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Американский кинорежиссёр и кинопродюсер. Один из самых кассовых режиссёров планеты — его картины собрали в прокате более 5,7 млрд долларов США.
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IMAX part 2

IMAX special two parts

World Premiere in China! We were soaked in the rain.

Prime Weapon. What do you think? Transformers worldwide Tuesday June 21 US, most everywhere June 22nd,


New Spot

Love working with the men and women in the finest military in the world!!!!!

Name didn't fit too well.

I got my hands and feet pressed in cement at the 90 year old Chinese theatre today. Great day! Rebel was the first dog in 90 years to ever put a paw print in as well.

He's a pain to work with

My little friend talking about my movie I made. See the new trailer out.

Link to Trailer

One of the greats I've worked with - John Turturro. Just finished shooting him in The Last Knight, Thursday.

Trailer tomorrow

New Transformers Trailer coming Wednesday.

IMAX event around the world Tuesday. I gave fans a free sneak peek.

The most advanced 8k hand held movie camera in the world. By Red. And the most amazing lenses by Hawk. Camera was made custom for me with my specs. @michaelbay

You better believe I bought it!!

It was a tender Walhberg moment I caught.@transformers@markwalhberg

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