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Американская горнолыжница, олимпийская чемпионка 2014 года, двукратная чемпионка мира в слаломе, многократная победительница этапов Кубка мира. Специализируется в слаломе и гигантском слаломе.
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Hey, hey! NBC is airing my season so far at 3pm ET this afternoon! Then stay tuned to watch @wilsfreestyle and @morganschild podium in yesterday’s moguls World Cup at Lake Placid at 4:30pm 😉🤗👊🏼⛷💨 📷: @agencezoom

Congrats to this girl @hansdotterfrida for the outstanding performance tonight. It was really a pleasure to watch her fearless skiing. Also congrats @ninaloeseth and @wendyholdener for the fast skiing. Pretty hard to believe that I managed to sneak on that podium tonight 😬, but I'm happier with my effort and skiing on second run and happy I have a 3rd place to show for it! #onwards #iam #keeplearning

"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights" -Muhammad Ali #TBE We'll be dancing under the lights tonight in Flachau! Wanna watch?Here's the live stream info (much more reasonable times for those watching back home 🙈) TUESDAY, 1/10 Flachau, Austria – Slalom Run 1, 11:45am ET, Live Stream Link: http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbc/olympics?pid=29223 Run 2, 2:45pm ET, Live Stream Link: http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbc/olympics?pid=29230 Full Broadcast Coverage: Universal HD, 10:00pm ET Live streaming available on NBCsports.com/Live and the NBC Sports app, which is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Roku Channel Store, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

@tinamaze83 made her retirement race today. Not gonna lie I was fighting back tears watching her ski down. She has been such an inspiration for me for many years. Congrats girl, on an amazing career. Also congrats @tessaworley @laragutofficial @iamsofiagoggia for the fast skiing today 👍🏻⛷💨. I wasn't quite tough enough to get on the podium but the speed and consistency is coming so cheers to that! #sheskis #weareskiing #givesyouwings #liveyours #ambassadorofelegance

For anyone who wants to watch us race this weekend, here is the schedule! SATURDAY, 1/7 Giant Slalom – Run 1, 3:15am ET / Run 2, 6:00am ET Live Stream Link: http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbc/olympics?pid=29200 ****Full Broadcast Coverage (Live Coverage 2nd Run): NBSCN, 6:00am ET SUNDAY, 1/8 Slalom – Run 1, 3:15am ET / Run 2, 6:00am ET Live Stream Link: http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbc/olympics?pid=29213 ****Full Broadcast Coverage (Live Coverage 2nd Run): NBSCN, 6:00am ET (Live streaming available on NBCsports.com/Live and the NBC Sports app, which is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Roku Channel Store, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.)

Watching the second run of today's slalom on tv reminded me of the days last winter doing rehab on my knee back at home. Never fun to watch a race that you wanted to ski, but sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way. Congrats @veronikavelezzuzulova , #snowqueen you deserve that win. Also congrats @petravlhova13 and @sarkastrachova #backtowork

Zagreb is today!! Heres the info if you guys want to watch! Slalom - Run 1, 7am ET / Run 2, 10:15am ET Live Stream Link: NBCSports.com/Live AND there will be Full LIVE Broadcast Coverage of the 2nd run on NBSCN at 10:00am ET! #herewego #weareskiing #givesyouwings #zagreb

🌟enchanted forest 🌟 Zagreb, my old friend, how do you do?

New Years resolution #1 start the New Year with an epic night of sleep. Going to bed at 8:45 therefore I have no fun #NYE pics to post so I'll leave you with another skiing shot- I'm pretty excited because I'm finally starting to see some photos of good turns from my GS races! (It's the little things.. 😉) Anywhooo, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to life, dedication, happiness, frustration, love, laughter, crying, smiling, and hopefully a few more sweet skiing shots 🙃. Alright 2016. We out. @agencezoom #weareskiing #givesyouwings

Wanna crush your New Year's resolutions this year? Check out Oakley Radar Pace, the first-ever pair of sunglasses that are built to support, track, and coach you as you workout. #OakleyRadarPace #liveyours @oakleyskiing @oakleywomen #ad

I remember when I was younger, I wanted so desperately to be able to fly- well, this is the closest I will ever get. (Besides being in an airplane of course). To finish off the last three days with a victory in slalom was incredible. It was a big fight yesterday, and I told myself- "Grit your teeth and make this last race of 2016 something you can be really proud of- not because you won, but because you skied with your head free and your heart full." It's not even about the hat trick, or the records, or any of that for me. It's about finally starting to embrace the fight. I'm so proud of that. And I'm so proud if my team- my coaches, my serviceman, my sponsors- for trusting in me and my philosophy and allowing me to go on a bit of a different path, because I believe it will pay off. They put so much into this every day. They are the unsung hero's and I can't express how much I appreciate what they do. Thank you @zauberberg_semmering for a special week, and thank you to all the fans of ski racing who bring such an incredible atmosphere to our races. ❤ 2016. Happy New Year! Bring it on 2017 👊🏼. #threeinarow #sheskis #givesyouwings 🎥: @usskiteam

Oddly enough, I can't think of anything to say right now. So for now I'll just say goodnight 😎☺️ #weareskiing #liveyours #givesyouwings #threeinarow @agencezoom

These past two days were something special for me. Super happy to take the next step with my GS in having more confidence in myself. I don't expect everything to work out perfectly now, but I was psyched to put some fight out there in tough conditions 👊🏼 Congrats @viktoria_rebensburg and again @tessaworley ! Also wishing strong recoveries to @mariapietilaholmner and @tainabarioz Injury is the worst part of this sport. 💔 #comebackstronger @agencezoom Now, it's time for some slalom, baby. 😈

I saw only two footprints in the sand Thought you'd abandoned me and Let go of my hand But you were carrying me Carrying me to safety, Two footprints, Your footprints in the sand. 💝 #wintercame #weareskiing #givesyouwings @agencezoom

Because napping is the real priority 😴. Wow what a day! Finally I fought for it in the second run and it felt great! Congrats to @tessaworley for another podium and @manuelamoelgg now you have to add a new apartment to the Mölgg residence! Also crossing my fingers for @mariapietilaholmner the real hero of the day walking off the course after that crash #sportsmanship 😥! So onto tomorrow- new race, new fight, new chance to fly. #sirnapsalot #woohoo #givesyouwings #sheskis

Happy Sunday everyone! Oh and Merry Christmas too 👍🏻🎁🎉🎊🎉🎊💝🎄🌟💫❄️

A couple days ago I visited the Reusch headquarters to check out my new signature gloves for next season- so excited about them! Want to win a pair of my current signature gloves? Head over to @reusch_brand and follow the instructions! Good luck! #reuschbrand #challengeaccepted

Signing autographs, drawing bibs, and other shenanigans with these shenaniganers (don't tell me that's not a word). Thanks for the hat @bigtruckbrand ! 😎😈⛷💨 Bib 14 tomorrow! #weareskiing

Ya... I have to agree with that 😍 🍝 • • • • When your dinner table looks like this, you're doing winter right. #Regram from @cheflorenzoboni. #repost @barillaus

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