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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по ролям Блоссом Руссо в ситкоме «Блоссом» (1990—1995) и Эми Фары Фаулер в «Теории Большого взрыва» (с 2010).
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Amber Rose recently posted a picture of her naked lower half here on Instagram. @groknation's resident scholar and writer Avital Norman Nathman (@themamafesto) and I sat down to discuss why I think this isn't feminist and Avital does. (Link in bio for full video!)

Trying on new frames. The boy says he prefers my old ones and that it's hard to help me pick when I'm making weird faces. 😋😣😑😕😦😯 I chickened out and had my frames from 5 years ago made with my current Rx. #theboyisusuallyright

Someone got her cast off and her stitches out!! #adamantium #addie #free!!!!! #specialneeds #adoptdontshop @shelterchic thank you for caring for our baby before we found her!!!!

#cousins #israelis #winkelmanstrong #chasineh #orthodoxweddingawyeah #twincousins

Quirky parents make quirky children. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy #pride day everyone!

Better than the Six to my #Blossom is the Bernadette to my Amy. I gained a sister and friend when I got to inhabit the dressing room next to this kind generous talented brilliant comedian and inspiring woman. Happy birthday @TheMelissaRauch!! 🌻👭💕💗🌹🌷

We hit 200k on YouTube!!!!!! This is a big deal. If you haven't subscribed, please join the fun. My channel is my name :) thank you all!!!!!!

My Israeli family is visiting for a simcha (my cousin's son is getting married Sunday!!). Here are the snacks we eat. #winkelmanmeal #whatveganseat #whatkosherisraeliseat

Happy Birthday @CyndiLauper! Here's a #TBT to being 10 years old at the military fashion store, Warbabies in LA. Such an awesome moment for me!!

We are all made of the same exact molecules and that's amazing. Here's me discussing the beauty and complexity of DNA with an emphasis on seeing mine in my kids. Head over to my Youtube to see the full video --> http://bit.ly/DNAisAmazing (Link in bio, too)

He turns the blanket into a nipple shape and does this.a lot.

Just landed from #ukraine. Here's an exhausted selfie for #NationalSelfieDay. Heading home to see my kids and my kitties !

When the building you took a selfie in front of posts your selfie on Instagram. #existential #postmodern #universityinkyiv Repost: @knu_uniА ви бачили? Емі Фара Фаулер - та сама дівчина Шелдона з "Теорії великого вибуху" у Києві. Кажуть, що приїхала по роботі :) оце так :D

Me and @obanmunro on set. And yes, he is named after my favorite #scotch. #elevenisagoodage

The job of a First AD is to run a set that is respectful, efficient, and welcoming. @val_semko does that perfectly....and we are having fun !! #kyiv #localartist #tightshiprunning #brigatovoulus

I say @alonkarton is cuter than Ed Norton. If you agree, like this picture. #israeliednorton? #betterthantherealthing #hesmarried

Sort of fell in love with #kyiv. Here are highlights of the last 24 hours!!! #Ukraine

Oh my gosh she won't stop touching my face @doritcohenmakeupartist #sheflewinfromisrael 🇮🇱 #israelicrew #makemelooklikegalgadot

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