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MIJU VAN salon

Me waitin for my boyfriend, Dick💕 📸 @ivanbaaaaah Sailor Moon purse from @samantha.thavasa.info @isetanaccessories

#Kawaii outfits (except dat black one) from @dollskill!🌸Watch me werk em out✨ link in mah bio~💕

Cmon and SLAM. I like green eggs and HAM🏀 New vid out today abut YouTubes "restricted mode" 👀 link in da bio binch

Looks for @timaloveslemons birthday dinner🌸 Happy bday bishhh!!!🎉 I have to show yall our matching outfits haha #pastelpink #redhead ignore my swatches those LA Girl liquid lipsticks are no joke😭

Doin tha TT dance wit my gurl @kimchi_chic! New vid on my channel where I put her thru #kpopbootcamp! Link in my bio✨

Are yall ready for this video tomorrow? Cause i wasnt ready to be SNATCHED BALD😩 @kimchi_chic #KPopBootcamp

Happy bday to my beautiful Grandma wit da good teef!💕 She always readin me, keepin me in check, and lovin me from miles away. Love you so much gma!!!🎉

It was so gorg outside the other day🌸✨ (also dyed my hair)

When Rosa Parks said "you thought!!!" #internationalwomensday @thynative

Singing U.S. songs like #KPop Stars in my new video! Link in my bio😛 (Can ya'll guess who this is?)

MIJU VAN salon


Thank you @devinmarsss for this awesome digital art and your kind words💖 I want some purple hair like dis now haha! Please go and show them some love y'all!💕

Before and After of the @thehanacure face mask! Watch it tighten my face in my review, link in my bio💕 #dothedrew #hanacure #hanacureeffect

Had fun at the Queertys tonight💋

Aspen Mountain (Colorado)

"hello! we are your cohosts @amberscloset and @kylekriegerhair" "And I'm a hoe named Miles😘" NEW VLOG on MilesJaiVlog hunties✨ last day of #aspengayskiweek #logosnowdays

this is what i get for tryin to be cute while chuggin a jagerbomb💀

You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her. ...My uber is 2 minutes away Sarah.

Ive been having really good skin lately! A month or so ago I decided to check out @laseraway cause they offered free skin treatment and i got one that minimizes pores. It hurt like a binch and ive got the vlog to prove it (i could smell my skin burning omfg). No major results cause it was only one treatment! It hurt a lil too much for me😖 #ad #nofilter

Hope your Valentine is good enough to eat💋 Stranger Valentine. New vid. Link in da bio💃🏿

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