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My birthday is May 29th and I’m thinking I may have a BDay Party in my hometown of Houston on May 26th... Which venue would be best and WHO’S COMING!!?? #EverybodysInvited #TurnUp #MayBaby #MemorialDayWeekend

My latest movie is 🔥🔥🔥 coming soon... #LifeWithoutHope #LeadingMan #Producer

Los Angeles, California

Always be evolving. Revolutionary. ✊🏾

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAMA!!!! I’ll share some footage & pics from this particular weekend because I can’t recall ever seeing my moms smile so much or so hard! She was SO EXCITED to meet Vivica, Porsha, Carl, Gary, Towanda, Brely, and all my cast mates from Two Can Play That Game, the stage play. The only time I had to tell her to chill was when Beyoncé’s daddy walked by my dressing room and she almost took off running after him. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 (And ya’ll see where I get my non singing skills from) LOL!! Love you Ma, I’m glad I get to share my experiences with YOU! #HappyMothersDay

2 of my latest movies are airing Back-2-Back on TV today! Both are on Netflix too! **SPOILER ALERT!!!🚨 How I shoot up Colombus Short AND Larenz Tate in the same year? I really ain’t shit 😂 But name one shooter cooler than me 😏 #BangBang #NeverBlink #TrueToTheGame ☝🏾 #Deuces ✌🏾

Torcello, Veneto, Italy

“Sittin on the dock of the bay, watchin the tide, roll away...” 🎶🎶 #ItalianAdventures #SoloYolo #TBT

Dunn's River Falls

Extended stay vacay in Montego Bay, aye! #OneLove 😎🌴 🇯🇲☀️🙌🏾

Man listen, this song gives me ALL THE FEELS!!! This shit goes hard, for real! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #BoodUp #EllaMai

Caribbean Sea

S U N D A Y ☀️ V I B E S #MyLense 👁

Half Moon, Jamaica

Success ain’t as sweet if you can’t take ya folks with you. #CruLove #iEatWEeat #Family 💯 #HalfMoonBayResort 😎🇯🇲🌴🔥

Half Moon, Jamaica


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Outchea living my best life.. 😎🇯🇲🌴

Houston, Texas

Meet me at the alter... #WhereSheAtDoe? 🤔 #TheOnlyThingMissingIsAMisses

The Bell Tower on 34th

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the fam @etowns44 and brotha James Curry for still believing in love and allowing me to be apart of their BEAUTIFUL wedding- and that thang was KRUNK too! Yep, I said krunk! Swipe right 👉🏾 to see exactly how we do in H-Town, Texas 🤘🏾#GoinDine #AcresHomesWedding #44 #MannnHolUp #HTine

Los Angeles, California

“Car ain’t got no roof!” 🎼🤘🏾⭐️

NO LIES TOLD!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Shoulda just watched from home, for FREE99 if you couldn’t get in the concerts or if it hurt your pockets. I did, and enjoyed it from my couch. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Los Angeles, California

It’s still Dre Day, everyday. 😎

Never apologize for being dope. Styled: @apuje Shot: @eltonandersonjr

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