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Sometimes the world is better than you could have ever imagined. #pugmeetup @mariexvx

I just love this record so much, even if the title's not exactly vegan. #goatsheadsoup

Sometimes I remember that this incompetent piece of shit is our president and I wonder 'how in the world did it come to this?' Seriously, middle America, are you really that racist and stupid and delusional? Like, what happened that led tens of millions of Americans to believe this narcissists self serving bullshit? #trump is just so dumb, so corrupt, so dishonest, and so viciously cruel. I'm still stunned that so many Americans weren't able to see the truth of who and what #trump actually is.

Senior year of high school doing my best to look like the fifth member of @neworderofficial #temptation @peterhook_thelight

October 1998 doing some very earnest Halloween pumpkin carving. @waggytailrescue

No better way to begin the day than with a picture of a baby kangaroo hugging her Cookie Monster doll. @thekangaroosanctuary #animalliberation

You just have to accept that @realdonaldtrump is a pathological liar who quite literally has no idea what he's doing.

What an interesting painting, thanks @bbamgallery

No wonder @realdonaldtrump is so cranky, he's dangerously obese, pre-diabetic, an inch away from having a heart attack, and based on his poor health and obesity he probably has egregious erectile dysfunction. I'd almost feel sorry for him if he wasn't the anti-christ.

Hey look, young #trump without his wig. @blonde.png

Amazing. Apparently the German government has decided to not serve meat at official functions due to the fact that animal agriculture contributes at least 35% of climate change gases. It still stuns me that so many 'environmentalists' eat meat and dairy when animal agriculture is destroying the rainforests, the climate, the oceans(and, of course billions of innocent animals). Being a meat eating environmentalist is like being a cigarette smoking lung cancer activist. @worldanimalnews

There's something wonderful about living in an urban environment where humans are not technically at the top of the food chain. #losangeles

Me at 4 y.o as a little frog, visiting my grandmother at her retirement community in New Jersey.

Time to put down the phone and go back to work.

The internet doing what it does best @warren_diane

The most photogenic bathroom in Berlin.

These images are hard to look at, but we need them to remember to fight on behalf of all who suffer needlessly. #tileverycageisempty #animalliberation @thehumaneleague

Sometimes I really love living here.

It was a great day in the land of vegan when some smart person realized you could make #vegan mac n cheese. And we at @littlepinerestaurant are proud of our award winning little contribution to the vegan mac n cheese pantheon.

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