Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
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Goodnight. Sleep well. Dream Big. Share your drinks. #riley&george

Because that's what you do in a hotel room with your besties you have known since you were college theater majors.

Her favorite. She loved this so much. It is everything and her. Last thing to take down. Goodnight Diana. I hope your dreams are sweet and you are at peace.

#tbt to when the people made a choice that made us very happy. #babydaddy #peopleschoice2017 #Ilikepeople

Happy Birthday Betty White! We were so lucky to be your work neighbor's for a couple of years it was a thrill to be in the proximity of greatness. May the vodka flow, the hot dogs be from Pinks and the celebration continue on until your next birthday. On behalf of all of us on Earth, thank you for the laughter and sharing your light with us!!! @bettymwhite

Riley and Roo. #makesmehappy

I call this move "How I get out of a bean bag chair...or "Getting up off the floor" but beautiful Keena makes it look quite majestic. Good Day today. #animals&friends #Ihavezerocorestrength

Watching @ladybirdmovie with my bird. Ps we both are loving it.

I lost one of my dearest friends Diana over the Holiday's. We have been friends for 26 years. And just like the other Diana she loved so much, she really was Wonder Woman. She saved live's as a nurse at Cedars Sinai, she was on the side of Truth and Justice and wasn't afraid to fight for it, she was the one you wanted around in any crisis, she was a force of nature, she could rock a pair of boots, she drove a Subaru but probably had an invisible plane parked somewhere but I don't know where because well, it's invisible. She was funny, she was a Kickass dancer, she knew all my secrets and flaws and loved me anyway. She was there for me at every momentous life event and more than a few of the boring ones. I miss her desperately. I can't believe she won't sit on my back porch and do nothing with me one more time. I loved her like a sister & we fought like sister's too but we always found our way back to each other. I'm not sure how to begin this new year without her but I will start with telling the people in my life that I love them more times than they want to hear. I hope you all do too. I love you DiDi.

Loved surprising Elizabeth and Co-Hosting Twin Cities Live on Friday! Thanks so much for having me....and for the Swedish Meatballs and the wine!! @elizries @twincitieslive @thewinepeople

@katperkinsmusic sang everyone's request. Except Stairway To Heaven.

I don't know where I'm looking but I don't care, what a wonderful night watching @katperkinsmusic bring a joyful noise unto us all! @2georgekeller

Thank you @katperkinsmusic #OhHolyNight

Me and bestie watching our girl @katperkinsmusic crush it tonight! @2georgekeller

Preach it @katperkinsmusic no place like home. I love you Minneapolis and St. Paul. #homefortheholidays #minnesota

Big shout out to the amazing artist/bakers and the beautiful gingerbread houses they created for the @norwayhousemn #minnesota #homefortheholidays

Riley and I went to one of my favorite places today. The gorgeous American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. In keeping with our Nordic heritage, though you can't tell from our faces, we are having a great time. @amswedinstitute #stoicswede #homefortheholidays

I'm getting closer to you Jason......in another 20 feet I may be violating the restraining order but it will be worth it because I love you and I love the @jasonshowtv @jasonmatheson @fox9 tune in today Twin Cities!!! #Thejasonshow

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