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The time of year when cookies become my gym gains 🤷🏼‍♀️🍪🍪🍪

When you just can't choose between strapless and long sleeves 🎀👗 #shoptobi

You had me at its a sweatshirt-dress 💘 @shoptobi #shoptobi

The pinkest & fuzziest @fashionnova 🌺🐻

@fashionnova the only jeans that can convince me to not wear leggings for a change 👖💜

Is it pink or is it peach? @fashionnova 🌸🍑


A year ago I was lucky enough to travel to hidden away hillside near Tijuana, Mexico with an incredible group of mostly strangers to meet a sweet and loving family who survived on virtually nothing. (I discovered my handyman skills are lacking and nailing things together with the right aim and power is a lot HARDER than it looks 👷) but Over a few days we built them a home to replace the tarp covered patch they'd been living in, and filled it to the brim with household items and food they couldn't previously afford. I think about this family often. How are they doing? Did they adjust to their different way of living? Would I ever be able to find them again on a dusty hill down a road with no name? And did the "upgrades" make them happier? But I just wanted to share this post to encourage anyone who gets an opportunity to help out like this or walk a day in a different pair of shoes to seize it. With the holidays coming up I think it makes people reflective in a number of ways... But also is a reminder to count our blessings and remember it's impossible to have everything as we wish it to be, and that what we have right now is enough 💕

Planning an imaginary girls trip winter getaway to an igloo cabin in Finland @leviniglut to see the northern lights with this one and her little 👶 girls can dream, right?!

@fashionnova 💤 🐨

Happiest birthday ever to the extremely gorgeous/talented/generous/amazing @cassandrasteele 🎈🎂💝 the first birthday we celebrated together was when you were only turning 12 and I can't believe it's already been 17+ YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP 👯

25 sleeps til 🎄🎅 dress:@fashionnova

Morning stretch 💙 @fashionnova

Keep things private🖤 @fashionnova

My customizable box from @fabfitfun arrived and I LOVE everything inside! The Best part of being a #fabfitfunpartner is discovering amazing new products, and items tailored to me, and I love that #fabfitfun supports non profits and female founded companies ⭐ ⭐⭐ use code MIRIAM for $10 off your first box http://fabfitfun.com/

Pink for the gym 🌸@fashionnova

Getting cozy ❄️ @fashionnova

🌙💦🌠 @fashionnova

Thank you so much @amandacaseyvance and @nopublicityco for sending me my favourite new sunnies and letting me pretend it's summer in November 🎈😎☀️

Reposting my favourite baby white lion because he's my spirit animal today. The strength is within you 🦁♥️

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