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Американская актриса. Наибольшую популярность ей принесли роли Аны-Люсии Кортес в телесериале «Остаться в живых» и Летти Ортис в киносериале «Форсаж».
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Paul walker foundation is a path to let his legacy thrive through goodwill. Visit the site show some love to nature keep his legacy alive. 🐝🐛🐋🐬🐳🍃🌍🐚

Drums don't treble her none

Ian designed the electric I pace for jaguar, coming in 2018, let the electric revolution continue. Interior is like the cockpit of a plane, no motor in the front so the team had room to play. @jaguar #jaguar #iPace

I stocked up before his exit. He'll be missed Im for sure following this cat, what an eye.

Now that's how you watch a film. The academy is introducing my a$$ to the arts with their invitations. Nothing better than great art to take your mind away from the Bull$h@t & remind you about true beauty.

Im definitely gonna get involved in the animal preservation initiative in Gabon. 70% of its land is highly coveted virgin rainforest. The elephants, jaguars, & monkeys including Gorillas have been migrating from the Congo and Cameroon into Gabon seeking refuge from poachers who have decimated their populations throughout Africa. This place has a lot of History.

Happy Veterans Day respect to all the warriors.

Lady Liberty has yet to get a break, back to the kitchen, back of the class, behind the man, abiding by his laws rules & regulations like a good little Eve. Play your role girls be quiet look beautiful n be useful watch over the kids. 5,000 years of submission barely any works of art in the museums barely any books compared to those scholastic works perpetuated & promoted by man in his 2,000 year quest of patronage. if I have a kid I'm seriously considering spinning the sperm to make the child a boy. Just so my child doesn't have to suffer the social suppression of American society, the toughest part of it is the women who hate women, & drink the koolaid. The koolaid makes women think that there is a roll they are made to play, a loyal Eve who knows her place in the world, she's supposed to obey & support the men as they build society & mold our world. My issue with this idea is that corporatocracy has flaws it's missing ethical moral & planetary responsibility. The system is broken & thats because men loyally follow the IV league laws of their gods without question Adam Smith Milton Freedman Francis Bacon & many others. Going back to the way things were in the 80's is not sustainable and thinking like left brain men seeking profit over sustainability is a path towards the death of Nature. I cried all day and it wasn't just because the women's plight for equality was ignored once again, it's because I know these men in the Republican Party are not seeking to nurture and evolve, they seek to preserve & return to ways of life which will inhibit the growth & evolution of energy Innovation, feminine humanity, & climate change initiatives. Sounds like a calling to the youth of the nation to stand up for a future that doesn't include repeating the past.

Well this should be interesting

I miss you man... We would have bonded like hell over my latest trip to Africa. All the fans out there, I ask you take a moment out of your day to be grateful for those you love. You never know...

I'm with her

Make America Grateful Again was a hat I got as gift from my favorite vegan spot in venice Cafe Gratitude. As I biked through my neighborhood & hit the polling station I realized the most important votes I cast today, are really my local community proposition votes & senate seats etc. That's my lesson learned from from voting for the 1st time. It's about cleaning your own neighborhood before making Sweeping estimates about changing a nation or the world with dreams & hopes. It's about the hood & the community, the nation is second to that. I hope more people get involved it's a lot of work to research laws & propositions & figure out what the real interests are, but once you've figured out what you care about in your neighborhood, change is possible, but you have to care enough to get involved. Hope more unheard voices especially young ones decide to care, life is rougher without community, unity, & social interaction, not just the partying kind lol ;)

Hahahhaha here piggy piggy....

I'm officially in love with Mother Nature & Gabon Africa is at fault for this love affair

Wanted to say Hi, I know I've been in my cave hibernating all year wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive n kickin just catching up with my Soul. I'll be back in the maya of the world soon mad love to all the fans, friends & fellow humans.

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