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Американский киноактёр, продюсер. Известность получил после выхода фильма «Генри: Портрет серийного убийцы», в котором сыграл главную роль.
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Fans of #Tokyocc check it out...can you find your gift that made it to America 2days ago, all the way from Japan. More pics to come as I sort them.

A big Osu! And thank you to all my fans over in Japan....for these lovely gifts. What you see is but a tiny portion of the love i Received during my visit to Japan. #tokyocc

I had a blast when I was in Tokyo last week..... this was my 1st Breakfast and it was Delicious #tokyocc

In response to @jamesgunn blog on Facebook a friend sent me this. #immarypoppinsyall

This photo dose not do @maryjtattoo work justice. Her Yondo in charcoal was simply stunning.

Ran into a few First responders dealing with these fires while I was picking up a little dinner for the family

Yesterday View from my front porch...Sorry @jamesgunn all that smoke is now in your back yard😜😜😜

Karen And I had a great time with the fans at a Q&A we had together....!!!!!

Fun stuff🎉🎉🎉

2ed day at #tokyocomiccon more food more fun.....

Folks love doing Selfies over here in Japan my kind of place. I’m doing one of my famous selfie’s with some fans in my hotel lobby...

Walking around the floor on Friday I got to have a treat I forgot what the stuff is called but the sumo‘s eat it all the time To maintain their fighting weight.....#Tokyo #Tokyocon2017 #twd #gotgvol2 #immarypoppinsyall

I won’t have time to take in a game when I’m here in Japan for the Tokyo comic con but I do wish I could folks over here love their baseball. #tokyo

Hanging with a bunch of our volunteers for Tokyo comic con the first day Friday, was a blast!!! Looking forward to the rest of my stay in Japan... #tokyo #tokyocomiccon #immarypoppinsyall

Yo to all my fans out dar in this great big world...I’m in CHIBA JAPAN. About to start the 1st day of the Tokyo comic con I’m just chillin a bit in my room b4 the show starts when this happened😜😜😜

Love this old style grip....If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

me and JM @prideofgypsies b4 he got serious with his workouts

I found a treasure trove of old photos and videos from the range...Btw, one click of the cameras shutter captured seven Spent shotgun shells....look close y’all😜#benelli

Just found this little jewel...I call it.....Play time with the boys...

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