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Американский актер, режиссер, оператор.
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The Bahamas

Baby let’s cruise, away from heeere..😏

RELATIONSHIP ✊🏾 GOALS #AFamilyThatFlowsTogetherGrowsTogetger 🎤❤️🎶

FUN FACT: I received my Masters Degree in Education Administration when I was 23. So technically, I can retire as an actor and go be a high school Principal right now. But I’m not, bc I LOVE what I do. 🤗 #tbt #HaventAgedSinceGradSchool


For the first time since I’ve been an actor, I’m a FREE AGENT! No agent. No manager. Clean slate. It was a decision I felt I needed to make in order to further progress my career. Some people might be afraid to fly solo, but I don’t mind taking 1 step backwards in order to take 5 more steps forward. I know the trajectory of my career and my representation has to share a similar vision, period. For the past 3 years, all the work I’ve been getting have all been straight offers, which is cool, but I also need a team around me who ACTIVELY pitch me as the super star I’m predestined to be. 🤗 So now, for the 1st time since May, I’m open to taking meetings for new representation- holla if you know someone who would be a good fit.. #IllShowYouHowToNetwork

🔑💯💡🤷🏾‍♂️ #Welp

It’s all fun & games until... 😳😳😳 LMAO! She’s too cute and that laugh tho! I need a daughter 🤔

Los Angeles, California

A Sunday kinda groove..

Young Dre Fuller 👑 Do I still look the same 20yrs later? Lol #90s #GoodGenes #BlackDontCrack #90sFashion #tbt #AldineHighSchool #AcresHomes #Northside #Houston

Highland Gardens

I think I can share this news now... THE L.A. COMPLEX IS COMING BACK! I’m not sure if I will be involved, but a reboot IS in the works with The CW. I guess if you ask for it long enough, it can come true. Lol #TheLAComplex #KaldrickKing #LongLiveTheKing 👑

I know the game firsthand because I was a blue chip football player who was recruited by every major college in America. And I saw many athletes get chewed up and spit out after they were done playing. Many of which never completed their degree and just stayed around campus because they were too embarrassed to return to their hometown knowing they didn’t make it to the pros. Luckily, I took full advantage of my college experience- I pledged a Fraternity, was involved in campus activities, matured and learned how to be independent, learned how to think abstractly, met life long friends, got a few degrees, and most importantly- HAD FUN!!! We should be encouraging our kids to do the same, because only 300 athletes per year actually get drafted...

M O N D A Y 👑 M O O D #SpecialDelivery #HarlemShakeEmUp

When Maggie died in ‘Million Dollar Baby’ I cried so much, my whole neck was completely wet, but when Augustus died in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ I UGLY CRIED FROM MY SOUL!!! I had the snot flowing and everything! Oh, and I went on a date to see this movie called, ‘Lion’ and was in that mug sneak crying the whole movie- but she was BIG CRYING 😂😭🤷🏾‍♂️ What movie got you?

Late night thoughts... #TrayvonMartin ✊🏾

Los Angeles, California

From one set, to another one. New Christmas movie coming in November... #AStoneColdChristmas #GettinThisWork #Blessed #LeadingMan

Tyler Perry Studios

Just 2 co-workers happy to be off work. Lol But seriously, it was a pleasure to work with Geoffrey Owens on HAHN. Work ethic and integrity are 2 necessary characteristics that every MAN should possess, yet should NEVER be made fun of. Kudos to TP for stepping up and creating a role that allowed Mr. Owens to showcase his acting chops perfectly. I look forward to seeing him back doing what he loves to do. ✊🏾💯

Ya’ll can’t come inside tho #AccessDenied 🚫✋🏾🛑 #SetHopping 🤔

Tyler Perry Studios

Working for one of the most thoughtful, generous people in the TV/Film industry. #TylerPerry

Los Angeles International Airport

5 flights and 9 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours. Headed back to ATL now..#WorkingMan😊

Los Angeles, California

One of the greatest songs of all time. Period. #BlackStreet #DaveHollister #tbt #RNB #TheFeels

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