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Everybody I’m so excited! I just joined the cameo app so that means I can send you or your friend customized messages and shout outs!!! The link is in my bio and I can’t wait to chat with you all and get started! This is going to be FUN 👯‍♀️😘😁

No more snow for another day ❄️

Well I climbed half of it!

Feeling like a ⛰🐐

It’s #BellLetsTalk day so, let’s talk. Let’s be honest in life it’s a challenge to feel at peace all the time. Things happen that throw us off balance (pardon the yoga pun 😁) and when you really consider what matters its not so much what’s happening on the outside but the way we experience the tilts and shifts of it all on the inside. I didn’t discover yoga as a way of deepening spirituality or discovering meditation I just found it was something I Enjoyed a lot and the spiritual/emotional benefits were just a bonus! But when I started to appreciate it as more than just a physical activity that made me happy was when I was about 20 living alone in LA with people around but no roots and felt very very lost. it’s safe to say I’ve always been a pretty sensitive and empathetic person so I feel it All. At that time I started practicing every day, in the beginning to distract myself from feeling lonely in a big city where I had no roots, but after a while going to class felt like visiting an old friend I was so excited to see. they talk about a runners high but have you tried a yoga high 🧘🏼‍♀️? I’m not sure if the old friend was the movements and poses themselves or the part of myself that I’d neglected; but either way it was and is my safe and happy place even on the hardest or darkest days. I know it’s not for everyone; you have to be open and willing to benefit. But if you’re having a hard day or a great day, maybe try it? Whether you find New friends, new patience, new flexibility or just a little bit of pride in stepping out of your comfort zone it’s a win win! 💙🧘🏼‍♀️#mentalhealthmatters

@fashionnova When it’s a blizzard outside I live vicariously through my closet 🤷🏼‍♀️ #hibernationseason

I 💙 white jeans @fashionnova

Cozy 🐻 outfit: @fashionnova

$20 if you can guess what I’m reading 😉🤓 @fashionnova

Is it spring yet? 🌺🌼🌸 dress: @fashionnova

Snow day ❄️☃️ @fashionnova

Casually strolling through the middle of the deep freeze! Happy birthday! @adamhenrich 👯‍♀️🌡🥂❄️

Agree or disagree? 🤔 ( I really don’t know much about football but I do enjoy big t-shirts 🤷🏼‍♀️)

Outfit: @fashionnova what are you fitness or lifestyle goals for 2019? Here's a photo of me absolutely not working out with fitness related items randomly put in the photo. My fitness goal is to always remember to connect to wifi when listening to music at the gym to keep my data plan strong and healthy 😋

@fashionnova it's a whole new year, but I still have a thing for messy buns and the colour pink 🌺


(👙by @fashionnova) may your new year be filled with good health, many reasons to smile, and a happy heart, and remember that even on the cloudiest days the sun is just preparing to come back out again even brighter than before☀️🌻💙

In 2018 I got to reunite with some life changing pieces of my childhood and I'm still mad at us cause we didn't re-create some OLD photos 😑 but there's always 2019 for that... (Also, yes, in 2019 I MAY need to upgrade my camera but I really enjoy being a technology dinosaur 🦖.)

@fashionnova I forget the real name for this skirt set but think of it as the furry polar bear skirt set 🌹🐻

@fashionnova emerging from the holiday season like "spring is in the air!"🙏🙌

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