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*SOUND ON* You need to go get @bettywho’s new song #IgnoreMe right now. I mean... and this gorg photo taken by her stupid talented fiancé @zcassar. So grateful to have this inspirational woman in my life. AND to have the privilege to blast her music endlessly. Here’s what she wrote about the new song: ・・・ Ignore Me will be my first song released as an independent artist in five years. Every decision made was mine, every detail was agonised over, and every last bit of my heart is in this song. I can finally put out music the way I’ve always wanted to: straight from me to you. If I’m being honest, this is a totally unknown and terrifying time for me. While being exciting, of course, it is very much uncharted territory and my biggest fear is that I will let you beautiful humans down. But I’ve never let fear dictate the choices I’ve made or hold me back from something I have wanted to do since I was five years old, so why start now? Because that’s really all this is: my childhood dream come true. I used to spend hours in my bedroom choreographing Nsync dances and trying to recreate the Britney HBO special just imagining that one day I would be on stage singing songs that I wrote and entertaining thousands of people. And holy shit, that’s already happened. How lucky am I? The only reason I can say all of this, be honest with you and share this new music and live out this amazing fantasy of mine is because of you and your support. Lots of people don’t believe in me. That’s never going to change. But you guys, for what ever reason, have and I will continue to try to live up to that and give you all of me. So this is for you and only you. And there will be so much more to come.

👀 #TBT

Los Angeles, California

What was life before portrait mode❓

Gracias Madre

Deeply loving these girls. Deeply loving this night 💞

Goodbye negative thoughts. Goodbye fears. Goodbye judgments. And goodbye to the not so fun parts of last year. And hello to the new and exciting! 🤩 And always loving photos by @claireleahy 💛

New York Street Backlot: Paramount Studios

#TheAlienist 🎩🎥

Paramount Studios

When you’re ready for cereal but realize you’re out of milk.

Los Angeles, California


72nd Golden Globe Awards Live

So many gorgeous looks in black last night representing #TimesUp #WhyWeWearBlack, but these were my stand outs! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Can’t get enough 😍 More importantly... aside from the beautiful fashion, I feel excited and proud to be a part of this moment in time. Standing in solidarity. Seeing everyone at the #goldenglobes using their platform to make a difference and take a stand. 🖤

72nd Golden Globe Awards Live

It is important that I repost this photo of me with Tommy Wiseau on a late night at a Norms in Los Angeles because of the OBVIOUS and CRAZY fact that he was on the stage of the Golden Globes tonight. Also never forget that moment James Franco shoved Tommy when he tried to speak during his winning speech. ALSO look at my face and see that I’ve NEVER been more excited to meet Tommy Wiseau.

SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills


SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills

Just a girl and her sweet dad at the Secret Room #goldenglobes gifting suite 🛍

Los Angeles, California

My letter to #2018, I believe in you. In us. I feel confident that I can make each day better. I can fight the bad and grab hold of the good. I can take a fall but come back #stronger. I will learn from my mistakes. I will hold others up. Spread #love as often as I can and treasure the ones I love. I will #fight for what I deserve. I promise to work hard and reach for the stars. And to take care of myself. Because my #happiness is important. And there is much more I will accomplish in this life. Let’s do this. #TBT 📸 by @claireleahy

Chicago Midway International Airport

See you soon, best friend. I love you forever. ✈️💘

I’ll never forget Christmas in Chicago 💋❄️

Soho House Chicago

Aaaaand nailed it. #2018

Chicago, Illinois

Happy 90’s New Year’s Eve to all you goobers 🥂💋

2017, it’s been a roller coaster. I thank you for the ride by enjoying this Chicago view. Welcoming in all opportunities and new chapters this new year. Bring it on. 🤞🏼💋

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