Мэри Элизабет Уинстэд

Американская актриса. Известна прежде всего как «королева крика», в частности из-за ролей в фильмах «Чёрное Рождество», «Пункт назначения 3», «Доказательство смерти», «Нечто».
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I literally cried with laughter watching this Monday night Repost @stasiamags ・・・ #proteinshakemetaphors #dreamguys #bachelorette 💪💪💪

Best day of my life

If you haven't seen it yet, you can be seized with terror in the comfort of your own home starting tomorrow!

Day off with my man 🙌

Richmond, Virginia

Work. Drink. Dance. Repeat. @tarasummers @mckinleybcubed

practicing safe seafood

New look, y'all 👩🏻 (plus giant claw hand )

#Repost @rileystearns ・・・ With my leading lady (both on and off screen) @mewins after our sold out screening of FAULTS in Williamsburg the other night. 35mm 📷 by @somebadideas

@tarasummers ....But mostly we just like to dance 🎯 @turnrva

Meet Laurel Healy, who will be ridding Washington of all its pests starting June 13th #BrainDeadCBS

Thanks to all you cuties who came to see our movie and thanks for having us, @nitehawkcinema ! #FAULTS 👩🏻👨🏻

❤️ Happy Mom Day from the fam 💞

Kicking off Mother's Day weekend with my gals

We are making a weird and wonderful show about the absurdity that is the world of politics these days. Hope you guys tune in for the insanity starting June 13th #BraindeadCBS

Snap of me on the set of BRAINDEAD with my goofy ass grin. #iamsonotcool

Absolutely love the "Fight Like a Girl" series from artist @kaolporfirio and it's so cool she included Rammy. Maybe Michelle will make an appearance too... 💪💕💋

Only a few more tickets left for our screening of FAULTS at the Nighthawk Cinema in Brooklyn on 5/10. Don't miss out! So cool to have another opportunity to show this movie on the big screen. @rileystearns will intro and I'll join for a q&a after 👨🏻👩🏻

Morning after a particularly long day at work. Apparently I need all the liquids. @rileystearns

Make up artists on BRAINDEAD are keeping me fresh by turning me into Jem and the Holograms

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