Мелинда Шанкар


Канадская актриса.
  • Все 1870
  • Фото 1708
  • Видео 162
Los Angeles, California

Sohoho'in around town👋🏽

Melrose Avenue

Soak it all up. Be present. Live in the moment. ✨🌸@missconceptionsociety

Jealous that my girlfriends and sister are having a date to @wayhome festival without me next weekend.. last year was so fun.💕 I wish this weekend event to be another round of success! @racheldunford_ @evadunford ✨

West Hollywood, California

Come party at mommas sugar palace 👸🏽

Dreams do come true. #ParamountPictures 🙏🏽✨🎬

West Hollywood, California

#housewifeformyfuturebabyZaddy #lifeisavideogame @lickmystars 🔪🔪

Los Angeles, California

Yes, my shirt says #BrownSugar 🙋🏽🇬🇾

Downtown Los Angeles

My event date for the evening👯💋 @aislinnpaul @thegr8khalid @dothatdougie #weareforever

#TB to When I was 13 and experimented with duct tape to take eyebrow matters into my own hands.. just in time for my very first acting headshot. #bellbottoms

Soho House West Hollywood

It's CC time!

Los Angeles, California

No? Just me?? 😅 👻: MindyShanks

Hollywood Bowl

Prosecco and go. #PreComicCon


Added some #Guyanese peppa to Lalaland. 👋🏽👸🏽 More📸: @missconceptionsociety #Espys #ZTPR

West Hollywood, California

Follow the omen. #TheAlchemist #wonderwomanisastateofmind #protectyourheart #gotlove?

Los Angeles, California

Brought Minnie Mouse to #WestHollywood @lukebilyk 💇🏽 by @lacandco 💅🏽 by @sparkssalons

Wonderwoman Festival

#WonderWoman Gallery Heaven 👅 More 📸@missconceptionsociety #BeYourOwnSuperhero

This was the excited face of a 16 year old who booked her dream role in 2008 and moved out of Ottawa overnight... to live with @melanieshankar at her university residence in Toronto. 😂👯 On to the next 👋🏽🇺🇸✈️ #Homeiswhereyoursageis #thatcorsetthough 😇@missconceptionsociety

Sometimes life got me like.. #ADR #horror 🎬😂🎤

When you're filming "Winter" in Summer, you start to lose it.. #fauxfurfurever 👯😂 #TheChristmasWeddingPlanner

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