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Aspen Mountain (Colorado)

"hello! we are your cohosts @amberscloset and @kylekriegerhair" "And I'm a hoe named Miles😘" NEW VLOG on MilesJaiVlog hunties✨ last day of #aspengayskiweek #logosnowdays

this is what i get for tryin to be cute while chuggin a jagerbomb💀

You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her. ...My uber is 2 minutes away Sarah.

Ive been having really good skin lately! A month or so ago I decided to check out @laseraway cause they offered free skin treatment and i got one that minimizes pores. It hurt like a binch and ive got the vlog to prove it (i could smell my skin burning omfg). No major results cause it was only one treatment! It hurt a lil too much for me😖 #ad #nofilter

Hope your Valentine is good enough to eat💋 Stranger Valentine. New vid. Link in da bio💃🏿

Makeup tutorial coming tonight... #StrangerValentines #vday

new video where i share with you my struggle growin up white in black america💁🏿✨ link in my bio! In other news, wow i actually love how short hair looks on me😍 #blackhistorymonth

So my roomie @gabrielgastelum just released the most iconic photos of me on his website that u absolutely need to see😍 ✨(gabriel-gastelum.com/2017/01/milesjai/)✨

Get my one of a kind kawaii cookie made by @pinchofbrownsugar! Its strawberry shortbread jam filled sweetness with a lil sprinkles on top✨ Head on over to http://www.vanessaparish.com/creatorcookieclub and get these cookies before she runs out! Coupon code MilesJai for 10% off!💖

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday friends!💖 Today, we party🎉🎉🎉

Who said Mary Jane cant be black??? 🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋 (hair from @uniwigs)

Thanks to @logotv for puttin @kylekriegerhair @amberscloset and i up in Aspen for #aspengayskiweek and #logosnowdays! HAD US ELEVATED 🙌🏿 Cant wait for you guys to see all the wild footage we captured!💋 (photo from @deflippers)

Bye bye Aspen👋🏿💕

Top of Aspen Mountain 11,212 ft

TOP OF DA MOUNTAIN PARTY wit @logotv ! Check my instastory (or snap: milesjai) for updates! #aspengayskiweek #logosnowdays Photo by @amberscloset 💕

Aspen Mountain

Snow Pussy😽💕 photo by @britterst #LogoSnowDays @logotv #AspenGaySkiWeek

Aspen Mountain

The view is vreat vrom vup vhere 😍 #LogoSnowDays #AspenGaySkiWeek @logotv @kylekriegerhair @amberscloset

‪kawaii winter fantasy❄️ (day 1) for #AspenGaySkiWeek with @LogoTV #LogoSnowDays ‬

Servin Winter Weave Wealness with @amberscloset and @kylekriegerhair for @logotv!💖💖💖 #logosnowdays #aspengayskiweek

Last night at @avagordy's fancy bday party i met my purse twin @starline! Artemis and Luna unite!🌙

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