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Американский киноактёр, продюсер. Известность получил после выхода фильма «Генри: Портрет серийного убийцы», в котором сыграл главную роль.
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Happy birthday wishes going out to my pal @prattprattpratt #starlord #yondu #marvel #GotGVol2 #immarypoppinsyall

Look what I was just sent... so I thought I would pass it on to the rest of y'all daddies out dar. #immarypoppinsyall

A true friend...my pal Val

Are y'all going to see GotG Vol2 this weekend? I know I am... I want to check it out in the IMAX theater... this is a photo of me getting ready. It's a behind, behind the scene shot. #GotGVol2 #yondu #marvel #immarypoppinsyall btw, this could very well be me in preparation for the big scene with Chris Pratt toward the end of the film. As I detail my beard.

Btw it is a RAVAGER through and through... I was being nice with my 1st shot out of this Glock going through the barrel of my paper target bad guy...@AgencyArms @Trijicon @BlownDeadline @SSVI @LeviathanGroupLLC

Check out the newest member of the Rooker family a true one of a kind. I call it my YONDU Glock...It's a Glock 34 with complete custom Cerakote. The barrel is Agency porter premier barrel in black nitride. The slide has the Bonesaw package. The frame is a full custom package from SSVi with logo. The trigger is a fitted trigger and it has a standard magwell... btw, it's topped off with a Trijicon RMR that's it Y'all @AgencyArms @Trijicon @BlownDeadline @SSVI @LeviathanGroupLLC

Thanks guys.......

These are my 2new pals from San Francisco...who had been in town for E3. Most people run out of beer, but these poor guys ran out of time to drink all the beer they had, So they gave it to me. A big thank you going out to these gentleman.

See this sweet cool bloody as hell lil film you won't regret it... check it out y'all... https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/the-belko-experiment/id1226737728

Just hangin around inbetween takes #GotGVol2 #yondu #marvel #immarypoppinsyall

Better framing...it can happen.

Someone had the idea to give me a bat...funny people.

Look what @jamesgunn posted on his Instagram... is this cool or what😜

Man, I got to do everything... I walked into a situation, where Stan Lee's boy was getting his ass kick by a couple of T-Rex's, I had to jump in and save his dumb spidey ass... sometimes shit happens...y'all #Rooker #yondu #GotGVol2 #marvel #spiderman #wwphilly #immarypoppinsyall

Check out my new Knives y'all...Hoback makes it hard to pick just one.... The one top left I call my Yondu Blue titanium Kwaiback, To the right of that one is the JHK OSF Folder, And because I love me a good fix blade, this Fixed blade Kwaiback bottom left is totally awesome. And a Hoback knife maintenance kit. Btw, you can see these and others right now at the Blade show in Atlanta go check them out... @JakeHobackKnives

After vanquishing two light saber welding T-Rex's yesterday, two others showed up and wanted to make peace with us humans. I am all for love&peace, so we compromised and they have decided not to attack human con participants with light sabers anymore. #yondu #GotGVol2 #immarypoppinsyall

How dinosaurs became extinct

I wanted to say something else but the teachers wouldn't let me... this morning on board the USS New Jersey @jamesgunn #GotGVol2 #yondu #immarypoppinsyall

Fan ART...work of art. #yondu #GotGVol2 #immarypoppinsyall

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