Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
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@hollywoodbowl YESSSSSSSS

At my favorite place in the world! @hollywoodbowl seeing my amazing friend bring Beauty And The Beast to life!! Go crush it @marissajaretwinokur #hollywoodbowl

Aaron and I trying to do better than our driver's license photos...mission not accomplished....although Aaron seems to regret how he parallel parked or is in a parfumerie ad. @aaronagabriel #alsohejustaskedisthissocialmedia #nohashtagavailableformysoundofdismay #welcometo2018 #minnesotafriends

Go see a play! Especially one written by Mae West that got her arrested! Bravo to the cast of Sex at the Hudson Theater in LA! @buzzworksla @buzzworksla @aaronagabriel @waynewilderson #sorryyougotcroppedoutaaron

We saw a play!!!! Go see @buzzworksla production of Sex by Mae West at the Hudson Theater! Amazing cast! Bravo @waynewilderson @buzzhutch @aaronagabriel

Well well, Rio just told me what the end to The Avengers Infinity Wars really means. #getabird #theyknowstuff

Watching the @nbcthevoice with this songbird. #teamkelly @kellyclarkson @brynncartelli

Why I don't hate Mondays. #ilikehorsesbetterthansomepeople

Just got this in the mail and about to Treat MySelf to a great read!! I love this hilarious & talented lady and can't wait to dig in! @unforettable #treatyoselftoagreatbook #soclosetobeingthesh*tYalldontevenknow #retta

@saltnpepaofficial and @envoguemusic still got it!!!! The soundtrack to me getting ready for every Saturday night out.....when I went out.....and got ready... Absolutely crushed it!!! @bbmas

@kellyclarkson is a whole lotta AWESOME! @bbmas #doesthemgmstillhavearoofcausegirljustblewitoff

Baby Daddy family were Cindy's Soldiers today at the Miles For Melanoma! Proud to walk with this amazing and fierce lady who also made one of my favorite people! @jeffasheets @welcometoheidi @carolitablythe @tim_marx @jonesy222c #milesformelanoma

Walking this way into the weekend. #doesnteveryonehaveasteventylermicstandintheirlivingroom

Happy Birthday @tahj_mowry Xoxoxoxo

Happy birthday to the little brother I waited for my whole life. Tahj, I adore you. You were the best partner in crime, the best singing & dance partner, my comic playmate, the jam to my bread, my bonafacio forever! #bonnie&tuckerforever #brucker #tonnie @tahj_mowry

Champion Bird Dog Ace finally did it!! He's a daddy!! And that sweet little girl will be joining our circus this summer. She's with momma Willow for a few more months!! So excited! Thank you Uncle Bill and Aunt Susie!!! Janet and Junior don't know yet so I'm glad their Instagram's were disabled after too many anti-Cat rants! #minnesotapuppy #englishsetter

My Mother's Day portrait from Riley. I love it. He captured the intense vacancy of my stare without sacrificing my bold eyebrows. #ilovethatkid

Yea I posted it before but doing it again because why not? It's Tuesday. Let's go get it. #tuesdayfeelslikefriday

Redo, with 17 filters. Book club. Nailed it. @treehausla

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