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Американский кинорежиссёр и кинопродюсер. Один из самых кассовых режиссёров планеты — его картины собрали в прокате более 5,7 млрд долларов США.
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BAD BOYS set today. I popped by as they were shooting in Miami. Made a cameo in the film as well. Fun to see our franchise still going @willsmith @martinlawrence

Ok maybe he’s faking it now...

Nitro in Miami. He’s training for a new Gatorade commercial. He’s added a quick nifty tongue twirl, and can drink more Gatorade than any athlete. Nitro is the new GATORADE CHALLENGE!

I could crash a car 70 mph with gallons of gas exploding in front of me, but I’ve always been scared of zip lines. Conquered the fear! @ronniemadra

We call this on my set. “One man, one man alone”. This is me shooting In Abu Dhabi.

Just a shout out to my amazing film crew!!! From Italy England America and Abu Dhabi. Thank you for your hard work.

Ryan Reynolds and I just wrapped up a fun one. Last shot.

Ryan Reynolds, was very very clever shooting this on my set. But he released a trademarked crash for our new film 6 Underground. @vancityreynolds @6underground

Mom Bay, watching over my directing.

Tight squeeze shooting in this car.

Art Basil, art on beach.

This is from my helicopter shot...yes it’s one of my Parkour guys going down The Duomo. Movie: 6 Underground

Jake Wooten, one of the great skateboarders in the world. Just filmed with him. He was great. This is me being a smart ass.

New Alfa in my new film. 6Underground. And no, it’s not a Transformer.

Starting to shoot my movie in Italy.

Getting ready to start shooting my new movie with Ryan Reynolds.

I bought my dog Nitro a dog house. After a long run and tactical crawls under barb wire booby traps. He was feeling great and we showed him his new hang out house. Nitro loved his new dog house.

Scouting Italy for my new movie, Six Underground, with Ryan Reynolds.

A great man. Remi, one of the few African American U.S. SEAL team members. I cast him in my movie for two days. I was so impressed with him, I kept him on the movie - Four months! He never told me this in person, but he sent me this inspirational letter at the end. You should share this.

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