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Damn! These photos. I look at them and think, “Hell, I look rather confident!” Well, I can tell you that I was ACTING! On the inside, I am scared as hell! It’s the nerd in me. Believe it or not, this part of my job, doing a red carpet event is often the most stressful for me. It’s taken me decades, but I now appreciate all this dolling up as another art form. And me and my body as a 3D canvas. If I think of it this way, I have greater enjoyment with the whole process. That’s why I’m SOOOO thankful for all the talented people who help glam me up! They have skills! After they are done with me, I show up at the event, chant Beyonce’s name 3 times and strike a pose. And hope for the best! The result: These photos. If I can do it, so can YOU! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ THANK YOU, glamMing squad! Love you all!😘❤️🥰🥰❤️😘👏👏 Stylist: @liza_vassell of @brooklynprla Tailor: Henry Po Costumer: @sybbyg Sybil Gray Makeup: @kalseyhyder Hair: @shaynsanford #avengersendgame #premiere @marvel

Love this photo!! Thanks, Mo! It has such an old world Hollywood glam vibe to it. But it’s just us dorks from @agentsofshield. 🥰😘😂We’ll be back on air May 10th for Season 6! #avengersendgame @marvel


Great chatting with you @wongrel. Love having you representing @Marvel Asian heroes in #avengersendgame!! You rock! 👏👍😘#benedictwong

Amazing to meet Hiroyuki Sanada. #avengersendgame @marvel

Marvel ladies in black. #avengersendgame

Partied with fans of Marvel! Yep, that includes our own @marvel #agentsofshield family! 🥰😘This film is the endgame to end all endgame. I am so shook. 👏👏👏#avengersendgame #premiere

You like wings or thighs? 😂 •••••••••••••••• #avengersendgame Styled: @brooklynprla @liza_vassell Dress: @ramialaliofficial Shoes: @loribluofficial Earrings: @bemylilou ring: @alexsoldierjewelry Makeup: @kalseyhyder Hair: @shaynsanford Thank you to my glam squad for letting me take flight tonight on the purple carpet! 😘🥰

Me as an Easter Egg. Happy hunting. 😂😘 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 #HappyEaster #egghunt #Easterbunny🐰

Liza is one of those extraordinary souls that expands your universe in EVERY way. She is powerful, strong, funny, fierce, beautiful, talented, successful and no BS...EVER! And the ultimate fashionista. I adore and worship you, Liza! Happy Birthday, Supergirl! 🎂🎉🎂🎁🎈❤️❤️💕💕🥰 #70sbdayparty @brooklynprla @liza_vassell #birthdaygirl

This has got to be the COOOOLEST thing ever in my career! I was a @jeopardy ANSWER! 🥰🙌😘🐼 👏👏👏👏😁😁😁 #lifeisfullofsurprises😁😁💕💕💕💕💕#agentsofshield #chunli #kickedbutt

Happiest of Birthdays, Chloe!! 🎂🎂🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈🎁🎁 No matter how many red carpets we’ve shared over the 7 years;no matter how amazing our glam team is in helping us to get dolled up; I still say THIS look we shared one early morning calltime on #agentsofshield is still our BEST!😂😂😂Wishing you the most glamorous, beautiful birthday in your most comfy attire! You look great in ANYTHING!! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕🎉🎉🎉

Happy Birthday, Lori!!! You are one of the hardest working, most hilarious and generous souls I know. And a ball buster to boot! Best combo in a woman! 👍👏Wishing you lots of fun and some relax time this birthday year! You deserve it! Love ya, girl! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🍷🍷🍷🍷🎈🎈🛍🎁🎊🎉🎈❤️😘🥰

Winter is HERE!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ #gameofthrones

This is Agent Melinda May, “The Cavalry” for Season 6. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 She’ll be back on May 10th, Friday 8/7c @abcnetwork. Wonder who else will be back after the snap! 🤔

I was super excited to meet Paul Rudd last month. Yes, I still fangirl. And he did not disappoint. Super nice guy! So it seems fitting to wish him a happy 50th today! 🎂🎂🎉🎉(BTW, thanks for the intro, Clark!) 🎉🎉🎉🎉💕

Hotel pillow. Meet hotel bed. I now have all I need. •••••••••••••••••••••••••• #foundthebed #workhardplayharder #16hrday #joyful

Wish I had a bed to go with this hotel pillow. 😴😴😴😴 #glamlife #530amcalltime #3hrssleep #jetlag

These fresh eggs look like Easter eggs! So pretty. And NO, PandaMing did not lay them. 😁🥚🥚🥚🥚 Thanks, @tompayne5 for sharing some who got it from Tom, our props guy. Love my TomToms! I’m egg-cited to eat them! The eggs, not...😳😂#pandaming 🐼🥰#agentsofshield •••••••••••••••••••• Go to @weneverbymingnawen to learn more about fresh eggs! 🥚❤️

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