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Американская футболистка и олимпийская чемпионка.
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Opening 2017 with TWO Rapinoe SC performance training clinics in Portland, OR and I really couldn't be more excited! I love what I'm able to do both on and off the pitch with my teammates, and with all the young, aspiring footballers out there. Lets keep this thang goin and be our best selves! Link in bio for more deets. ✌️😝😁 #isiphotos @bradsmithimages

Louisville with these fools @rrapinoe @lorilindsey6 📸: @xojuliaparsley

When you're you, you're freaken awesome. Happy International Day of Tolerance 💜💙💚💛 (Oh, and snag 25% off ALL Be Your Best You gear at the store to celebrate today!)

Closing out the 2016 footy season in LA tonight with them GALS. On to the next challenge, but before she abouta get a vacay ✌🏼️. .... #beyourbestyou

These @sweatcosmetics products with SPF are perfect for the active woman, even TOMBOYS like me!🤓🙋🏼. Gotta keep this skin healthy! #watchmesweat #foractivebeauty

The last couple of days have been hard to wrap my head around, that this is in fact America, always has been. Hard to wrap my head around the fear people are feeling, the heartache they feel, the sense of unknown and uncertainty. Hard to understand why and how this nation chose division and hatred instead of unity but we did and we have to understand why. Understand one another, and be open hearted and open minded. I will never stand for some of the horrible things the President Elect has said and done and no one ever should. I will work in my public and private life to heal wounds, create understanding, and ultimately try to help us come together, because until we can empathize with one another and understand a better world means a world for everyone, every race, gender, religion, orientation etc, we will continue to have hatred rule our beautiful country. Don't give in to fear, not even for one damn second. Stand tall be smart be open hearted be brave be compassionate and fight like hell. Be the kind of person you want America to be.

Yea you @hillaryclinton I'm with you! I voted for Hillary because she stands for equality. #beyourbestyou today everyone and cast your ballots!!! Vote vote vote!!!

Thankful for the opportunity to listen to and be inspired by some of the younger members of Seattle's LGBTQ community. #FirstStep http://

Yo, who said Holloween wasn't like X-mas?! Not us! 25% off ALL Pinoe Club gear for the MONTH!! Get your Pinoe/Holloween gear now!! Link in bio 💃⚡️

Keep an eye on our #Rapinoeswag... early Halloween treat coming for ya'll 💃💃💃👁👁👁


Can everyone please send their love and support and good vibes and prayers and whatever else you do to this woman and her family and the medical team today. I love you Chen, you're strong. We are with you @laurenholiday12 @jrue_holiday11 ❤️💯❤️

Good luck to the @ussoccer_wnt Gals today!! I know me and @arapinoe will be root root rootin for ya 🤓💯💪🏼.

Hey kids listen up! DC you were such a joy! Thank you so very much for bringing your energy and spirit! Louisville you're up next! Nov 19th!! Check the link in bio for all the details! Can't wait to see you #beyourbestyou 💯👊🏼🙋🏼🏃🏼‍♀️💃🏼🔥 ... @therapinoebrand @erimacphoto @lorilindsey6 @rrapinoe

Landed in DC!!! Me @rrapinoe @lorilindsey6 and @therapinoebrand are ready to get busy!!! So happy to bring the #beyourbestyou train through the Nations Capitol for the first time! Stay tuned!

Happy National Coming Out Day! This little champ wants you to know how amazing, beautiful and badass you are, just the way you are. Thank you to all the brave ones before and to the brave ones to come. ❤️💚💙💜💛 #beyourbestyou #mymomsaidshedidntknow 😂

These homies😊. #Redding❤️

Can't wait to see, YOU! 5 days till the Rapinoe SC Performance Training Clinics in Washington D.C.! Limited spots available for a day of world-class Pinoe football fun! ⚽️🙋⚡️Click the link in my profile to register! #RapinoeSC #beyourbestyou #WashingtonDC w/ @rrapinoe @lorilindsey6 @sklz @nikefootball @vitaminwater

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