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Good morning sunday👌 📸@noiarkobi_photographer

I live for the moment. Life made me think less and do more. Moving, manouvering, planning my next step as the wind takes me. But with a plan. I feel. I express myself by what my awareness tells me to. I stretch I flex I listen and don't just hear to my surroundings. My body and my mind tell me where to go and what to do. I use my body in so many ways to feed my mind so that I feel alive. My lifestyle is humble, green, easy going & fun but demanding. And yet, satisfying. I live to breath, move, smile, cut out bullshit, and fulfil myself fully. This is me, who are you? 😎 📸 @ran_all_over

👋 Hey Weekend

Wednesday, make me deserve my good weekend 👐

Holidays 🔚 Back 2 Routine 🔛 @talrevivo

"One can overcome anything in his path. By hopping over it" 🐒 📸@noiarkobi_photographer

Chillax - its passover time🙄 📸@nis_il

Rome, Vatican

Messing with the 7 @armani E A 7 - Spring / Summer 2017 📸 @pepis___

1 Last One E A 7 Spring / Summer 2017 @armani #Back_Cover #greatweekend

E A 7 @Armani Spring / Summer 2017 📸 ❤ @sergeguerand @pepis___ @pierre_aragou @bganti @pietroboselli @pennylaneisthename @bigjldn

Finally! E A 7 Summer/Spring 2017 @armani 💪❤ #Front_Cover

Passover - Let's Pass Over all bull💩 we come across and Pass this holiday with our family and good people ! #hag_sameach #HAPPY_PASSOVER PPL!

This is me with a 🐻 being a good uncle. That's my nephew being an ass hole and running away from the camera ❤

חג שמח ומצוייר ❤📸 #HAPPY_PASSOVER

@Armani 📸 Photos - S O O N

When's-the-day to be colorful? Wednesday 💥

Tuesday got me like 💥 @noiarkobi_photographer

⬆⬇ Creativity is the most important thing to wake up to in the morning 📸 @nis_il

Let's make this week a good 🗓📍 📸 @noiarkobi_photographer

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