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Dear @realdonaldtrump how does it make you feel to know that @sentedcruz called you “a sniveling coward” and “a pathological liar”? And Ted, you’re campaigning with Trump after he called your wife “a dog”, and accused your father of helping to assassinate JFK? Do any Republicans have any integrity whatsoever?

Trans rights are human rights: Damn right. In case you missed the news, today the @realdonaldtrump administration announced that they are going to work to roll back protection for transgender people, and advance language that establishes gender solely as the result of what people are born with. Just another instance of Trump and the @gop going after the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the already disenfranchised. Trump and the Republicans stand for NOTHING but abject cruelty. We don’t just need to win the next two elections, we need to end the Republican Party once and for all.

Watch closely: this is Henry the pig. His friend, Horton the pig, can’t walk, so everyday Henry brings Horton his lunch. #animalrights @gentlebarntn @worldanimalnews

I’m pretty sure this is my spirit animal. @reneefrench

I was watching a Netflix short documentary on aging, wherein they were lamenting the tragedies of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and dementia. Just FYI, a healthy plant based diet reduces ALL of these by AT LEAST 50%. If humanity went plant based it would also reduce climate change by 45%. Oh, and it would save over a hundred billion animals annually. There’s a reason why Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt and other tech geniuses are saying that humanity needs to be plant based in order to survive the 21st century. We have a very simple choice: change or die.

I’m so inspired by Ellsworth Wareham. 60 years ago he noticed that his patients who ate the most animal products also had the most health problems. So he stopped eating animal products in 1958… now he is 104 years old and has never had heart disease or dementia or cancer…just saying, there is a fountain of youth and health for anyone who’s interested.

If this doesn’t put it in perspective... @repjohnlewis was beaten and imprisoned multiple times to gain and protect the right to vote. And the least that we have to do is comfortably fill out a ballot on Election Day.. WE MUST VOTE. #vote #november6 pic @corybooker

Battling a cold/flu and sitting in the sun playing ‘landslide’. Cliched, but nice. #baldhippie

In case you missed it: yesterday Pat Robertson, a southern baptist minister, Trump supporter, and the head of the @christianbroadcastingnetwork said that the murder of #khashoggi by the Saudis was ok because the Saudis are buying billions of dollars in U.S weaponry. Really, Christians? You’ve decided it’s ok to excuse murder when there are lucrative arms deals involved? This is American Christianity in the age of Trump. Locking babies in cages and selling weapons to murderous Saudis. Horrifying.

In a world of chaos and suffering it’s nice to know that there is a town in Quebec where they grow giant pumpkins and then in the autumn hollow them out and ride them like little boats down the river. Thanks @clevercorvus #pumpkinboats

here’s a brief clip from the ‘falling rain and light’ video from ‘everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.’ the video concept is simple; a world after people. it’s not that i don’t like people, but it seems like we might not be around for much longer, and sometimes that seems like it might not be such a bad thing. @juliemintz

I can’t overstate this: every issue we care about will be profoundly affected by the midterm elections. The only way in which Trump and the Republicans will win is if WE DONT VOTE. #vote #november6

And #fbf to...2nd grade? 1st grade? 1908?

Sometimes I’m reminded that humans can actually be amazing.

And #tbt to my brief foray into the world of professional sports.

Today, October 18, 2018, is my ten year sober anniversary. One thing; as an addict and alcoholic I don’t think there’s anything wrong with alcohol and drugs. I just know from experience that I can’t do either. 10 years ago I was drinking around 15 drinks a night, spending $500 or more every week on drugs, sleeping from 8 a.m until 5pm, and waking up depressed every day, sad that I hadn’t died in my sleep(I used to be jealous of people who’d died of their addiction, as I hated being alive). If you can drink and do drugs in a fun, non-compulsive, non-addictive way, then that’s awesome, more power to you. I couldn’t, so I got sober. If you battle any sort of addiction please know; 1-there are many ways to get sober, find the one that works for you. 2-by doing the work(for me that’s the 12 steps)we don’t just give up the object(s) of our addiction, but we actually can transform ourselves as people. 3-it will get better. 4-take care of yourself, for you deserve nothing but love and kindness and support. Ok, thanks, moby

Every living being wants the same thing: to live their life free from pain and suffering. Please, be one less person hurting animals.

This is a little improvised piece that I played last Friday at @laphil before we played ‘we are all made of stars’. There’s something nice about improvising in front of 3,000 people. Ps I love my job. Sorry if that’s obnoxious but it’s true.

I love my new office. Trees and @markryden @marionpeck @reneefrench @_theyok

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