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Знаменитый американский горнолыжник, олимпийский чемпион 2010 года в суперкомбинации, 4-кратный чемпион мира, двукратный обладатель Кубка мира в общем зачёте.
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❄️⛷Happy Campers

Sibling rivalry starts young.....so does learning how to crash like your father

My little shredders

If I can't ski, then I may as well do the next best thing and play golf at @pelicanhillresort

California sledding! Merry Christmas from my family to yours 🎄

When your brother in law is in town and your wife says you can go golfing, you go and take what you can get #MerryChristmas #SunnyCalifornia

My baby girl, Emeline Grier #BabyEmmy Named after my grandmother who is still rockin' it in her 90's

It was an amazing day for the Miller family yesterday as we welcomed our baby girl

Sometimes you have just have to take matters into you own hands. #diy #seeyouontheslopes

Happy Wednesday. Good luck getting over the hump #humpday #seeyouontheslopes #iamaztech

"Digging" this #BellyArtProject book. Awesome that they let me participate

Great week (and week ahead) for me and the Aztech Team. We’re back at @peskolenzerheide @harrodsman #Ertlrenz @barneysjapan @edifice.jp If you are out and about the team would love to meet you and show you our newest winter collection. And if you are not near any of these stores check out the whole range at www.aztechmountain.com #seeyouontheslopes #iamaztech

Best caddie ever

Check out Lion’s Heart @LionsHeartService. A great organization for teens to give back and volunteer in their communities! #volunteering #teenleaders #teenvolunteers #socialgood #causes #dogood #communityservice #serviceincommunity #socialchange #nonprofit #philanthropy #giveback #teens #volunteer #community

Here in NYC for a media tour to announce my joining as a co-owner of apparel company Aztech Mountain @aztechmountain. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this brand. I am going to be Chief Innovation Officer, and we have made it our mission to bring the best gear and brand experience to our customers on and off the mountain. #seeyouontheslopes #iamaztech

Can anyone tell me what this word says? #pregnantwifeshoppinglist

Product testing via the sunroof @teslamotors @osbe_helmets @aztechmountain 🖒

Why don't we have names like poo holes in skiing? #pujols

From baby of the fam to big brother!

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