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Best way to spend Saturday night, at home playing guitar.

Just because, I mean, words fail me. @janexvxdough

It's also worth remembering that in addition to being a racist and a misogynist and a dimwit and an incompetent and a sociopath #trump is also a traitor. So yes, #impeachtrump , but also #lockhimup . The truth shall be revealed soon, that he is owned and run by some really, really unsavory people. It's going to get really dark.. #traitor pic @iamlefou

Millions of reasons to be hopeful and inspired. And remember: November 6, 2018 #november62018 we really need to end the Republican Party once and for all. #womensmarch2018

Is it really surprising that these geniuses couldn't figure out how to do the bare minimum and keep the government open? To control the house and the Senate and the presidency and STILL not be able to govern is a whole new level of staggering incompetence. @realdonaldtrump @gop @senategop @speakerryan @mike.pence @housegop #mitchmcconnell #stablegeniuses #trumpshutdown

Good morning. Such a beautiful day for a march, see you downtown! #womensmarch

This weekend is/are the #womensmarch (es), and some people are asking: why march? From my perspective: 1-to remind people to vote on November 6, 2018. 2-to feel like we're not alone in believing that #trump and the #republicans are equally evil and incompetent. 2-to stand against racism. 3-to stand against misogyny. 4-to stand against injustice. 5-to stand against homophobia and transphobia. 6-to stand in for the countless people who can't march. 7-to remind @realdonaldtrump and the @gop that we are going to crush them next November. 8-to march for environmentalism. 9-to march for education. 10-to march for equal pay for men and women. 11-to march for science. 12-to march for reason, compassion, decency, and hope. 13-to remind people to vote on November 6, 2018. I'm sure there are countless other reasons, and sorry if I missed some very important ones, but that's why I'll be marching, and why I hope you will, too. Ps: vote November 6, 2018.

A cold night(below 60 degrees)means butternut squash soup at ye olde @littlepinerestaurant

Who knew Jabba had such a distinguished name?

In a nutshell. #defenddaca

Government shutdown comes down to this: @realdonaldtrump and the @gop @senategop @housegop are willing to shut down the government in order to get trump's pointless wall, and in order to deny citizenship to over 700,000 dreamers. #defenddaca

#fbf to looking tough in 3rd grade at the Stamford Ct nature center.

Oh, and after the affair #trump paid the porn star, #stormydaniels $130,000 to keep quiet. Um, just curious why this isn't a bigger story? Is everyone just too tired to care? Because normally a story about the president of the United States cheating on his wife with a porn star, and then paying off the porn star, is news worthy..

I just moved to a new studio, and I love it. It's the smallest, most monastic, studio I've had in years, and I forced myself to only bring equipment that I've used in the last year. As a result I will soon be getting rid of 99% of the equipment I've accumulated over the last few decades. I'm hoping to sell off all of my old equipment and give the money to @physicianscommittee #animalrights

On the left is #timtebow who is 6' 3" and 240 lbs. On the right is #trump who claims to be 6' 3" and 240 lbs. um, who's lying? @realdonaldtrump #girther


Hahahah, best headline re: #trump 's physical. No heart. Cognitive issues. Couldn't agree more. Ps i'm still confused as to how the physician could describe an obese and sedentary elderly man on cholesterol lowering drugs as being in "excellent health". #girther

Here's a good guideline/rule: don't kill things that like to play. @farmsanctuary #animalrights #animalliberation

Just a reminder, our stable genius said "our government needs a good shut down". Also a reminder, republicans would rather shut down the government than give compassionate legal protection to the over 700,000 #dreamers who have been here since childhood. @gop @realdonaldtrump @senategop @housegop #defenddaca #daca

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