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Американская актриса. Наиболее известная по роли Лайлы Гэррити в телесериале канала NBC «Огни ночной пятницы».
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Just finished this one... I love @brenebrown so much. I discovered her @ted on the power of vulnerability about 4 years ago at a time when I really needed it. Sort of in the way they say your teachers arrive when you’re ready to learn. I’ve followed her since and she’s been a powerful teacher and inspiration for me. Any chance to hear (or read) her words are a gift in my opinion. I also think she does such a great job on subjects of white privilege and racism. She just gets it all right. If you’re not already familiar with her work, nows your chance. Enjoy ❤️

I wasted so much of my life wishing my mother were something and someone she wasn’t. I wanted her to be like everyone else’s moms. I wanted her to be “normal”. Whatever that means. I blamed her for a lot of things for a long time. It was a little too late when I realized that if I’m gonna blame her for the bad, I also have to blame her for the good. And when I blame her for the good, I’m able to heal. If she were the mother I wanted her to be, I wouldn’t be me. I wish I had had the tools to know then what I know now. There is solace in knowing that she is with me now in a deeper and more profound way than she ever could have been in her physical form. She knows how I feel and how much I love her. And she’s proud not just of me, but of herself. Love your mommas. Love them hard. They’re doing the best they can with what they have. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️ #IsItWeirdThatiMissHerTeeth

Happy #MetBall! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful creations all of you incredible artists bring to life today! My Punk themed met ball fun in 2013. 🤘🏽💜

Hawk giving us major blue steel 🦅 🕊

I heard it was #EarthDay so I made a little music video. Earth day makes me miss the forest (and Chewy) 💚🌏💚

I don’t usually feel comfortable in a 💄 but of course @emilyschuman knew the perfect shade. Thanks lady 🧡❤️ (Color is @lauramercier Extreme - On Point)

Big Sur, California


Big Sur, California

What a weekend... Thank you @ventanabigsur for having us and for helping us celebrate our @mandymooremm. No one throws a celebration like an @rp1313 celebration. I love all of you ladies (and @chaseweideman) muchly and deeply. ❤️

Thank you @evegerber for the most special brunch this afternoon. Deeply inspired by the work you @HEARTofVIP (HEART - Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma VIP - The Violence Intervention Program) do and the support and dignity you provide for victimized women when they need it most. #HEARTlovesStella

Happy Birthday, Mandizzle! #Grace🎂❤️🍾

In & Of Itself

Felt apropos. This show, @inandofitself was so special. I highly recommend if you get the chance. Bring tissues. When you go you’ll know. 🐶❤️

Couldn’t love this dress more. Thank you for having us, @ullajohnson. And thank you for dusting my face, my Matty @makeupmatthew 💛 Cc: @renatashulman 😘

Fun night out with my bestie last night but sitting on the floor in my kitchen with Freddie while he thanks her for tricking him into eating his dinner? Priceless. ;) #FavoriteMomentOfTheNight ❤️🐶

I’ve been sensitive to what and how much I want to share on social media this year. How much I want to add to the noise machine knowing & assuming we’re all reading the same news & seeing the same feeds while everyone shares and re posts all the same stuff. I have to be aware of the tendency to become comfortable with or addicted to the satisfaction that I am saying & doing the right thing. And I know that there are parts of me that I know are still contributing to the problem so I don’t want to constantly show the work I’m doing. That said, I woke up this morning thinking about heartbreak. About how when your sidekick of 13 years dies of old age, it breaks your heart. It takes a little time and some grace and acceptance and it gets better. When you lose your mother to cancer, your world is turned upside down. No matter how much you prepare yourself you can never be prepared enough, but you have the time to make amends and say the things you might need to say before your time with the one and only mother you’ll ever have is over. What I cannot fathom is when someone you love is suddenly shot and brutally murdered by those who are supposed to protect them. That’s not something I can wrap my head around. How these families heal or if they ever do. I can’t imagine that that heartbreak is one that will ever mend. I look forward to the day our country hears the cries of the grandmothers, mothers and children of these men who are being shot and killed while unarmed and posing no threat other than the color of their skin and justice is served. Maybe then implicit bias will be addressed and one day this madness will stop. My heart breaks for #StephonClark who was unarmed, 22 years old, had 2 children and was shot 8 times (7 of which in his back) in his grandmothers backyard. Most of the shots were fired after he collapsed to the ground face down. No weapon was found with his body — only a cellphone. My heart breaks for #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #SandraBland #TravonMartin, their families and every other life that was senselessly robbed from them that didn’t make it to a social media #.

Only dog I’ve ever known that likes to sleep in. In fact he insists on it. #IWonderIfHeDreamsAboutChewy

#tbt to my og little spoon #Chewy ✨

The 404 Kitchen

Thank you Chef @mattbolus and everyone @the404kitchen for having me and my friends and letting me live out my dream of working on the line. Thank you @kensauce for making it happen! Best night ever. Best food ever. #ChefTeabag #NeverForget

Nashville, Tennessee

A little BTS having fun shooting my new @livefashionable jewelry collection with the loveliest @kyealexis today! 🙃

Disneyland - Theme Park

Yesterday was a good day. Turns out, rainy days are the best days for an adventure at Disneyland. #chewy

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