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Американская горнолыжница, олимпийская чемпионка 2014 года, двукратная чемпионка мира в слаломе, многократная победительница этапов Кубка мира. Специализируется в слаломе и гигантском слаломе.
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When your sunglasses are so cool you don't even need to be outside to wear them.. 😎 Adele sounds even better through sunglasses 😝🎶 oh, hey, is that the finish at @skilouise I see? @oakleyskiing #OakleyRadarPace

So.. Downhill tomorrow eeek 🙃🤗 if you guys wanna watch us all race the next three days here are the links for NBC----------------------------------Friday, 12/2 Downhill – 7:30pm EST on Universal HD Live Streaming on NBC Sports – Live Stream Link: http://livestream.nbcsports.com Saturday, 12/3 Downhill – 8pm EST on NBC Sports Live Streaming on NBC Sports – Live Stream Link: http://livestream.nbcsports.com Sunday, 12/4 Super G – 6pm EST on Universal HD Live Streaming (both runs) on NBC Sports – Live Stream Link: http://livestream.nbcsports.com #sheskis #herewego #huphup

Must have been daydreaming about breakfast again... or that Thanksgiving dinner 😳😈 (hehehe) #sheskis

Put on my sassy pants for speed week 💃💁🤘 #lakelouise

u n c o n d i t i o n a l l o v e #family #beastworldcup

I'm free to be the greatest. I'm alive. ||| thank you @killingtonmtn ❤️

Moood.. not terrible, not excellent, just... solid. But inspiring skiing from many girls today! Congrats @tessaworley @ninaloeseth and @iamsofiagoggia! Thanks to everyone that came out to watch today, the crowd in @killingtonmtn is amazing! Now, let's look forward to tomorrow. 👊🏼

Gametime tomorrow! If you want to watch us race you can go to NBC for the live stream- here's the schedule and links for tomorrow's GS! ----------------------------------------------------Saturday, 11/26 Giant Slalom Run 1Time: 9:30-11am ET Where to Watch: Live Streaming on NBC Sports Live Stream Link: http://liveextra.nbcsports.com Giant Slalom Run 2Time: 3-4pm ET Where to watch: NBC and Live Streaming on NBC Sports Live Stream Link: http://livestream.nbcsports.com

Thankful for SO many things. But above all, I'm thankful for my family, my health, and the team around me that works tirelessly to help me pursue and achieve my dreams. Thank you, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ❤️🦃🦃☃️🤗 #thankful #family

That awkward moment right before the super cool jump pic.. 😝 #itdoesntlooklikeit #butimgoingprettyfast #sheskis @oakleyskiing @oakleywomen

When you have the coolest looking airport in the world.... yea DIA. Travel went smooth on the busiest travel day of the year, now we're safe and sound in Killington. Sweet dreams world, #beastworldcup is right around the corner. ❤️

How cute are baby Sven's little antlers?! #yesihaveareindeernamedsven #butchristophwasnowheretobefound

"I still don't think there's a winning formula, it's really just working your butt off." || check out the article I did with @redbulletin ! (Link in bio) https://www.redbulletin.com/us/us/sports/meet-the-mikaela-shiffrin-nobody-sees

☺️ @agencezoom

Shoutout to @soelden.official for some great days of training the past couple of weeks! Now we're in @worldcuplevi getting ready to race TOMORROW! For those watching from back home in the States, Universal HD will cover our slalom tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:30 p.m. ET. You can also find the live stream on nbcsports.com 🤓🤗☃️⛷💨! #gotime #sheskis #bigredgonedoneandatehisbreakfastthismornin #ifyouhaventseensecretariatyouwontunderstand

For those of you that saw my insta story last night- here's a better view of what we were working on 😈🙈🤗 -Over the past two days we got a lot of snow.. which is great because I ❤️ winter BUT we weren't able to train today. SO instead we studied Paul Rudd's lip Sync battle on @fallontonight and then made a video doing it. There are some pretty intense moves in there, but I have to say I think we nailed it. (Credit for all dance moves goes to Paul Rudd, and credit for the brilliance of lip sync battles on tv shows goes to Jimmy Fallon and whoever he got the idea from) #scorpion #lipsyncbattle #turntup #dayoffdanceparty #paulrudd @lyndsay.anne

Today was on the blustery side.. #weshouldalwaysusewinniethepoohvocabulary

🏋️‍♀️🍭🍪👻🤖💋😎 social media hack- when you don't know what to caption just lay out a bunch of emojis that sort of make sense but mainly just confuse everyone. That's what the cool kids do, I've been told. #anotherworkoutpic

Made one good turn today... tomorrow I'll shoot for two 🙈🤗👻 ps HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN! #onestepatatime #slalom #sheskis

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