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Американская актриса кино и телевидения, занимается озвучиванием фильмов.
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Feeling mad inspired after watching @__mutantalia__ in prestige ingredients, a delightful new short by our friends @trailofcrumbs @adrianrubidentzel 😍😍😍😍

guys for me it is a Very fine line between these two looks and I wouldn't be able to go on without the amazing @csilla.brows keeping these caterpillars on the right track she is brow wizard 👌🏼🍹✨

earth earth earth earth the universe science nature science the world the earth the moon and stars the sun animals plants people matter mass energy earth is my everything my fuggin souuullll nothing makes me cry harder than thinking about science and nature and the planet can you share with me a lil anecdote or memory about how much love science makes you feel/why it's so important to you? Share with meeeeeeee

happy birthday to this guy I really like or whatever @robbieamell 😇😇😇

Struggling to find the words... I really thought my crimped hair and baby blue gap fleece and kate spade bag would capture the hearts of both Michael and America but... #nodice stolen from my oldest friend @michaelangarano

hope u had a #blessed #hump #day

my sentiments exactly, @pellpix

happy birthday to my beautiful better half @__mutantalia__


Easter Cuddles

cmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon home now

miss congeniality

when I find out he has more Instagram followers than me @younggoth 😏😈😏

when Friday just won't come soon enough

matching tattoos matching tattoos @younggoth

So my incredibly talented beautiful intelligent friend @jennyslate is my dream date and she let me be around her to go see her new movie Gifted and if you don't see it you'll be sadder than you would have been if you'd seen it so... See it

Hey y'all should check me out on my friends @thesampancake and @thegeoandy the gasp ! Me n Sam n Geo talkin bout the world and miles and lauren and weird carpet smells n stuff. Link in bio as they say And if ya don't have iTunes U can find us on podbean.com

a bottle of rosé and a bottle of tequila later rachel got me climbin mountains

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