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How many times has some pundit or academic arrogantly stated that humans are at the top of the food chain, smarter than other species, etc? But maybe the wisdom or primacy of a species should be determined by whether or not it destroys the only home it has? Last time I checked the other ‘less evolved’ species managed to live here for billions of years without actively destroying what might be the only environment in the galaxy that will support life.

This is Paolo, a rescued cow who lives at @farmsanctuary . I’ve been a vegan and animal rights activist for 31 years, but as an animal rights activist who lives in a big urban environment I tend to not see cows or other ‘livestock’ animals very often. And sweet Paolo(who is showing off here, with his little scratching post)reminded me that animals are not statistics, animals are individuals. And every single one of the over 150 Billion animals killed by humans every year is an individual, with the simple desire to live it’s own life, free from pain and suffering. Thank you Paolo for reminding me why I’m a vegan and why working for animal rights is my life’s work.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to keep reminding ‘environmentalists’ that 45% of #climatechange comes from animal ag: 25% direct methane emissions from the 150 Billion animals on factory farms around the world. And 20% from rainforest deforestation(90% of which is due to animal ag), and petroleum use for water, hvac, transport, food production, etc. You simply CANNOT seriously address climate change without addressing animal agriculture. @berniesanders @ocasio2018 @greenpeace @greenpeaceusa @kamalaharris @kirstengillibrand @corybooker @nasaclimatechange @nrdc_org @nrdc_action @unfccc @speakerpelosi @chuckschumer @betoorourke @elizabethwarren #greennewdeal

Happy #worldwhaleday , and shame on #Japan, #Norway, and #Iceland, all of whom still engage in commercial whaling. Pic @anuarpatjane

It’s just so simple; protect the vulnerable, defend the innocent. Pic @kirbyscalfrescue

Good morning.

Thanks @linzanddex11 for including me in this rescue mission for #opportunity #mybatteryislowanditisgettingdark

According to his official schedule @realdonaldtrump works 4 or 5 hours a day and spends most of his time watching tv and practicing his putt. Which, honestly, we should be grateful for. Just imagine how bad things would be if Trump wasn’t so lazy. Ps it’s sort of cute that Trump gets dressed up to practice his putt in the White House basement. Pps I wonder if there are putting greens in prison?

Simple question: Are we so addicted to monarchy that we need one elected person with almost god-like powers? Trump is of course terrible, but maybe it’s time to abolish the office of President, so that no one individual has that much power. A real representative democracy doesn’t need a king.

Back in LA with tea and glowing bat ears.

An interesting #fbf , on Wednesday night I played guitar with my friend @juliemintz at the @buildseriesnyc space in NYC on 4th and Broadway, in what used to be Tower Records. And the balcony overlooking where Julie played was where I first ever saw one of my cd’s for sale(the cd single of ‘go’/‘mobility’). So here’s me 29 years later where I first ever saw one of my records for sale.. thanks @paulhaggis for the quick pic!

Isn’t this pretty? Our @littlepinerestaurant Valentine’s Day dessert special: Prosecco cake with hibiscus, peach raspberry coulis, and rose crème chantilly , from @janexvxdough #whatveganseatfordessert

In a nutshell.

I know that sounds like a fortune cookie cliche, but I can’t believe that we as a species haven’t progressed beyond conspicuous consumption. Every aggressively/conspicuously displayed luxury good is simply an admission of arrogant insecurity.

Happy Valentine’s day. I shot this little video yesterday of the Empire State Building through a haze of ubiquitous nyc street steam. And the music is a demo I’m working on of ‘love will tear us apart’. Cos, you know, Valentine’s Day.

Driving by 13th and west st, which was the location of Mars, where I got my first real job djing in nyc in 1988...I played hip hop and house music and dancehall reggae, and I had long beautiful hair... Also back then the neighborhood was a burned out wasteland with blood(human and animal...)on the streets, and nothing but slaughterhouses and sex dungeons nearby. Really. And Mars was an amazing melting pot: black white asian straight gay, all celebrating being alive in a city that was being ripped apart by aids, crack, and horrifying gang violence. Now it’s a 25 story luxury hotel, with room rentals starting at $600 a night(back in 1988 I lived in an abandoned factory in a crack neighborhood). My how things change..

Trump has done so many phenomenally terrible things it’s almost hard to keep track. So, an incomplete reminder: -the Mueller investigation has so far produced 199 criminal charges, including Trump’s campaign chairman, national security advisor, personal lawyer, etc. -Trump cheated on his pregnant wife with 2 porn stars, and then violated campaign finance laws by paying them off. -Trump has insulted wounded military vets, POW’s, and gold Star families. -Trump’s tax bill has created the largest federal deficit in the history of the United States, but included tax benefits for owners of golf courses and private planes. -Trump has made over 9,000 false statements since being elected, according to @politifact - -‘grab em by the pussy, when you’re a star you can do anything’ -The Trump administration has denied thousands of asylum requests, separated families, and locked innocent children in cages. -called Neo-nazis ‘good people’ -Trump has played more golf, and worked less, and taken more vacation days than any president in history. -Trump and his family have been BANNED FOR LIFE from being involved in charitable foundations after using the Trump charitable foundation for self dealing and tax fraud. -according to sealed court documents, that at one point were leaked, Trump violently raped his first wife after he got a bad haircut from her hairdresser. -Trump routinely socialized with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And, honestly, there is so much more...from emoluments, to more tax fraud, etc etc. Just a reminder that Trump is not just the worst president in U.S history, but the most corrupt and morally bankrupt. Pic @jerrysaltz #lockhimup #throwawaythekey

One of the most beautiful places in nyc, even in freezing rain.

When the snow becomes sleet becomes rain.

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