Майкл Рукер


Американский киноактёр, продюсер. Известность получил после выхода фильма «Генри: Портрет серийного убийцы», в котором сыграл главную роль.
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Chillin with my lil friend and fellow actor listening to my new toy

Selfie time with the man

A lil guy from today at WS San Francisco

I did a live Instagram today at Walker stocker San Francisco with my two new Pals @adrianjgroff and @samuelgroff_ we had a blast. what a beautiful family you two young men have. If you guys are still at the con tomorrow please come by my table to pick up your consolation prize.........😜

Let's try this again.......#twd #marvel #gotg #yondu

Rooker/Yondu...fans enjoy this brand-new 15 second character commercial, courtesy of you know who....BISH's

Unknown facts about MERLE Dixon.....To clear up any misunderstanding in regards to the stickers/insignia on MERLE's bike and what they represent. think USMC Scout Sniper.........if you do then you'd be right. #twd... all that being said these symbols over the years have been used to represent lots of different things and or groups.

San Francisco this weekend...ShitYes!!! #twd

This is what a 10 round mag and one in the chamber sounds like.

sweet little video

Don't forget this was MERLE's bike. And thank God it's gone... it was the most unbalanced piece of shit I've ever Been on..... Norman Reedus was an absolute God to have agreed to ride this thing around as long as he did.


My two new French people and they are now friends and if I were going to get into politics I'm sure they would vote for me at least three times

Yum... breakfast of champions😜 mornin after birthday

After working with/for @jamesgunn on several movies, the very same James Gunn feels the need to reteach me how to be joyful in life again, By trying to rehabilitate me before I'm released back into society. We should all thank @jamesgunn for helping to keep the American citizen safe. #gotgvol2 #twd

My Australian friends and I making the best of being stuck in the airport TSA line

YONDU............ International rollout #GotGVol2 #Marvel #rooker

Look who I bumped into this weekend. #twd

Is that a zombie/walker on my shoulder or what? #twd

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