Мисси Франклин


Американская пловчиха, четырёхкратная олимпийская чемпионка, девятикратная чемпионка мира. Рекордсменка мира на дистанции 200 метров на спине, на «длинной» и на «короткой воде».
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I decided a fedora would be much more exciting than a cap at our photo shoot today. May not be quite as hydrodynamic though...😉 @speedousa #teamspeedo #teamfedora

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Cannot thank @laureussport enough for the trip of a lifetime. 72 hours was plenty to make memories that will last a lifetime! Especially when you're with your best friend💖 @abzcut @gopro #laureusworldsportsawards #quik #gopro

En amour avec elle et cette ville💛 #laureusworldsportsawards #montecarlo

‪Breaking into the new year with renewed passion, renewed life, and renewed purpose ❤ #Quik ‬#GoPro @speedousa

Prayer is the best way to draw strength from Heaven🙏🏻 Thanks for the reminder @spencerfarrar💛

Had an amazing and God-filled weekend with the most beautiful women I know. I am so fortunate that God placed each and every one of you in my life🙏🏻💖 #AIAWomensRetreat #GodisSObeyondgood

There's cat people... and then there's cat people that teach their cat tricks💁🏼 #guilty #myparentsgotwaytooexcited #imaginewhattheywillbelikewithgrandkids

Missing some serious lazy snow days with my favorite💛❄️ #takemeback

Wouldn't want to dive into 2017 with anyone but my bear bros👊🏻🐻 #startingthenewyearoffright #gopro

Not because of anything you did or didn't do, because of any of your achievements or failures, but because you were created by the most loving God. For those of you who need to hear it, know that there is nothing you can do to make Him love you any more, and nothing you can do to make Him love you any less. Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays❤🎅🏼

I can hardly begin to explain how special it was for me to have my Denver book signing at Regis Jesuit, my home away from home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came out, especially during the holiday season. It was a true privilege speaking and getting to meet each one of you! Also thank you to @gopro and @quik_app for making it SO easy to capture such beautiful memories that I'll have forever!

#Repost @speedousa 💜 ・・・ "My words of inspiration for young girls who are excited to train in this line is to go with suits that represent who YOU are! You are the true bright light, and it was an honor to attempt to create a line of suits to help that light shine for all to see." - @missyfranklin88

Your life is worth investing in. Every day of it. Don't let a moment slip by because you'll never have that moment again. Love with every ounce of your being and take the greatest joy in the simplest of pleasures💛🌸

I love you more than I love peppermint bark. And you know exactly how much that is❤🎅🏼

I'm taking over @speedousa's Instagram tomorrow morning and you're in for a treat. Don't miss out! 💖💛💚#withstrengthanddignity

#Repost @speedousa ・・・ “I wanted to combine colors that you don’t necessarily see together all the time. I wanted to brighten up someone’s day, and put together some of the most fun and bright color options we had!” – missyfranklin88

My parents are amazing people, so I wrote them each a letter to tell them how much I love and appreciate them. ❤️ You can write your own letter by visiting www.minutemaid.com/lettermaker #doingood #ad

Peytonnn we miss you so muchhh (Sing to NationWide theme song in your head) So much fun seeing this guy at the GenYouth annual gala last night! Still trying to convince him to let me babysit🙏🏻

On @theskimm this morning ・・・ Mornings in the literal deep end with Missy Franklin #UpWiththeSkimm #SkimmLife Name: @missyfranklin88 Job: Competitive swimmer and student. What time do you get up? Way too early! Around 5am for practice! How many times do you snooze? I don’t snooze at all. I’m a huge morning person. When my alarm goes off I'm up and ready to go. Do you snore? No. What are three things you can't live without in the AM? A glass of orange juice, a giant breakfast, and brushing my teeth! What do you think about mid-race? Pain is temporary but glory is forever. Where do you keep your Olympic bling? A safety deposit box where they’re safe and sound! Favorite line from theSkimm recently? "Joseph is rocking his man bun and finest denim shirt" – Part of the product description for a 'Hipster Nativity' set. Beard oil and skinny jeans sold separately. Complete the sentence: Woke up like this: Messy bun, lipstick on, and ready to take on the day.

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