Майкл Б. Джордан


Американский актёр, известный по телесериалам «Прослушка», «Все мои дети», «Огни ночной пятницы» и «Родители», а также по ролям в биографической драме «Станция „Фрутвейл“», кинокомиксе «Фантастическая четвёрка» и седьмом фильме серии «Рокки».
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Johannesburg, Gauteng

Home Sweet Home 🙌🏾

São Paulo, Brazil

🤫 We coming for Ghost & Tommy spot! 👊🏾👊🏼🤣

London, United Kingdom

This the cover of my debut R&B album "Never LEAVE Me"....(I'm the worst singer & with puns) 🤦🏾‍♂️🍂😂😂 so what Im corny but couldn't help myself lol

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” 😂

Excited to finally share these three films I co-directed for @BACARDIUSA with the legend Paul Hunter. A story of family, legacy, and the premium rum aging process. Check it out here. #Bacardi #AgedRum #DoWhatMovesYou #BacardiPartner

Family Strong 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


Who’s seen Creed II already? 🥊🥊

The King is Back! 👑

As the last bit of my personal BTS I bring you @bignasty (we gotta talk about this Instagram handle too my dawg 😂) such a work ethic. For a first time actor all you want to do is listen, take in everything and be yourself on camera. Flo did all of those things very well came in each and everyday eager to learn and get after scenes. So much emotion went into him playing Viktor Drago and couldn’t be prouder of this guy. Full speed ahead my man

Entertainment Weekly Out Now 🙌🏾

I proudly introduce you to @stevencaplejr such a pleasure to get to work and know this young talent. Steven came into a somewhat already established family and fit RIGHT in. Its been an insane blessing to work with such young black film-makers so early in my career. In Creed 2 you’ll notice sound plays a huge factor. Every hit, drop, scream, cry connects and you truly feel it throughout the movie. P.S. pic 3 is me & @tessamaethompson dressed as Steven for his bday during filming. We had the entire cast and crew come bearded and afro’d up. LOL 😂

Since #Creed2 is only 4 days away I figured I'd give you guys some more BTS. "Bianca" aka @tessamaethompson aka Baby 🐐holding the new addition to the family "Amara" aka Mar-Mar aka RaRa aka Donnie's baby girl. Wasn't my first time portraying a dad on screen (RIP Oscar Grant) but surely my first time molding my character as one. Tessa was such a natural mom, which just speaks to who she truly is such an amazing, intelligent, artistic, "Hactor" (hand-actor 😂 (inside joke)) and overall talent. She demands your attention everytime she graces the screen in @creedmovie truly a blessing to work with such a gifted soul. Can't wait for you guys to see her performance in Creed II

New York, New York

Creed II Premiere. Amazing Night & Energy. Can't wait for you guys to see the film

Today is Buzzcoin Bonus Day, so I need all my Honey Nut @Cheerios fans to join #TeamMBJ so I can grab the #1 spot from @lucyhale 😎Today you can collect even more Buzzcoin & get us closer to winning $100K for Feeding America 🙌🏾 Go to Beegoodrewards.com #ad

Front Street Gym

Only 1 week away until @creedmovie hits theaters. I was going through my phone archives and thought I'd show you guys some BTS of the film and our process. @officialslystallone is the 🐐of this fight/film thing. It's hella dope and surreal to me that I'm hitting the speed bag with Rocky, like y'all that's really ROCKY! Lol. I grew up watching and mimicking all of the Rocky films and boxing matches and now I have not one but TWO films with Mr.Balboa just makes me feel like a kid again and I'm enjoying every moment. 🥊🥊🥊

I Feel like Victor Sweet 🎶: SIR "D'evils" 🎥: @leovolcy

Power. Legacy. Purpose. Amidst all of my Training, I kept this in mind and wanted to give you a piece of that. @NikeTraining x Adonis Creed collection. 11.15. #ad

MOTY 2018 🙌🏾 #GQ

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