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All dressed up & nowhere to go

Full day of house work! Patching, sanding, and painting. Sanding is the worst!! Dust gets everywhere! #homeimprovement #doityourself

Clearly had a great time last night :) #stpatricksday

Out celebrating! #happystpatricksday

😊 just made green deviled eggs for the holiday #ilovetocook #happystpatricksday

Each one of these mandarins came from the same bag and yet they are labeled with a variety of stickers denoting their potential state of origin. Or so it seems though I now view the stickers as something of a mockery... or statement of sorts. Is it reasonable to believe each mandarin really came from its stickered state & ended up in the same bag? Or is it more reasonable to believe someone at a factor went sticker crazy? If the latter, which seems far more likely, is true then what does that say about all the other produce that is bought and sold at higher prices due to the sticker labeling it organic or free trade? IDK. #saturdaynight #musings 😁

#flashbackfriday six years ago I moved away from Los Angeles to a new place, that felt quite foreign from the big city I'd been living in. I didn't just move to the Midwest at that time, no... it was more dramatic than that... I moved to a rural place out in the middle of nowhere. Farmers, dirt roads and plenty of open space. A "town" where people who lived four miles away considered you a neighbor! The closest big city was an hour and a half away. Culture shock. It was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. Though I was utterly unprepared as you can see (in more ways than one)... I was from California. I wore flip-flops and skirts all year long. There was zero difference between my summer and winter wardrobe. Luckily I learn quickly & enjoy cold temperatures ;) #timeflies #lookingback

Exactly 😊 #lifestyle #wordstoliveby

How to make an #instafriend : place hand here #lol

Awesome #saturdaynight 😊 vodka, pizza & the red carpet #funtimes 💗

#selfie #hugs w/the little man 😊💗

Enjoying the cold weather 😊

#Monday #memories 😊 w/baby Q 💗

Counting down 'till 2017 ... cheers to a better year?!? #Goodbye2016

Hahha... love this! So would I be on the naughty or nice list? #santababy #xmastwitterstory #fun

Right on time! Told Q I'd be home about sunrise, before he woke up... #perfectday #cominghome 💗😊

Lugging this furry critter through airports. People either smile at me, or I get that look, like "don't you know you're a little old for teddy bears?" As my G'ma would say, "no one is too old for teddy bears, especially when a bear is this fine." Can't wait to give this to Q... always good practice to arrive bearing gifts & besides, he wouldn't fit in my suitcase 😊

Had no idea what this was so... Who better to ask than my 78yr old grandmother? One of the many reasons antique shopping w/her is so much fun, I can pick up just about anything odd and she'll know exactly what it is 😊 ... this particular object is an old cigarette lighter from back in the day, "when lighters were set out on trays with a fancy box of cigarettes, when company came over you'd offer a cigarette and light it for them because everybody smoked in those days" #Grandma

Thank you Roy for the unexpected bday gift! #sweetsurprise 😊 Question is do I open it now or save it for my birthday on Saturday? #birthdaydecisions

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