Солейл Мун Фрай


Американская актриса, режиссёр и сценарист. Фрай наиболее известна по ситкомам Панки Брюстер и Сабрина — маленькая ведьма.
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Sleeping beauty. Early morning cuddles with my love 🖤

So much love for this tribe. Happy day of love, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always ❤️

My birthday boy!!!! I love you madly my sweets. May all of your dreams and wishes come true. 💙 Thanks uncle @meeno_the_man for the awesome pic

Hey guys! You know that living healthy is important to me and I rely on @Nutrisystem each New Year to give me a fresh start. I worked hard to lose weight and keep it off. You can join me now and get 40% off at www.nutrisystem.com/soleil #nutrisystemambassador #weightloss #freshstart #newyearnewyou

My boy turns 5 today. I love you so very much with all of my heart and soul Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg. You are so very deep with your eyes wise beyond your years and heart of gold. I feel truly blessed to be your mama. I love you forever & always my sweet son. 💙 my baby boy. Xxxx

Love this! So lucky to have you in my life. Will always consider you one of my brothers. Grateful for your love of me & my ice cream covered face! @kristoffstjohn #ripkristoffstjohn

Love you big brother @kristoffstjohn #ripkristoffstjohn xxxx

I will always remember you as a big brother, your hugs and smile that lit up the world. You always loved me like a baby sister, and I was so very proud of it. You pushed me in my stroller, held me in your arms and looked out for me when I was just a little girl. You loved my mother like she was your own and my brother like blood. Wish you were still here. Please watch over us under your wings big bro. Love you forever. The Bears @meeno_the_man @kristoffstjohn that my eyes always looked up to. I will continue to look up and try to find you in the stars. #KristoffStJohn

To me the most incredible actors are not acting, they are just being. I wanted to take a moment to share a pic of my friend #stephendorff who does just that in the truly incredible new season of @truedetective on @hbo by the brilliant @nicpizzolatto He & @mahershalaali have a chemistry that is pure magic, lightning, the performances you long for. So proud and I can imagine those angels watching over you and Andrew sitting on that porch with Roland & Wayne. So much love. Re-post pic from @nicpizzolatto

Playing dress up last night. Love bringing out my inner goddess. So grateful for love and the universe, family and friends. Nothing like a morning with my babies, hiking for twigs to make a headpiece with @alitaekman , playing make believe with @jostrettell while stepping into my ❤️ @rebeccagayheartdane dress by @rachelzoe Celebrating the incredible @trinavenit Saturday night under the stars feeling an abundance of gratitude 💫💫💫💫

On this day I reflect on Martin Luther King Jr. and all that have stood with him. Every soul who has given or risked their lives for justice, equality, and civil rights. Finding this video of my papa, Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis, James Garner and so many activists getting ready for the March On Washington reminds me of where I come from. As a grown woman with four children trying to raise them to be the most empathetic and caring children they can possibly be, this discovery was a gift. A gift that filled my heart and reminds me to continue to sow the seeds of love and understanding. I try, I struggle, often times I fall, I am flawed, I am human, but I believe it is our duty to spread love in this world not hate and to treat each other with dignity and compassion. Thinking of you papa. Love how Curtis and Brando tease you in this video, love how you stood up for what you believed in, love that you always said that the greatest lesson in life was love. ❤️ I think I finally get it Xx S

My 13 year old @poet_siennarose I am so proud of you always standing up for what you believe in. Cuss words aside you speak your truth and I am grateful to raise kiddos who know that their voices matter.

Such a moving & incredible night. Thank you @ettyfarrell & #perryfarrell for your constant love #taylorhawkins @chadsmithofficial the always warm and wonderful @tommorello & all of you that moved us so much. #chriscornelltribute Truly Beautiful.

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed” Khalil Gibran

Wanted to take a moment to thank my incredible friends @jostrettell & @anitakojewelry for making me feel like a princess last night. So grateful for all of the love and energy that my amazing friends and @jphro family put into our gala. HUGE thanks to @rosettagetty @baltgetty @amandakatesilverman @gregsilverman @tracieh8 for the endless support & @reallindaperry for making magic @annyounglee @seanpenn & the entire team of CORE @jphro My heart is bursting with gratitude & love to be a part of your team. @naomsg & @charlesporch you really know how to keep me smiling my girls @thesaragilbert @sarahkatesilverman you always step up. @rachelzoe year after year you have been with me & to the friends and family that came out and have talked me through this I love you I love you I love you. PS I realized I did not take a great pic pre gala of my look so bathroom selfie will have to do :)

My little man, his skateboard and Pearl Jam sweashirt. Thanks @j__vedder Keeping it in the family 💙

Bringing in 2019!!!! Top of the mountain baby! Love & blessings to all of you xx

When you climb into your tub in your new home you have never been inside of Christmas eve & your girl catches it @rebeccagayheartdane So much love for my family & friends! Happy Holidays! ❤️

My little man found his tree tree to climb. Farmhouse life here we come 💚 Behind on posting but have been gulping it all in... life.

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