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Американский киноактёр, продюсер. Известность получил после выхода фильма «Генри: Портрет серийного убийцы», в котором сыграл главную роль.
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YONDU............ International rollout #GotGVol2 #Marvel #rooker

Look who I bumped into this weekend. #twd

Is that a zombie/walker on my shoulder or what? #twd

Thanks to all the folks at GBD Cakes for my Pre. Birth day Cake...A GotG Orb delicious. #WGN Radio. Thank you to Patti at the Patti Vasquez show @pattivasquezchi

Wow!!! Check it Y'all...Trust me when I say you have good reason to rejoice......YONDU is coming. GotG Vol2 May 5th.........mr #Marvel #twd #GotGVol2

Right on..... surfs up y'all

Yo, all y'all Rooker FANS check out YONDU!!! On this killer IMAX Poster. #marvel and #twd My Marvel family and My Walking Dead family will come together as one Mighty FORCE! On May 5th Y'all will have both Magnitude & Direction. Remember, many small forces can cause a body to accelerate...........

Riders in the sky...... #twd


More from Bogotá Colombia this is one of the most Beautiful locations I've had the privilege of hanging out in while shooting a movie loved this City

WE ARE BELKO!!! #thebelkoexperiment in theaters now. go enjoy

Check it y'all

All this talk about baby Groot Ha I got myself a baby rocket

I paid a visit to the marvel LA offices this afternoon after doing my ADR session for GotG Vol2 if you look closely you will see that I forgot to take my Yondu teeth out. That's a true testament to how natural they felt. A big thank you to the Great team of artist that did all my make up and prosthetics so that I could bring to the big screen such a magnificent marvel hero like Yondu. #GotGVol2 #marvel Btw, @jamesgunn thinks this is the ugliest shirt he has ever seen I told him that I have many other shirts even uglier.....lmao

This little one knows a good bad guy when she sees one... I give up, I give up

Coming soon be ready

Peekaboo!!! guess who's gonna be on The Talking Dead Show this Sunday.... hint, it ain't the princess😜 #talkingdead

@jamesgunn you should call on these lil Marvel superheroes to take care of your toothpaste bug problem

I love this

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