Мэй Уитман


Американская актриса кино и телевидения, занимается озвучиванием фильмов.
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like a lot

missing her

Guys my amazing pals at Cora want to help you and your entire school get free organic natural period products like tampons and pads for a whole semester! Check out their page for details! #Repost @corawomen with @get_repost ・・・ ✨Calling all students for a chance to win free period products for your school for an entire semester in 2019!✨ When we’re able to stay in school on our period, we all win. That's why this December we want to pick one of you to bring Cora products to your peers. To enter, create an Instagram post telling us why Cora should donate products to your school and use the hashtag #coraedu in your caption. Tag a student to spread the word! *Must be over 13 to enter.*

Monday Mood

she’s baaaaaaaack... season 2 of @nbcgoodgirls back very very soon!

thanks everyone for making me feel like a cool 80s goth for the fam @nbc party last night. Can’t wait to share @nbcgoodgirls season twoooo with youuuuu

when the yard of cookies is almost taller than you


I mean. The queen

heart is breaking for the land that I love tonight. stay safe everyone and donate goods/cash/time/safe space whatever you can. I donated to the organizations in the link in my bio. sending all my love and gratitude to the victims of this nightmare and the incredibly brave first responders fighting with their lives for our city. Love you guys

this is us dreaming about how all you lovely lil sugarplums are gonna get out the friggin vote tomorrow guys! Text LOCATION to 21333 to get info about your polling place. DO IT

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE side note I did this very early in the morning with not enough coffee so sorry I’m struggling to put together a sentence #vote @whenweallvote @nbcifeelbad @nbcgoodgirls @nbcthevoice


guys my favorite people at my favorite restaurant are having a fab event where community members can discuss and better explain this extremely important upcoming election- go if you have any questions or curiosities so you can #get #informed and PLEASE GOD VOTE!

veuved out 🥂

thanks mark for this- please please make sure you’re registered to vote it’s so important we use our voices to create change also if you don’t my mom will be mad disappointed in you

always together #gettyimages

demon dads

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