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The incredible @stephenstohn wrote an amazing book! Check out our interview where we reminisce about impeccably awkward phases, terrible story lines and what REALLY happened during our cast trips 🤷🏼‍♀️😘 https://mobile.twitter.com/Degrassi/status/969667178894012417/video/1 (link in bio)

That’s me in the middle just having a fail, and thinking I️ died when I️ belly flopped and knocked the wind out of myself. but then I️ didn’t die and finished the last few miles (side note I️ definitely didn’t ring the bell 😂)

Hard workout at @catalyst_health . Can’t move. May be stuck in this position the rest of the day. send food. not grumpy, but resting my smile muscles. that is all.✌🏼

Good old 🇨🇦🦆photo bomb (no goose emoji so we will call him a Canada Duck, ok)

Rosseau Lake, Muskoka

Throw back to July because I’m over the winter and need more of this in my life ⛄️☀️

#tbt to 2 weeks ago and my banana shoes 🍌🤩

When the first and only dress you try on is a winner and the shopping trip takes 3 minutes 👏🏼

Toronto, Ontario

The Toronto sky this morning 😍

Kelly's Bake Shoppe


Hi everyone! I️ just want to wish you all an amazing new year filled with change, laughter, happiness and dreams coming true. I️ appreciate every kind and supportive word from every one of you who has reached out in one way or another this past year on this strange thing called Instagram, and I️ am so humbled to share my little page of mostly meaningless posts and glimpses into my world (or wardrobe) and my little adventures with you all! May this year be the start of great things! Much love xx

Hello I’m Poppy! I️ like to yawn, bop and sleep. Auntie Mir didn’t want to share me with anyone else ❤️

All Brie wanted for Christmas was a little walk in the snow and some carrots to snack on (no cookies for little Yorkiepoo with diabetes🥕)

If “kill bill” were a snow suit... A little bit obsessed with the yellow 😍 and I️ must admit I’d feel extra safe knowing no one will crash into me and I’d be extra easy to spot if I️ fall off a snowmobile and into the snow @goldbergh @sportinglifecan


My #mcm is Dobrev the baby lion. I’m Thinking of you today buddy, and hoping you are frolicking around somewhere and feeling like the very loved Lion boy that you are 💕🦁 #savethelions

Snow is falling, a new year is coming, and all the merry merry and Christmas trees and carols on the radio and crowds in the malls is a lot 🤷🏼‍♀️

Handsome little Seth and his beautiful mommy @krista.henrich are The best lunch/shopping dates a girl could ask for 💕

The remarkable @tjscottpictures is celebrating his #inthetub book launch for volumes 1 & 2 with all proceeds going to #fuckcancer several years ago I️ took part in this book along with an amazing group of people and you can purchase your own copy to support an incredibly worthy cause and help F*CK cancer. Link in my bio.

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