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Американская актриса. Наибольшую популярность ей принесли роли Аны-Люсии Кортес в телесериале «Остаться в живых» и Летти Ортис в киносериале «Форсаж».
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I always hate leaving Coco & Hemingway...

New York City Calling @author_magazine #Author2 #Issue2

Can’t wait finally going to see The Florida Project Sean Baker is an amazing new Director he has the keenest eye for beauty & truth in the darkest places he finds Color Love & Light. No judgement Love him

Green Acres Estate Beverly Hills

Supporting amfar #amfarlosangeles join me in supporting innovative HIV cure research by donating via the link @amfar’s bio #hiv #aids #amfar

Green Acres Estate Beverly Hills

#amfarlosangeles #amfar @moalturki

I’d love to there... a 4,848 year old tree called Mathusela, bristlecone pine tree, so beautiful. Inyo california’s white mountains in the National forest so beautiful at night.

Well if Hollywood can grow a conscience...

Keep Paul's memory alive random acts of kindness the gift that keeps hope alive... Your a special heart @meadowwalker Respect💖 #PWFdogoodchallenge Thank You for the reminder to LoVe 🌈🎶

This trip to Deauville Film Festival really set me up to look back, truly pensive, & really think about what's next after 16 yrs of Action Films, Traveling the world learning about it, & Finding a voice to fight for what I believe. After all is said & done, it feels like a violent part of me has been shed, like old skin. As I look ahead instead of a desire to fight against opposing forces of injustice in the world, I've decided to take the High road & live in the dignity of being its opposite instead. I'm evolving my warrior spirit as I contemplate bringing life into this crazy yet beautiful place. I'm replacing my Swords of violent hate & anger with the Saviorfaire of intellect & Compassion... Wish me luck🕊🤓 It ain't easy these days, a transition like this, for me, definitively won't happen over night😜🙏 it's amazing how even the words a person thinks with can have such violence & negativity to them, I'm really kind of Over it not about hating on anyone or anything, gonna have to get out, all my ancient masculine tension, in some action films, because in life as come closer to my truth, I'm done with the violence.

I'm convinced Hemingway isn't into reading books she hasn't written herself?...

Was at 'Opening Ceremony' shopping when I saw what @lipsticklobby is doing for women in America, looking to save Planned Parenthood with lipstick sales. I think it's a beautiful gesture. If Planned parenthood disappears I'd like to see what plan the CDC has to contain and track the new STD epidemic plaguing Millennials & the poor... Dogmatic Religious humans have a tendency to act without thinking, to every action there's an opposite equal reaction and for Planned parenthood's fate, its existence outweighs in benefits it's complete extinction. How I wish Reason & Logic would make a come back in the American Government System. So sad to watch men in congress act on emotions rather than logistics, reason, & some sort of sanity.

Thanks Cummings...I needed that... 🌬🎼🎶📝🌝🕊🌈✨💫

LoVe the Cartoons Keep em Coming!!! Renata Marya...

Awe look the armor's gone She looks all emotional ... Thanks Deauville Film Festival again for the Honors... got me all choked up 🙏

It was an Honor to come to Deauville film festival & have my 16 yrs of film laid out like a high school year book, to have talented French actor & film lover Vincent Lindon show me love on stage & give me this award I felt so strange up there. I felt recognized as an individual for the 1st time since my day view with Girlfight here almost 17 yrs ago. I've been coming to France for over 15 years and the culture here I feel truly sees me beyond the masks I wear. I'm grateful to the French culture the French film industry & the love for art here the appreciation the people here have overall for collective self discovery in whatever strange or obscure form it may take.💜💚💛💙🎼🌬📝🙏 - Philippe Augier, mayor of deauville - Bruno Barde, festival director - Lionel Chouchan, co-founder & chairman of the festival

Coco goes coo coo for Benny Goodman whistle tunes...

If there is any cause on this planet worth standing up for it's the preservation of natural beauty for me. No Museum, no world renowned architect's building & no technology used to even capture it, is as Awe Inspiring & Majestic as Mother Nature herself. Think about her beauty when overuse paper towels made out of her trees, think about it when you consider dumping garbage on her beaches, truly think about it when you eat too much fish every week. As 80% of the ocean & sea life once abundant diminishes. What does it hurt to live in moderation, but give people the wonderful gift of appreciating what they have even more, because depriving yourself during the week of what you love or what's convenient only makes it more special when you finally do have it. Thoughtful living is not such a bad idea if you love nature...

With Love & Compassion in your Heart Join Us & Stand Proud In The Face of Hatred... Support @SPLCenter today via link in bio. #SupportTolerance

Massive difference between the grace technic & skill of Boxing & the bruit force & skill of UFC... just saying different ball game baby!!!😉

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