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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель в стиле кантри.
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#thebandwagontour #geton @littlebigtown

Saturday night in Texas. Mama , Daddy and my soul sister Amie. #livemusic #💙🎶 🇨🇱


The Bandwagon Tour continues! And @pistolannies stopped by last night! 😉This weekend Jones Beach NY, Hartford CT and Boston! #geton @littlebigtown @turnpiketroubadours @tenilletownes 📸 @bfluke

#Repost @pistolannies ・・・ Sangin’ some songs. #staytuned #hollerannie #lonestarannie #hippieannie

Cincinnati OH! #thebandwagontour #geton ❤️ 📸:@bfluke

The Bandwagon Tour kicked off last night in Charlotte NC. A night I will never forget! Y’all were on fire! See ya tonight Cincinnati! 💗 @littlebigtown 📸:@bfluke #geton #thebandwagontour

With the #bandwagontour rehearsals under way and the tour starting in less than 2 weeks, I decided to spend my last weekend off on one of my other passions. Gypsy Vanner’s. I got to show with some great people and amazing horses at the Feathered Horse Classic in Clemson SC. It has been one of the best weekends of all time. My horses performed well and I smiled so much my face hurts. I am still green and have so much to learn but I’ve come a long way in 4 years. And thanks to my team and friends we left with ribbons, memories and a few reserve champion titles!!! It’s just a reminder to take time out for what you love and what recharges you. I can’t wait until the next one. But until then I’ll see y’all on the road! (More pics in my stories. I’m a proud horse mom) #gyspsyvanner #geton #FlyingPistolsRanch

Ramblers with ribbons! Gypsy Vanner Feathered Horse Classic day one! 🦄🦄🦄#FlyingPistolsRanch #gypsyvanner @julianentwig @dudeistheboxer 📸: @db102681

My friend Ellie and I spent some time appreciating the colors of summer in Tennessee today. She teaches me something about myself every ride. She is the inspiration behind @idyllwind. Strength. Kindness. Sensitivity. Beauty. Fire. Power. Happiness. #horsepower #summertimesaddletime #newstuffcomingsoon💗

Date night at the farm! @muttnation #jessi #waylon #delta #cher #bellamy #thereare3more💗 #Thelma&Louise #JD

Country Jam Colorado

Colorado. I got my smokey eyes and sparkle tights on! Let’s do this! #beastmode #lateshow #10:45pm #coffeethencocktails

CMA Fest

#Repost @muttnation ・・・ We are THRILLED to announce that over 50 dogs found homes at #CMAFest this year!!! Country music fans are absolutely THE BEST. @mirandalambert & her mom, Bev, started MuttNation Foundation because they wanted to improve the lives of shelter pets...and y’all made that happen in a big way this week. Also, a huge thanks to the amazing folks at @nashvillehumane for all of the heart and passion you put into making #CMAfest a success for dogs. Don’t forget...#LoveAShelterPet 🐾

CMA Fest

#Repost @muttnation ・・・ Day 2 of #CMAFest was amazing. Over TWENTY dogs have found homes now, including some of y’alls favorites like Lambert, Dolly Parton, and George Jones. Country fans are truly the best and it’s so awesome to share this passion for mutts & music with you. Two more days to go! Y’all come out and see the dogs from 12-3 Saturday & Sunday. We have lots of great dogs that still need homes! #LoveAShelterPet

Nashville Music City Center

This is amazing! Thanks to all of these people who are making a big difference in a dog’s life by adopting 💗 Go visit @muttnation & @nashvillehumane at #CMAFest to find your forever friend. #LoveAShelterPet #Repost @muttnation ・・・ #CMAFest is off to a great start!! Look at all of these precious pups that have found wonderful new families 💗 We’ll be here at Fan Fair X all weekend - come stop by from 12-3 to see all of the sweet mutts from @nashvillehumane looking for their furever homes! There’s nothing like seeing a match be made between a person and a pup. 🐶❤️ #HappyTails #LoveAShelterPet #AdoptDontShop

Nashville Humane Association

I fell in love with these pups from @nashvillehumane that’ll be up for adoption at #CMAFest this year, but I already have 8 dogs so it’s y’alls turn to adopt! Check out @muttnation’s page to see more pics of the dogs that’ll be up for adoption this year. 📸: 3 Dogs & A Cat Rescue Photography

Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

Back in my adopted home state again! Durant, Oklahoma we’re ready! #HATtricks #wejustHATtocomeback #OK❤️ #choctawcasino

For the little pilot lights waiting to ignite, like fireflies in the rain... The #KeeperOfTheFlame video is out now! (Watch at link in bio)

Wednesday. #KeeperOfTheFlame

Feelin’ floaty!🦄 #pistolannies #workplay #WeWereWritingIPromise 📷: @ashleymonroemusic

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