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Американская актриса. Наибольшую популярность ей принесли роли Аны-Люсии Кортес в телесериале «Остаться в живых» и Летти Ортис в киносериале «Форсаж».
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This put a smile on my face.

Go Falcons!!! This underdog is rooting for You!!! Get Some!!! For all you soccer fans out there disregard my American Football patriotism. Go Falcons!!! Get Some Baby!!!

The woman who inspired Socrates has found a generation that finally understands her. Diotina of Matinea

Look at the Trumps boys, they actually think it's empowering to kill an endangered animal. The sad Truth is, every one they will ever attract in life, will only want their status or their money. People like this never find true love cause they have no clue what it really is. Pathetic pencil dick losers

BetsyDuvos is a very wealthy woman who's interest align with privilege, if your an American Citizen worried about the level of intelligence of Americas future please take into consideration that mission starts with the poor, research her & call congress to get involved 202-225-3121 give em your zip and they will put you in contact with your congress Rep don't let the next generation fall short on opportunities to grow & evolve from this broken education system.

Ain't that the truth

The golden girls were out yesterday with bells on, by far the most symbolically accurate poster I saw all day and there were hundreds of thousands to choose from.

The energy of Love from Men Women & Children yesterday left me with an amazing feeling of Hope Faith & Strength I'm so proud of people around the world finally standing up to the bullies IM WITH YOU ALL TO THE END... Let's change policy stay on this path till America is forced to Evolve.

And so the revolution begins....

Democracy in action baby

Wow does it really get any dorkier than me, I'll be there with bells on can't wait. #dcwomensmarch Jan 21st evolved to come together & take a stand United

I'll see y'all in D.C.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King one powerful voice of unconditional love that will never be forgotten...Respect it's a painful experience to visit this Hotel where he was killed, me & my brother visited on our way across the country. Lots history in that museum a reminder that nothing was ever handed to the African American community every single right was fought for and earned through sweat blood & tears.

Merry Christmas Everyone🙏✌🏽🕉🎉🌍💫🌝🌬🕍🕌⛩💒❤️💛💚💙💜🔯☸️🕎✝️☯️☦️🇺🇸putting out there all those good vibes of hope & love for humanity, lots of love people try n be kind to each other life is so short.

Merry Christmas everybody wish you warmth & love for the New Year. Go Hard or Go Home !!!! 2017 coming up!!!!

Mykita made an incognito toy I'm testing out, the shades are called Freestyle, it's pretty out there but kinda cool if you just want to play in your own bubble, def taking to burning man although it will not protect your eyes from a dust storm it will protect your mind from exposure to invading stares & judgement.

Love this guy, knowledge can be painful but I prefer the Red pill over the apathy instilled by the Blùe pill... Love is the noble civilized path but man is it getting stomped on these days. I'm gonna be really happy the day I discover how to stand up for what I believe in without violent conflict. I wonder sometimes what the consensus is on human evolution & true progress. History seems to repeat itself with a bigger population & some awesome technology.

Driving cross country I listen to Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' & hearing John the Savage speak of the old ways of the world he misses so, it reminds me of the future we're headed towards & I wonder will there ever be a balance between the wisdom of nature & man's perpetual quest for power & perfection.

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