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Американская горнолыжница, олимпийская чемпионка 2014 года, двукратная чемпионка мира в слаломе, многократная победительница этапов Кубка мира. Специализируется в слаломе и гигантском слаломе.
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It’s gonna take a looooooong time for this to sink in...🥴 Congrats @petravlhova13 for your historic Championships, and @annaswennlarsson for laying it down in front of your home crowd!🎉 I also think it’s necessary to say congrats to @wendyholdener — even if today was not “your day” — for an amazing Champs, for showing the determination to finish your run after that disappointment, and for always bringing your big fight to the slopes💪 #are2019 #weareskiing


One year ago today, I won GS gold medal at the PyeongChang #WinterOlympics. My favorite moment, and maybe the most special memory, was when I actually realized that I had won the gold medal...and the next moments were something special. Surreal, emotional, and almost like I couldn’t believe it was even possible...but then realizing that it was possible and that it actually happened. Scroll ➡️ to relive the moments...moments that will live with me forever. SO thankful! 🙈🥇😭🤗🥳 #throwback @pyeongchang2018

Åre, Sweden

You dream about it, you work for it, but when it works, that’s another feeling entirely🤪🥳🎉. It was a fight tonight for everyone, with very tough conditions and a LOT of wind... it was one of those races where anything could happen and “luck” was changing directions almost as fast as the wind, so to come away from the evening with a medal—well, I think my face says it all ☺️☺️ And it’s not over yet!!🤗🤗 Congratulations as well to @petravlhova13 (Champ🎉!) and @viktoria_rebensburg !!

St. Moritz Ski World Cup

Two years ago...that feeling when you ski through the finish and grab your first World Champs medal in giant slalom. Can’t wait for tomorrow - bib 2!! 🥈😲🙊🤪🤗🤘 📺: 8am on @olympicchannel and 10:30am on @nbcsports @are2019 #weareskiing #sheskis

Racking up the gold for “Stuhec Airways”!! 🥇🥇🥇🥇‼️ Congrats @wendyholdener and the Swiss team on gold in Team Event! Looking forward to more action this week! What about you girls⁉️@federicabrignone, Wendy?? @are2019


Out for a rip, brb 🤪🤩🤘 (📸: @strobljohann) #weareskiing

I have to say, I’m flattered by some recent comments by Bode and Lindsey saying that they think I would have been a contender in 5 events this World Champs. However, as the one who has been trying to race in every discipline this season, and who has won in 5 disciplines this season alone, I can tell you that not a single one of those wins was “easy”. There is no such thing as an easy win. From the outside, people see the records and stats. As I have said, those numbers dehumanize the sport and what every athlete is trying to achieve. What I see is an enormous mixture of work, training, joy, heartache, motivation, laughs, stress, sleepless nights, triumph, pain, doubt, certainty, more doubt, more work, more training, surprises, delayed flights, canceled flights, lost luggage, long drives through the night, expense, more work, adventure, and some races mixed in there. I don’t have the Slalom and GS season titles in the bag, and I don’t have the Slalom or GS World Champs medals in the bag either. The girls are competitive and it’s a fight, every single race. Everyone has their sights set on gold, so to think that I could come in and waltz away with 4 or 5 medals would be a wild miscalculation and honestly disrespectful to the talent and ability of the other athletes, and how much work they have also put into their skiing. At 23, I’m still understanding my full potential as well as my limitations. But I have definitely learned not to let hubris dictate my expectations and goals. My goal has never been to break records for most WC wins, points or most medals at World Champs. My goal is to be a true contender every time I step into the start, and to have the kind of longevity in my career that will allow me to look back when all is said and done and say that – for a vast majority of the duration of my career – I was able to compete and fight for that top step rather than being sidelined by getting burnt out or injured from pushing beyond my capacity. It is clear to me that many believe I am approaching my career in a way that nobody has before, and people don’t really understand it. But you know what?! That is completely fine by me, because I am ME, and no one else.

Åre, Sweden

In honor of @Longines’ #ElegantFriday, I’d like to give away one of my signature “Conquest Chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin” #Longines watches. This watch suits my personality and style so beautifully. I love looking down at my wrist and seeing the sparkly dial - made of aventurine...it just makes me smile. I hope it will make you smile too. Good luck! How To Enter: 1. Follow me and @Longines 👈 2. Like this post 👍 3. Time is a gift. Tag the two people in your life you love to spend the most time with 🕰 I will announce the randomly selected winner at the close of @are2019 on February 17th. This promotion is not endorsed by Instagram. #ad #EleganceIsAnAttitude #LonginesConquest

Åre, Sweden

As a proud Team @visa_us member, I have an exciting announcement to make about the Visa and @usskiteam partnership...😁👏#TeamVisa

Åre, Sweden

Before I left the start gate yesterday, I listened to “Written in the Stars” by @tiniegram and “No Love” by @eminem. They helped to fire me up and get me in the zone…a zone that would lead me to a destination I never dreamed possible. Wow. Super-G World Champion?! I am still a little shocked. Thank you, @bose. And, also, Tinie Tempah and Eminem, I guess. 🎧☺🙃🤪🥴 #TeamBose 📷: @sarahannbrunson/@usskiteam

Åre, Sweden

Wow. 🤪🤪🤪 This is unbelievable on so many levels. It feels too good to be true, like a dream, like I am going to wake up any moment and realize it’s not real... but it is. At the same time, I know how lucky I was today. This race came down to the HUNDREDTHS, and I ran just before the clouds rolled in and the light went out so I was still able to ski how I wanted, and the girls after me did not have that. But sometimes that’s how it goes, and for today, I can just smile, and thank my lucky stars as well as all of the people who have helped me get here. 🙏🏻 Relieved and thankful to see both @lindseyvonn and @lalalaurenne ski away from their crashes today! And Congrats to @iamsofiagoggia and @_corinnesuter_ in this incredibly tight race! • • • Concerning the Alpine Combined - I have been going back and forth on this decision so much, it feels like a game of ping pong in my head🤦‍♀️😂. But my team and I have finally decided that competing in AC will be too much to manage in this World Championships. This season has already been beyond my wildest dreams and it still isn’t over! The most difficult thing through it all has been balancing my desire to race as much as possible with managing my energy levels both physically and mentally and not taking anything for granted. We believe the slalom and GS is where I need to focus my energy now, so for that reason, I will not start AC (or downhill but I think everyone knew that already😂)! Good luck to all of the girls in these next races, and see ya for the GS!🤗🤗🤗

Maribor, Slovenia

I have about a billion and a half thoughts and feelings from yesterday’s race, and I can’t find a way to put ALL of them into words, but I’ll try to share a few! • 1) thank you Maribor, for the great fans, and for battling these warm conditions to give us the best races possible! • 2) congrats to both of these girls @annaswennlarsson and @wendyholdener especially for your really fast skiing the second run! • 3) I am (we all are) so impressed by and happy for @annaswennlarsson for being able to come back after many years off the podium and especially the last heartbreaking race in Flachau, to stay tough and do that skiing and fight onto the podium again! This time it was for real and it wasn’t taken away and we are all so happy for you!👏🏻 • 4) Also congrats @paulamoltzan for another race in the points and again really solid skiing in tough conditions! • 5) It just wasn’t @petravlhova13 ‘s day, but I saw someone took this video/picture from far away when we did not know, and I wanted to share it because Petra has been pushing harder every race this year, in both slalom and GS, and she is forcing everyone else to do the same. One bad day in an amazing season is nothing. #respect • 6) Yesterday I got a lot of questions about my “reaction” after I crossed the finish line in the GS on Friday. People said I looked really disappointed and unhappy - and I want to assure you that is NOT the case. I will try to explain this further in a video but I find it can be really difficult to process everything that has happened in the race immediately after I cross the finish line, and sometimes I need a minute to gather my thoughts, but the camera is there the whole time and you all see the immediate reaction which can be very misinterpreted! Anyway, I just want you all to know that the weekend was spectacular and I was really happy about BOTH races! 🤗 • 7) OK I’ve written way too much now, thanks for reading if you managed to get through all of that, and as always, thank you all for your support! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 (📷: Stanko Gruden @agencezoom ) #weareskiing #sheskis

Maribor, Slovenia

WOW, first time on the GS podium in Maribor! No complaints here! Thanks to all the fans for coming out to cheer in the rain🤗! And congrats as well to @petravlhova13 - nice to share the top step together with you, and @ragmow, back on the podium!! Slalom time tomorrow🥳🤪 📺: 7am EST on @nbcsports Gold and @olympicchannel.com 📷: Stanko Gruden/@agencezoom #goldenfoxtrophy

As many of you know, last summer I made the Maxim Hot 100 list. In the photo we chose, I was wearing my ski jacket along with my Olympic gold and silver medals from PyeongChang…listed among a group of women wearing bikinis. It was a conscious decision for me to show that – as a female athlete – you can be recognized for your sporting achievements rather than just your appearance. I’m not really the prettiest girl out there, but I work hard to achieve my dreams. As a woman competing in sports, it can often feel as though you are being recognized not by your performance, but rather by your looks; whereas for men, “looks” aren’t the focus of the conversation. For me, it’s a good feeling to look nice, but it’s not the focus. I’m one of the fastest out there and I’m proud of my accomplishments in this sport, and that’s what I’d like people to recognize. The Maxim Hot 100 was so awesome to me because it made a statement about not objectifying me because of my gender or appearance, but focusing on my accomplishments in skiing. It’s about finding that equality in a playing field that doesn’t always feel even. With that said, I was so excited to see my sponsor @barillaus continue to stand for equality, as they partnered with artist @olimpiazagnoli, who designed a special edition Spaghetti n°5 box explaining Barilla’s policy towards LGBT rights. I am proud to be an ambassador for a company like Barilla who is a leading force in the topic of equality. Side note - I’ve also had a great training and racing block in Italy the last few weeks and basically just been downing this Barilla every day - you may recall my recent post referring to my “layer of energy”...this should come in handy as I head into the final World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia before @are2019. 🤗🤗🤗 Swipe 👉 to see the Spaghetti n°5 box artwork by Olimpia. 🍝 #ad

Swipe 👉 for a short story of how taking a simple photo in front of a pretty fireplace can quickly escalate into a storyboard of each of my different personalities. 💁‍♀️💃

Right about now I’m feeling about as pale and pasty as anyone could possibly be and I have developed a nice little layer of *energy* after a couple weeks of aggressive Italian pizza and pasta eating🍕🍝...honestly about as far away from this pic as I could possibly be but it gives me hope that one day some part of my skin besides 3 sq inches of my cheeks below my goggles will feel the warmth of the sun again...for now, better bundle up cuz IT COLD out there. 🥶🥶🥶📷: @iamlorenp

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Deciding on my angle of attack...🤔😏👊🏼🤪 ( 📸: @francisbompard )

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

It was a day of many emotions for our team as a whole, one of those days that’s nearly impossible to capture with words! As far as my race goes- I’m just doing my best to keep the standards high, the expectations low, and my smile ON! So far, so good🤗😁😆. Congrats as well to @tina_weirather and @tamara_tippler (sorry for spraying the champagne in your eyes Tami! 🤦‍♀️🙈🙈) • • • Also want to say congrats to @lindseyvonn for so many incredible performances here throughout her career- her final trip down @cortinaclassic was an emotional one, and adds to the list of memories she has made here that I’m sure will be cherished forever🙏🏻 (PC: @spiesserich and @francisbompard )

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