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Американская актриса. Наиболее известная по роли Лайлы Гэррити в телесериале канала NBC «Огни ночной пятницы».
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The most fun day with the most lovely ladies @shopdoen - visit the link in their bio for the full journal story. ✨ 📸: @nickisebastian


About last night @livefashionable 👖launch party! #ABLEdenim • 📸: @pixlreflections

The @livefashionable mission has always been to create jobs for women lacking opportunity, and to work with women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. We know that when a woman is empowered with a job, she has a huge impact on her family and her community. The addition of denim gives us the ability to go to the next level in hope of influencing the fashion world. Now that we have all your basic needs covered, our hope is that, with your help, we can push the fashion industry to a new level of responsibility. Thank you for being on this journey with us. Click the link in my bio to shop! To celebrate we're offering free domestic shipping for the next 48 hours (as long as you have denim in your cart). We also offer free unlimited exchanges until you find the fit you want #stressfreeshopping #ABLEbyFASHIONABLE #ABLEdenim 👖💙👖

Dear white people, if I may, white complacency is no longer an option. To be shocked at our current events only cements how privileged we have been in our whiteness. Racism and bigotry can be uncomfortable ugly things to grapple with but if we don't address it we reinforce the privilege of not having to face the truth. "Them not me" denies how the problem persists today. There's no room or time to reinforce the white fragility or willful ignorance that leads us to excuse ourselves from the conversation. The ask to be emotionally mature and curious about race is not an attack on your identity. The vitality of our democracy depends on us waking up. The smallest gesture of simply having the humility to acknowledge our privilege and have the difficult or uncomfortable conversations with each other and people around us who may have a defensive or antiquated way of seeing things is a start. It is, in fact, a matter of life and death. UPDATE: Dear white people does not make me a divider or an ideologue nor is it pathetic LA liberal crap. What is it that offends you so much about that? It's a plea and a call to a group of people that have the power to make a real difference. To realize that we have a responsibility to stand up and fight for what's right. To stay quiet would be complicit in the division you speak of.. In no way am I an expert on the matter. It has taken a lot of sitting down and reading, having an open mind, and uncomfortable conversations with people who knew more and experienced more than I have to acknowledge that while just like you, I've struggled and have made a life for myself out of "absolutely nothing". The fact of the matter is, that because I'm white, I've had it that much easier and been presented more opportunities than a lot of other people might have. There's no need to be defensive. No one is calling you racist. Let's just work a little harder to see the inequality if we're all truly so hell bent on fixing it.

Greek Theatre

Our friendship in a nutshell. 📸: @catrodriguez

Greek Theatre

A little Avett Bros with my ladies. 🎶 #Bob

I loved working with this beautiful, gracious, and humble cast & crew THIS much! The amount of love and support on this set will stay with me always. Thank you for having me in your home, @Bullcbs.

We're a week away from the ethically made, ABLE denim launch! Next Tuesday you'll be able to shop all the styles + washes. There will be a skinny, a high rise, a slouch, and a vintage, oh my! Can't wait to see you guys at the launch party next week in Nashville! 👖 🎉 👖 #ABLEbyFASHIONABLE

Dave Chappelle: Live From Radio City

Last night was one for the books. We witnessed history in the making. Dave Chappelle I Chris Rock #CheekStillHurt #Bob

Hudson Theatre

Loved this play. It was thought provoking, poignant, and timely - to say the least. I keep hearing: "no one will look up from their screens long enough to see what's happening" As I stare down at my screen to share this.

Currently audiobook-ing @michaelericdyson #TearsWeCannotStop. Audio was a mistake as there is so much highlighting and underlining to do. I highly recommend the hard copy so you can highlight all the ways in which you recognize how emotionally immature about race you might be. I just so happened to be on track 13 where he addresses Kaepernick at the same time as the latest Ray Lewis comment yesterday. I wrote down some important points he made above - if you're at all curious / compassionate regarding white privilege in this particular matter. In other words, this is a very good and very important book. Please read.

How gorgeous is this new @livefashionABLE bag for fall?! Holy sh!t, I'm excited. Meet the Fozi. Handcrafted in Ethiopia with 100% leather. Available in yellow, burgundy or black. 😎

‘You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.’ -James Baldwin. Born August 2, 1924. Reminded today that I need to read more Baldwin.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Supposed to be on my way to Albuquerque right now, but as Murphy's Law would have it, duty calls and I'm off to NYC. Since I had to postpone the trip, I feel like sharing some of what I was heading there to reconnect and make peace with. Here's me and my family at my high school graduation. My momma and David, the man who was my father for the first 16 years of my life (I had to move out at 16 - I'll tell that story another time.) My aunty Sylvia, and my Grandma. This is a small portion of the family that raised me - I used to tell people my name was Minka Gutierrez. The other pics are of my best friends, only one of whom I stayed in a bit of contact with - Angel. I don't know what I would have done without her. Her and her family. She was my sister. We've grown apart over the years and I hope you'll see this, Angel - I love you and I think of you often. Our parents do the best they can with the tools they have. I'm proud of who I am and how far I've come. While it wasn't easy, I'm grateful to my time in Albuquerque for making me the strong and fearless woman that I am. Also, thank god my eyebrows grew back. That is all for now. More to come. #Burque

Silly hand model pose to show off my @livefashionable V ring. Also, hi.


It gives me deep joy to partner with a company who puts so much work and effort into sustainable farming and empowering the farmers that make the company what it is. From being the first company to pledge to use 100% certified cocoa to their collaboration with @CAREorg to establish Village Saving and Loan Association groups that empower the female farmers in W. Africa where 70% of the worlds cocoa is sourced. What an honor to be a part of this experience. @dovechocolate To see the full version of this video and others, go to DoveChocolateJourney.com Shoutout to the amazing lady filmmaker who directed these videos, @promanowsky

I’m partnering with @DoveChocolate to help share the Dove Chocolate Journey and show how they empower farmers to help grow some of the world’s finest cocoa beans. Earlier this year, I traveled to Ecuador with their team to learn more about the process. I truly learned so much on this trip, while meeting some amazing people along the way. Stay tuned for more! #ad #WhatMakesDove

Love this little book of goodness made and given to me by a very inspiring and oh so talented, @dallasclayton. 🌟

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