Майкл Льюис


Американский писатель и финансовый журналист.
  • Все 1877
  • Фото 1603
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👈🏼 I wanted a banana so bad I unrooted the whole tree


It’s 🌞Day - #CHOOSEYOU 🙏🏻

I fly to remind myself that air is what keeps us alive 💨 #WeekEnd

Take your winter coat out and wear nothing underneath it 👻 #NoSuchThingAsWinterInIsrael 📸 @noiarkobi_photographer

Beit Hapsanter - בית הפסנתר

Which one is your favorite? 1 to 8? Comment below ! —� Some call me 🐵 and some 👼 And I think of myself as both. My new 📸 for @badmonkeystyle by @eladnissim & @shaharlev @nadavkarni

Berlin, Germany

Challenge accepted BRO! @talrevivo Try the #paperchallenge as well. I challenge u ALL 😜❤️

Berlin, Germany

Testing my new camera and getting ready for work - Good morning from #Berlin🇩🇪☀️ #Aldi #Work #LumixLX100 #Panasonic

Beit Hapsanter - בית הפסנתר

Start your week with some style 🐵🙈🙉🙊 @badmonkeystyle #BadMonkeyStyle #TelAviv #Israel #photoshoot #grungy #grinding 📸 @eladnissim


Since I opened @juiceboxtlv I’ve had lots of opportunity to self grow and show a better lifestyle to people regarding a #HealthyLifeStyle through Sports & Well Being. Eating right, thinking positive and giving yourself the amount of respect and love you give to others is the most important thing you can give yourself everyday. Juicebox to me is the proof that one can do what he wants if he believes.


Checking out New Camera 📸👌🏻 —� #Lumix100 #Panasonic #TelAviv #Israel #Polas

Say hello to my new friend ☝🏻📱🖊 — #GalaxyNote8 #DoBiggerThings @samsungisrael

Tel Aviv, Israel

☝🏻I smelled my finger

Yafa, Tel Aviv, Israel

👕 — 👖 #winter’ing 📸 @noiarkobi_photographer

Move yourself to a new week 🤙🏻

👋🏽 it may feel like winter ❄️ but it just looks like it 😎 📸 @nis_il

👚👌 @HM

☀️ —�—� #Sunday #telaviv #Israel #mood

Soho - Sushi & Bar/סוהו סושי & בר

I came, I ate, I conquered. Where did you have your last #Sukkot meal 🥘 last night ?

גוף ראשון-חדר כושר

Won’t let these holidays stop me! I lost 4 kilos on purpose. I wanted to look and feel more lean so I can feel lighter and stronger. Have you gotten your work out before tonight’s last #Sukkot Dinner 🥘? — #PreSukkotWorkOut #Sukkot #TelAviv #NeverEndingHolidays #Israel #HAGSAMEACH

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