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SHN Orpheum Theatre

I'm in the room where it happens!! This week's guest on "living the dream" is Tony nominee Joshua Henry! We talk about his incredible career...ups and downs, and his deep appreciation for his Broadway debut- In The Heights. I tell him him that my first official date with my husband, many years ago, was seeing him in a play... but neither of us can recall what the play was about!!! I've really been looking forward to talking with this incredible guy. Enjoy! (Link in Bio) #Actor #Podcast #hamiltour #hamiltonmusical #aaronburr #joshuahenry #livingthedream

Hamilton: An American Musical

WELCOME TO THE ORDER OF THE GARTER @neilhaskell!!!!! #Repost @neilhaskell (@get_repost) ・・・ So, this just happened 😎🤴🏼👑 I made my King George debut today at Hamilton!!!

Love @galiaarad's new protest song "Go Home" featuring the Lollipops-My hubby @geroldschroeder & our friend @rhontz!! GaliaArad.com/GaliaAndThePolitipops #resistanceart

SHN Orpheum Theatre

So thrilled to meet fellow podcaster @timferriss and athlete @arboone11 after @hamiltonmusical! Thanks for coming and saying hi! #Repost @timferriss (@get_repost) ・・・ Nothing can live up to the hype of @hamiltonmusical except @hamiltonmusical. It exceeded all expectations. Huge thanks to @mrroryomalley (King George III) for the kind invitation and @arboone11 for the company and music education. I wish every student in the US could see this show.

New "Living the Dream with Rory" is up with my guest David Hull who plays "White Josh" on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! He tells his story of going from theme park performer to Broadway ensemble to TV actor! His route to get there involves a character named "Patch" at Kings Island. If anyone can find video of this ground breaking performance, please let me know. I'm dying to see it after this convo!!! (Link in Bio) #broadway #podcast #actor #actorslife

Happy Mother's Day to the greatest moms ever! Gerry O'Malley and Joy Schroeder! Gerold and I were so lucky to be raised by strong, beautiful, and loving women. WE LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! #mothersday #moms #love

Thank you Afra Hines for making my Rockette dreams come true!!! #Repost @thatgirlrara (@get_repost) ・・・ On May 10th, 2017, @mrroryomalley , King George III of @hamiltonmusical #hamiltour formally received @thatgirlrara . In the meeting, as the King recounted on his official account they talked about "the original cast of In The Heights, giving back to others, and Afra's days as a Rockette". 👑 I'm on Rory's podcast y'all! Go check it out. Link in bio. #livingthedream #roryomalley #afrahines #hamilton #hamiltour #intheheights #rockettes #wicked #shufflealong #podcast

New podcast episode of "Living the Dream" is up with my guest Afra Hines from the #Hamiltour! Afra talks to Rory about being in the original cast of In the Heights, giving back to others, and her days as Rockette! #broadway #podcast #rockette (Link on Bio)


#tbt Still recovering from our visit to @ilmvfx #lucasfilm Wednesday! Thank you to @holocronkeeper Leland Chee for the best tour ever!! Pic descriptions: Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite, Vader before and after, gay icon, Vigo the Carpathian (Ghostbusters 2!), Ouch, THE HOLY GRAIL from Indiana Jones!!!, Yoda Fountain, new employee, and Leland Chee- The man who knows EVERYTHING about Star Wars!!! BEST DAY EVER!!! #starwarstour #hamiltour #nerd #starwars


This is happening! #r2d2 #starwars #lucasfilm #nerd #hamiltour #starwarstour

This week on "Living the Dream with Rory" I talk with my prom date Lyndsay Brill about her journey from actress to nurse! I also answer a ton of listener questions. #AskRory (Link in Bio) #podcast #actors #livingthedreamwithrory #acting #broadway


So much to love in this pic! #Repost @geroldschroeder with @repostapp ・・・ Truly my happy place. @lucucat I thought of you the whole time! #museumoficecream

So proud of my high school theater buddy and prom date @littlemisslyndsay! She just graduated from @csufofficial's nursing program and is still representing her love for Broadway and @hamiltonmusical! Congrats Lyndsay! #WORK #WORK #WORK #WORK #WORK👩‍🎓👩‍⚕️👍

SHN Orpheum Theatre

My Favorite Day! #EduHam #sanfrancisco @hamiltonmusical

SHN Orpheum Theatre

My next guest on "living the dream" is the man himself... @michaelluwoye!!! @hamiltonmusical tour's Alexander Hamilton!! Loved talking with this guy and love that we shared the Ham stage on Broadway and now across the country! #hamilfam #hamiltour #alexanderhamilton #actors (Link in Bio)

Cedar Point

#tbt A few days ago my buddy TJ sent me this picture of us from 6th grade, riding the Magnum at @cedarpoint. It got me choked up actually. I remember this day so well. It was the St. Raphael's altar boys yearly trip. This was our reward for waking up to serve 6am masses! A year of waking up early for a free ticket to Cedar Point... and to serve the Lord, of course. I was a weird chubby kid who constantly sang Sweeney Todd and didn't have a lot of friends. TJ was a star soccer player and everyone at school loved him. He was always nice to me, but I'll never forget this day. Getting to spend a whole day at cedar point with a friend who would ride all the roller coasters with you?! This was life changing as a 6th grader. TJ is a great guy and always has been. I'm sure he didn't see this as "being kind". TJ saw me as another kid just like him who liked roller coasters. If you are in school now, please try to be like TJ. Ride the roller coaster with anyone who likes roller coasters, even if they aren't in your social circle. TJ and I have been friends ever since. He and his wife even came to NYC to see me in @hamiltonmusical last year. I am so proud to call him friend and continue to look up to him as the kind of husband, father and person I hope to be in this world. Thanks TJ!

SHN Orpheum Theatre

They didn't have to do a damn thing to the hair!

New "living the dream" podcast with my guest @joshgad who BEGGED me to be on it. He confesses that his biggest roles (Olaf & Elder Cunningham) were based on ME! My lawyer will be contacting him in the morning. In the meantime, enjoy our conversation about being college roommates, Spelling Bee, @bookofmormon, and life in the biz. (Link in Bio) #joshgad #thebookofmormom #frozen #beautyandthebeast #olaf #eldercunningham #williambarfee

Met this guy 9 years ago today. Thank God. He's given me joy beyond my dreams and I love him more than anything. Happy 9 @geroldschroeder!!!!

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