Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
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It's a throwback from October, but still makes me happy in April.

Sometimes after seeing an amazing new play starring @mindyster & @queenellia & written by @zimmermanstan and Christian McLaughlin we do the Brady Bunch pose on the set to celebrate! Fantastic show!! Go see "Yes Virginia" it's fabulous! @chelseakane @toddsherry


Gone way too soon. #prince #oneyearago #purplerainforever

#tbt to that time when I crossed off several things on my bucket list. Just casually hanging with the comedy legend I worship, the tall, talented guy who sings real good & makes me laugh and feel normal sized and the lady who does it all and still let's me win at backgammon occasionally. #epicday @reba @blakeshelton @lilytomlin

A lunch with ladies I love.

One more for your Birthday! Happy Birthday @neil_robison May you age in slow motion too!! Love you!

Happy Birthday to the very handsome, very kind and very talented @neil_robison His job is to make people look beautiful but his gift is making everyone feel beautiful. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Love you!!

A shout out to my brave & amazing friend @michellestevensphd on her book "Scared Selfless" A candid & honest account of her own trauma & how she survived and ultimately triumphed. So very proud of you Michelle.

You don't want to miss these faces!! 30 minutes until a new Baby Daddy on @freeform @babydaddytv @sura_kayleigh #babydaddychat

CSI can't wait for tonight's new episode of @babydaddytv 8:30/7:30 on @freeform watch & tweet w me!! #babydaddychat #babydaddy

I'm almost positive that Bonnie could chew through those bars to get to her man!! New Baby Daddy Tonight!! 8:30/7:30 central on @freeform @babydaddytv @peteporte #babydaddy

When your 11yr old takes a picture.. Of Art, becomes Fart... hilarious...and yes I did giggle. #springbreak ps I told him if it was real, he would get a scholarship.

Left my heart...and my phone charger in San Francisco. #lovethiscity

The Streets Of San Francisco. #springbreak #roadtrip #whyamIalwayssofarbehindthem #myboys #becauseImCarryingEverything

When your son is trapped with you for days!! #roadtrip #springbreak

Objects In Mirror Are Cooler Than They Appear. #springbreak #roadtrip

"Ok, just keep smiling and pretend I'm asking you for directions...Is he still standing right behind me?" #springbreak #roadtrip

I guess I don't hate road trips that much. #springbreak

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