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Американский кинорежиссёр и кинопродюсер. Один из самых кассовых режиссёров планеты — его картины собрали в прокате более 5,7 млрд долларов США.
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Queen of England gave us her long driveway to film. Of course I'm going to go way over the speed limit with this 2 million dollar car!!

I realize I have a great day job. I love my crew. Some of them have worked with me for 18 years. This is me working my new custom camera from Red. They call it Bayhem.

What up! Puppy face. This is Nitro-Zeus, eight months old.

DJ Hardwell, Grutman At dinner last night.

It's Lucas. My second movie premiere THE ROCK. It was on Alcatraz island. I worked at George Lucas company when I was 15.


Giving a 100k back to the great People of Texas, where I filmed many years. It's such a time of need for them right now. I'm going to disperse to various animal shelters. And figure how to get out of state car carriers to truck in inexpensive cars to give out to families who lost a car and have no insurance. Every bit counts. Everyone should just give a little.

My friend Stanley Tucci. Looks like he's growling.

Great fight!! Moment it ended. Lebron behind me was comedy announcer. And Steve Harvey next to me didn't know know who the hell I was.

Good times last night

Screw the last post. This is my selfie flying in an F-16!!! Now that's a baller!

You how everyone on this Social Network brags and pretends to be Ballers like Rocks show. I like to keep it real.

Just shot a new Victoria Secrets campaign in Aspen. It was a great shoot. But they kept having me change my friend DJ Cedric's red dress song. Sorry Ced.

Aspen. Hate heights.

My very last Press event for the for the ten year, 4 billion dollar Transformers franchise. Thank you to all the loyal fans around the world. With a very talented young actress. Isabel Moner.

Get tired of raising my voice

Finally time to relax at my LA house.

Spraying The Rock with green paint on my film Pain and Gain.

Nitro and Bee. My pups, they are going to be 200lbs each.

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