Мейрик Мерфи


Американская актриса, сыгравшая роль Меган Чалмерс в телесериале «Ходячие мертвецы».
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the boyz ;(

caddy shack

listen 2 scraping by by @nucleartourism !! unless ur fake, wear thrasher and don’t skate, or ride a pennyboard because ur not sick enough >:(

i just don’t know what 2 do with myself

wirt & greg

f*****g young/perfect

love me after hours

who’s up for grabbing a couple burgers and hitting the cemetery ? ;(

i’m a desert boy 👼🏼👼🏼

that’s not very punk of you !

we lose seven children and teenagers to gun violence each day. in an average month fifty women are shot to death by intimate partners in the united states. what more evidence do you need to regulate guns in america?

what a good irish catholic girl in ur grandpas shirt ;(!

teenage dirtbag lol

@shopbando is where dreams live. 🍒

cheesin' 🍒 by: @the_fake_chase_cope

raise them high!

"It's not about you, it's about another model I know." Happy birthday! Thanks for putting up with me and my music taste. We glowed-down, hard. Life's tough, release a Sing Street cover EP. love you, sucker. BUT I LOVE MARK MCKENNA MORE NOT SORRY

Malibu, California

maliblu(e) without you 🍒 picture by the one and only @the_fake_chase_cope

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