Мэй Уитман


Американская актриса кино и телевидения, занимается озвучиванием фильмов.
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hay izzaroo any chance I could cajole you into being my valentine? love u sweet boy! #goodgirls

Izzy's last day #noooooooo

wrap party stylings @sashagrossman @alicemccallptyltd @nbcgoodgirls

I feel like the coolest kid in school! My friend Chris who you may know as super chill sound guy from the background of twelve posts ago made me my very own custom guitar pedal for me to fucking shred the world apart!!!! check em out y'all they are wild special

when your costar shows up to work lookin like the rock #canyousmellwhattherettaiscookin


tuesdays with morrie

the luckiest mom 🌷🦆✨

"Come play with uuussss"

my two sons 😇😇😇

every single day every time I pray ill be missin you

PLEASE PLEASE help this beautiful girl if you can... breaks my heart

this time last year. love you all so much. with you with all my flu-diseased heart and soul 🌹✊️

me waking up with the flu and cramps this morning

when bae is reiki certified @izzystannardofficial

sisterly love ❤️



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