Солейл Мун Фрай


Американская актриса, режиссёр и сценарист. Фрай наиболее известна по ситкомам Панки Брюстер и Сабрина — маленькая ведьма.
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We are all connected.... 🌏#earthday #edrusha

Me & my amazing ❤️ @melissajoanhart at our @nutrisystem shoot today having some fun! Kisses to all! 😘

Morning sunshines! Ready to have some fun with @melissajoanhart & @nutrisystem Happy weekend all! Thanks @jostrettell & @lisa_rowe1

Me @ my love, the birthday girl @melissajoanhart 🎂 behind the scenes with #nutrisystem

I am a lucky girl. Getting my body buff by the brilliant @jostrettell Trying not to flash the camera. Big shoot today for #nutrisystem

My little Punky this morning! 💛💜❤️💙💚💗

My 3 year olds favorite candy from the Easter bunny is Kittles! I love him SO much!❤️💛💚💙💜💗

Happy Easter!!! Feeling very blessed for family!!! ❤

My daughter taught my 3 year old the Punky Brewster them song & now he is singing it everywhere we go. 😳

Happy birthday my old friend... Thinking of you. Forever young. #RIP #JonathanBrandis

My little lady at her medieval fair! Her grace and heart inspire me daily! I love you my lady! 🌙💗

Picking my baby up from school the other day. She may be 9 but she is my love & little one always. Thank you my amazing friend @markromanek for capturing this moment. Your genius & kindness constantly inspire me!

Happy birthday mama 🌙You are such an inspiration in my life. Love you forever. So grateful to share this journey with you. Xoxo

NYC girls!!! ❤🌈❤🌈

We are in love with our @seedling littles. So cute! Had the best time playing with them this weekend. #SeedlingLittles

Happy birthday to my sweet Jagger! I love you beyond the Universe. You will always be our little baby now and forever !!! ❤

My daughter Roald Dahl. Love this kid and her enthusiasm for life, learning and creativity!

Lets get this week started off right! Happy Monday everyone. ❤💜💚💛💙

So much fun stepping back in time with these beautiful ladies & hosts @hillfogel & @amandakatesilverman for our school. Nothing like the 80s! Laughed so hard. ❤💜💙💚💛 16 candles sleep under

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