Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
  • Все 2392
  • Фото 2003
  • Видео 389

Hope you're hungry for some funny! Tune in to the @foodnetwork August 23rd for the premiere of Worst Cooks. @carsonkressley @rachaelray @chefanneburrell @carmenelectra @therealerikestrada @seanloweksu @theperezhilton @msvfox #foodnetwork #noradunn

My face when you won!!! Congrats @bilodope on your @teenchoice2017_ win for Favorite Comedy Actor!! You are so talented, so funny, you have the best work ethic and I am so proud of you. Go celebrate, have fun and write the number of your driver on your hand in case you lose your phone twerking at an after party........long story. Love you.

Happy Birthday @jogarciaswisher we love and adore you!! And yes this went on too long! Eat cake! #birthdayvideotraditionliveson

So sometimes when your cleaning up your phone you find a rare episode of "Lot Talk" a show about what's Rad at Radford that sadly only tested well with the host's and 3 of thier friends. Love you cohost @jonesy222c

I live with boys. Setting a new roll on top instead of putting on the roller. #Ihopetheyusedthosesecondssavedwisely

Missing seeing these 2 at work everyday...missing honing our craft together, the dialogue, finding moments and motivation together, challenging each other to be our best, I guess it's their minds I miss the most....I swear. @peteporte @derektheler #happymonday #yourewelcome

Is it good or bad that the children just ignore what's happening? #SeenItMother #overit #sundayfunday

Love the one your with. Or Dance with who's available. #sundayfunday

Sometimes the grownups are the most fun on play dates. @peterbreitmayer @treehausla #sundayfunday

Sunday's on the floor with Tulip. 🌷 @welcometoheidi

Quick, you put your hand on your head and I'll put mine casually on my face!! #reunited @peteporte

I always enjoy my time with @vothchris He's so funny, I hate to leave. #superdense

Sometimes the dog moves too fast. Goodnight. Dream Big.

Goodnight. @billyjoel #targetfield #pianoman

Sometimes when you go see one of your favorites another favorite stops by to sing AC/DC. This is called "if this had happened when I was 17 I would have lost my mind and cried into my pillow" tonight I was super cool and just lost my pillow when I was crying in my mind. @billyjoel @gunsnroses #axelrose #targetfield

Sometimes you go see @billyjoel with your auntie and it's perfect because she's the one who let you listen to her albums. #targetfield #bucketlist #glasshouses #thestranger

A bottle of red and a bottle of white, these uptown girls are moving up and doing it all for Leyna and sleeping with the television on tonight because it's still rock and roll to us! @billyjoel #billyjoel #targetfield #bucketlist

Lake Superior is so Superior! #duluth #minnesota #lakesuperior


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