Американский диджей, певец, композитор, мультиинструменталист и исполнитель, работающий в различных жанрах — от электроники до поп-музыки, рока и панка.
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It was a great day when the @littlepinerestaurant elves invented this magic pizza. #whatveganseat

Yes. No matter where you live, please march tomorrow to let politicians know that the days of the #nra hijacking our political system are OVER. And then on November 6 2018 we get rid of the politicians who STILL take money from the @nationalrifleassociation . #enough #neveragain @momsdemand @marchforourlives @everytown pic @jukeboxcomix

Just when I thought I couldn't like Bill Murray more than I already did.. Bill n Buttercup at @bestfriendsanimalsociety #adoptdontshop #nationalpuppyday

Where will you be marching tomorrow? I'll be in Los Angeles, at 603 South Spring at 9a.m, and then marching to City Hall. See you then! @marchforourlives @wearemarchon @everytown @momsdemand @coalitiontostopgunviolence ps there will be marches EVERYWHERE, so please come out and stand in solidarity with the kids who are calling for sane and sensible #guncontrolnow #marchforourlives

And #tbt to the 1996 #animalrights tour when I was really skinny and clearly drunk. Pic @bornwarm

looking out the window is usually better than watching tv.

It's a perfectly reasonable question, did your food have a face? Eyes? Hair? Personally I'm not ok eating food that at one point had a face, but I understand that other people might be ok eating food that at one point had a face.

Yes. Thank you @time , and Don't forget to march this Saturday! @momsdemand @everytown #enough #march24 #guncontrolnow

It's actually sad(and, of course, tragic) that everything @realdonaldtrump does, from reality tv to marrying Eastern European trophy wives to building gaudy casinos, is simply an over compensation for the fact that he's the son of a two bit slum lord from Queens. I'd almost have sympathy for him if he wasn't a belligerent racist doing his best to destroy the country and the world. #trump #SAD ps just drove by one of his dads buildings, a dirty old rehab by the freeway.


Thanks for everything @colbertlateshow ! @grabelsky #everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

Thanks to everyone who braved the snow to come to the show tonight! #snowpocalypse #snowmageddon pic @melanieeleanor

My "walking to the venue in a snowstorm" song:

See you tonight 9pm at @roughtradenyc ! Also I think we just released a few more tickets!

Funny how snowstorms make NYC look like the 19th century. Ps we are playing tonight at @roughtradenyc at 9pm and FYI the closest subway is the L train Bedford Av stop, only 2 blocks from the venue! See you later.

Hi tonight's show is sold out but if you're one of the first 5 people to comment we can DM you and leave a ticket for you ! Ps you kind of need to live in NYC for this to work, as the roads are going to be really rough, and only subways/public transit will make sense. #snowmageddon #snowpocalypse oh and yes, we're performing, going on. At 9pm! See you later

after discussing #lotr and #thesilmarrillion with @stephenathome we played 'this wild darkness' @mindianajones_ @juliemintz

Today the worlds last white rhino died. We are unspeakably terrible stewards of this planet. If our priorities don't change, radically and soon, we will be removed from this only home we know. We have to wake up, now.

Hi! It is 100% our intention to play on Wednesday night even if there's a snowpocalypse!! More info tomorrow, but hopefully see you at @roughtradenyc Wednesday night(and tonight)! Ps I think they just released some more tickets for Wednesday night.

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