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The president of the United States @realdonaldtrump is facing MULTIPLE INDICTMENTS, from paying off porn stars, to obstruction of justice, to colluding with a foreign power, etc etc. so the question to Republicans: what are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue to align yourself with a ConMan/criminal who is probably going to be impeached and go to prison? @foxnews @seanhannity @judge_jeanine @tuckercarlsontonight @gop @senategop @housegop @vp @focusonthefamily @marcorubiofla @donaldjtrumpjr @ivankatrump @mittromney @sentedcruz @bensasse ps history is watching, and the people who side with Trump will have many years of unemployment(or jail time) to wonder about what they did wrong...

Just hired two new hosts at @littlepinerestaurant yolandi & peebo at your service. @yolandi_eats_la

Day 9 of 25 remixes from #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt ‘the sorrow tree’ featuring @juliemintz with old school hippie oil lamp visuals because I’m an old school (bald) hippie.

Beautiful time lapse video from @maxcutrone to ‘a ceremony of innocence’ from #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

It’s just so simple: our actions either cause animal suffering, or they don’t. So, please, be one less person hurting animals.

Day 8 of 25 remixes from #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt ‘welcome to hard times’ featuring @apollo_jane

Welcome to nyc! I can see: where I was born, where I bottomed out as an alcoholic, where I made all of my records from 1990-2010, where I got sober, etc etc. @mindianajones_

Day 7 of 25 remixes from #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt this little video seemed germane, as we’re flying to nyc. Oh I think we’re going to release all of these remixes at the end of the month. Again: 100% of my proceeds from this album(recordings, remixes, live, syncs, etc)goes to #animalrights organizations.

Rehearsing for tonight’s show, and I get to sit back and listen to this amazing orchestra and I LOVE MY JOB. @kexp #godmovingoverthefaceofthewaters

And #tbt to me as a curly blonde haired little monkey. Ps I had the coolest clothes before I turned 3. Sartorially it’s been downhill since then.

If the truth hurts, then change it. #animalrights #animalliberation

If you love animals, please don’t do or support anything that harms or kills them.

Day 6 of 25 remixes from #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt I love this old video of a raver dancing by himself..it reminds me of those 5 am moments when there would be one very enthusiastic kid dancing by himself even after the music stopped.

This week will mark the true beginning of the end of the presidency of @realdonaldtrump . The Mueller investigation is going to deliver some profoundly serious indictments: collusion, obstruction of justice, campaign finance fraud, etc. And multiple attorneys general are suing trump for violation of the emoluments clause. And more. He will resign. And some in his inner circle are in REAL trouble. I’d almost feel sorry for him and @donaldjtrumpjr if they weren’t such belligerent, entitled racists.

Here’s a list: 1-there’s a yoga room in the San Francisco airport. 2-of course I used it. 3-I’m a 100% sober vegan yoga-doing California cliche, even in airports when flights are delayed. 4-especially in airports when flights are delayed. 5-ideally the best cliches are at least healthy cliches. 6-this pose is ‘happy baby’ pose. Or so I was told. 7-or maybe my first yoga teacher just liked getting me to do things that made me look like an idiot. 8-I think that’s it for now.

Visiting @justforall and eating my first ever vegan omelette(actually my first ever omelette, as I went vegan in 1987 and have never had an egg omelette..)! I’m really, really impressed with the activist fueled entrepreneurialism here. Ps the omelette was delicious.

And the daily remix posting continues! This one is based around me sitting in my living room and randomly playing piano. Thus ‘living room remix’. Ps solar flares are awe inspiring. #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

Just had to post this picture of the farinata at @littlepinerestaurant . Chickpea flatbread with vegan ricotta, sun dried tomatoes, black garlic, and lots of other deliciousness. It was eaten 2 seconds after I took this picture. #whatveganseat

Oh, a reminder: we at @littlepinerestaurant give 100% of our profits to animal rights organizations, and every Tuesday is 25% off for employees of animal rights organizations. Our way of saying THANK YOU! Pic @boochaces

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