Майкл Льюис


Американский писатель и финансовый журналист.
  • Все 1906
  • Фото 1624
  • Видео 282
Jaffa Port

Good things to come Ft. @sorayatorrens & @liorsusana

Berlin, Germany

New commercial out 👆🤣#AldiGermany

Tel Aviv, Israel

Don’t try this at home! Climbing with my bro @talrevivo 🔞

Tel Aviv, Israel

What makes me feel one with myself 🔊O-N!—————————————— 🎥 @guyitzik

Tel Aviv, Israel


Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel

Fly into the week like 🤙🏽 ————————————— 🎥 @rozenliron 🎥 @talrevivo

S T⛈R M outside - Dance Inside💃


My @juiceboxtlv🥤goes everywhere with me 🤙🏽🤸🏻‍♂️

Jumping to 2018 like 🤟🏻✊🏻 @rozenliron

Where is my 🍭 bro? 📷 @rozenliron

Malta International Airport

Happy to announce “7 Days In Entebbe” starring @_rosamundpike @thedanielbruhl & directed by “Narcos” exec producer Jose Padilha- coming out March 2018 🙏🏻 #ShabbatShalom @angelbonanni33 @avichaimagnezy @eden858 @yonishalom1 @sunrubin @papiturri @benschnetzer @danielbenzenou @markivanir @ashkenazilior

Caesaria Port

Fuck you winter - ☀️ is still here @dedo_

في الطريق لموفابيك البحر الميت

Last show today ! This Hanukkah holiday was amazing. I am so proud of us. Thanks to all my work mates - you are amazing people. May you all strive as high as this rock is. With a beautiful background in your life. You all deserve the best. Thank you Beautiful talented people ! ———— @tuviatsafir @asafhertz @adihimelbloy @hovistar @bahrancis @doreldar @rotem.mor.39 @katz_mor @eilonnadav @adi_ben_shoshan @may_itzhak_ @oz_amir @oshernisim @dafnawat

The kid is 30 - And that kid is always gonna look forward and see the bright side of life 🙌🏼

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 by the talented @iamsorayatorrens ❤️😍


1 moment can take you back, where everything was flawless #TakeMeBack

היכל התרבות ראשון לציון

💭 ——— #חפשו_אותי_בראשון_היום #אלאדיןוהנסיכהיסמין2017 #מאחוריהקלעים

Repetition - makes perfection💥 One exercise I do to jump higher. Using dumbbells 💪 as resistance @skechers @skechers_il

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