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2 other men stopped (one guy literally pulled over right in front of me) to get a picture of me in front of this pink tree while I was filming. It’s beautiful I guess🌸

I kno errybody wants smooth skin pero like lets be realistic. Middle school, high school, puberty, in addition to being fem, black, AND lgbt? Bitch thats no small battle and I wear the scars on my face. I healed a lot since then though, and this is my personal best and hopefully my new normal! I will be trying all the highlighters I desire. Havin porous skin aint gonna stop me from trying shit sis. I’m living the life I missed when I was in high school and loving it. Let me LIVE!💃🏿 Go ahead and comment on my skin and scars. I’m sure you’ve got your own war you’re fighting and hopefully your scars won’t end up on your face (but keep trying me sis and we’ll fix that🙃 lol) . . . also this isnt directed at anyone in particular. i was just inspired and wanted to put some self love on the TL lol.

new video tutorial thingy on how i cut this hair🌸link in bio✨

new video about why i went MIA on YT and talking about my new years resolutions! Come get ret wit meh🌸✨link in bio

best nine for ‘17✨ “it just dont get any better” -Mariah Carey


note to self: dont open your mouth when confetti is falling from the sky. 🤢 @soundlyawake

a woman👩🏻 and an alien👽 at @thecommodoreclub

Don’t smile because it happened, smile because our time here on Earth is finite and you could literally die at any second🌸✨

jus like CANDAYYYY🍭🍬🍫✨

wanna find out why i jumped on top of a moving car? watch todays latest and last @fotld episode🤘🏿🔥

‪hey yall! got questions? need shitty advice? send me ya name and numbah on my new email callmilesjai@gmail.com and i might ring you up! come with a question prepared💖‬


from weave weview to red carpet💚 with @revrytv #trevorLIVE photo by @newlymilo 💚

its that time of year again💚link in bio💚

Heaux! Heaux! Heaux!💚new weave weview tomorreaux💚 @chochair_official

a rough night, but make it fashion💖 photo by @realtalk2010 ✨

where wigs come to die☠️ photography by @realtalk2010 💖

‪u mudafukaz want a makeup tutorial?! check my snapchat👻milesjai 💃🏿✨ (oh and maybe a new weave weview/wig tutorial soon?😏)‬

another one for the culture🌸✨

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