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Американская актриса. Наибольшую популярность ей принесли роли Аны-Люсии Кортес в телесериале «Остаться в живых» и Летти Ортис в киносериале «Форсаж».
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@theacademy Love this dude he's been active for years his heart is with Pacha MaMa Gaia Mother Nature looks like the world could use some more feminine nurturing Anima energy to balance out the Masculine vibe that's destroying this place.

Happy Earth Day... Stay Vigilant she needs us now more than ever, humans have killed off most of the species that speaks her language & nurture her. Love her, she's better than anything man can make from her, & a million times more beautiful rich & giving than plain old dead Mars. Celebrate her 💚♥️🍄🌺🍂🌹🌸🌷🌈⛅️💐☘️🌿🌻🕊🐘🐅🐿🌍🌎🌏🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌎

RED NOSE DAY is an amazing Nonprofit with really talented volunteers that want to bring education to places in need, getting kids out of work & into schools look em up their Awesome.

If You agree these cute little tikes in Peru should be in school & not laboring in the hot sun making bricks for corrupt companies then show some love to the Red Nose Day Non Profit

This crazy ride began in 2001 to see the people from all walks of life world wide, especially in China receive us with so much love let's me know that entering the side door into Hollywood action films is all worth it because we give a voice a stage and a dream machine to the voiceless. I hope we go to China with this franchise soon & thank them properly for their love & support. Mad love to the whole cast & to all the die hard fans Thank you every ticket is a vote for diversity.

Hahahha I feel so bad for all those cats that have to beat the traffic after tonight's performance... Kendrick Lamar is worth it but gotta get back to work enjoy!!! Happy Easter !!!♥️💜✌🏽🎉🚀😈😜

Coachillin @joansmalls 💚

Coachella 2017

I can't wait to knock that base into next week, Love Funktion One, they are the Royalty sound blasters for everything from EDM to Coachella. I hope my glass windows & doors survive this one.

At the @fastandfuriousmovie world premier !!! Nyc #Fast8 Go see it in theaters X

Just keepin it weird... my duty to keep it weird. Remember to let loose dance & smile when the world out there seems crazy. This is my solution to writers block 💜⚜️🔊📝

Love the Cuban Spirit, It surpasses any Regime & all Obstacles with a 'Hecha Palante' inner joy & curiosity that will never be tamed.

I love the Lost Village of Female Smurfs concept, It's so... land of the Amazons mythological, hope the kids get a kick from the 3D look out for Stormy Smurf

So much fun playing Smurf Storm !!! Watch it this weekend in theaters Xx #Smurfs #smurfs2 #smurfsvillage

Go! Smurfs Lost Village had fun voicing Storm Smurf can't wait for the kids to meet the female Smurfs... 3D Baby!!!

At our screening last night with Director Walter Hill and Sigourney Weaver !!!

Last night in New York with Director Walter Hill and Sigourney Weaver at our film screening !!!

Major Situation #oscar2017

Such a fun night at the oscars @vanityfair #oscar2017

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