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Американская горнолыжница, олимпийская чемпионка 2014 года, двукратная чемпионка мира в слаломе, многократная победительница этапов Кубка мира. Специализируется в слаломе и гигантском слаломе.
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That moment when... she’s ahead and gaining distance and you can see it all happening and your brain is going whacko trying to figure out how to catch up but it’s not working and the harder you try the more mistakes you make but there is one turn at the end of the course that could make all the difference so you’re just praying that it will make *enough* difference and then you basically blackout and then come to in the finish with the green light flashing 11 hundredths. That is not a lot of time. I mean, REALLY not a lot. I just barely came out on the right side of the light yesterday, and I am really grateful for that. Congrats to the other podium girls @wendyholdener and @petravlhova13 ... and thank you to Petra for this big fight💪💪 #MyThoughtsAreJustOneGiantRunOnSentence 📸 @christophepallot

#giggles (cuz honestly I don’t know what else to say🙊🤪🥴🥳💃😝🙊🙃🤩🤓🤓🤓) • • • Congrats to these girls @tina_weirather and Lara! (and also @mmgagnon for the awesome race- great comeback!💪💪) 📸: @francisbompard @gettyimages

If you told me when I was 10 years old that someday I’d be on a giant billboard in the middle of a big ski resort, I wouldn’t have believed it... then again I also wouldn’t have believed if you told me that I would be able to balance standing with one ski up and no poles so ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE😂😝💃 Thank you @longines for the huge support 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #eleganceisanattitude

Lake Louise Audi FIS Ski World Cup

🙃🌚🙊 When I was a little girl, I wanted to win every discipline, so this is just a dream come true. I figured that at some point in my career I'd be able to win a super-G, but I definitely didn't expect for it to happen this quickly, because there are a lot of things I still need to learn about speed. For that to happen at this point in my career, I'm really over the moon about it. It was just a really exciting, cool, cool day! THANK YOU to the @usskiteam, my family, my serviceman, my sponsors, and ALL OF YOU for your support. Check out my full run with commentary on my Facebook page (link in profile). #WorldCupLakeLouise

Just off the podium today, but it still feels sweet!🤗 Congrats to the queens of the day @nicischmidhofer (X2) @connyhuetter and @michellegisin (X2) !👏🏻👏🏻 Oh, AND @aliweather_ who is moving on UP in da world💪💪💪

Lake Louise Audi FIS Ski World Cup

Downhill is FUN!! 🙈🙃 Tomorrow: Bib 13👏 🏁 12:30 MST HOW TO WATCH: 2:00 p.m. EST - NBC Sports Gold & Olympic Channel 5:30 p.m. EST - @nbcsports (same day delayed broadcast) 📷: @steveearl

Hi my name is Twinkle Plum-Pants! What’s yours? Comment below 😝

Lake Louise Audi FIS Ski World Cup

Whether I'm in the gym, watching video from my day on the mountain, or relaxing and sending the best cat memes the internet has to offer to my bestie 🐱👯‍♀️, my @bose #SoundSport Free headphones are my go-to. Perfect for any occasion! 👌#BoseUp #BoseAmbassador

WOW! Where to begin?! So many people to thank for the amazing weekend!! I am astounded by the absolutely incredible job that the organizing committee and volunteers did to put on such a special event at @killingtonmtn. And you - all of the fans - THANK YOU SO MUCH for braving the weather and coming out, on Sunday especially. Almost 40,000 fans in two days on U.S. soil?! I could hear you from the start and it was one of the most unbelievable things I have ever experienced. Thank you so much, your cheers carried me down the mountain. Last but certainly not least - thank you to my family and my team for your support. CONGRATS to @petravlhova13 and @hansdotterfrida for the great race...and @nina_obrien and @paulamoltzan on career-best performances yesterday!! @usskiteam

Wow, what a fun day! Perfect surface and AMAZING crowd. Working on ramping up the intensity so I can earn a spot on the podium but today I fell a bit short. Anyway, congrats to the top girls @stephi94brunner @ragmow and @federicabrignone (amazing second run!). Also, THANK YOU to all 18,500 fans who came out today and cheered so loud. It is soooo cool to race for you guys, we can hear you coming over that final pitch and the atmosphere you create is incredible! Thank you thank you💛🙏🏻 Slalom tomorrow!!! Weeeee😋☺️ #BeastWorldCup (📸 @alexisboichard )

Thankful for SO many things. But above all, I’m thankful for family, and especially this little angel❤️❤️❤️ I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! #NanaBanana #Thanksgiving

Killington, Vermont

‪THANK YOU to my @bose teammate, @dangerusswilson, for the signed jersey! @seahawks are 2nd in NFC West with a big game on Sunday...good luck!🍀We also have a little event going on this weekend, and it’s a bit snowy out here in @killingtonmtn.🤪🥶💃🏼⛷🎧🏈 🎥: @jefflackie/@usskiteam #beastworldcup #teambose

Killington, Vermont

HEY👋!! Because this is one of my favorite weekends of the winter (#beastworldcup) and because you are all so awesome and I’m thankful for you, I decided to give away THREE (‼️) pairs of my custom @bose QC35 II noise canceling headphones! How To Enter: 1. Follow me and @bose 👈 2. Like this post 👍 3. Tag two friends in your #squad you like to jam out with on the chairlift with when you’re skiing/boarding. 🎵🎿🏂 ➖ I will announce the randomly picked winners in one week. This promotion is not endorsed by Instagram. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!! 🍽🍁🦃🍀 #TeamBose #FocusOn #QC35 II #ad

Been racking up the travel miles lately! 🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬 This month is one of the busiest times of the year for travel, with races in all events scattered all over the place... Special thanks to @xojet for helping me find a way to get to the top of the world in Finland and back stateside quickly and safely 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Now we’re getting ready for #BeastWorldCup this weekend!! Who else is excited?! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

“Mr. Gru, would you please stop trying to eat my ski boots and LOOK AT THE CAMERA.”🤦‍♀️😂😜🦌 PC: @christophepallot

Copper Mountain

After a couple of weeks of great training in Colorado, I'm ready for the @fisalpine World Cup Tour slalom kickoff in Levi tomorrow!! I'm starting bib 1...make sure to tune in! 🙃🇺🇸️🙌 ⛷😜 HOW TO WATCH (All times EST) Saturday, Nov. 17 4:00-5:30 a.m. - World Cup women’s SL, first run, Levi, FIN - NBC Sports Gold 7:00-8:30 a.m. - World Cup women’s SL, second run, Levi, FIN - NBC Sports Gold 7:00-8:30 a.m. - World Cup women’s SL, second run, Levi, FIN - The Olympic Channel 🎥: @usskiteam

Copper Mountain

Time to head up north to check in on Santa’s workshop! Oh, and ski a little bit of slalom🙊🤤...what do you think, do we look ready?!😝 #SlalomIsFun (📸 @regandewhirst)

💃 d a n c i n g 💃 📸:@sarahannbrunson

I was recently asked in an interview if I was going to vote, and I told the reporter I was not sure if I was going to, partially because there is such a negative atmosphere around politics in our nation, but mainly because it kind of scares me to voice my opinion if I am not 100% educated on every matter. It seems like so many people are all too comfortable forcing their opinion on everyone else, without having all of the facts or even understanding what they’re talking about, and I really didn’t want to be that person. But I have also seen and heard so many people speak out about important issues— issues that will decide the future of our country, and how we are able to live our lives. Perhaps the most important thing that I have heard is that if you are not willing to vote, then you can’t complain about the outcome. So, after I got home from Europe I opened my ballot and spent a lot of time looking into each candidate and measure on it. And today, I voted. I won’t claim to be a political expert on the issues in our country or the world. I certainly don’t have any answers. I’m a ski racer, not a politician. That said, it was so liberating to know that I can use my voice and my right to vote, so I know that I have done my best as an American citizen to attempt to make the difference for our future. The message I’d like to convey is pretty simple: Do your research to figure out what you want and believe and then go exercise your right (and privilege) to vote- wisely. Oh and be kind to each other. That’s pretty much it. 👍👍 #vote

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