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That’s about right. Trump is a pathological liar, a sociopath, a racist, and a complete incompetent. Mind boggling that anyone, anywhere supports or approves of him. @realdonaldtrump #trump

Happy birthday @bustarhymes , touring with you and David was a dream come true.

I steadfastly abide by the credo that animals are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on. I do believe, though, that giving a rescued calf bunny ears on their birthday is adorable. @kirbyscalfrescue

Hahaha, thank you internet machine.

My out of control hoarding has spread to my entire house.

This is so much fun.

Nothing like a quick trip to the desert, standing by rocks that a few hundred million years ago were at the bottom of the sea, to feel a dizzying insignificance that makes me wonder if I’m actually here at all.

Damn. I wanted to be cynical about another royal wedding, but then I watched Michael Curry’s sermon. And the historical significance of the whole event struck me: a feminist African American woman is now a princess, an amazing, progressive reverend presided, a gospel choir sang, and even Oprah was at the wedding. Plus I’m sure some old racists are outraged, which just makes me even happier.

Not even one #republican is willing to stand up to the @nationalrifleassociation ? To the politicians and organizations listed below, do you want your legacy to be that you took money from the #nra while innocent people were killed by gun violence? @marcorubiofla @sentedcruz @senlamaralexander @senjohnbarrasso @royblunt @johnboozman @senatorburr @sencapito #billcassidy @sensusancollins @senbobcorker @johncornyn @tomcottonar @mikecrapo @stevedaines @senatorenzi @senjoniernst #debfischer @jeffflake @sencorygardner #lindsaygraham @senatorchuckgrassley @orrinhatch @deanheller @senjohnhoeven @sencindyhydesmith @jiminhofe @senatorisakson @senronjohnson #johnneelykennedy @senatorlankford @senmikelee #mitchmcconnell #jerrymoran @senlisamurkowski @drrandpaul @sendavidperdue @senrobportman #jamesrisch @senpatroberts #mikerounds @marcorubiofla @bensasse #timscott @shelbyforsenate @sen_dansullivan @senjohnthune @senthomtillis @senpattoomey @senatorwicker @speakerryan @gop @foxnews @realdonaldtrump @flotus @ivankatrump

My new product line: Thoughts and Prayers shampoo for bald men. Just as useless as Thoughts and Prayers for victims of mass shootings. Fuck the @nationalrifleassociation , fuck the @gop , fuck @realdonaldtrump , and to hell with the evil political and corporate cowards who do nothing while children die. #guncontrolnow

A simple little loop.

Every time @realdonaldtrump tweets about the Mueller investigation he’s basically admitting that he’s guilty. Would an innocent man be so desperate to disqualify or end the investigation? Maybe it is a witch hunt, and maybe there’s a corrupt, orange witch who’s terrified of being caught.

Another #tbt , pretty much the most stylish I’ve ever been, at my grandmothers house, getting ready for 6th grade school portrait

And #tbt to my forever crush

A lovely portrait from @awareveganbear of @littlepinerestaurant mac n cheese, although technically mac n cheese isn’t a cocktail.

Yeah, that’s about right. According to Harvard Medical, 90% of our health care costs are a result of lifestyle and behavior; smoking, guns, opiates, but top of the list: diet. In terms of sheer numbers, the fast food industry has killed more people than all of the wars of the 20th century combined. And our tax dollars go to subsidize all of it.

A nice afternoon with @mrcraigrobinson @kristinbauer @rawvana @sokothecat @peta @peta2 and others at @littlepinerestaurant to celebrate Los Angeles being named The Most Vegan Friendly City of 2018! To put it in perspective: there are more #vegan restaurants within a 5 mile radius of my house in Los Feliz than there were in the ENTIRE WORLD in 1987 when I became a vegan.

A fun night for a good cause. May 24 at @regenttheaterla , all money going to @wagv with me and @sarahkatesilverman @ashleemariepreston @jeannedarst @frangeladuo @kurtbraunohler @denguefevermusic @joshgondelman and many many others. #guncontrolnow @funloversunite

Hahahah, you can’t fault his logic...I mean, why get up when you’re lying in the sun and your human is scratching your belly? @boochaces #dragonlord

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