Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
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2 more weeks to see "Heartbreak Help" Hope to see you there!! @teresaganzel @sarahgilman18 @marissajaretwinokur @zimmermanstan #goseeaplay #justintanner

Love sharing the stage with these Uber talented ladies! If you are in LA come see "Heartbreak Help" a play by Justin Tanner and directed by @zimmermanstan @marissajaretwinokur @sarahgilman18 @teresaganzel #dorietheater

Just casually hanging on the couch with Bo Derek....not at all intimidated by her beauty both inside and out....and secretly planning my Christmas Card. Love this lady. @celebfightnight @andreabocellifoundation

Happy Birthday Chelsea. I love you to the moon and back. Enjoy the movie. The reviews have been nothing but raves! "Kane is a star!She lights up the screen like an arsonist"- John Brady... "Chelsea is a younger, prettier, funnier more talented Melissa Peterman" - Frank (Melissa's Pool Guy)....Love you tulip! @chelseakane

Excited to be playing with these amazing and talented ladies for the next 3 weeks! @sarahgilman18 @marissajaretwinokur @teresaganzel Thank you @zimmermanstan for leading this pack of crazy! #justintanner #goseeaplay

Things are heating up in the kitchen tonight! Tune in to a new episode of @worstcooksinamerica TONIGHT on @foodnetwork #soggytots

How the good Lord packed so much talent into such a tiny package I will never know, all I know is she tells a story and sings a song that reaches your soul. Also I adore her. Thank you @kchenoweth for shining your gift on us all this week. HUGE props to the amazing Mary Mitchell Campbell for accompanying and for sharing your gifts as well! Love you both! @andreabocellifoundation @celebfightnight #marymitchellcampbell

I was feeling bad I hadn't seen Elton John play at the coliseum in Vegas....until I saw him play the Coliseum in ROME! Epic venue. Epic performance. Thanks @andreabocellifoundation for this once in a lifetime evening. I hope record amounts of money was raised for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. #cfnitaly2017 @andreabocelliofficial @celebfightnight @reba #stillpinchingmyself

Am I the only one who would pay to see the cast of the @virginamerica safety video perform live on tour? #iloveit #sometimeswatchitathome

Just one of the magical moments that happened this week. Go ahead and fall in love all over again with @reba & @andreabocelliofficial @andreabocellifoundation @celebfightnight #bruisesfrompinchingmyself #rome #cfnitaly2017

Dream On. Dream until your dreams come true. Dream come true meeting Steven Tyler. Thank you @andreabocellifoundation and @celebfightnight for an amazing adventure in Rome raising money for 2 incredible organizations! #CFNItaly2017

Ladies in Rome. @reba @snellycat @andreabocellifoundation @celebfightnight

The London Essentials + Italy + a Prince song = exceptional night! @reba @celebfightnight @londonessentials #cfnitaly2017

Not a bad Thursday. Not bad at all. #rome #cfnitaly2017 @celebfightnight @reba @snellycat @neil_robison

Just Roaming Around. #aRebaderci #cfnitaly2017 @celebfightnight @reba @snellycat @neil_robison #rome

I'm planning on incorporating this sleep mask in several outfits this week! So grateful and lucky to be with my great friends on another adventure. @reba @snellycat @neil_robison @celebfightnight #cfnitaly2017

Looking forward to making more pictures like these this week! Italy here we come!!

"Looking towards a future full of opportunity and better hairstyles" #me&mybigsister

I believe he's telling me "I may not always know where your car keys are, but I will always pretend to help you find them" #finishpacking #stopgettingdistracted #oldphotos

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