Солейл Мун Фрай


Американская актриса, режиссёр и сценарист. Фрай наиболее известна по ситкомам Панки Брюстер и Сабрина — маленькая ведьма.
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Our boy is walking!!! Mom sounds pretty excited in the background. 😉 Holding on to the moments with every morsel of my being

At a loss for words. Devastated for all of the families affected by this tragedy... You are in our hearts, on our minds, in our prayers....

Our morning squad! So much fun for amazing cause #milesformelanoma Thank you @hillfogel xoxo

With my sweet baby Story! Happy first birthday my love 💙 xoxo

Happy 1st birthday to my little love Story who melts my heart ❤️ each and every day!

Me & my amazing friend @MelissaJoanHart having some fun together. After I had my 3rd baby and wanted to loose the weight I put on, she told me about @nutrisystem Then I got pregnant again. So after having my 4th, I turned to @nutrisystem again and lost 40 pounds. For all of you that have asked me about it and are curious to check it out go to Nutrisystem.com and enter promo code: SOLEIL for a special offer from me. #proudpartner

My #dogtowngirls today! I am so grateful for the strong incredible little women that they are.

I am so very grateful to my incredible mama who is the soil to which I grew and these four amazing beings that made me a mama. Thanks J for giving me the greatest gifts ever (these magical people) and the mothers that step in when we need them, Mema & my sisterhood of divine friends that inspire me each and everyday! I love you all! Happy Mothers day!

We are products of a strong female. Please help support @baby2baby & the incredible families they serve this mothers day by giving back to a truly incredible cause close to our hearts. ❤️ Awesome design by @kellyrowland

Happy Monday Everyone! 💙

How many days until summer? I can’t wait! Beyond thankful for my friends @Nutrisystem who help me get back on track after having my babies. #40PoundsDown #ProudPartner

My little trouble!!!! 💛

Love getting smooches from @kellyoxford Go grab her book! You will thank me later. #whenyoufindouttheworldisagainstyou

We are all connected.... 🌏#earthday #edrusha

Me & my amazing ❤️ @melissajoanhart at our @nutrisystem shoot today having some fun! Kisses to all! 😘

Morning sunshines! Ready to have some fun with @melissajoanhart & @nutrisystem Happy weekend all! Thanks @jostrettell & @lisa_rowe1

Me @ my love, the birthday girl @melissajoanhart 🎂 behind the scenes with #nutrisystem

I am a lucky girl. Getting my body buff by the brilliant @jostrettell Trying not to flash the camera. Big shoot today for #nutrisystem

My little Punky this morning! 💛💜❤️💙💚💗

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