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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по ролям Блоссом Руссо в ситкоме «Блоссом» (1990—1995) и Эми Фары Фаулер в «Теории Большого взрыва» (с 2010).
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My heart is with #Barcelona right now.

Since production of @BigBangTheory_cbs Season 11 just started, I decided to do a vlog about my favorite episode from the past 7 seasons I've been on! Check out the teaser and head over to my channel to see the full video! (Link in bio)

Although the news is very disturbing and it is on my mind all of time, we filmed the 1st episode of @BigBangTheory_cbs last night and I did want to share with you some behind the scenes pictures and tidbits. I hope it gives you a break from the news and makes you smile. (Link in bio)

me and #simonhelberg and @kevsussman . season 11 here we come!

I don't much like the dentist but its important to go twice a year. teeth and gum problems are linked to heart issues. if you haven't been, just go please. I went today. #neverhadacavity #proudofmyself #theydontgivestickersanymore #iwantone

I did a lot of processing about #Charlottesville this weekend. Read about how I explained it to my sons and to myself with special attention paid to Trump and his responsibility. (Link in bio) 📷: Chip Somodevilla/GI

indeed it was a horrible weekend.

when I rescued this #specialneedskitty from @shelterchic I had no idea how much we would learn from her. here is #adamantium (#addie) napping between her human siblings.#pectusexcavatum #nothingmylovecantfix


@GrokNation is 2 years old! I can't believe how quickly these last two years have gone by. Today, GrokNation Editor, @EstherKustanowitz reflects on some of her favorite pieces published on our site. (Link in bio)

Happy #FanArtFriday! Here's an edible one - wonder if it's vegan?! 📷: @SarahSettele from Germany! #TBBT

he only looks mad at me. he says he missed me. I love @therealjimparsons either way.

Is hitting children really an effective way to discipline children? Head over to my channel to hear my thoughts in today's vlog! (Link in bio)

OVERLY EXCITED TO SUPPORT @ilizas AT HER GIG TONIGHT. got to brainstorm with her and watch her in action @thecomedystore tonight. such a pleasure and honor!! #hollywoodfriendship #womensupportingwomen

If we censored the great masters, like Leonardo, the way we want to censor breastfeeding mothers in the 21st century... Thanks @Lehrerboys for the cartoon!! #NormalizeBreastfeeding #BreastfeedingAwarenessMonth

Starting season 11 of @BigBangTheory_cbs today!!!! so excited!

Here's me before and after doing my own make-up and hair for my upcoming vlog! Not too shabby if I say so myself! If you haven't subscribed yet, check out my YouTube channel for the latest vlogs! (Link in bio)

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