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Santa Monica, California

Strutting into #Tuesday like.. 💁🏽‍♀️ I feel beyond grateful for the blue skies, green grass, mountains & Ocean. California, I love you. ☀️

Studio City Hills

Jumping into Monday like.. 🙆🏽‍♀️ #GrandRising #California

Los Angeles, California

Obsessed with my #antiinflammatorydiet #GutMakeover 🌹I’ve spent the past few months diving deep into my health & inner beauty; having food as medicine, to create a balanced environment to host my microbiome. (I pictured it like my gut garden was now designed like a Victorian classic tea party event 😂) Last year I had my lightbulb moment 💡: My body is my temple, my soul’s home for this lifetime, I want it to be happy and thriving for many, many years. It deserves only the best. That includes feelings, thoughts & actions. “I am what I eat?!” Note to self- add natural, powerful, & conscious to my grocery list.” 😅 My research period made me realize that much of our modern culture is based around activities that set our bodies back: restaurants, drinks, late nights etc. So in order to achieve my personal goals, I required a conscious energy shift and most importantly, self restraint. I’m all about living your life to its fullest and creating the most badass memories, but I wanted to fully detox & reset my body the way my instinct was guiding me to. Even if it meant a period of meditation, isolation and retrospection. My soul craved attention toward prioritizing my needs and catering to the choices that suit my wellbeing. I recognized that in order to be my best for others, I had to begin with 🙋🏽‍♀️. The commitment to self is one like no other, if you cheat, you only cheat yourself. Only you can decode your gut’s instincts aka your personal life manual. To quiet the noise and simplify the process was the lesson I needed to learn. It’s all about balance and stages of growth and no two people are alike. Follow. YOUR. Gut. Of course, each day is full of temptations and lessons, but I wish to prioritize thriving. I feel passionately about healing yourself from the inside, out. I still have a looong ways to go on my journey but I’ve learnt a lot in the process which I wanted to share. After many sweet msgs & questions, yo gurl will be posting a Gut Makeover Guide (after #mercuryretrograde of course) Until then, inbox or comment any questions or hot topics you want us to explore! It ain’t always sexy info, but I think it’s important to #LoveyourGuts!

Los Angeles, California

Caption this expression... 😂

Los Angeles, California

A dash of #Guyanese Spice. 🌴

Los Angeles, California

All charged up from the Magic hour sunset & full Moon energy. My heart is full. 🙏🏽 Grateful to experience another wild year on Planet Earth. Thank you for the 💘! #Film

Los Angeles, California

Strutting out of Bev Hills w @winstonzechariah like..

Los Angeles, California

Honey, I’m home.

Feliz Navidad from Cancun! (Excuse the mismatched scarf I wrapped around for the pic 😅)


Blessed by the Sun Gods🙏🏽☀️

I am no longer the diva of the family. #Rockstar Baby. Happy 1st Bday Maya! 💜

The Savoy

Someone thought he was @boygeorgeofficial 😂

Savoy Hotel

🇬🇧💋 From @dreamgirlsldn to the @savoygrill w my love & my auntie, last night was one for the books. 🙏🏽

London, United Kingdom

Auntie Mindy’s favourite mini Brits. ❤️ @themummystylist is blogger goals. Give them a follow! 😍

Kings Place

Sell yo show, not yo soul. 💁🏽 #ContentLondon #ProducerInTraining

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Feeling blessed to be in my favorite city for the 2018 #ContentLondon summit 🇬🇧

🎶 Girls just wanna play with knives 🎵⚔️

Baby bottle pop.

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