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Американская порноактриса.
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One broken cookie and a baby carrot later... and voila our snow creature has a face 😂 It’s far from perfect but it’s ours :)

Snow day! We built our first snowman, had a snowball fight and made snow angels. #saturday #snowday

A reminder to start doing abs again. Note to self: Holidays are over, no more junk food! Easier said than done of course 🙄

“Measured and melodic, Ronson’s words tug at the frayed edges of a scab newly formed. This is not a murder mystery, he cautions, and yet a year later it’s his investigation into her death that’s generating similar headlines all over again.” Read more of my article at TheDailyBeast.com

Cleanse day w/ @sticki_nicki_ She brought me “breakfast” in bed 😊💕

The result of too little sleep. Trying to cut back on the coffee & this happens. #lessonlearned Note to self: Before coffee the risk of tripping over your own feet and taking down the shower curtain as you fall into the bathtub is very high. My 5 yr old was so amused, he snapped a photo while laughing at me 😂

Full day at work & one yoga class later. This is my first time home in 15hrs 😂 ...and now the night begins, dinner, bath & story time for Q. Tomorrow we get to do it all over again 🤔 Is it Saturday yet?!? #thursdaynight

My 2018 most liked. I’m surprised two pics w/glasses made it in 😂 Looking back at this collection: I’ve moved (packed & unpacked), recovered from a wicked sunburn, did a lot of traveling, made plenty of time for the gym, narrowly avoided encounters with the brown recluse, got into the Halloween spirit (Viking style), read Dr.Seuss books and maintained a high level of functionality despite the scarce amount of sleep 😂 #bestnine #lookingback #lifeisgood #happynewyear

After failing to convey the meaning of New Years Eve, I gave in to his demands. We welcomed 2019 sketching Superheroes. Hope you all had a fulfilling NYEs that won’t leave you hung over and regretting it the first day of 2019 😂 #happynewyear #superhero #bondingtime #antman

#merrychristmas Hope you all had a holiday filled with the warmth & cheer good company brings.

Holiday baking tradition ...making tasty treats that are actually good for you 😊 #happyholidays #merrychristmas

Getting into the holiday spirit w/midnight gift delivery 😂♥️ #christmaseve #happyholidays

I’ve been blocked. Q’s keeping me away from the mirror. I’d rearrange the #hohoho decals, he’d put them back then I’d do it again when he wasn’t looking. Apparently he’s had enough of that game 😂 #christmaseve #entertainment

Art day w/Q He’s drawn to the beach creatures 😂 #sundayfunday

Yay! My kumquat tree isn’t just surviving but actually producing during it’s second winter indoors 😊 It’s the little things in life right? #happiness #momentslikethese

Brrrr... left the house without a jacket (again). When I see blue skies and sun I expect a warm day, not temps in the low 30s! Sure I’ve lived in a flyover state long enough to know better, but my California upbringing has yet to fade 😂 #californiadreaming #midwest #winter

Adding a little holiday spirit to my bedroom 😂 #hohoho #snow #xmas

This is the face of procrastination 😂 or maybe it’s just that I need more sleep 🤔

“Look Mom!” My little photog showing me the picture he just took... of me 😂

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