Миша Бартон


Ирландско-американская актриса и модель, известная благодаря роли Мариссы Купер в сериале «Одинокие сердца».
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TD Garden

Boston Bruins. Game after Thanksgiving!

Today’s mood. taking it all the way back to home in London as a baby. thanks sis for the photo 💛✨❤️eternal love

I’m feeling a little too happy 💛

It’s here! 🎃

Dutchess Junction, New York


New York, Central Park

50 Shades of Black. 🕶🕶🕶@yamamayofficial #yamamayofficial #beyourself

This porch is my happy place. I see my future in this porch 🔮

It's hard to believe that this cat used to love me. Isn't it? 😂

New York

I had to put these photos together because I loved Tom. It feels weird in the aftermath of everything going on in America at this moment....but that's what Tom Petty stood for..America. He made songs that have such an incredible sense memory for me & for all. I was lucky enough to be at his last concert & buy this t-shirt. 💜❤️💛💙#lovewins #tompetty

Mischa LOVES Dolphins! 🐬🐬🐬. Won a bunch of prizes....why I'm so serious.


Santa Monica, California

I'd jump in 🔥🙏🏼✨

Los Angeles, California

It was so great working with @deapvally on this new video. These girls rock - This was also one of my favorite songs on the album! ⚡️✨brilliant direction by @johnstavas Check out the link in my bio

New York, New York

My prayers are with the victims of Barcelona & their families. #prayfortheworld #spain #peace


Whatever Tuesday 😘

Happy to be in Australia 🐨 I find this emoji increasingly useful.

Australia's natural winter beauty 🌊

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