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Hey kitty gurl #meow 🐱

Workin on somethin cool for y'all💖😏

Ima still live ma life #sorrynotsorry #stillcutetho 🤷🏿‍♀️

My momma, grandma, and aunties all hangin out for mothers day!🌸 Seeing all these generations of hard-working black women all together makes me so proud. Thank you gma for raising my momma and thank you momma for raising my crazy self. Everyday I wake up and feel so blessed to have such forward thinking, supportive, strong, hilarious women in my life. Happy late Mothers Day!💋💕

Friday was pretty fantastic. Celebrated 2 wins, my friend @itsarifitz for bein recognized by @outwebfest and my friend @kensadork for surviving another year of life! Plus, ran into @gigigorgeous on the pink carpet and got some of the cutest candid shots (we're laughing cause our legs were bout to give out from standing so stiffly lmao). Also, showin off a bit of #harajukustyle with my @misskika jacket! My skin isn't the best but bitch if i aint glowing!!! No damn acne finna keep me down👊🏿 Lastly, i called my mom for mothers day and if you wanna see her just check my profile lol💋

Things Phyllis and Cynthia did: T H A T. Watch them wreak havoc at @playlistlive on @soundlyawake's channel!💋👵🏻👳🏿‍♀️

Peep dat areola 😏 📸by @papermagazine

Thanks to everyone for sayin HEY to me at @rupaulsdragcon! Loved seein yalls looks!!!💕💕💕 New #HAUL video today of all the stuff I got PLUS some vlog footage. Click dat link in my bio to see more!💋#rupaulsdragcon

bout to go on the #ACUVEMAINSTAGE @playlistlive for todays #LGBT panel!!! Check it✨‬

First @playlistlive panel✅ S L A Y E D

Like mother like son I guess! 👯✨

NEW WEAVE WEVIEW💁🏿✨ on dis 30in Brazilian hurr. I made this one all by myself wit some bundles and a @malibudollface tutorial💋 See more in my bio! #ad #WeaveWeview

MIJU VAN salon

StoryTime: How I Stole @iisuperwomanii's Wig!!! Lmao jus playin, but for real a Weave Weview™ is comin at ya soon💋 📸 @timaloveslemons

Los Angeles Convention Center

destinys children™ @rupaulsdragcon Tag urself. Im my hip pads🙃

RuPaul's DragCon 2017

My feet are bleeding but its for fashion so its ok✨ @rupaulsdragcon #dragcon #rupaulsdragcon

Ur a winna baby👸🏿✨#rupaulsdragcon @rupaulsdragcon


Curry House Restaurants West L.A.

Was gonna go to tha ice cream museum but its booked till june so we just went to curry house lol. Still a good day henny💖

reading mean hate comments wit da lovely @stef.sanjati! I cant believe dat shes never seen that iconic movie😭

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