Лукас Грабил


Американский актёр, продюсер, сценарист, режиссёр. Широкую известность ему принесла роль талантливого актёра и певца Райана Эванса в трилогии «Классный мюзикл».
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Just try to watch @beyonce and not @chuckyklapow. You Sir are a beast. Haha! Can’t stop watching.

#stagecoach was wonderful yesterday with @autumngrabeel and @divebarrockstar. Thanks for letting me tag along! Eric killed it on stage! So cool to see. Missed you @emilytheactress!

#tbt to when I was the #DancingNinja. (A movie that I made almost 10 years ago!) Thanks for sending me this Chucky! Choreo by @chuckyklapow, directed by @kleb28. And yes, @davidhasselhoff was the bad guy. And yes, his autographed headshot is still on display in my home. 😃 #hiyah!

My mom got this kid good by putting real rabbit meat in his “Easter Cake”. 😂 Hope you all are getting to spend quality time with families on this special Holiday, April Fools Day. . . . *For the confused: no, my mom didn't actually kill a rabbit and put it in a cake. . She bought it at the store and deep fried it like a real American.

Burbank, California

Pretty special. #marchforourlives #neveragain

I screamed. That was a first. Congratulations to @rachelshenton, #oscarwinner!!!!

When @emilytheactress is gone, I start kissing the animals. #notthesame

Catalina Island


Fictional, yet noteable wisdom from 1965. @lastweektonight

Partner in crime and wine. Love you too the day I die. @emilytheactress

Paris, France

A bunch of lovely Parisians met me outside my hotel for an impromptu sing-a-long. So sweet. Really cool HSM moments keep happening and make me feel warm and gooey inside. ❤️ Thanks. #whativebeenlookingfor

Paris, France

I'm coming to Paris! All you French Wildcats get ready. Come see me at Empire Convention's Oh My Teenage Years! On February 3!!!

(Link to trailer in bio) My dear friend @rachelshenton has made an extraordinary short film about the importance of teaching deaf children sign language. It’s moving, smart, and beautifully crafted. It’s called The Silent Child. Please check it out.

Komodo Miami

Another meal for the books. Thanks @komodomiami! #camppodwall

Looking good so far. #waves

Forte Dei Marmi

Best vegan pasta I have ever had last night at Forte Dei Marmi. Food always tastes better in good company. #camppodwall Thank you!!

Coco Bambu Miami Beach

Obrigado @cocobambu_miamibeach! Last night was so much fun. And delicious! #wow


Last week, I had the honor of marrying these two gorgeous souls. The fairy tale surroundings were the perfect fit for this fairy tale couple. Love you guys! Thanks for letting me be a part of your ceremony. @mcgleich @jay_jay_gleich #bestfriendscommitteeclub #tbt Pretty proud of this shot too by the way. 😊


"...One day I'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me." Miss you Hawaii.

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