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Американский актёр и певец. Лауреат премии «Театральный мир» и награды Общества кинокритиков Бостона, двукратный номинант на «Драма Деск».
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Playing with Whoopi's Oscar. #tbt #youindangergirl

Birthday dinner with @jasonrlandau & @sailor2. So thankful for Mama Linda, and her guidance and support in our lives and our recovery.

A very happy 39th birthday to my husband @jasonrlandau. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for sharing your life with me. Love you baby.

Flywheel Sports - Larchmont

My favorite @flywheelsports instructor. @ehill76 She'll kick your butt & sing every word to "No Scrubs" with you.

Possibly the gayest picture of all time, just the way I like it.

That time I was a silver robot in Times Square. #30Rock #TBT

Lip syncing to my sweet @laurabellbundy. #okrrrr. Cameo by the hubs @jasonrlandau

Im in a new comedy called #BearWithUs coming out soon. Had an insanely fun time with this group of maniacs. Does a bear sh*t in the woods? @bearwithusfilm

Great evening eating and cooking and eating again with @etrems & @lambda258. Love you guys.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Hubs is so handsome and so serious. Clock the new @theellenshow hat his company designed. Available soon.

100% of my flights I imagine a colonial woman on the wing churning butter.

Avatar Studios

And that's a wrap on the new album. Huge thank you to my fantastic musicians and producers, and to Avatar Studios. It's officially the third album I've recorded here. Acoustics for dayzzz. So excited to share the new work with you. JUNE 3 RELEASE.

Avatar Studios

Last night in the studio. Here's some FEELING GOOD. •RENAISSANCE•June3•

Hells Kitchen NYC

This used to be my playground...this used to be my childhood dream...

New York, New York

Just finally recorded my all time favorite Sam Cooke song. •RENAISSANCE•JUNE3

Avatar Studios

Second to last day in the studio for my new album out June 3rd. My lucky hat helps me hit them high notes.

We had a Xanadu reunion tonight for @BCEFA on Broadway. I will love Kerry Butler till the day I die. @disastermusical #OnlyPuttingThoseShortsOnForCharity

Who you gonna call when a song on your new album just isn't working like it should? ANSWER: @shobean Love you girl. Thank you for sharing your friendship and your talent with me.

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