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Английская фотомодель, актриса, телеведущая и писательница.
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Ezza scissor-hands. @fondazionegianfrancoferre runway some time ago 🖤🕺🏻

Sending love and special hugs to my @bornecharity family and wishing you every success for tonight’s event which (by the way) looks PHENOMENAL and I’m sorry to miss out on tonight’s performances - some of whom are by my personal iconic faves from @darceybussellofficial to the @balletboyz I’m especially gutted not to smack your gorgeous faces with amorous kisses @spikey_mama @willgreenwood ALAS... there’s always November for the next extravaganza. You know In my heart I’m dancing with y’all even tho my hosp socks tell a different story. To my insta fam... pls check out the incredible work of @bornecharity - it has been life changing for us and our little family and I hope this msg might reach and even perhaps go on to help some of you in the future. Have fun gang and give my love to the the big guy - Prof MJ ❤️#bornetodance

When feeding goes well.. (@)(@)

Actually leaving the house... @ondineazoulay @andreaspotornophotography

Thank you my Reeeeeeeeeeen 💙😂💙😂

Waiting for Eddie... Thank you @nilu4ar 💘

We’ve stolen lots and lots of cuddles over the last few days so thought it was about time we shared our precious little Buddha with you. Thank you for all of your lovely warm wishes and support. We are completely over the moon! 💘🌈🌈🌈🌈🥰

Taking care of what’s happening in the world means looking after each other.. no matter what! Happy #internationalwomensday2019 everybody xox Thanks @pencilagency

Thanks @traceygraymann 💄💋 for this gem. Hair by @odilegilbert_official modeling @jpgaultierofficial threads. Pic by one & only @karllagerfeld 🖤💣

Hurry home BB.. there is work to be done!💛

@chanelofficial 🖤 #Karl

I like this.. 👏🏻 @anthonyburrill

Sleepy sandwich with my B.B 💕

Fave Dave... #tbt to last wks special bday celebrations.. albeit 3 hrs early (for once) @daviddownton @claridgeshotel 💕

Research ‘sunset on long Island’ by #georgiaokeeffe 1939


This makes me VERY HAPPY.. #oscars2019 CONGRATULATIONS O.C!💫💫💫💫💫

Enjoying all the @versace action on my feed so thought I’d get in on the act. Joined by the lovely and gorgeous @isabelifontana

Thank you @dwalliams love always B.B❣️

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