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Американская пловчиха, четырёхкратная олимпийская чемпионка, девятикратная чемпионка мира. Рекордсменка мира на дистанции 200 метров на спине, на «длинной» и на «короткой воде».
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Louisville, Kentucky

The blood, sweat, and tears that went into learning how to tie his bow tie were totally worth it👫

People always ask me where I get the ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime. I’ve thought really, really hard about it, and I just can’t figure it out🤨🧐 #applebarelyevenfelloffthetree

Athens, Georgia

This woman. Anyone who has been lucky enough to spend even a second with her knows the size of her heart is immeasurable. I learn more and more from her everyday, and her ability to consistently put everyone else’s needs ahead of her own without a thought amazes me. These ten days we have spent together are impossible to describe in words. Thank you for being my best friend, my angel, and my greatest role model all in one❤️


Soft smiles for missing one of your favorite cities and your best friend SO much that your heart aches💛 (And yes, in case you were wondering, I did use the Nashville filter)

One of the hardest parts of a struggle is seeing the other side, or the purpose in the pain. One of the greatest and most rewarding experiences I have had through my greatest failures and disappointments is being able to help others who are experiencing similar feelings in their lives, and use what I learned to help in any way I can. You never know how the Lord will use you and guide you🙏🏻

Atlanta, Georgia

Look at these AMAZING women! It’s an honor just to have my photo next to theirs!! PLEASE join us at the @leadsportssummit in Atlanta, GA this Labor Day weekend! The LEAD Summit is for teenage girl swimmers ages 13-18 and will cover topics like confidence, nutrition, mental health, leadership and more! Our experience last year impacted each one of us just as strongly as it did all our attendees, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back!!🎉🎊😍 #leadsportssummit #womenwhoLEAD #girlpower #leadership #womeninsports #girlsinsports #empowerment

Monte Carlo

Thank you so much @laureussport for having us for #laureus18 World Sports Awards. I had a blast presenting Sports Woman of the year for the second time and had the MOST handsome and best date in the world. Although, I might have gotten a little awkward and excited about the guy behind me on the red carpet @rogerfederer😳😍

Park City, Utah

Happy Valentine’s Day to someone who makes me even happier than this giant pot of paella❤️😋

Nashville, Tennessee

I wish it were a little easier to tell how we feel about each other😘

WOW did God bring some love into my life on this day. I’m not sure how three of the most important people in my life all have birthdays on the same day, but boy oh boy do I just love January 30th. To the love of my life, my favorite snuggler, my greatest adventure, I would give anything to be with you today @thayesjohnson. You are my greatest dream come true. To one of my dearest friends, you root me in faith, friendship, and life every single day. You are overflowing with generosity and love and are one of the most beautiful people I will ever know @sarahstoked. And finally, my sweet sweet Mama. You truly are my everything. Your unconditional love has been all the strength I could ever need. I love you most @dafranklinmd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉🎂 to three people who make me a better person and woman of God every day of my life💖

Sometimes, you plan a surprise birthday trip for @thayesjohnson to go see @celinedion in Vegas five months in advance... and sometimes her concert gets cancelled the day you’re supposed to leave. But sometimessss you’re with the best people in the world and have the absolute time of your life, even if Celine can’t join. Thank you so much to @cirquedusoleil and @topgolf for making this weekend so special for all of us💛

EVERYONE GET EXCITED because @saaswim is coming to DENVER! So many wonderful people have been working so hard to make this happen, and I am SO excited we are bringing the fight against pediatric cancer to Denver! We so hope to see you all there!!👏🏻🎉🎊 Follow @denversaa or visit http://www.swimacrossamerica.org/site/TR/OpenWater/Denver for any info you might need to register to swim or donate!!😘

To 2017, You brought more challenge, change, and struggle than I ever thought I could handle, and for this I am so grateful. You helped me learn so much about myself, and how blessed I am by the people I have constantly surrounding me. You brought me the love of my life, you brought me some of the most cherished family time, and you brought me the best new family and friends, and for this I am so grateful. With the hardest of times comes the ability to experience the best of times with a newfound joy and happiness, and I am so blessed to have experienced this throughout this year. Thank you for everything. Here’s to you and to 2018🥂🎉 📸: @gopro

Oh. How. I. Love. You. I’m so beyond proud to be a daddy’s girl and your carbon copy❤️


You know a place is extra special when you extend your Thanksgiving trip for an entire week😳😁 I cannot say thank you enough to every person who made Nashville feel just like home this Thanksgiving❤️

This sport has changed so many times in my eyes. There are some days when I love it more than anything in the world and other days when it causes me the most painful disappointment and heartbreak I’ve ever experienced. Through all of those days, I have been molded and shaped into someone who appreciates both her success and failure, and learns to grow and mature from both. Because of that, I am so beyond grateful for every day in this sport, wonderful and horrible, because it has given me more strength than I thought I could ever have. 📸: @gopro

Three. More. Days.

They restore my heart every single day💚 📸: @GoPro #HappyHalloween 🎃

There are very special people in life that change you and inspire your very soul. They are one in a million, and when you find them, you must never ever ever let them go. @cheryl.preheim and her beautiful, loving, and abounding-in-grace family give me this inspiration every day of my life. Thank you for letting me be apart of your incredible journey❤️

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