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Late September feeling like early July 🌸🍎🌺

Who's excited for bachelor in paradise tonight? 🌴🙋🏼

I hope every single one of you had a great summer. I hope all of it was amazing, but even if there were bumps in your road I hope you had many laughs or moments to and learn from too... (or maybe learned some lessons that will ONE day make you laugh hysterically 🙃trust me it happens!!) I just wanted to write a message to you all to say a more personal "hi" again. I'm sorry I can't and don't reply to all comments etc. But your continued support astounds me everyday. Truly. So I hope that until I have a chance to personally reply/thank you all for your kind words that this post can act as a way for me to let you know I appreciate each of you who send me words of support! Have a great labour day and a great start to September 🍎

Labouring away before labour day. I feel very accomplished when I complete any task involving a hammer OR screwdriver! 🔨💪🏼👑💁🏼

🌟One thing I can say for sure, my patience has skyrocketed the last couple years 🙄🌟

Muskoka, Ontario

My favourite time of evening is the gorgeous, golden, before sunset time ☀️

Why walk when u can...

Muskoka, Ontario


@laurenfcollins post today made me nostalgic (again) for all these guys, and look what I found! Apparently watching @shaneykipps and @champagnepapi tear up scraps of paper is unbelievably hilarious. #flashbackfriday

My cousins Little mermaid Aria taught us how to swim today 👙☀️

Can we pls bring back the '80's aerobics videos?

Moonlight stroll with the little bunny 🐶


Muskoka, Ontario

From ❄️to👙in 24 hours

Shout out to sun glasses for always being there for me, especially on those pre-coffee mornings when my eyes aren't yet alive 👏🏼


🎈thank you again to everyone single one of you who has shown your support to me through all the ups and downs of the previous years of my life! On to a brand new year now, and the best is yet to come 💕

💰💸 I mean, we didn't spend 9 years on a Canadian tv show for nothing **may I buy you a tim bit with my massive dividends?**

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