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Американский кинорежиссёр и кинопродюсер. Один из самых кассовых режиссёров планеты — его картины собрали в прокате более 5,7 млрд долларов США.
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Still gas in the tank! After making 4 Billion in 4 movies the 5th movie which is a fresh start to the franchise. Thanks for the interest.

IT's a Wrap. 5 months awesome shoot!!!!!

Flying to a new NAVY stealth ship with some of my SEAL buddies.

Going to work. Life.

My Girl.

Goodbye London!!! Great shoot out here! Great place to make Transformers!!

The Great Bone Crusher. He just passed. He lived a great life.

Some of my Amazing Cast! Mark, Laura, and Anthony Hopkins. Winding it down in the UK. Been a great epic shoot!@markwahlberg@Transformers

My film 13 HOURS is being re-released this weekend in certain markets. It's blown up on home video that means people are discovering it and hearing great word of mouth. I want people to see it in the cinema because it's an intense movie that needs to be experienced that way.

RED Camera named it "BAYHEM" They created the lightest, most advanced hand held motion picture camera in the world. I put it through the paces on Transformers in UK.#Tranformers #redcamera

Filming Lily. She's a beautiful woman and a mother.#victoriassecret

Shooting at the Paris Opera House.#victoriassecret

RED - made me a custom camera. It incorporated some of my thoughts into making the most advanced, best hand held motion picture camera in the business. We first worked with it at the Paris Opera House on my latest Victoria Secrets Campaign. @redcamerausers

Filming resumes. UK. Transformers

My job today at the Paris Opera House. @victoriassecret Back tomorrow to Transformers in Scotland.

Photo bombed by Taylor. Paris France

Running to my next shot. Members of SEAL Teams on hilltop.

Just another day on the Transformers set. #transformers #markwahlberg

Well, glad we helped this poor dog who lived in a shelter her whole life. She still has a part in Transformers when we get to England.#transformers #markwahlberg

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