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Humans have had their chance, I think it's time to let the elephants take over.

The joyful amazing exhausting chaos of a 4 year olds birthday party. @lauradawnartnotwar @daron_harley_murphy

Afternoon tea time today @littlepinerestaurant 3pm-5pm!

According to a fancy app this is what I would look like if I were a fancy lady. Thanks @linzhicks

On my way to @humanesociety gala with @corybooker and I realized I've never looked less like a cool DJ in my entire life. #animalrights


For #earthday please remember: -animal agriculture is responsible for 45% of climate change. -animal agriculture is responsible for 95% of rainforest deforestation. -animal agriculture is responsible for 65% of commercial water use. -animal agriculture is responsible for 50% of ocean acidification. You want to save the world? -Stop using animals for food. -Stop subsidizing Animal agriculture.

The #sciencemarch is giving me a tiny sliver of hope on #earthday @cecepleasants

I can't say 'happy Earth Day', as the earth is an inch away from ecological catastrophe and not a single one of our leaders is doing anything meaningful to help or make things better. You want to solve 85% of the planets problems? Stop using petroleum products and stop using animals for food. Stop subsidizing petroleum products and stop subsidizing animal agriculture. But not a single leader is seriously talking about doing those things. So, sorry, but things are not looking too great on this Earth Day, as our leaders have failed us and the 7,000,000,000 people on the planet keep making choices that are destroying the only home we have. Again: stop using petroleum, stop using animals for food.

Sometimes LA is a dystopian mess and sometimes it is the most beautiful city I've ever seen.

Angelenos: today from 8:30am-12pm friends of Griffith park will be meeting to plant 150 trees. If you want to join us just bring gloves and yourself to the part of fern dell drive just past trails cafe by the parking lot. Thanks!

Because I'm really professional I just made this very professional @littlepinerestaurant ad for the @seashepherd fundraiser booklet.

In a perfect world every little goat would have a fluffy sleeping bag and a little piglet stuffed animal friend. @santuarioigualdad

HahahahahahahahHahahHahHhHhaha. Thank you internets.

Pre-bed ritual.

This is beautiful...

The food is for me, the wine is for my non-alcoholic friends.. @littlepinerestaurant

It's like they've turned RACIST into an acronym: racist Americans choosing ignorant shitty trump. Ps where's a good meteor strike when you need one? Pss kid rock, what the hell happened to you?

At this point it would be surprising to hear about a Republican who wasn't guilty of sexual harassment or sexual assault. And it just begs the question, what sort of baffling masochism compels so many women to vote for Republicans?

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