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happy #friendsgiving🌸✨

lol issa outtake! feeling my WHOLE entire oats in my newest video🖤 a sex toy review with a hint of fashion~✨ link in bio!

im a housewife. alone in her boudoir. about to shove man-made devices in my orifices for fun. link in bio🌸✨

when will my prince come... photography by @realtalk2010 🌼

she’s demure. she’s a lady. she’s hungry. photography by @realtalk2010 🌼

...my PostMates™️ never arrived. 👿 photography by @realtalk2010 🌼

bouncin to da shit in my new weave weview.💋 promise im not dead im just using my inside voice cause i was filmin late lol 💖link in bio💖

🖤glamour girl🖤 📸 by @davidelaffe #snapoutofit

Lets talk about my new YTRed show, and recap October🎃new chill #grwm on my channel🖤link in bio🖤

looking for my postmates™️ to arrive✨ photography by📸 @realtalk2010

im ready fo mah close up mr dubois 🎀 photography by📸 @realtalk2010

step into my budoir💖 photography by📸 @realtalk2010

Wednesday night, thanks to the photographer @davidelaffe , i met @meagangood in Mickys Weho and she was lovely.✨ She asked me “So when are you performing?” I said “Oh gurl I’m not.” “So you just walking around...” “Yeah honey jus bein cute. Speaking of I have to say, youre absolutely gorgeous” “You too!” Lmao its always wild when you see someone you grew up watching on TV.💖 thanks to @thehouseofavalon for hosting and inviting me to yet another fucking amazing party! ✨

BITE ME💋 new scary trailer on my channel😈 link in my bio✨

photo of the year from #youtubeblack 💋💃🏿 @team2moms_ebony’s face thanks for the energy aunty💖😩🙌🏿

who has been watchin my new YT Red show Fight of the Living Dead? Lemme tell u honey I pop tf off in it so you DO NOT wanna miss it. Befo you say “i cant afford that” did u kno that you can get a month of YT Red free? If you already used that free trial den idk what to tell u. Maybe I’ll do a storytime? Until then, Paradise is callin hunty😏💋 #paradisecalls #fotld #ytredoriginals

Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood

And i bid u adieu ole Halloween month🎃✨ Had the perfect night at #HHN wit da squad last week! Got to do all the haunted houses and a ride🖤 (still boutta push out more halloweenie videos doe lol)

FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD IS OUT!!! Watch da first two episodes for free now!!! Link in my bio~ #fotld

Looks for Fight of the Living Dead premiere💀💋 #fotld #googlepopup

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