Американский диджей, певец, композитор, мультиинструменталист и исполнитель, работающий в различных жанрах — от электроники до поп-музыки, рока и панка.
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Drum practice before yoga because I'm a fully fledged LA cliche.

I'm excited for all of the performers at this years @circlevfest but I'm super extra happy that my old pal and inspiration @reggiewatts will be performing. November 18. @mercyforanimals

By definition our food comes from one of these two places. And if the truth of where your food comes from makes you uncomfortable, maybe it's time to think about making a change?

All dressed up and headed to @mercyforanimals gala.

My cluttered living room.

Released 40 years ago today... I bought the cut out discount cassette at Sam goodys... The whole album is wonderful, but 'heroes' is still probably the greatest song ever written. I remember playing it on acoustic guitar in my living room with David.. I miss you.

Damn straight. So proud of all of the athletes using their constitutionally guaranteed rights and speaking truth to power. @kingjames @kaepernick7 ps #impeachtrump

So #trump and the @gop want to get rid of #affordablecareact for 'the good of the party'. Hey you right wing fuckwits, what about the good of the people who actually depend upon healthcare? Republicans and @realdonaldtrump are, simply, evil.

So glad I got my slide out of the closet.

Just a reminder: @circlevfest will be my only full live show of the year. And 100% of my fee will go to @mercyforanimals . November 18!!

Ha, thank you, internet machine. @rhinokeepers @rhinosaverz @rhinosirf @therhinoorphanage @dswt @vetpaw

Just remember @marniethedog , the doors of AA are always open.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to dress myself.

One of my favorite people, Genesis @aveganchildsjourney is also the youngest person to ever give a @ted talk! She'll be one of our amazing speakers at @circlevfest November 18.

Friday at @littlepinerestaurant , #whatveganseat

Just made a few edits to the Declaration of Independence..I'm sure Thomas Jefferson wouldn't mind. 1-replace 'men' with 'people', that's a no brainer.(ps in my vegan world that includes animals). 2-replace 'happiness' with 'service'. Our culture's selfish pursuit of happiness is destroying us. And, paradoxically, making us miserable. True happiness comes from service to a greater good, a cause bigger than yourself. If you spend your life selfishly trying to be happy you'll end up miserable. If you spend your life trying to be of service and working to make the world a better place there's a good chance you'll actually be happy.

Just found my old metal slide and remembered how much fun it is to play slide.

Pretty sure my dirt farming white trash ancestors would like this.

So happy that @linzanddex11 will be at @circlevfest doing her beautiful paintings and talking about her work. @mercyforanimals @tonykanal

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