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#2006vs2016 Then: My first time in LA, in a child talent competition called Best New Talent, my first time modeling, looking uncomfortable af. Now: I live in LA, entertaining for a living, uncomfortable only because those heels are a size too small. Never thought about it till now, but I'm truly grateful I lost that competition. Who knows what kinda person I would be now? (Also this pic is from 2003. I looked and I really dont have any photos of myself from 2006. It was dark times yall😂)

Just WENT OFF in my #2NE1 disbandment rant video! YG got me all kinds of fucked up.😒 Link in my bio💕

💕Pretty Boy💕 sweater from @omocat

Got @tyleroakley's new line of glasses with @warbyparker! Did an unboxing on my story🤓 💕Thnx for sendin me a pair bb!💕

🎀pastel pink🎀 @uniwigs #WeaveWeview comin at ya next week! 😘

Mr.Mr. Remix filmed/edited by @linzerdinzer! I've been wanting to make a dance video to this song for forever and now yall can watch it on MilesJaiProductions2! 😈😈😈 Song: Mr.Mr. (Skirt Mashup) Artist: SNSD (Remixed by dangerex)

✨✊🏿Leüks for tonight✊🏿✨

😼m e o w b i n c h😼 #neko #binch #feelinfestive #cantwaitforthisyeartobeover

✨Sleepless nights✨ Thanks for the cute kitty goodies @jetoyusa!💖💖💖

HOW I DID MY MAKEUP IN HIGH SKOO *DRUNK*! Come join me on this wave of war flashbacks. Link in my bio💁🏿✨

Me on my way to the Canadian border ...just a quick vacation. 🇨🇦

Showing off this phenomenal artwork +GIZIBE MODE+ by @sozomaika! The @chaelincl tour was EVERYTHING. She was GETTIN IT. Wish I got the snapchat footage before the concert from @sivagroupent (my phone died shortly thereafter) so I could show yall how lit it was. If you took a pic with me at the show please tag me so I can see yall!💖 #CLTOUR2016

About to GO OFF at CL's concert tomorrow and you know it's gonna be one big room full of bad females at da show so here's +HOW TO: GET READY FOR CL+ Get your tix at CLTOUR2016.COM/MILESJAI and come TURN UP wit me!🔥🔥🔥 .💋

⚡️Storm bOUTTA FUCC SHIT UP⚡️ HUGE thanks to @happytriggerla for taking the photos and making me look cool!!!💕 Tutorial for this look and makeup in my bio!✨

💕crybaby💕 #improvised look for Halloween (since i didnt wanna spray paint my hair again for the Storm cosplay lol)

Gonna be talkin about all things hallyu with @robinsjung @justindkim on @kcontv today @ 6pm PST! Y'all are gonna make sure you make it to da party cause its gon be ✨wild✨! Just look up KCon.TV or "KCon tv" on YouTube to watch!💖 #HallyuWithKConTv

🎃Happy Halloween!🎃 idgaf if its past 12am its still Halloween night and ima go out n do some tricks and get mah treats.

⚡️P U N K S T O R M⚡️ FINALLY properly transformed into one of my fave XMen and the tutorial is LIVE on my channel! Promise you'll be shocked lmao😜 Link in my bio💁🏿✨ 🎃 #HappyHalloween 🎃 📸 @timaloveslemons #storm #xmen

✨🇯🇵take me back to Tokyo🇯🇵✨ 📸 @ivanbaaaaah

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