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Bye bye Aspen👋🏿💕

Top of Aspen Mountain 11,212 ft

TOP OF DA MOUNTAIN PARTY wit @logotv ! Check my instastory (or snap: milesjai) for updates! #aspengayskiweek #logosnowdays Photo by @amberscloset 💕

Aspen Mountain

Snow Pussy😽💕 photo by @britterst #LogoSnowDays @logotv #AspenGaySkiWeek

Aspen Mountain

The view is vreat vrom vup vhere 😍 #LogoSnowDays #AspenGaySkiWeek @logotv @kylekriegerhair @amberscloset

‪kawaii winter fantasy❄️ (day 1) for #AspenGaySkiWeek with @LogoTV #LogoSnowDays ‬

Servin Winter Weave Wealness with @amberscloset and @kylekriegerhair for @logotv!💖💖💖 #logosnowdays #aspengayskiweek

Last night at @avagordy's fancy bday party i met my purse twin @starline! Artemis and Luna unite!🌙

Tried to do more of a hologram look, but i turned into an ❄️ICE KWEEN❄️ instead lol. New video coming (late tonight😘)!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Lashes- @sugarpill Lip- sugarpill x @kimchi_chic liquid lipstick collab Iridescent eyeshadow from sugarpill as well Sugarpill slayin the fuck outta my face

❤️redhead fantasy❤️ hair by @uniwigs! Enter MILES10 to get a 10% discount on any of their wigs💋

Just made a qwik 2016 year in review on mah channel! Yall are gonna gag when u see what i got planned for you next😈 link in my bio!💕💕💕REATY FO 2017💕💕💕

🎊ringin in the new year sick af🎊 i rly wanted to see friends n party but my body had other plans. Guess 2016 had to have the last word that bitch. 😷 watevs at least i felt good enough to put makeup on tonight. ✨Happy New Year binches✨ (On da lips: @sugarpill - trinket. Stuff smells so good like omg)

🎅🏿🎄sleighing with @timaloveslemons on Christmas🎄🎅🏿

🎄🎅🏿Christmas Family Portrait🎅🏿🎄 (and surprise my broda @betaserver is in town) @soundlyawake @kensadork @timaloveslemons

Looking forward to Christmas break cause all this awful news got me feelin like my insides are rotten💀 Hope y'all are havin a cuter monday than i am💕💕💕💕💕

Watch the making of this hurr on my snapchat!👻milesjai #harajuku #unicornhair

Turned my grey unit into this pastel unicorn fantasy!🦄✨ she was gettin crusty so she needed an upgrade lol

Met and chatted with the beautiful @kat_blaque last week! It was nice to see you while i wasnt dyin lol💕 #MermaidsMeeting

I didnt post today so here's a close up of muh face💁🏿✨ tbh this marks a major accomplishment for me in the kawaii eyes dept. i been tryna perfect this simple look 5EVER and i am THOROUGHLY SATISFIED with how it turned out!💕 👀👌🏿

Just got out of the shower and the camera just turned on. #WelcomeToMyCaucasianHome Copying @patrickstarrr cause i loved his blond bombshell look and i had to try it✨

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