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Thank you to everyone who helped #BeltTheVote! You registered voters, held events at your theater, made videos and most importantly- talked to your fellow theater nerds about the importance of voting. I’ve never been so inspired by the theater community than I have been over the last month. Your work helped @BeltTheVote register hundreds of voters and get countless folks to the polls last Tuesday. Let’s keep it up! #BeltTheVote2020!!! Special thanks to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, When We All Vote, Marathon Digital, and Luna Entertainment. Without the work of your staff and support, we couldn’t have made this possible. ・・・ THANK YOU to everyone for helping us to #BeltTheVote this election! This year, America had the highest voter turnout for a midterm election since 1966 and we are thrilled to have played a part in that! 💙

2 more days until we @beltthevote!!! #BeltTheVote #whenweallvote #November6

MAKE THEM HEAR YOU!!! ❤️😭Listen to @brianstokesm and be sure to #BeltTheVote November 6th!

You can feel the ELECTRICITY from the cast of Billy Elliot @sigtheatre!!! Listen to these kids and vote November 6th! #BeltTheVote ・・・ An important message from the cast of BILLY ELLIOT at @sigtheatre! @beltthevote #SigBilly #beltthevote

#BeltTheVote this Tuesday, Nov 6! Go to BeltTheVote.Org to find your polling location and what’s on your ballot! Make them hear you!!!!

Lesli Margherita! My next guest on “Living the Dream” is a treat. Lesli (MATILDA) has an incredible story that includes winning an Olivier in London and tap dancing on a farm in California. She is a total delight and I loved getting to talk with her. We are friends now:) (Link in Bio) #livingthedreamwithrory #podcast #actorslife

Make sure the voice of America’s theatre community is heard all the way in the back row of congress!!!! Go to BeltTheVote.org to find out where to vote and what’s on your ballot! #BeltTheVote #WhenWeAllVote ・・・ Do you pledge to get out and #BeltTheVote?

YAAAS LADIES!!! You better vote your ass off!!! ❤️🍑🗳 #BeltTheVote ・・・ GO-OH-OH AND VO-OTE!!!!! #beltthevote #vote #votevotevote @ladysemmes @amberskyez @ammaoseinyc @meganhilty

I love you, Pittsburgh. Not just sending my thoughts and prayers... sending my strength with a vote against hate and violence on November 6th.

Los Angeles, California

Loved talking to my good friend Carly Hughes on “Living the Dream!” Listen to her amazing story of going from regional theatre to broadway to TV star on AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE! Carly is incredibly positive and has a great perspective on our business. ❤️❤️❤️ (Link in Bio) #livingthedreamwithrory #podcast #actorslife

Belt it Olaf! ・・・ My buddies @mrroryomalley and @geroldschroeder have started an amazing initiative called #beltthevote and I want you all to warm up your voices and join me and them in belting out the vote on November 6th! Go to beltthevote.org and learn where your polling place is and other critical voting info.

This November 6th I pledge to #BeltTheVote like a light switch!!! Go to BeltTheVote.Org to find your polling place and what’s on your ballot! Make your own video and show us how you plan to #BeltTheVote November 6! #SingOutLoiuse

Listen to the latest episode of “Living the Dream” and find out why Jason Michael Snow jumped into a pool with all his clothes on. Loved talking to my mission companion from Book of Mormon about his acting, writing, and composing! (Link in Bio) #livingthedreamwithrory #podcast #actor #actorslife

Los Angeles, California

The Peanuts are ready for the baseball game! Join us this Saturday October 20th at The Montalban to see a reading of YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN with these amazing actors and support a great cause! Go to @paws_la for ticket info.

Last day to register to vote NY!!! Everyone head to BeltTheVote.org to make your voice heard!! ・・・ Today is the last day to register to vote in the state of New York! Don't miss your chance to make your voice heard. Learn more at BeltTheVote.org #BeltTheVote #WhenWeAllVote

Flying a Mickey Mouse kite with my three year old nephew. Perfect. Day.

My next guest on ”Living the Dream with Rory” is Kirsten Wyatt! We talk about her career on Broadway and why getting theater folks to register is so important! Kirsten is a true leader and I’m so glad to have her on the podcast! (Link in Bio) #BeltTheVote #podcast #actorslife #livingthedreamwithrory

@officialsierraboggess is INCREDIBLE!! Register now!! #BeltTheVote #Repost @officialsierraboggess with @get_repost ・・・ Ok we have a challenge video for you all today to remind everyone it is the last day to vote for these select states!!!!!!!!! Sing along with us!!! Belters!!! Sopranos!!! Tenors!!! Bass!!!! Baritones!!! Altos!!! All the people!!! Upload your video singing these states with the hashtags #registertovote #hitthatnote #beltthevote Let’s go!!!!!!!!! And don’t forget to REGISTER TO VOTE!!!!!!

#BeltTheVote!!!!!! Go to @beltthevote to register. Don’t let the deadline pass in your state without making sure your voice can be heard November 6th! #Repost @tarzannoz ・・・ VOTE. #VOTE #voterregistration

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