Солейл Мун Фрай


Американская актриса, режиссёр и сценарист. Фрай наиболее известна по ситкомам Панки Брюстер и Сабрина — маленькая ведьма.
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I love these amazing girls like crazy! A while back I posted a video of the beauty on the right singing one of my favorite songs in her living room. After so much hard work, dedication, love support from her incredible family & friends, conviction, and belief, she continues to inspire us all. I will never forget the day that @reallindaperry & @willaamai came together in our backyard. It will always be a highlight in life for me. That kind of magic that comes together & is unstoppable. So proud of you @willaamai My heart is full of joy & pride. Her stunning song with the incredible @dollyparton launches today. Must check it out. #hereyoucomeagain #DUMPLIN @reallindaperry WOW! Feels like a dream. So grateful that I could be a little part of it. I love you @willaamai @hillfogel Harper & Adam. May you all enjoy this wonderful ride.

Surrounded by so much beauty & love for our @rachelzoe She is such an amazing force & I am so grateful for her constant love & friendship. Girls night! ❤️ @shoprachelzoe

With theses beautiful girls @kimberlyjmuller @rebeccagayheartdane Michelle celebrating our 💗@rachelzoe Grateful for my girls!

I love these girls with all of my heart. They have both outgrown me in height & blow my mind each and every day. They are strong and funny, loving and kind. My heart floods with love for my little ladies that are growing up so fast. I am drinking it all in, trying to hold on to the sand in this hour glass for as long as possible. Love the years of coming to @disneyland a place that makes us all still feel like a kid. Feeling such gratitude.

My awesome crew at the happiest place on earth @disneyland I love it here SO much!!!! Thank you @Disneyland so much for the best memories

So inspired by the incredible work that our friends at @baby2baby do. What an incredible night. Thank you to my loves @rebeccagayheartdane & @amandakatesilverman for showering me with love during such a stressful time in all of our lives. Thanks to @kellysawyer & @norahweinstein for your dedication and commitment to making the world a better place and changing so many lives for the better. Love you all so very much xxxx

Happy happy birthday to my beautiful @moore2d My heart bursts with love for you. My incredible brilliant friend, spirit sister, teacher, delivery coach, the list goes on & on. You have brought so much love & light into my life and I am forever grateful. I love you with all of my heart & soul! On the night this pic was taken of us in the 90s, I remember so clearly you lighting up the entire room. You still shine as bright as always. Even more with every day. Our roads & families were meant to weave together & I am forever thankful for the blessing that is you...

This is a happy crew out in Santa Clarita! @kellyrowland @kellysawyer @alitaekman @nicolerichie @jpatricof @rivfifi @carlosericlopez ❤️

Saturdays guiding my babe on beach rock climbing adventures. 💙

Heaven on earth! 💜

Halloween crew! Love celebrating with the kiddos.

When you go as your bestie since you were 12 to Halloween night @baltgetty friends forever @rosettagetty & family So much ❤️

The days when I used to use Halloween as an excuse to wear the skimpiest costumes I could find. Wonder where my snow white one is #flashbackhalloween

My little guys. So crazy in love. 💚 Hope you have a happy & safe Halloween :)

.... Repost #eddiegriffin @eddiegriffin

Spending the afternoon celebrating my shooting star that I love with all my heart. You are one of a kind. Woman of year! So deserved. I love you Demi. @moore2d #wwpad #PAFHLuncheon2018

OMG! This is amazing. You totally stole my go to Halloween costume @ryanseacrest I still love you! @livekellyandryan repost @ryanseacrest

Happy 20th baby! ❤️ we were so young when we met & here we are 4 kids later and a lifetime together. I love you. Thanks for being beside me on this incredible ride. Xxxx

Sunday morning at the Pumpkin Patch solo with my youngest kids. A very nice person in the long line to get in to the patch asked if I wanted a picture. Obviously. :) 80 degrees sweating through my bra with impatient kiddos. After a long wait I found myself chasing after a 2 & 4 year old with hay stuck to my feet and dirty sticky hands and faces. Trying to carry all the pumpkins they gathered thinking to myself I got this while questioning if I really did. Trying to snap a pic and a video so that I have a memory of that day at the pumpkin patch with my babies, thirsty and tired, running from the maze to the slide and bouncy house. My four year old shouted this is the best day ever and in that moment the world felt right. This is the truth of when this picture was taken. A mom trying to balance motherhood and doing her best.

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