Лукас Грабил


Американский актёр, продюсер, сценарист, режиссёр. Широкую известность ему принесла роль талантливого актёра и певца Райана Эванса в трилогии «Классный мюзикл».
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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. And trying to get ready for my close up with @haiponytail. #HKA Can I just tell you already?

Whenever I dream of sugar plums I hire a crew to film me sleeping. #HKA is less than a week away now. #notcreepy

"Up on the ladder click click click, swing the paint can with Ole St Nick." Ok, that was a stretch. #HKA coming sooooon....

I'm not much for self help books, but #TheWarOfArt was just what I needed. Thanks @mb3ze. "Contempt for failure is our cardinal virtue." "The truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them." Bottom line: go and create everyday, don't worry if it's good or bad or who's better or worse than you. Just do, and strive to be better everyday. I'll be trying to learn what this really means for the rest of my life.

Deck the hall with boughs of @haiponytail. Funny as hell in our new project #HKA. What does it stand for? Brush up on your old Xmas flicks 'cause we'll be releasing it soon.

Can you hear what I hear? New project coming soon. #HKA #Funny

My bed head and PJs look just in time for the holidays. New Project coming soon. #HKA

New Project coming soon. #HKA In just 12 days little Christmas Kiddies. 😜

It's time for another @midnightholler show! Come out and rock out with us!

I'm trying to read the positive posts out there and feel something good... But I'm just dumbfounded. How could we do this America? I am utterly ashamed. I'm really trying to find the energy to get up tomorrow and fight. I feel sick to my stomach. Please let there be a recount in those super close states.

#rockthevote Hoping to celebrate the first female president tonight! #imwithher #imwithher #imwithher makedonalddrumpfagain #letsendthis

Sunday drive.

Please go vote on Tuesday. Let's make this a record-breaking election. It will not only effect our country but the world for years to come. #imwithher

An Oldie but a goodie. #Imacat #nationalcatday

Happy #NationalCatDay! Made with #pussyswap.

Forrest Gump Bench

Not pictured: the bench used in Forrest Gump. 😜 Falling in love with #savannah. Thanks @scaddotedu for having us! #savannahfilmfestival was incredible.

Movie night with @emilytheactress. @marvel's #DrStrange was an unadulterated trippy ride on a mind-bending magical train of "psy-fi" fun. See it in #3D.

Sound check @midnightholler

Guitar Center

Gotta love it when your guitar breaks the day of the show. Thanks @guitarcenter for saving the day. See everyone tonight!!

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