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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по ролям Блоссом Руссо в ситкоме «Блоссом» (1990—1995) и Эми Фары Фаулер в «Теории Большого взрыва» (с 2010).
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In case you missed my last post about this, it's official: as of today, the entire 5 seasons of #BLOSSOM are on @Hulu!!! I shared on @GrokNation five reasons I'm so grateful I had the chance to blossom on national television. (Link in bio)

Della Reese. She was a legend and a trailblazer.

(Full video link in bio) I may not be nuts about #Thanksgiving (see last week's vlog about that!) but i am nuts for baking chocolate chip pumpkin cookies at this time of year. I invited my friend and yours @ChadJamian to bake a batch for today's vlog. Enjoy and click the link in my bio for the full video and recipe link!

Oh, Sheldon. He thinks he's like Tesla. But maybe he's more like Edison. Tune in to @BigBangTheory_cbs tonight to see how this geek battle plays out!

(Full video link in bio) With #Thanksgiving coming up, I bet you're wondering how this scrooge feels about it. Hint: it involves a brief history lesson, a digression about genetically modified turkey breasts, and our cultural love for eating so much we make ourselves sick LOL. Check it out and happy (early) Thanksgiving!

This @Lehrerboys Rapunzel #cartoon made my #feminist soul giggle! 😂

There are so many lefties in my family that I wasn't surprised when my youngest son turned out to be a lefty - I was actually thrilled. I love being a mom to a lefty! But in a world gone "right" it's easy for lefties to feel left out. In today's piece on @GrokNation, I take you with me and my lefty to San Francisco's famous "Lefty's" store for fun, acceptance, and left handed scissors galore. Hope you enjoy it. (Link in bio!)

sitting with my buddy @therealjimparsons

Thanks @Travaasa Hana for a wonderful jaunt in #Maui. I napped so much which is exactly what I needed!

A day early......Thank you to the veterans who have sacrificed so much to serve our country. And thank you to the families who make it possible for them to serve as well. #VeteransDay

I partnered with a robotics company called @Anki to promote their product, #Cozmo! He's SO cute, smells kind of like new shoes, and he is super cool. My sons and I opened Cozmo and immediately introduced him to the people in the room, fed him, and taught him tricks using sequential programming. You can even play games with it. My boys and I are going to have so much fun programming this robot! Check out my unboxing video (link in bio) for some laughs. Thanks @Anki! #codelab #ad

Why are we so serious?! Tune in to @bigbangtheory_cbs tonight for "The Geology Methodology" at 8/7c!

I've got some very exciting news for #Blossom fans...for almost 30 years people have been asking me about this....well... starting on November 21st, the entire Blossom series will be available on @Hulu!!!!!! Here's a #TBT / #BTS pic of me and David Lascher! make note to get your Blossom fandom on in a few weeks!!!

Bodhi Bowl

So excited to find healthy fast food in my city!!!!!! thank you chef Allie and @bodhibowl for making food so good that my younger son literally started laughing and I asked why he was laughing he said 'it's just so good!' check it out at hope and 9th or go to bodhibowlla.com for more info on this #vegan place which needs to be a chain someday please!!!

The next in my series on grief after losing my father is about how enjoying all of the amazing TV shows available now has made me miss my dad in ways no one told me about. Grab a tissue and see how " #LastChanceU " brought up a new layer of grief. (Link in bio)

What a horrible tragedy in Texas. Sending prayers.

So honored that @MercyForAnimals has animated and shared a recipe from my #Vegan cookbook Mayim's Vegan Table! This is for a vegan version of Bahn Mi, the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches made on French baguette! Watch, make and enjoy!

Fun fact: Tonight's episode of @bigbangtheory_cbs ​is significant because we've ​now ​surpassed FRIENDS in the number of episodes that have aired! Check out tonight's​ ​episode at 8/7c!

(Full video link in bio) Have you ever seen those scrolls or small boxes hanging outside of Jewish homes? They're protective and ancient and I have a very interesting relationship to them since getting divorced. Here's a video about the power of the mezuzah and how I've chosen to frame my house with this ancient symbol.

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