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Фитнес-модель, бодибилдер.
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A complete leg’n’glute routine to try!(ESPAÑOL mas abajo!) -This is day 54 on the 90 Day Challenge on my app @fitplan_app, start today! Link in bio🏋🏻‍♀️😘 -Este es una de mis rutinas para piernas y glúteos desde mi #Reto90dias en mi app #Fitplan! Comienza gratis, enlace en el bio😍

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

Strolling down the isle like 💃🏻

Elite Power Nutrition

☀️MIAMI! Nos vemos este Sabado☀️ Come say hi this Saturday at the re-opening of @elitepowernutrition! I will be there at noon, see you then! 10415 nw 41th St Doral

This view from here is mesermizing!😍 (Did I even spell that right?)🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻 @lee_lhgfx

🍰Healthy Cheesecake🍰from my @mealplan_app available on AppStore (Español en 10 dias!) ✔️Macros Calories 173 Protein 7.5g Carbs 21.2g Fat 4.6g Sugar 6.6g Fibre 1.2g ✔️Description This recipe allows you to enjoy a healthy version of a loved dessert, without the added sugar. ✔️Instructions 1. Put your graham crackers in a zip lock bag and crush them with a rolling pin or the palm of your hand. Set aside. 2. In a bowl mix the cottage cheese, Jam, Stevia & Vanilla. Blend or mix together. 3. Line your individual baking cups with your crushed graham crackers, add filling on top. Refrigerate for 30 minutes until set. 4. Once set, sprinkle cinnamon to taste, and top with raspberries. Enjoy! ✔️Download @mealplan_app now, loads of healthy recipes, customized mealplan for your goals, grocery list and MUCH MORE🥂

Reach your goals with us😜👏🏻💃🏻 Train with @jenselter & I on @fitplan_app 📲 -We train you. You get fit. Everyone’s happy🤗

Monday mornings be like🤔😜

A complete triceps/shoulders routine to try!(ESPAÑOL mas abajo!) -This is day 53 on the 90 Day Challenge on my app @fitplan_app, start for free! Link in bio🏋🏻‍♀️😘 -Este es una de mis rutinas para triceps y hombros desde mi #Reto90dias en mi app #Fitplan! Comienza gratis, enlace en el bio😍 🎧Music @r3hab

The pinky way💅🏻 By @lee_lhgfx

Everyone can go to the gym, but controlling the diet is the most difficult part: Download @mealplan_app by Michelle Lewin to get customized mealplans for your goals! For both girls AND guys! -Cualquiera puede ir a entrenar en el gym, pero no cualquiera puede tener control en la dieta es la parte as dificil (@mealplan_app pronto en ESPAÑOL)

“Honey Garlic Salmon” from my @mealplan_app, link in bio (now available on iOS - pronto en Español) 1️⃣ Macros ✓ Calories 330 ✓ Protein 33g ✓ Carbs 22g ✓ Fat 11g ✓ Sugar 19g ✓ Fibre 0g 2️⃣ Description This stir fry is a perfectly balanced, whole sourced meal that will give you a bunch of nutrients to leave you feeling full and satisfied. 3️⃣ Instructions 1. Season the surface of the salmon with salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper, then set aside. 2. Mix together the honey, water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt then stir to combine. 3. Heat up the avocado spray in a skillet, then pan-fry the salmon until it is half done. Add the garlic into the pan until it is slightly browned. 4. Add the honey mixture and lemon wedges into the skillet, and reduce the sauce until it is sticky. 5. Broil the salmon in the oven for about 1 minute, until the surface becomes slightly charred.

This couch proved uncomfortable💁🏻 -Este sofá resultó incómodo🤷🏻‍♀️ @lee_lhgfx

Miami Beach, Florida

Back where I belong😍 By @lee_lhgfx

Nothing like a 🐶💋 in the AM😍 -No hay nada como un beso de mi Micho en la mañana. #schnoodle (What is your pets name? Como se llama tu mascota?)

Perfect post leg day exercise! -Por ultimo ejercicio perfecto de pierna! Leggings: Brand name revealed SOON! PRONTO les digo la marca del legging! Music🎶 @tavicastro

Hello Saturday 👋🏻😍

You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit🍻 -Puedes verme luchando, pero nunca me veras renunciando😏 @strongbyzumba #TeamNOexcuses #burpees

Got visions? 🥂 By @lee_lhgfx

A complete ab & hamstring routine to try!(ESPAÑOL mas abajo!) -This is from the 90 day Advanced Challenge on my app @fitplan_app , (also for beginners and pros) Start today! Available on AppStore and GooglePlay🏋🏻‍♀️😘 -Este es una de mis rutinas para abs y femoral! Desde mi app Fitplan! Pruebalo gratis, disponible en AppStore y GooglePlay! 🎸Music @SmashIntoPiecesOfficial: Higher

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