Мелинда Шанкар


Канадская актриса.
  • Все 1907
  • Фото 1738
  • Видео 169
Planet Earth

Im a "Stargaze and chill" kind of lady.

Montreal, Quebec

New episode of MOOOM out now: "How to get a Promotion" @blackpillsus App download the series for free, link in my BIO 🔌 @christian

While I heal in bed after wisdom teeth removal, I recall on fun summer nights with my girlfriends to make me feel better about having a swollen chipmunk face..😅 Counting down the days until I'm back in Lalaland. ☀️ mama needs sunshine! (Hair obviously done by @tonypham_555 )

Paris, France

"MOOOM" series season 1 now out and avail on @blackpillsfr #BlackPills app! Go meet Kylie🙋🏽 Gym owner, and Queen of tough love.. @christian @tarynoneill @1brooksgray @andykin9 @daviddeshayes


@tonypham_555 🙏🏽The only Hair God I trust to dye my locks.. and now.. chop chop to my first bob cut. Thank you @lacandco 💋 Choker:@shopasmaamani

Life will all twerk out in the end. Just borrowing this vessel to make memories and break Miss Conceptions. 🙋🏽@missconceptionsociety

Amsterdam, Netherlands

With all of the chaos happening on planet Earth, i'm reminded that although there are variables in life we cannot control, setting a few personal constants are key to my sanity. Also to be mindful of my life's priorities including spending time with people who matter to me, living each moment with purpose, praying for world peace and safety, keeping my karma balanced, and having an abundance of true happiness, love and laughter.. like this video of crew and I in Amsterdam giggling through Europe. (Thanks for sending this to me @jessicatylerofficial ) 💋 "LIFE IS LIKE A MOVIE- YOU ARE YOUR STAR, CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTERS WISELY, MAKE YOUR PLOT WORTH WATCHING AND NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, DO NOT LET IT BE BORING." - @missconceptionsociety

Running around town (in stilettos) with Dalmar @missconceptionsociety for more 📸 #TIFF

Live yo life, 🐥

Mustard, ketchup and our hot dawg @jessicatylerofficial @lukebilyk 💋

Family: "Won't you be scared to stay in the countryside by yourself?" My response: ... I'm #TheGirlyNinja @missconceptionsociety #Karate #Ballet #SelfDefense #ShadowBoxing #Sword #BoStaff #unleashthebeast #longweekendofsolitude

So anxious to get the portraits @kestincornwall shot and painted for me. 🙏🏽✨I've always wanted some art to remember my 25th year on this planet. THANK YOU for your talent and vision. I will forever be a fan of your work.

Los Angeles, California

#Eclipse day🙏🏽✨ 📜 Excerpt from my diary- "Shed the old, create the new. A NEW YEAR for light-workers. Meditate for one hour today, tap into the frequency. Receive your msgs. New chapter starting. Nature is medicine and sanity. Go to it. Rebalance. Reground. Eclipse brings mind, body, soul download of your next human software upgrade. TODAY! Tomorrow, you'll be more powerful than you were today, get it guurl. Be ready for it. Focus on love and light. On what you want, not what you don't want. Be present. NOW. The Age of Aquarius. Do you, boo." 📸: @baariksgallery @missconceptionsociety

Planet Earth

Ancestors align, crystal clear sign. Forces combine, whisper in mine, the concept of time, how the planets shine in line. Woke af, take a deep breath. Show me once more, the door to abundance galore. 📸:@baariksgallery @missconceptionsociety


Twenty Five. What a time to feel alive. Strive to arrive, thrive on my own, Dive to my hive, take a seat in my throne. Banking for the memoire, so throw me a bone, Power so magic, turn a house to a home. But as above, so below- close the door when you go. Ranking high with joys and noise, find me in my chambers, playing with toys. No time to be coy, no patience for your ploys, want a private show? Be a good boy. Oh me! Omen. I will, I can. Angel guides expand the plan. Feminine aggression mixed with potions of possession, baby feel free to release all intention. Masculine mystery, alchemy exists to me, let's combine chemistry to make our history. Chakras charged, ready to play.. maybe you will make me want to stay one day. Goddess glow will flow and flow, but if I dare, just let me go. I am pure fire, stardust and more, Sit back, relax, and watch me soar, Twenty five, no time to snore. Twenty Five... what a time to feel alive. -mls 📸: @baariksgallery @missconceptionsociety 📜Excerpt from my personal diary.

Los Angeles, California

As far as my minds eye can see, I will be your devotee. Himalayan got me prayin, you and I will rise up slayin, one day we will finally meet. Destroyer, transformer of land and sea, by your side I will bow on my knees. A Shankar just as you are, reflection of a bright star I'm just sayin, I hope you agree. 📸: @baariksgallery @missconceptionsociety #Day4 #Shiva #Shankar

West Hollywood, California

Mister with the pistol won't you drop it and pick up a crystal? Flower power going sour by the hour, don't make her cry, open up your third eye. Ancient signs to believe, Mother Earth just needs to breath, don't choke her with hate and fumes, give love thanks and peace or we'll all be doomed. -mls 📸: @baariksgallery 📜@missconceptionsociety #Day3 #TheArtOfYou

West Hollywood, California

"Traveller of dimensions, release your intentions, pour me a drink, you better think quick, take me for a ride, to the ascended side." -MLS 📸:@baariksgallery 📜@missconceptionsociety #TheArtofYou

"Aura strong and bright, kundalini thick and right. I crown you my night knight delight." - MLS @missconceptionsociety 📸: @baariksgallery

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