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Американская актриса. Наиболее известная по роли Лайлы Гэррити в телесериале канала NBC «Огни ночной пятницы».
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L 🐶 V E

When you take a peek at your mentions on your last post and the venom you see people spewing at each other hurts your heart. You guys!!! My goodness. First of all. Can we all agree that we're all doing our best? Can we all try to come from a place of love and try to understand where someone is coming from when they don't see things the way you do? That because they don't have the same history that you do and they feel differently than you do is no reason to be so hurtful towards each other?? Can we respect and appreciate how different we all are and have the respect, humility, and patience to hear each other out? Can we remember that what unites us is far stronger than what divides us and that that is LOVE. Can we love each other even when we're dealing with someone we see as unlovable? Can we love anyway? Love deeper and harder despite our differences? I believe that the anger and hatred we're sending out into the world has a ripple effect in our universe and we have to be so careful and remember how powerful our words are.. Love love love no matter what. At the end of the day it truly wins. Please. Let us love. Now more than ever. It's so important. I. Love. You. No. Matter. What.

For those of you who think @plannedparenthood sole purpose is abortion, please see above to learn what they do. When politicians make reckless threats to "defund Planned Parenthood," what they really mean is this: They're going to cut low-income people on Medicaid off from using their insurance to get basic health care from Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses. That's how defunding Planned Parenthood would actually play out. It's not Congress saving money by taking "Planned Parenthood" out of a budget somewhere — it's the federal government telling people in this country where they can and can't get health care. And the worst part is many of these people have nowhere else to go. #IStandWithPP

Oval Office, the West Wing of the White House

A conversation I will never forget. It has been an honor and a privilege to call you my President. Thank you. 🇺🇸 ❤

The Beverly Hilton

Ditched our sweats this year for the special occasion of our beloved Mandizzle (@mandymooremm) being nominated!!!!

Bagram, Afghanistan

Wow @judeseeee I'm reposting this because I can't believe this was five years ago today either. What an honor it was to spend the holidays with our nations finest on the front lines. A life changing experience indeed. Eternally grateful. 🇺🇸 ❤

A giant mug in the works ☕️

Save the date

Happy Place 🎄🎅🏽 #GodMommaHeaven

Mood. #fbf 🤘🏼🎅🏽

The Frick Collection

Of all the beautiful things in a museum that doesn't allow photos, this'll do just as well. 🖼😌 @frickcollection

Music Box Theatre

There's great theater and then there are shows that are so alive, electric, and emotionally satisfying that you know you're witnessing a major moment in theater history. Just my feelings. @DearEvanHansen was beyond-words-terrific. Wow.

New York, New York

Baking Christmas Molasses Cookies + LaLa Land soundtrack on repeat = ❤️

Falsettos on Broadway

That was fun! 🙂🙃

Shine baby shine!!! Look at you go girl. So well deserved and so beyond proud of you. What an honor it is to watch you flourish into this beautiful new chapter you've so gracefully created for yourself. You've only just begun, my friend. #GoldenGlobes #ThisisUs #Grace 👏🏼❤️

Nashville, Tennessee

You give good sleep and you will be missed! May I recommend, the coziest stay @506lofts. See you again soon, Nashville ❤️ #506Lofts

Sweet @jordansoderholm my new bizz partner and soul sister! Thank you for the best most exciting weekend. To know you is to love you! And thank you for taking me for my new haircut!!! #chopchop 💇🏽

Nashville, Tennessee

Just a little bit o' fun today celebrating #FashionABLEflagship 🎉❤️

Nashville, Tennessee

What a special night ✨

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