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Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известная по ролям Саманты Мичелли в ситкоме «Кто здесь босс?»
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#mintedholiday cards. ❤️🎄

My proudest accomplishment is the way in which my children love each other.

Necker Island

So much love and appreciation to Richard Branson, the Virgin Unite team and Business Chicks for this journey. It was emotional. Not only for the good we were able to brainstorm but also, for the deep emotional connections made. So much more yet to do. And I look forward to it all. I miss my new friends already. Thank you for giving me a safe space to share. And thank you for inspiring me to keep going. I’ll never forget this trip.

🏍 🦄

Repost @moveon: Last year we shared Cyntoia Brown’s story with this artwork by @janaillustration. On Thursday, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that she can’t become eligible for release from prison until she’s served more than five decades. This is atrocious. We need justice for her. In 2004, a 16 year old runaway named Cyntoia Brown was picked up in Nashville, Tennessee, by a forty-three year old man who planned to have sex with her in exchange for money. At the time, Cyntoia was living in a motel room with an adult male pimp, Cut-throat, who had been prostituting her and violently abusing her sexually, mentally, and physically, while also providing her with drugs. Late that night, as Cyntoia was lying naked in the bed with the man who had picked her up for sex, her paranoia growing from the drugs and abuse she had suffered, Cyntoia became convinced that the man intended to cause her bodily harm. She fired one bullet at the man, killing him. She then picked up some items to bring back to her pimp so she would not be beaten. She drove the man’s car to a Wal-Mart parking lot and walked back to her pimp’s motel room. Cyntoia was quickly arrested, charged as an adult, and convicted of first degree murder. She was sentenced to a life sentence (60 years in prison), and will be required to serve 51 calendar years before she can be considered for parole. Since 2004, Cyntoia has been working diligently to make amends for her crime. Today, Cyntoia is an incredibly intelligent, compassionate, and resilient young woman. She recently graduated with an Associates of Arts degree with a GPA of 4.0 from Lipscomb University's LIFE Program (Lipscomb Initiative For Education), and she will soon earn her Bachelor's degree from Lipscomb. As she has progressed in her rehabilitation, Cyntoia has served as a beacon of light in the prison environment. She has helped other inmates earn their GEDs, worked in various meaningful jobs, and encouraged those around her to be their best selves. She has maintained meaningful relationships with positive mentors in the community, many of whom feel that they have become better people through their friendship with Cyntoia. #FreeCyntoiaBro

Repost @ocasio2018: #SoCallMeRadical. (Posted this to my IG story, but some of you wanted to keep it - so here it is.)

She has good taste.

Repost @emmylou_loves: Just Be You As much as I love body positivity I also love body awareness. • Today on stories in the middle of a hotel buffet breakfast I was speaking about how you don’t have to hate your body to want to change it. As much as I look at this picture and feel beautiful and proud. I also feel a bit of fear, I don’t want to get diabetes nor die of heart disease. • I know as beautiful as my body with all its curves and stretch marks, there is still the subject of visceral fat surrounding my organs that I need to address. • Even though I have a lapband I have found my diet is worse then ever since the procedure. The last few weeks I have been focusing on cleaning it up and it’s made me feel so much better. • You guys often comment on my confidence and positive nature and I love you for seeing me. But it’s the raw beauty of being able to see what it is you want to change or go after in life that gives you all the feels. It’s not the confidence you are after it’s the courage xx ✌🏼 • Ps- as if I would do a bra and undies shot without a good dose of fake tan... I might have courage but I’m still just a tad vain 😂

'Tis the season for giving and spreading love & positivity. I've teamed up with @civettala jewelry to give away a $200 gift card to choose your favorite styles to wear good vibes all year-round (the #Citrine gemstone is a personal favorite!). Tag 2 friends below and follow @civettala to enter - ends 12/7. Photo: @leialohacreative #jewelry


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Obligatory December bathing suit shots.

Repost @news4jax: President George H.W. Bush’s service dog, Sully, keeps watch next to the casket. A Bush family spokesman tweeted: “Mission complete.” 🐾🇺🇸 📸: Jim McGrath

My little baseball girl.

Repost @ocasio2018: Serving in Congress is the privilege of a lifetime. Getting healthcare shouldn’t be. It’s well past time for #MedicareForAll.


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