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Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

@joshgroban is utterly phenomenal in @greatcometbway! The entire show is stunning and is a glorious demonstration of the endless possibilities with theatrical storytelling. I have to kneel before Pierre again!!! CONGRATS JOSH!

Lakewood, Ohio

Thanks for a beautiful 48 hours with my family Cleveland!!!!! #cleveland #ohio #LakeErie #family

Mom got me a cake for my quick visit home. Clearly the cake maker isn't a @hamiltonmusical super fan. 😂 #reverse #hamilton #KG3 #balloons

Los Angeles, California

Surprising my Valentine with @longjohnsilvers made him happier than any fancy restaurant I've ever taken him to. #midwestvalentines @geroldschroeder with @repostapp ・・・ @mrroryomalley wins the best husband I've ever had award!! My kind of housewife!!

Sunset over these green California hills. #raingratitude

Some things are just perfect.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake!!!! #california

Wonderful day at @unistudios with @_katiekurtz!!! #harrypotter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood


What did I do this weekend? Donated to @aclu_nationwide and hugged a puppy. Both felt equally fantastic and I urge you to do both immediately. #aclu #puppy

Sur La Table Westwood

Date night!! Cooking class at @surlatable!! LOVED IT! We made steak, French onion soup, salad and hot chocolate. We aren't too great in the kitchen but this made us feel like Iron Chefs! Thank you to our teacher Claire! #surlatable #cooking

Downtown Los Angeles

#womensmarch #womensmarchLA

My mom, aunts, and cousin in Cleveland. Women are my leaders. Women are my heroes. Women are my inspiration. #womensmarch

Train to #womensmarchLA is absolutely PACKED!!!!! It's beautiful!!! #womensmarch

My amazing cousin Katie Kurtz has launched SOUL CONNECT to create a space for women to explore, connect, and be themselves. SOUL CONNECT's intention is to inspire each woman on her path to become the best version of herself. It is an important time for women to come together and support each other in every way possible. I've been inspired by Katie my entire life. I encourage women looking for a way to connect and for guidance to look into SOUL CONNECT. www.soulconnecttribe.com/ #Repost @_katiekurtz with @repost app ・・・ {BEHIND THE SOUL} Full circle... • Truth: this daydream I'm living wasn't a clear vision this time last year. It was a small seed being planted, unsure of what would bloom. But when I think about it, it has always been there, in my heart waiting to come to life. • Once I finally gave myself permission and began exploring who I am-beneath the fear, masks, doubts and stories-I really started gaining clarity. Clarity on my core values, clarity on my why, clarity on my own power to create a life on my own terms. This didn't come all at once-in fact, it's a journey I know I will be on for some time. Isn't life incredible that we can always be on an ever evolving journey? • This journey has been all about connection: to my soul, to other heart beats and to the collective light and vibration we are creating by showing up + living authentically. And now as I continue to sit in reflection of last year and looking onward to this new year, it's time to start a new leg of this journey... • I'm excited to announce that Soul Connect will launch on January 12th! It seems fitting to share this work with you on the first full moon of the new year. In the next few days I'll be sharing a celebratory collaborative giveaway with my soul sister @anchoredcs but until then, my deepest gratitude to you, to this life, to this journey we are all on, together✨📷: @brittanygrahamphotography

Hamilton: An American Musical

All Hail King George the Third the Fifth! Long May He Reign!

First day of school for #AngelicaTour! Our director Tommy Kail is sharing his wisdom. Loved meeting my new cast. See you in a few weeks guys! #hamilton #tour

Hamilton: An American Musical

Thank you @hamiltonmusical Broadway! So grateful for the experience of a lifetime. Off to California! #AngelicaTour

Hamilton: An American Musical

In honor of my last "Saturday Night on Broadway" our associate conductor Ian Weinberger did a mash up of TURN IT OFF and YOU'LL BE BACK!! I love this!! I'm going to miss the people in the Richard Rodgers Theatre SO MUCH! Thank you @ianstagramiam! #thebookofmormon #hamilton #eldermckinley #kinggeorge (WATCH WHOLE THING ON MY FB PAGE:)

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