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Hamilton: An American Musical

Thank you @hamiltonmusical Broadway! So grateful for the experience of a lifetime. Off to California! #AngelicaTour

Hamilton: An American Musical

In honor of my last "Saturday Night on Broadway" our associate conductor Ian Weinberger did a mash up of TURN IT OFF and YOU'LL BE BACK!! I love this!! I'm going to miss the people in the Richard Rodgers Theatre SO MUCH! Thank you @ianstagramiam! #thebookofmormon #hamilton #eldermckinley #kinggeorge (WATCH WHOLE THING ON MY FB PAGE:)

My guest on this week's "living the dream with Rory" is the multi-talented, charismatic and beautiful Lauren Molina! Listen to her journey from musician, to Broadway actress, to everyone's favorite band The Skivvies! (Link in Bio)

Hamilton: An American Musical

Happy "We Three Kings" Day! #KG3 #wisemen

Hamilton: An American Musical

Did someone order a California King?! I'm coming home baby!!!! SO EXCITED TO TAKE @hamiltonmusical to the west coast!! See you soon San Fran and LA!!! #KG3WestSide #Hamilton #Broadway #California #AngelicaTour #CaliforniaKing

Loved spending New Year's weekend with this one. He has traveled many many many times from LA to NYC this year so we could see each other as much as possible. I'm so grateful to him and excited to get back to Cali soon!!! Love you G! Here's to next year bringing us closer together... geographically:)

Me at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016. 📷credit(left): @murphymade!

New York, New York

#RogueOne with my Rogue One! 👍👍 #starwars #dateafternoon

Well, it's official! I'm the most pasty white person ever created!! 93% Irish/English, but I'm really excited about the 1.6% French/German! That's thrilling! #23andme #OfficiallyIrish

Indianapolis, Indiana

Making a 24 hour Christmas trip to Indianapolis is totally worth it to see @geroldschroeder with our niece Adele and Nephew Ian. I could not be more in love with all three of them. Especially when Adele gets Gerold to be Queen Elsa's snowball and Gerold sings carols with Ian! #frozen #christmas #family

New York, New York

Spent Christmas Eve with some of my favorites!! My beautiful goddaughter Lois, her amazing godmother Susan, and one of the coolest kids I know- Louis! So grateful for the Lowe and Kanelos families!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🎁 🎄

Happy Trails to @oaksmash!!! I adore you. There is no one like you. I'm so grateful to call you friend. Pema Forever. #pemachodron #mulliganmadison

Proud to share my birthday with the Guzman Twins!!!! Born on the same exact day!!! (Ok, a few years a part) #broadway #triplets

Hamilton: An American Musical

No better way to celebrate my bday than doing two shows of @hamiltonmusical and @stickysfingerjoint catering our Secret Santa party!! Best Chicken Fingers EVER!!! Thanks Sticky's!!!!!!

LOVE IS LOVE "A comic book anthology to benefit the survivors of the Orlando Pulse shooting" This book is incredible. I'm going to buy many copies and you should too. So proud of friends @tarzannoz & @jimasmus for contributing! #pulse #orlando #loveislove

Hamilton: An American Musical

Paul and his new band!

Hamilton: An American Musical

Sir Paul McCartney! An early Christmas present at @hamiltonmusical!! #paulmccartney #beatles #hamilton #broadway

Hamilton: An American Musical

Chris and I desperately hope we impressed @mandy.gonzalez on this week's "living the dream" episode! Chris Leary is a fabulously funny dresser at Hamilton who has a great story of how he got there. (Link in Bio)

Hamilton: An American Musical

#CarolBurnett #ComedyLegend #QueenofComedy #awesome #wow

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