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Американская актриса. Наиболее известная по роли Лайлы Гэррити в телесериале канала NBC «Огни ночной пятницы».
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Love this little book of goodness made and given to me by a very inspiring and oh so talented, @dallasclayton. 🌟

Just finished this (audio)book! So good. I listened as if it were one of my podcasts and breezed right through. What should my next book be??

I had the honor and the pleasure of being @Darling's guest editor for their Darling Does - 10 ways to do good. 1. Sponsor students with NYTimes digital subscriptions to public schools and students across the U.S. The NYTimes will match every subscription sponsored with your contribution to one additional student. 2. Conserve water. We should all treat our water as the precious resource that it is. Saving water can be easy and simple. Take a bucket into the shower to collect the cold water that precedes the hot; then, use it to water your plants. 3. Stop apologizing. I find that we too easily apologize when it isn’t always necessary. Its ok to assert yourself and exist in your space without apology. So, try this: consciously, every time you blurt out “sorry”, replace it with a silly word like “sexy” instead. Its a surprisingly effective way to notice how often you unnecessarily say sorry, and you’ll stop in no time. 4. Be curious. Ask questions. Be interested in things and people other than yourself and your experience. Be open and find space for opposing ideas and opinions other than your own. 5. Vulnerability is courage. Try it! Be vulnerable with someone you trust, and see what happens. Learn to surrender, learn acceptance, and forgiveness. 6. Start a cookbook club. Get a group of friends together once a month who each cook a meal from an agreed-upon cookbook. Food is love. If you can read, you can cook! 7. Gift a friend with a cooking lesson. (Can you tell I like food?) 8. Pick a topic you're unfamiliar with in history or in current events- and research it! Feed your brain and the brains of those around you. 9. Do something for a stranger that can’t do anything for you. Don’t tell anyone! 10. Shop mission-oriented. At cuyana.com, you can order a reusable bag in the mail to fill with clothes you no longer need. Then, send it back to be donated to their charity, which helps victims of abuse.I'm

Whole lotta Albuquerque goin' on in this photo. #505 #Burque

Fun shootin' with @shopdoen today. ❤️

A very happy repost from one of my very favorite magazines. ❤️ "@Darling One of our very favorite ladies, @minkakelly, wrote ‘The Ten’ for #DarlingIssue20. This edition will challenge and inspire you to be involved, proactive, and kind. Take on #DarlingTheTen and show us your #DarlingDoes moments here on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us. 😘 | Photo by @ben_cope for #DarlingIssue12"


Cinespia Cemetery Screenings

A League Of Their Own was one that I had on repeat growing up. One of my favorite things to do in LA. Thank you so much, @cinespia!

Repost: @toyinojihodutola "To this day, I swear by it, this is my favorite quote from White Teeth, by #ZadieSmith. I remember reading those words at sixteen and feeling like I'd been slapped across the face. Truth. The narrative is often from the perspective of the nationalist, who's roots, firmly grounded, feel like they are under attack by the unknown, and this leads to a false sense of "disappearance." BUT, here's the thing, you are still in your homeland--you haven't traversed any waters, you haven't left all you have ever known, owned or believed in, you just saw a shift happen before you in a land that has always been your own that is now shared. For the migrant, it is the COMPLETE inverse of that: you are constantly grappling, trying to hold on to anything, claim any small thing for yourself. Because ownership of any kind--even your body, even your personhood--is questioned and constantly fought for the very moment you dare to venture out--by choice or coercion. Understand that." #MakeAmericaEmpathetic #IStandWithImmigrants

This dude and his underbite.

On the last day of #ImmigrationHeritageMonth, I celebrate the heritage of my own family. My mothers side is of Dutch Indonesian descent. My father came to New York from France with my grandmother when he was 4. I’m a proud descendant of immigrants and I proudly stand with immigrants.

Beverly Hills, California

Such a fun day yesterday @thealist.us Give Back Garden Party. I'd like to show a little love to the other companies we @livefashionable had the honor of sharing the afternoon with who are doing their part to make the world a better place. Please go to their pages to learn about each of their missions. Thank you, @nphilanthropy @nyakiobeauty @puregrowthorganic @rethinkwater @thelipsticklobby. 📷: @bfa

Suffice it to say that my upbringing was less than conventional. We all have our stories. Mine involves a subconscious survivor instinct to surround myself with women in my life who are better than me. They are my family. They are my teachers. They teach me what it is to be a woman. Raina teaches me acceptance and reminds me of my strength. Mandy teaches me grace and humility. Kati teaches me what it is to love without condition and reminds me of my worth. I am flawed. I can be insecure and afraid. I can be strong and fearless. Sometimes I am all of these things at once. I can make a bit of a mess. I still have so much to learn. They love me despite all my tangled up bits. Acceptance. This is 37. Right where I'm supposed to be. Profound gratitude. Happy Birthday to me.

From one of the kids #PhilandoCastile worked with. My heart breaks for his loved ones. My heart breaks for his fiancé and her 4yr old baby girl who had to watch him die right in front of them with the gun still aimed at him by the man who brutally and unnecessarily shot him seven times at close range. Philando was reaching for his drivers license. He still had his seatbelt on.. This was a bad week for justice in America. 💔

Lima, Peru

What a special trip this has been. I can't wait to share the purpose of this whole journey with you. It's a good one. So proud to be a part of this family. @livefashionable ❤️

Lima, Peru

The #E32017 trailer for #Detroit:BecomeHuman with #BenLambert @ParkerSawyers & @iJesseWilliams Directed by the one and only #DavidCage #QuanticDream @sony @playstation

Just me and my Fef.

El Rey Theatre

🎶 📷: @rebfef

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