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Американская актриса. Наибольшую популярность ей принесли роли Аны-Люсии Кортес в телесериале «Остаться в живых» и Летти Ортис в киносериале «Форсаж».
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Get your 🔴 on & donate. The #RedNoseDay Special is this Thursday, May 25th at 10/9c on @NBC: bit.ly/RND2017

Please tell me this Sh@t is Real so so Gangsta, I'm in where do I sign up. About time, I want some of that Rocket Life.

Thanks Chevy you're an awesome artist.

Craziest Spring cleaning find, a ticket stub from 2001. Makes me think, time is a beautiful &sometimes painful thing, make sure y'all show love to everyone you care about, you just never know what time will throw at you next.♥️💙💚🌍🌎🌏🌈💚

I wish more women expressed what it is to be human in this place, most movies, books, T.v. shows, museum pieces, poetry, & conference halls are full of an 'Animus' perspective of the world that I'm quite familiar with. It would be amazing to see more options by women. I'd like to see more of her perspective of the world untainted by male opinions of it. Love all Mothers, Happy Mama's Day...

Ah Politics & Nationalism another word for ' I only like people around me who agree with me.' I.E. Comey, fired...K thinking out loud here, so Nina bounced to Paris when the racism got out of hand in the US with loss of life, Tina bounced to Switzerland & found a hot younger guy when she was over the chaos in the U.S., I like Iceland & London such great conversations with well read people, but the weather man that weather... Paris is full of life & fire i love their minds but you need the language & I'd only feel good living there if I'm free to carry, there's some really aggressive assholes out there late at night, experiences that a lot lately in nightlife. Berlin is amazing I love how organized the place is I can get anything done there, the language again is barrier not to easy to overcome & I prefer the laid back American culture when I'm looking for a good time... Oh well, guess I actually love this country, ignorance, hate, & classism aside. So I guess, I'm gonna strap my boots on & sign myself up for the next protest, Rally, & Ballot box Voting call. I know this is going to get territorial, ignorant, & ugly but What part of real American history isn't truly deeply rooted in some sort of Chaos. I can't think of any good or bad moments that Aren't.

Funktion 1 Baby!!! I think I just turned my crib into a speaker better get glass protection...

Looks like MTV had a full on message of unity & humanity this year, let me find out Love's the New Hate, might actually become popular. If we could all just ride that Love Train.🚝💜⚖️🌍♥️🌈💸

I like this kid awesome vibe

@jordanabrewster Crazy how time flies we were kids now we're woman. Miss you in the franchise sis. Looking forward to an on set reunion.

Love this cutie pie

Wake up Coco....

It's good to know people from all over the world flew out to Washington D.C. To March, because they care, now it's time to hit em where their pockets are, the only way to force morality into the corporate sector is to vote with your consumer purchases. Hit the ignorant A holes in their quarterly reports, that hurts the most most ruthless cold blooded corporate henchmen, hit the money making corporations that lobby Trumps ridiculous attacks on the EPA & Mother Nature. Otherwise him & his minions will look at protestors for science & nature like tree hugging losers & keep raping Mother Nature with his market liberating pollution & resource depleting policies

Good Vibes Kids Adults women men girls boys full spectrum across party lines when in comes to protecting mother nature for future generations. Got the scoop on harmful policies. 2018 will be time for Americans to act if they really care & take back the seats to get the EPA doing its job again.

Climate Change March 2017 Washington D.C.

Eagle has landed let's do this Washington D.C. : https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/04/28/thousands-to-assemble-for-sweltering-climate-march-saturday/

Loved playing Frank Kitchen Walter Hill & Sigourney are a daring duo. Never felt more like a woman than when I played a man. Props to the special affects department for creating man & female parts for me. God knows I couldn't have been so comfortable without you're prosthetics. Hehehehe Frank has a tinder account so funny

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