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Since @markryden moved to Portland I can only hang out with surrogate bears.

Ha #tbt to a vegan cartoon I drew a long long time ago..back in the dark ages when none of us knew how to pronounce ‘vegan’. This autumn will be my 32 year veganniversary! Ps I’m old.

All animals feel pain. All animals want to live their own life according to their own will. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on. Simply: animals are not ours. #animalrights pic @weanimals

Oh, This? Just an upside down bat enjoying apples. Did you know that bats pollinate everything from chocolate to bananas, and without bats the population of insects(mosquitoes, gnats, etc)would explode. But yet many species of bats are on the verge of extinction because humans are, as we’ve established, terrible. @batsqld

It’s not about politics, it’s not about party, it’s about upholding the law and doing your constitutional duty. IMPEACH @realdonaldtrump NOW. @speakerpelosi @chuckschumer @leaderhoyer @ocasio2018 @repadamschiff @reptedlieu @dccc @dscc

Awesome dinner at @littlepinerestaurant with these legends. @walterschreifels @tobymorse #animalrights

Oh, hello. I love all animals unconditionally, but I really extra unconditionally love cows. And don’t rain on my parade and get all pedantic on me and say that you can’t add qualifiers to ‘unconditional’, ok? #descriptivistgrammarian @calfrescue

I know that no one and nothing is/are perfect, but under the NYC green new deal city purchases of processed meat will STOP, and City purchases of red meat will be reduced by 50%. Not perfect, but PROGRESS. @nycmayor @vegucated #progressnotperfection

That’s the opening line from #thenitfellapart , which is released in about a week. It’s not all darkness, but, to be fair, a lot of it certainly is. And of course 100% of my profits from the sale of the book will go to animal rights organizations.

It’s interesting what comes up when you type ‘animal products cause ____’ into Google... Dear world governments, here’s a crazy idea: stop subsidizing food and agriculture that makes people sick, destroys the planet, and kills 100 Billion animals every year.

Two choices: humans figure out how to live sustainably, and survive. Or they don’t, and die. Either one is going to happen really soon. Fun fact: no leaders or governments or corporations are taking meaningful steps to address the problems of climate change, antibiotic resistance, rainforest deforestation, ocean acidification, plastic use.

Happy 6 week birthday to this speedy and happy adolescent! @poplarspringsanctuary

Just an #earthday reminder: animal agriculture is the 3rd leading cause of #climatechange , animal agriculture is the leading cause of rainforest deforestation, animal agriculture uses 50% of our fresh water reserves. If you care about the planet(not to mention human health and the lives of animals)- Stop Using Animals For Food.

Thank you @lastweektonight and @chiitan7407 you’ve made my life complete.

Spot the middle aged guy spending Sunday afternoon going through back issues of @newyorkermag . One article in particular, ‘the day the earth died’, is amazing. Fun fact: 60 million years ago a single asteroid wiped out 99% of the life on earth. #themoreyouknow🌈

Using animals for food hurts your health, your families health, the health of workers at farms and slaughterhouses, the health of children, the health of women, the health of the environment, the health of our water supplies, etc etc. And, of course, animal agriculture kills 100 BILLION animals annually. Come on, wake up, stop using animals for food. It’s not just cruel, it’s also really, really stupid.

The easiest and best way to honor life is to not kill it. #easter #ostara #mayallbeingsbefreefromsuffering

Our amazing manager @leslieisradical rescued a squirrel when he was about the size of a pinky. He told us his name is Chip, and now that he is an adolescent he is off living on his own, but every now and then he comes back to visit his mom in the parking lot at @littlepinerestaurant . This is a picture from one of those visits…

Enjoying weekend 2 of #couchella , currently playing: “the flesh failures” from the Hair original soundtrack.

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