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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по ролям Блоссом Руссо в ситкоме «Блоссом» (1990—1995) и Эми Фары Фаулер в «Теории Большого взрыва» (с 2010).
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If you’re in LA and going to the #WomensMarch tomorrow, check out my favorite place to eat downtown, @bodhibowl! 10% of proceeds go to the march!! #Repost from @bodhibowl . . We got the NASTY WOMAN bowl in honor of the Women’s March tomorrow here in downtown! AVAILABLE ALL WEEKEND. 10% of each sale will go to @womensmarch ❗️ What’s inside? Brown Rice, Kale & Cabbage Ranch Slaw, Spicy Buffalo Seitan, Corn Salsa, & Crispy Onions 👅

#fanartfriday Love a moody, mopey Amy drawing! #Repost from @lena_shat.art with @regram.app . . . Current mood🌚 It's actually a pencil drawing but I had some fun with editing it so that's it. I'm gonna post original drawing later . . #drawing #mayimbialik #fanart #art #amy #amyfarrahfowler #thebigbangtheory #tbbt #instaart #artist #mood #sketchbook

(Link to full video in bio) Today’s vlog talks about why telling people to “Live and Let Live” doesn’t make any sense!!! Do you agree? Check it out!

Today's #wcw is also a special #throwback! This is 16 y/o me with Christina Kelly, former editor of Sassy, the magazine for girls that didn't fit the "mold" & wanted more from a teen mag. I'm thrilled to announce that this brilliant woman is the new @groknation editor-in-chief!! Woohoo!

Perfect date


People have mixed feelings about me not showing my kids’ faces in pictures. Well, this google app wants you to know they look pretty much like this lol. That’s Little Man on the left and believe it or not, that’s FirstBorn on the right. 😂

She does have a Roman nose.

When @goldnasty was born I was so excited for a baby cousin. Jacob became one of the people I most enjoyed making laugh as i honed my comedy skills when we were growing up. dearest Jacob, you are the most fabulous person in this family by far. I hope you get many new followers today as people check out your trapeze skills, your mad beard skills, and everything that is the sweet tender hard working mature and marvelous you. Happy birthday, said in the finest Israeli accent you can imagine !!!! (And omg is this me and Rebekah and not you!!? Lol oh well)

One of the main parts of my acceptance speech was acknowledging our incredible writing staff. One of our writers, who is also a co-executive producer, Andy Gordon took a picture of fellow executive producer/writers Maria Ferrari and Eric Kaplan watching me win in the writer's room. This might be my favorite picture of the evening! @bigbangtheory_cbs

Still shocked I won last night! Thank you stylist @adenarohatiner for letting me be myself in a simple off the rack dress by @ralphlauren, @aldo_shoes, @tylerellis_official satin clutch and edgy black rings and drop earrings by @amandapearl 📸 #GettyEntertainment

I owe so much to @therealjimparsons

Shocked I won again #criticschoice

Getting ready for @criticschoice! Styling by @adenarohatiner, hair by @itsryanrandall, makeup by #lindacowan - all supervised by Addie. #criticschoice

(Link to full video in bio) My kids and I have started playing Dungeons and Dragons, and to call it therapeutic would be an understatement. In this week’s vlog I talk about how it’s helped us connect and communicate so much better about life in general. Do you play? Tell me in the comments! #dnd

There was a lot of me giving this look 👀 to Rhett and Link when I was on #GMM. In addition to dissecting a plastic frog we also played crazy charades and laughed so much!!!

I’m not leaving !! I’m right here. Sorry for the confusion. I was just sharing @kunalkarmanayyar ‘s message. And reminding us all that words have power. And I will miss his musings but I’ll get them at work ;)!!! Here’s me in #utah over break just for fun.

#Repost from @kunalkarmanayyar . . I’ve realized exposing my life through pictures allows for too much input/insight/hate/advise- none of which I encourage or invite. But this is the very nature of sharing the privacy of my life via the internet. As much as I tried, it was never really for me. My love/hate relationship with Instagram alas comes to an end. I’ll mostly miss all the pics of your pets. Adieu for now my dear friends, love each other as if it were your last breath:) #love

Born with a diagnosis of #pectusexcavatum. Rescued by @shelterchic. Supported through surgery by model and animal activist Carol Alt. Adopted by me and flown across the country to her new home and life. Part metal. All awesome. #Adamantium #Addie #specialneeds #adoptdontshop

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