forget you Heather. And we will always remember your words on FB "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Let's do this Los Angeles! I got my American shorts, my crown and I am ready to go! Getting to perform in LA at the Pantages is literally a dream come true. I came to this city a month after graduating from college with all the excitement and fear that comes with moving to a new city to pursue your dreams. I waited tables, auditioned like crazy and was welcomed by the wonderful theater community of LA. They didn't just teach me how to be a professional actor, they taught me how to be an adult! I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to return to LA to perform @hamiltonmusical. The artists at @garrymarshalltheatre, @thetroubies and so many others great theaters here are the reason I'm on this stage today so THANK YOU LA! I LOVE YOU! #hamilton #losangeles

Hollywood Pantages Theatre

It's the day of the show y'all! #Hamilton #losangeles

Hollywood Pantages Theatre

My next guest on "Living the Dream" is Raymond Baynard! #hamiltour's George Eacker and amazing ensemble member. He's a remarkable talent. Check out his journey from school to being on tour with @thelionking for several years and how he ended up in @hamiltonmusical. His story is beautiful and I'm so honored he shared it with me. #actors #actorslife #livingthedreamwithrory #hamilton #dancer #podcast (Link in Bio)

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

Reunited and it feels so good.

WE LOVE YOU SAN FRANCISCO!!! Thank you to the entire Bay Area for a wonderful 5 months on stage and off. From the bridge, Alcatraz and Twin Peaks to @lucasfilm & @Pixar, to singing the national anthem for the @sfgiants and watching your @warriors win the championship... you have been SUPERB hosts. San Francisco is a gorgeous and unique American city that I now consider a home away from home. Thanks to all of you who welcomed us with open arms...We'll Be Back!!!! #sanfrancisco #hamilton #hamiltour #thankyou

My good friend Danny Bernardy is my next guest on "Living the Dream"! We talk about his amazing career that has spanned from NYC to Greece to Moscow. Danny has made his mark in regional theater and his creative home at the @oyltheaterco! Danny explains why he gave me the nickname "Grandma" during our days at @cmudrama 👵🏻and how his first NYC apartment didn't come with walls! (Link in Bio) #actors #actorslife #podcast #livingthedream

Carmel, California

Carmel by the Sea. Perfect last SF getaway.

Noe Valley, San Francisco

I'm staying in a hotel my last week here so I have to say goodbye to Noe Valley today😭 It's the definition of "quaint" and so cute it feels like a movie set. I'm so grateful for my time on Vicksburg & 24th and for all the sweet shops and lovely neighbors pushing strollers or walking dogs. Thank you for an ideal San Francisco experience!! I'll be back!!! #sanfrancisco #noevalley

Eugene O'Neill Theatre

Happy #NationalDanceDay Elders!

HAMILTON: An American Musical

It's a @sarahmgellar miracle! #hamilton #buffy Thanks to @sarahelizabethvelichko and @bakergaga in wardrobe and our #Hamiltour "bullet" @spongejenniferbob for indulging me in this!!


San Francisco, California

Next guest on "Living the Dream with Rory" is Lauren Kias!!! She's a phenomenal dancer in the #hamiltour ensemble who came from a dance company background and never imagined she would be in a musical. Listen to her story of how she wound up in Hamilton including the "boot camp" process. (Link in Bio) #hamilton #dancer #podcast #hamiltour #actors

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