Георгий Миланов


Болгарский футболист, полузащитник российского ЦСКА и сборной Болгарии.
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La Paparrucha Restaurante Argentino

Lisbon District

🇧🇬Together for Bulgaria🇧🇬!!! @s.slavchev

Bulgaria - Sweden 3:2 🇧🇬🔝

Sofia, Bulgaria

Благодаря за подкрепата!❤️🇧🇬 Велика България🇧🇬🔝⭐️

Moscow, Russia

🐝🐜🦋 😂

спасибо за поддержку ❤️💙

Победители ❤️💙🔝⭐️😂 @mariofernandes2 @vittinho @bibras @berezutskiy24 😜

Many things may change in life, but one of those that will last forever for me is the true friendship. When I came to CSKA M four years ago, I knew I would play with great players, but I didn't expect one of them to become like a brother to me. Zoran Tosic always knew how to help me, he was there for me through the difficult times, and for the good moments filled with lots of laugh too. I appreciate every opportunity I've had to play with him, because I've learned a lot and he is still one of the greatest examples of a professional player who gives his heart on the field and always knows how to motivate the rest of the team to achieve a win. That's why he is an unforgettable champion, loved by so many fans and one of my best friends forever. Good luck on your next successful adventure, my bro - you know you always can rely on me!🍀👍🏻🥇 @tosiczoran7

With the one and only LEGEND!!! ❤️

Готови сме 😂🔝👍💪🏻

Представяне на новата книга на Христо Стоичков - "Как да печелим във футбола"

Българи юнаци 🇧🇬



W Barcelona

#workout #wbarcelona 💪🏻

W Barcelona


Христос воскресе! С праздником! ❤💙

First training 🔝👍👌❤💙

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