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So humbled and grateful to have been a part of this magical experience #brettbrettbuild 🌟humbled. grateful.🌟

New skills 😎

Puppy love 💕

Feeling so blessed and humbled to have gotten to know this beautiful family with 6 ADORABLE kids 😍 #brettbrettbuild

I️ also met a pig 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve had such an incredible whirlwind weekend in Mexico helping to build a home for an incredibly deserving family with an outstanding group of people ❤️ #brettbrettbuild

Pretty little purse 💕

🎃Krista and I really went for broke with our make up, we are creative geniuses really. but I think Nina should really step up her game

I can't believe this was 5 years ago! Some things change, but my love of chocolate cake remains the same 😍

#savethelions I tried to convince these 2 I'm their lioness mommy, not sure if they believed me. 💕🦁

Sweetest lion of them all is @mrs.maverick

#savethelions I do wish I could keep this little cub 😍


View from the gym this morning ☀️👌🏼


Late September feeling like early July 🌸🍎🌺

Who's excited for bachelor in paradise tonight? 🌴🙋🏼

I hope every single one of you had a great summer. I hope all of it was amazing, but even if there were bumps in your road I hope you had many laughs or moments to and learn from too... (or maybe learned some lessons that will ONE day make you laugh hysterically 🙃trust me it happens!!) I just wanted to write a message to you all to say a more personal "hi" again. I'm sorry I can't and don't reply to all comments etc. But your continued support astounds me everyday. Truly. So I hope that until I have a chance to personally reply/thank you all for your kind words that this post can act as a way for me to let you know I appreciate each of you who send me words of support! Have a great labour day and a great start to September 🍎

Labouring away before labour day. I feel very accomplished when I complete any task involving a hammer OR screwdriver! 🔨💪🏼👑💁🏼

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