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💰💸 I mean, we didn't spend 9 years on a Canadian tv show for nothing **may I buy you a tim bit with my massive dividends?**

It's been a pink sort of weekend 👙

Thank you @spincotoronto and @haylesbeth for another amazing class tonight 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 (These aren't my spin shoes, just my post spin ones 🙃)

Currently obsessed with these pants

🦁's mane

Lake Rousseau

Lake life > city life 👌🏼

Grand Electric


Muskoka, Ontario

Happy 4th of July from your neighbour to the north ☀️

Where's the avocado emoji when you need one?

Muskoka, Ontario


Muskoka, Ontario


Muskoka, Ontario

Won't let the rain get me down 👙

Oot and aboot on Canada day, eh? 🇨🇦 #happy150canada 🇨🇦

It's peach season 🍑and my operation build a butt is in effect! My body has always tended more toward little where it's easier for me to be lean than to build muscle but I'm back at it! Post your favourite workout tips/tricks and I'll do the same! Can't wait to try my amazingly fit friend @haylesbeth resistance band workout and I'll share it with you if she lets me 😏💪🏼

🎾the one sport I'm excited to play

First of all Thank you to each and everyone of you who shows support on here. It means so much that even though we've never met personally (for most of you) you still are like awesome encouraging friends who I haven't been lucky enough to know personally. So, thank you!!! many times I've noticed comments pop up and ask "will you be on tv again soon?" And I just wanted to share with you my thoughts. I think about it all the time and I consciously decided to stop auditioning and acting a few years ago because I felt like I'd forgotten the magic of why I adored it in the first place. And I had stopped looking at being an actress with starry eyed dreaminess, and I knew my changing perception of it was coming across when I would go out to auditions or meetings. I also got very scared that maybe I lost that excitement cause I wasn't cut out for it... and that kind of thinking is a vicious cycle feeding its own self. But that being said it makes me so happy when people ask me that question and starts to rekindle that magic feeling. Being on set is so much fun and feels like home.... being at auditions scares the hell out of me makes me sweat and my heart palpitate. So for the moment I'm staying away from the anxiousness I used to feel surrounding auditions but I would never shut the door on a part of life that I loved so much at one time! And again it means so much to me that some of you have been witnesses to certain parts of the 10 plus years I've spent in tv film and voice overs and the support you've shown touches and humbles me beyond what you can imagine. So thank you! I just wanted to share this post so that you can know me a little better than what a 2 inch photo can convey. Have a happy day everybody ⭐️️

Where am I? 💦

Beautiful day

💁🏼💁🏻💁🏻 the oldies

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