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Американский писатель и финансовый журналист.
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Pumped for summertime 🗯#NotReally #ImOnItThough

The Setai Tel Aviv סטאי תל אביב

My relationship with the 📷 started 15 years ago. What’s so best about our relationship is that everytime I look at our results, I see a different person. And I always forget that that person is me. Being an actor or a model is not an easy job. Demanding, lots of ups and downs and the most important thing - persistency. I stay persistent because I know that one day the camera will bring out all that you haven’t seen yet of me ✊🏻 🙏🏻 thanks to the people of 👫@mineonline.co.il —— 📷 @a.schesto 👔 @meitalbruner & @noashimonove ✂️ maorkidushim 💄@tehillagottlieb 👸@sorayatorrens 💁‍♀️@ellattias

The Setai Tel Aviv סטאי תל אביב

1st ever campaign we did together was pretty damn cool. Great idea and awesome chilled people 🙏🏻 thanks to the people of 👫@mineonline.co.il —— 📷 @a.schesto 👔 @meitalbruner & @noashimonove ✂️ maorkidushim 💄@tehillagottlieb 👸@sorayatorrens 💁‍♀️@ellattias

Tel Aviv, Israel

גם אני תומך בעמותת ״לוחמים לחיים״ בואו נעזור לעידו לעזור לאחרים. לתרומות היכנסו ל @lohamim #לוחמיםלחיים

Tel Aviv, Israel

Have a balanced weekend 😘 Shabbat Shalom ! ***P.S - Used my good knee*** 😂

Ran Yehezkel

1,2,3? U Choose 😎 📷 @ran_all_over

Tel Aviv, Israel

Purim is that way ⬅️ everyone 🎭#HappyPurim Ft. @nis_il & @inbarhol & @tatooimtattoos

Grinding 🙅🏻‍♂️


N A T U R A L 📷

Leaning on walls is not a hobby it’s a way of life 🤣 #Editorial #Germany #Berlin


NoFilterSunday ☝🏻 #GreatWeek

Jaffa, Israel

Let’s just love. And not just on this day 🙏🏻 Happy V-Day y’all❤️ 📷 @liorsusana

Happy Valentines 🤣🤭 @sorayatorrens @dysonhair #Supersonic

Rome, Italy

💪 @giorgioarmani #EA7

Ran Yehezkel

📷 @ran_all_over 🙏🏻❤️

I will be back 👊🏻

Courmayeur Mont Blanc

EA7 2018 Winter ❄️ Campaign ❤️ Thanks to the amazing team. Check out the 7 on Armani Website 💥🤙🏼

Tel Aviv, Israel

On my day off I love to wake up, take a shower, and feel the water 💦 running down my body. I get on my bike and I start moving. I feel the wind and breath in the air. I drink water because I know how good it is for you. But the best part of my day is the time I spend with her. Because hey, I just LOVE water. @yslbeauty #thatsy @sorayatorrens ————————— Filmed 🎥 & edited 🎞 by @rozenliron

Tel Aviv, Israel

I was never scared to fall. My fear is to never get up 👌🏻

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