Аманда Сайфред


Американская актриса кино, певица и бывшая модель.
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Lucky daughter



You’re bananas, @thomas_sadoski

Finny’s coat is thick and he’s pretty happy in cold weather but, with the whipping wind we’re getting of late, he really could use an extra layer. Thanks Alice in London and @woolandthegang for looking out for this winter man. 💨❄️



LOLZ #Repost @bitchesgottaeat

Damn, winter

#Repost @ohmygollyembroidery ・・・ This was another commission I did before Christmas. It’s a quote from a HuffPost article, I believe. I really love it when people request this particular style of lettering as it’s basically just a version of my own handwriting and that fancy cursive handwriting I often try to do is a bit of a headache to be honest. To say I’m struggling to get back into the swing of creating after Christmas and New Year is a massive understatement. Is anyone else having an unmotivated start to the year?


Oh so happy new year!

Looking forward 🎈🏡❤️


Looks like @mammamiamovie ruled my #topnine2018 💃🏼💕☺️

Sweep! Mop!

💕 I designed a special match of Create Your Own Phrase in Charadicon> Free to play and link to game in bio!

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