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THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! 2018 was good to me- I traveled the world, made major business connections etc., but most importantly is the personal GROWTH journey I’ve been consumed with since October (not a New Year resolution). And honestly, it’s been painful, but we all know growth usually is- but it’s very necessary. Just know, I’ma be looking good from the inside out once I’m done shedding my old skin. #Metaphor 🙃 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! #2019 #Growth #2019goals #NewYear #top9of2018 #blessed #paris #jamaica #amsterdam #london #cozumel

🎄🎅🏾🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🎅🏾🎄 #SweaterSwag #ElfOnYoMamaShelf

On the Netflix popular page now! 🎄🎅🏾 #YouCantFightChristmas #Netflix #christmas #christmasmovies

Tonight is a great night to watch my newest movie, ‘A Stone Cold Christmas’. If you don’t have Bounce TV, here’s a cheat code: The movie is also on YouTube!!! Just open the YouTube app on your smart TV and BAM! It’s such a good movie too, you’ll love it! 🎄🎅🏾🏆🎅🏾🎄#christmas #christmasmovies

Ugly Christmas Sweater Winner 🏆

🎄’YOU CANT FIGHT CHRISTMAS’ 🎅🏾 on Netflix right now! #christmas #holiday #christmasmovies #christmastree #presents #gifts #romanticcomedy #romcom #funny #netflixmovies #netflixandchill #leadingman #winningseason

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EBONY!!! 🎁🎂🎈(Maybe if ya’ll follow her on IG, she will forgive me) 😂😂😂👉🏾@etowns44 ...At least wish her Happy Birthday! #StayWoke ✊🏾 #Family #Comedy #Funny #ibetyouwontchallenge #swagsurfin #sleepingbeauty #sleep #sleepover #sleepy #snooringchallenge

Cornell University


Even tho I’m not seen or mentioned in any of the promo or radio ads 😐 I do have a new movie premiering tonight. And it’s a REALLY good one too! 🎄☃️🍭🏆🎁🎅🏾🤶🏽🎁🏆🍭☃️🎄

North Houston, Texas


NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIE ALERT!!🚨 My new Christmas Movie, ‘A Stone Cold Christmas’ is premiering this Monday, November 19th at the Laemmle Theatre in Santa Monica, CA at 7pm! Come thru and watch this dope movie with me and the rest of the cast! You’ll LOVE it! @laemmletheatres

Last night history was made in my hometown of Houston, TX. 19 Beautiful Black Women ran for county judges, and ALL 19 WON!!!!! Young Black Boss Democrats and all around bad ass women!!! One of which was @tonyajonesforjudge, one of my AKA sorors from Baylor University. ‘06!!! 🤙🏾 Also last night, my former Baylor football teammate @colinallred defeated 11 term House Representative, Pete Sessions after 21 years in Congress. What a great time to be a Baylor Bear! 🐻 And even tho Ted Cruz won Senate, my home state is making progress and increasingly becoming more and more blue! Texas will be a BLUE state in the next 5 years, just watch! We just gotta get those rural areas caught up! SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️

In my opinion, the hardest part about MIDTERM ELECTIONS are the Propositions, Measures, and electing all the Court Justices etc. But in LA these people & propositions will help reduce the ridiculously high rent we pay, reform unethical immigration policies, reform gun control policies, protect universal healthcare, and you know- actually care about middle class America and the people who aren’t in that wealthy 1%. When in doubt GOOGLE EACH PROPOSITION and/or CANDIDATE to see what they stand for. #Vote18 #iVoted #MyVoteCounts

Kingdom of Wakanda

When the movie Black Panther came out, some people questioned why we made it “such a big deal”, well here’s why- kids need heroes (both real & fictional) to look up to, period. But unfortunately, minority kids don’t always get to see heroes in movies & TV shows that look like them. But when they do, they flourish. These kids rocked Halloween... #iKnowiCan #BeWhatIwannaBe ✊🏾💯🙅🏾‍♂️

This movie was SOOO GOOD!!!! I saw it last night and was pleasantly surprised on how great everything about this movie was. The storyline was super dope and NOT PREDICTABLE AT ALL (like I thought it was gonna be), the acting was great, but most importantly- the insight given and the picture this film painting of inner city life for Black people was SO ON POINT!!!! I felt every emotion possible during the movie. It showed how difficult it is for us to have to be 2 people- 1. The person you are around your friends and family and local community and 2. Who you have to be when you’re around white people so they don’t feel threatened or judge you- aka CODE SWITCHING. It also showed BLACK LOVE AND THE STRENGTH OF BLACK FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES which I loved! This film should absolutely be nominated for an Oscar for so many reasons, GO SEE IT!!! And I especially encourage my non Black friends to go see it so you can: 1. Better understand Black People. 2. Understand the many ways white privilege exists and 3. Understand WHY Black lives matter...

My generation’s music, fashion, and swag was THE BEST!!! 👌🏾Plus we had Hip-Hop and R&B groups! ✊🏾#TeamPlayers #tbt #Iesha #AnotherBadCreation #Boyz2Men #ABC #BBD #TheEastCoastFamily

This had me ROLLING!!! “That’s called communication.” 😂😂😂😂😂

The Bahamas

Baby let’s cruise, away from heeere..😏

RELATIONSHIP ✊🏾 GOALS #AFamilyThatFlowsTogetherGrowsTogetger 🎤❤️🎶

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