Мелинда Шанкар


Канадская актриса.
  • Все 1983
  • Фото 1794
  • Видео 189

Serving the judgiest eyes I could create.. I mean, casual crack at the dinner table?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😂 FC now avail in the US/Canada & worldwide! #Repost @filthcity ・・・ What up #FilthNation !? Hope your week is going well so far. If not, enjoy this clip from #FilthCity ! Want to watch the series? You can stream it on #YouTube in 🇨🇦 and 🌍wide on @studioplus_app ! @dannyjokes @mindyshankar @pat_thornton @kevsoldo @chrislockefun

Santa Anita Canyon - Hermit Falls

"May your search through nature lead you to yourself" #chasingwaterfalls

I won't change, but I will evolve. 🤷🏽‍♀️🔮😈

Congratulations Queen idol @oprah I ❤️ you my dear fairy #Aquarius godmother (though you don't know me yet🤷🏽‍♀️😂) Having a #SoulfulSunday with you is high on my list of life events to manifest. Thank you for consistently inspiring me to trail blaze my own unique path. #GoldenGlobes #TimesUp #Goddess

"Pray to ask your questions, meditate to hear the answers" -note to self. #2018 📸:@kylekirkwood_

West Hollywood, California

This time last year I was still splitting each month between NYC and TO, I was in a relationship, spending my personal energy savings on friends and family while neglecting my own inner needs, allowing myself to disconnect from my spirit realm to focus on Earth tasks and not my personal soul's purpose- to spread light & healing through my art and presence. 2017 was about regaining all of that! I became the most independent that I've ever been, I learnt to hoard my own energy and power for myself- turning it into whatever I wanted (in this case, filming amazing projects/ getting my second degree of reiki certification/ taking @missconceptionsociety to a more personal level by throwing many unforgettable events/ reconnect with LA/ date myself/ consciously work hard at regaining control of my fitness and health.. all in all..I grew the eff up. I have always wanted to be 25 and I did not waste a second of my quarter century. I became whoever I wanted to be. For me, by me. I built and manifested my foundation to be strong and for my own human software and hardware to be upgraded enough that 2018 is set for my execution😈🔮💁🏽 I cannot wait for you all to see what I have planned for my time on our planet. Today I make a vow to continue to entertain and enlighten broadly through TV/Film, to ground myself and connect with people personally through my Spiritual Styling and to use my platform/ light to share my #SELFEMPOWERMENTVIASELFDEVELOPMENT formulas via the Miss Conception Society. As Jan 1st & 2nd are the first full/ supermoon of 2018- I am spending my NYE doing something I always dreamt of doing but never had the opportunity: Spending it solo, creating my new vision board and praying/meditating/chanting for what I desire to manifest as the cosmic energies will be strong and influential. "How you start your year is how you will end your year" .. and I want to be making magic. 🙏🏽✨ Thank you all for another year of support, love & memories. I appreciate you following this journey with me. Next year will be 10 years of officially working in show business as my career and lifestyle😱. Cheers to another year of growth, success, health, abundance & prosperity! MLS x

Toronto, Ontario

When you and your bro get snowed in at his new recording studio.. you have no choice but to bless the space with banjo hits. I just don't think he recognizes true talent.. because I got kicked out for the inappropriate intuitive nature of my lyrics 🤷🏽‍♀️ #arthasnofilter #haterade @mikeyshankar

Nikki Beach Miami

I'm sorry I cut mikey out of the first photo 😂 tb to siblings xmas in Miami. Thanks to my sisters, I am an auntie x2. #squad expanding #notbyme #thankgod👏🏽 😂

Back by popular demand! 😂 Elevator eyes vs bug eyes in da club.💃🏽Which one are you? #CaliChristmas


Some days I'm girly & sweet, some days tough & cold, on others- sensual & bold. Sometimes I'm high maintenance, low maintenance, philosophical & introspective. Some days I'm pretending to be someone else on set, on others I'm wearing my black belt, sometimes my ballet shoes, most times in fitness clothes, often glammed up beyond my control. 🔮 To create misconceptions based off assumptions or preconceived notions are silly, basic minded & subject to perspective. I surrender to the plan our Universe has created for me. I will not allow society to curate my "label". I am an actress by trade, healer at heart, female human by nature. I am me, whatever I decide to be. What are your Miss Conceptions? @missconceptionsociety ♒️ #ageofaquarius #theartofyou #enlightenment

When someone shows you their true colours, don't try to repaint them. 🔮

Meet my talented, stunning, kind hearted doll, - @julia.fawcett 💕 Just look at these wise eyes! Plus she's so good at creative makeup looks, I let her do mine! (Now that is trust 😂) From shooting heavy scripts about eating disorders, to press and interview training, photoshoot and posture practice, etiquette and poise, how to handle being in the public eye and how to control/deflect attention etc my @missconceptionsociety dolls handle any situation I throw at them. (Like the time I decided to take them on an impromptu adventure and we cabbed downtown for lunch after creating character personas and getting into hair makeup wardrobe so they could practice method acting😂🤷🏽‍♀️) you never know what we'll get into, Self Empowerment via Self Development is our main goal. Enrolment for #Actress101 is still open, link in my bio. Bring a friend, or come solo- my girls will be present for you all to meet! Their energy is fierce, they have strong foundation of industry and self, and soon they will be taking over your screens. 💁🏽✨ #proudmama #Dec20 #Toronto #GTA @lbactingstudio #girlpower #confidence #energybudgeting #TheArtofYou

Los Angeles, California

Plush bathrobe, lipstick & @diormakeup mascara= my daily #OOTD 💁🏽

Fight through this #mercuryretrograde own your personal power. 🔥 @missconceptionsociety

Toronto, Ontario

@missconceptionsociety Actress 101 Hosted Dec 20th 5-9pm held @lbactingstudio 🎬✨ Link in bio for details & enrolment. 💁🏽When I first started working full time in showbiz I was 16, living in Ottawa with my family & new to tv/film with no idea imaginable to what my overnight lifestyle change would entail. Logistically, psychologically and emotionally you can imagine it was quite the adjustment going from a real high school in grade 10 to having total control of my actions and lifestyle choices while I started on my own unique path. Though I could not have been more blessed for each opportunity dealt to me in this lifetime, I wrote all I've learnt throughout my career in a crash course program- Actress 101! I originally created it for myself to feel as though I had some formulas to my "go with the flow" life and I still use the lifestyle balance and energy budgeting methods to keep my mind/body/soul balanced each day. I am personally at my best when my #SpiritualStyling is strong, my #GirlyNinja is unleashed, my #KarmicBalance is in the surplus, my #BYOB (build your own brand) is upgraded & my image via #MakeoverMagic reflects my mood and energy levels. Its up to me to maintain mindfulness in each category every day. It's the #ArtofYOU! After an incredibly overwhelming request to take Actress 101 to a more personal level, I decided to create a more intimate setting in order to maintain quality attention to those interested in a safe, open space to ask all of your aspiring actress questions/address your comments/concerns.. EX: How do you fake intimate chemistry on camera? What are Actress duties vs Diva demands? DO I REALLY HAVE TO DO THAT?!😅 I invite you girls to sit by my side and together we shall break personal, professional and societal MISS CONCEPTIONS as we unite for an evening of Self Empowerment via Self Development! Bring a friend or come solo, I ensure you will leave with a charged up squad! Just ask my Miss C Actresses @julia.fawcett @jjulianna.paul & @udita_khanna who will be present to share their journey as citizens of the Miss Conception Society. 🙏🏽✨

Beveryhills Rodeo Drive

I don't rest, I charge. I Tonya was such an entertaining movie, thank you @australiansinfilm for having @unlikequinn and I at your screening. 💎

West Hollywood, California

It's all in your mind(y) @baariksgallery

Thank you @cameronmstewart 🥂✨

Soho House West Hollywood

"So a Danish werewolf, Canadian witch and Australian vampire walk into a bar.." @madswurms @unlikequinn #UnitedNations 😈

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