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Американский адвокат, супруга 44-го президента США Барака Обамы, первая леди США.
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Being your First Lady has been the honor of a lifetime. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. -mo

Taking it in on one last walk through the People's House. 🙋🏽🐶🐶🇺🇸

Thank you for the birthday wishes and for the greatest gift of all: the opportunity to serve as your First Lady. –mo

Today, the President and First Lady joined Americans across the country in a day of service to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Naylor Road Family Shelter – the new home of “Malia and Sasha's Castle,” the playset which sat outside the Oval Office for eight years.

30 Rockefeller Center, Studio 6B

The First Lady took care of some thank you notes with a little help from @JimmyFallon yesterday on @FallonTonight. 💌Check out the full clip via the link in bio.

So proud of POTUS and all that we've accomplished together. What an incredible journey filled with remarkable people. I love you Barack. -mo‎‎

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"I want our young people to know that they matter, that they belong. So don’t be afraid – you hear me, young people? Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise." -The First Lady today in her final remarks at the @WhiteHouse.

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"Our school counselors are truly among the heroes of the Reach Higher story. You see the promise in each of your students. You believe in them even when they can’t believe in themselves, and you work tirelessly to help them be who they were truly meant to be." -The First Lady today celebrating the work of school counselor of the final #ReachHigher event at the @WhiteHouse. 🎓

For all the students working hard towards a college degree - the First Lady has a message for you. #ReachHigher 🎓 Check out the link in bio for the story behind Mrs. Obama's note and tune in for her final remarks at the @WhiteHouse today at 11am ET: WH.gov/live.

The First Lady dropped by Luke C. Moore High School in Washington, D.C. to hear from students about the challenges they face in pursing their education. #ReachHigher 📚 Take a look 📽: @attndotcom

"Excellence is the most powerful answers you can give to the doubters and the haters. It's also the most powerful thing you can do for yourself, because the process of striving and struggling and pushing yourself to new heights - that's how you make yourself stronger and smarter and able to make a difference for others." —The First Lady to the 2016 graduates of @JacksonStateU. This Friday the First Lady will celebrate the school counselors who help students across the country #ReachHigher. Tune in for Mrs. Obama's final speech at 11AM ET at wh.gov/live.

"Every day, I try my best to pass down to my girls that same love and that same dreaming spirit that Marian and Fraser Robinson passed down to me – that same love and spirit that your ancestors passed down to all of you and that you will pass on to your own children and grandchildren. Because in the end, I believe that that is the true path of history in this country – it is long and it is winding and it can be very painful. But ultimately, it flows in the direction of hope, dignity, and justice because of people like you who stand up for your values, who stay true to who you are and where you’ve come from and who work every day to share the blessings you’ve had with others." —The First Lady celebrating the #NativeYouth of New Mexico's Santa Fe Indian School this past spring. This Friday the First Lady will celebrate the school counselors who help students across the country #ReachHigher. Tune in for Mrs. Obama's final speech at 11AM ET at wh.gov/live.

As the First Lady prepares to deliver her final remarks of the Obama Administration, we are taking a look back at Mrs. Obama's most inspirational #ReachHigher quotes. Join us this Friday at 11AM ET as the First Lady celebrates the 2017 School Counselor of the Year in her final speech at the @WhiteHouse: wh.gov/live.

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"This garden has taught us that if we have the courage to plant a seed, just be brave enough to plant it, then take care of it, water it, tend to it, invite friends to help us take care of it, weather the storms that inevitably come, if we have the courage to do that, we never know what might grow." -The First Lady and her staff as they gather for a final family photo in the @WHKitchenGarden. 🍅🌽🍏#LetsMove

This photo was captured by @WhiteHouse photographer Amanda Lucidon in a classroom at R.S. Caulfield Senior High School in Unification Town, Liberia during the First Lady’s visit in support of #LetGirlsLearn. Take a look back at 2016 with @PeteSouza’s #YearInPhotos: go.wh.gov/YearInPhotos

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Go behind the lens with @WhiteHouse photographers. 📸Head to the link in the bio to see this year’s selections as chosen by Chief Official White House Photographer @PeteSouza. #YearInPhotos

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"My name is Eddie. After I served in the Army and fought in Vietnam, I suffered from a mental health breakdown, and a financial breakdown, which resulted in me becoming homeless in 2004. So I went to the VA Medical Center to seek help. I was accepted in the homeless program where I was issued a VA housing voucher. Then, I got accepted to the Patient Centered Care Program, and the Homeless Veteran Supported Employment program started by the Medical Center. Once I got back on my feet, I knew I wanted to help others who were going through the struggles I went through. So I became a certified Peer Support Specialist with the Health Care Homeless Veteran program and earned a bachelor’s degree in social work. Today, I provide peer support for homeless veterans, and support them with documentation assistance, orientations, and housing and rehabilitative therapy. ” – Eddie. Watch the story of Eddie and his fellow veterans tonight on @Viceland at 10pm ET. #JoiningForces

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“I’m proud to say that I’m a veteran who has overcome homelessness. I joined the Army when I was 18 years old. I wanted to get away from home and that was the easy way of doing it. In 1967, I ended up joining the Navy, and two months later I was in Vietnam. When I got out in ‘69, I moved to Connecticut and got a job making parts for jet engines. After that ended I got into truck driving. I drove all over the country. I retired in 1988 and pitter-pattered around at different jobs. I bounced between houses, staying with relatives, but didn’t really have a place to call my own. I got to DC the train lost my luggage. I didn't have anything but the pants I was wearing and about $15 in my pocket. I was at Union Station about four days before I realized, ‘Whoa, I'm homeless.’ Once that sunk in I went out, bought a sleeping bag, and there I was. I lived on the street for about a month, getting up every day with nothing to do but walk, walk, walk. My leg swelled up from all the walking so I went to a clinic. The nurse there said, ‘I got somewhere for you to go.’ And she brought me to the VA, where I got placed in temporary housing, and they said they were going to place me in a permanent house. On Friday I signed a lease and got the keys to my apartment at a center in DC that offers affordable housing to homeless and low-income people. Now that I've got my stuff moved in and can cook my own food, I can start working on my own dream: moving to Florida.” –Wendell, 74 years old. Watch Wendell's story unfold and bring him to the @WhiteHouse on @Viceland tonight at 10 pm ET. #JoiningForces

May your home be filled with peace and joy. Merry Christmas! 🎄

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