Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
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I'm so glad we had this time together.

All the feels happening today. #seriesfinale #lovedeveryminute #grateful @babydaddytv

I promise to stop posting these soon.....PS I'm lying. #lovedeveryminute #seriesfinale @babydaddytv #grateful

#seriesfinale #grateful #lovedeveryminute @babydaddytv

#seriesfinale @babydaddytv

Part 2 of probably 39. #seriesfinale @babydaddytv

Series Finale of Baby Daddy tonight. Thank you for watching & joining our crazy family. We have loved every minute. @babydaddytv

Be Fearless. #fearlessgirl #nycwithherauntie #nyc


I will be thinking of this amazing show & these performances for a long time. thank you @dearevanhansen Proof that 8 people telling a story in front of you has the ability to make 1009 people hold their breath at the same moment. The entire cast is spectacular & I do not know how @bensplatt does it....he gives the performance of 50 lifetimes. #livetheater #goseeaplay

Since she was a little girl I told her I would take her to NYC when she graduated high school...well she went ahead and did it & with honors!! We just landed! @dearevanhansen here we come!! #nycwithherauntie @k_jol

Shhhh the bird lets him win. Good night. Sleep Well. Dream Big.

It goes on for awhile. Happy Birthday @tahj_mowry Love, John, Melissa & Alexa. ❤️💕🎉🎂

Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother, my partner in crime & comedy, the Ranger to my Roo, my friend, my heart & forever my family. I love you. you make me laugh, you make me happy! Have a fabulous birthday Tuck Tuck. Have a fabulous day!! @tahj_mowry #buckerforever

When watching a movie, it's best to have 2 husbands in case one falls asleep. Real vs TV spouse. Real: 2 points for for being conscious. TV: 3 points for sleeping & leaving us the popcorn. Goodnight. Sleep Well. Dream Big. @peteporte

I love movie night with Peter.....almost as much as he does...clearly. @peteporte

5 minutes away until @babydaddytv only 2 more so don't miss it!! #babydaddy

I can't promise I won't make hundreds of these.

A flashback to the very beginning! Only 2 episodes of Baby Daddy left!!! Tune in tonight 8:30/7:30 central! I will be watching & tweeting with you live. @freeform @babydaddytv #babydaddy

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