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My fav black jeans by @fashionnova 🖤

I always love the calmness of 💧

Soak it all in ☀️ (jeans @fashionnova )

Reflections 💙 @fashionnova

Golden day 💛 outfit: @fashionnova

Cleaning up my messes 💙 Onesie:@fashionnova

🎶 (outfit @fashionnova )

Because International Day of the girl... I love you and miss every minute of every day. Esther, the world has been so different since last time I was able to see you and forever living with a hole where you belong is something I'll never be able repair but sharing my girlhood years with you has been the most treasured part of my life. ♥️👯♥️ May girls always remember that we are stronger than our obstacles 🎈

The softest and the comfiest 🐼🎍 @bamboounderwear


Thank you @haylesbeth for the AMAZING class today at @barryscanada and for being the Best ass kicking fitness instructor, and of course the Best friend to me through the years . Your class today was just the pick me and sweat- everything- out session that I needed to get me through this weekend 👯 (Ps:you all have at least 8 months to get your summers bodies ready 💪 so check out her classes if you're in Toronto and want to get in amazing shape!)

Feeling (faux) furry 🐻 @fashionnova

🎾 @fashionnova keeping me sporty.

True story, 10 years ago I failed my first driver's test for going TOO SLOW in a school zone. She said I was holding up the traffic behind me 🐢😑 Outfit: @fashionnova

#livewarm my friends! My new bomber jacket from @wuxlymovement has saved 13 animals from harm, it's completely vegan and is the warmest jacket I've ever worn. Winter is coming... Be ready! And be animal friendly whenever you can 🐖🐐🦊🐾♥️

"You haven't aged" they said... 😂

💚 @fashionnova

Huntsville, Ontario

I've LOVED every moment filming in such a charming and pretty location with @eloise.mumford @i_am_seanfaris @amandalisman @iamjessbrown @jake_up @whatsbeanhappening and all the rest of the incredibly talented cast and crew 😍 #lastdayonset #muskoka

THE little black dress which makes you never need another little black dress 👗🌟 @fashionnova

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