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Английская фотомодель, актриса, телеведущая и писательница.
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Happy Friday from us 😊

Go for it 💞

Glamour everywhere #shoot @rankinarchive

Well done sausage!! 💞👍🏻

Can you find me Mummy..

POLAROIDS.. how I have missed you! So. Lovely. Seeing you both last night - thank you 💞 @nickyweir_m_up @philippetholimet

We are related and I love it. @kiwicia

Tonight! Light! #stircreativity @bombaysapphireuk #ad @rupertnewman

I explore my (very personal) relationship with feminism in this months @britishgq magazine. @dylanjonesgq 👍🏻

Suspender trouble. Back stage at @jpgaultierofficial

Very very very very very very happy about this! #thecrown

Bit of @ysl in the @ritzparis

Cake baking & decorating in the shade. #playdoh @for_bakes_sake_ 👍🏻

Working things out along with post football cuddles 💞💓

A recent throw back to my @schiaparelli haute couture fitting at Place Vendome, Paris. Aside from my sweaty face pls note my unbridled joy at realising (for once) that my hem needed to be adjusted. It’s those short legs of mine! Here’s to Elsa! @bertrandguyon 💓 @bitton @kegrand 💞

Hi gorgeous!!

Dinner guests.

When baby got the blues at the local baths.. vintage @Chanel with friends @anastassiakhozissova #collette @anoost & @karllagerfeld Did I jump in the swimming pool during the finale? Perhaps not.. Anyway, many precious memories and (randomly) wigs during that period!! 💙

Night time conversations with big sis ❣️ Impossibly immature and delicious.

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