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Finally starting to feel like its NOT winter. Bright enough to wear sunglasses AND warm enough to ditch the jacket 🤗 #hellomarch #spring #sunnyday

Goodbye central coast beaches. 'Till next time From the #westcoast to #midwest #travels

My 18yr old self. From back in the days of film, when glossy photos were developed from negatives. I am *that* old 😂🤦‍♀️

What a great night! Had a blast celebrating the @masalajonespodcast debut. Can you guess which character I play? 😏😂

Time to celebrate the debut of @masalajonespodcast Happening tonight :)

#LAX I've been gone too long. Love the way you've welcomed me back with an Urth Cafe 💕🤗

University of South Carolina School of Law

Had a great time speaking at USC law & visiting friends. Time always goes by way too fast doesn't it? Perhaps that just means it was time well spent 🤷‍♀️😂 #southcarolina #usc #law #travels

Pondering what I'll say in class... Excited to be today's guest speaker #southcarolina #USC #law

It's snowing... 5-10 inches expected in the next 24hrs 🙄

Q loved the #legomovie It's inspired many hours of Lego focused activities 😂

Moments away... headed to the theater for the Lego movie 😁 #lego #moviedate

Winter's icy fingers on the canvas of my window. A natural impressionist. #icestorm #winterwonderland #impressionism #nature #art

There's only one answer to this mess. Blast music & clean 😂 ... seriously though, how did I let my office get this messy?!? #mondaymood #cleaning

Warming up the car in below zero temps 😳 #polarvortex #midwest #winter

What a sweet surprise 😊 Attached to these was a note "hang in there, it gets better." 💕

Note to self: 5min outside > 2 cups of coffee #nojacket #coldstart ... in thirteen degrees 😂

One broken cookie and a baby carrot later... and voila our snow creature has a face 😂 It’s far from perfect but it’s ours :)

Snow day! We built our first snowman, had a snowball fight and made snow angels. #saturday #snowday

A reminder to start doing abs again. Note to self: Holidays are over, no more junk food! Easier said than done of course 🙄

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