Мелинда Шанкар


Канадская актриса.
  • Все 1779
  • Фото 1641
  • Видео 138

Best part of my birthday weekend was Mr. Big taking me to a private #kravmaga session so I could unleash my inner desire to attack in a safe space. 🙋🏽💁🏽🔪

Pravda Vodka House

Blue velvet birthday boots.

25 rotations around the sun 💕 #aquarius #pisces

To life, love, adventures & the unknown. 💌

Cash me in da cosmos. How bou dah 👽🌌

Who else is terrified of all creepy crawlies?! 🙋🏽🕷🙅🏽 I'll stick to filters for my fix. SnapChat: MindyShanks

Quai No.4

Andy's Angels.

Downtown Montreal

When there's no one around to lift you up to the pull up bar, becoming a spider monkey is the only option.. 😅

#storyofmylife Having my own runway of apple boxes built for work to balance out height gaps on camera 🙋🏽 (the commentary is the best part of this😂 @christian ) @mooomtheshow

Montreal, Quebec

In my element: My set is a fitness facility, my production is in French, my role is a #girlboss gym manager.. The only issue is that @christian is my employee... #Kylie

Downtown Montreal

Mindy Mornings @missconceptionsociety: Wake, Pray, Slay. Ft workouts, papaya, crystals & nail salon. 🔮🎥 SnapChat: MindyShanks

Downtown Montreal

When you land at the airport and your luggage didn't make the flight.. #whatwouldmarilyndo #goshopping 💁🏽

Family matters.

Hyatt Regency Toronto On King

Elegant fitness brought to you by #TheGirlyNinja 💁🏽 @missconceptionsociety

She's the fun version of me. Je t'aime, ma soeur 💋

Girls night out.

I am my first priority🙋🏽✨ Are you ready to meet your #higherself? Follow: @missconceptionsociety for my lifestyle balance and self empowerment formulas.. #TheArtofYou!✨

#LongHairProblems 🙋🏽 Ladies! (And gents with man buns..) Who feels my pain?? It is so heavy! I got a deep tissue massage yesterday and asked the guy to spend most of the session on my neck and scalp. 😂 Going to need a visit to @lacandco next week 💇🏽 @missconceptionsociety

Old Montreal Port

Day off = Day date. @botabotamtl

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