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Американский актер, режиссер, оператор.
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Lovers Lane


Valentine's Day Gifts 2018

So this how ya’ll gonna do me this year? Lol Last year was a lay up- my competition didn’t have a chance, but this year I’m up against a GOAT and I’m the underdog. And what kinda damn group is this! LOL!!!🤦🏽‍♂️ Ya’ll trippin...(whispering) but who you going with tho? 😂 #AllHonesty #NoHurtFeelings #ValentinesFun #IfPhillyCanWinSoCanFuller 🐶

Twinkle Twinkle little star lookin ass lol

Brooklyn, New York

If you’ve never seen my award winning movie, DOPE FIEND, you’re missing out on a really good movie. It’s about a systematic gentrification scheme by politicians who flood Brooklyn with drugs to uproot all the minorities by putting them in prison. (Based off true events) Along side me stars, @malikyoba @199viq @hishamtawfiq and @tobiastruvillion. It’s available on all ON DEMAND outlets, check it out!

The Birthday girl, Brandy Rayana 😏

I see you lookin, witcho lookin ass 👀👀

Ride with the mob, hamdulallah 👑

2018 Super Bowl Summary #Swipe👉🏾

Funniest Super Bowl Commercial 😂

Come here...

Blue Flame Lounge


What I represent. 🤘🏾🚀🏀

Atlanta, Georgia

Filming at a strip club today...forget the fact that somebody can’t spell SMOKING, who can tell me what the hell is a “Hot Pocket”? Help me understand strip club lingo 😩🔥⚠️🙀🤮📛🙊

Grooves Restaurant and Lounge

Come celebrate Valentines Weekend with me and my peoples on Saturday, February 10th in Houston!!! Fellas, come show your lady a good time, ladies, tell ya mans this is where you wanna be! Singles welcome too, come meet ya boy! #Tag3Friends

Leading man in a dope new movie.. #Life #InProductionNow #DopeShot #ComingSoon

I guess SnapChat is bae 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ #BoughtBabySomeNewBootsTho 💯👌🏾#HerNameIsGatorashayla 😍🤦🏾‍♂️

Something is better than nothing.. 😔

Shoot ya shot, BUT KNOW YOUR RANGE! 💯😳👀🤔🚫👉🏾🤫🙅🏾‍♂️😴🥊🎻✍🏽🔚

Atlanta, Georgia

When you’re “snowed in” your hotel ☃️ HAPPY 96th BIRTHDAY BETTY WHITE aka “ROSE” #Classic #Bored #BestThemeSongEver #Yeahh

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