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Американская актриса. Наиболее известная по роли Лайлы Гэррити в телесериале канала NBC «Огни ночной пятницы».
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Scanning and prepping for 🕊 #Titans #DCComics

My friends @theskimm asked me to put on a wetsuit and explain global warming. 🛁 Link in their bio for the full video. #SkimmLife #SkimmedWith

Harry Styles Live On Tour 2017 at The Greek Theatre


Happy Birthday, my Rain. Highs, lows, and everything in between. Thank goodness for you. #WhosCar @rp1313

Research. 🕊 #Titans #HawkandDove #DCcomics

Hollywood Forever

I can't tell if Kati's excited. Do you think she's excited? #ComingToAmerica @cinespia 🎬❤️ #Lifer

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Last night I experienced #AlejandroIñárritu 'Carne y Arena' @lacma which tells the story of Latin American immigrants attempting to cross into the U.S. through the Arizona desert when they are caught by U.S. authorities through virtual reality. They don't call VR the empathy machine for no reason and this installation is just that at its finest. This could not be more timely, important, or more poignant. Please do everything you can to witness this for yourself, and, put yourself in someone else's shoes, if you will.

Very excited about this one! Big love and thank you to @dccomics for seeing me in Dove. I'm so honored and I'm so ready! 💪🏽🕊💪🏽 #HawkandDove #Titans

Take me back...🍇

Help me settle this bet. 🙄 Is that a giraffe or a brontosaurus?!

Update: NoRedCross.org has a great roundup of local charities in Houston that are leading relief efforts. Thank you, @nicolettemason.

I wish there were more I could do.. Sending love, thoughts, and donations. HomelessHouston.org HoustonFoodBank.org #HurricaneHarvey

Had to regram this from @idillionairebookclub. It reminded me of some good stuff. It reminded me that I can do better. Along the way I've gone from being ever the optimist and seeing the best to being a little bit jaded and seeing the worst - holding onto the negative. To be jaded is too easy. Negativity serves none of us. I remind myself that I see my world as I am not as it is. Realign myself with my work, my peace, and my joy. I will excuse myself from gossip. Mind my own business. Eyes on my own plate. I remember that the story I write for other people is never the truth. Give the benefit of the doubt. Be free of ego. Free of judgment. Forgiveness. Compassion. Be more curious. Learn more. Keep growing. I remember my gratitude. Be gratitude. Be love. Give love. I'll also remember when to say fuck it.

Mom liked to play dress up. #tbt 🤷🏽‍♀️

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Remember that time I went to Ecuador with @DoveChocolate to learn how they source their cocoa? This was a dream partnership and such an amazing experience. We made another little video to share with you.. 🍫❤️🌴 #WhatMakesDove #ad

🍦 #TiaTimeisTheBestTime

That's a wrap on #ShesInPortland! Such a treat working on this very special movie with this lovely human. If you're not already as big of a fan as I am of his show #CasualonHulu - do yourselves a favor & get into it! ✌🏽

The most fun day with the most lovely ladies @shopdoen - visit the link in their bio for the full journal story. ✨ 📸: @nickisebastian

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