Мелисса Питерман


Американская актриса, комедиантка, кинопродюсер и певица.
  • Все 2081
  • Фото 1777
  • Видео 304

When one of your costars is married to an American Idol you get to hear your shows theme song done by a rockstar!! Thank you @leedewyzeofficial & @jonnawalsh for this amazing tribute for 100 episodes of @babydaddytv like it or not you are part of this crazy family!! Love you both!! #backmarch13th #babydaddy @freeform

That's a wrap on season 6!! @derektheler @daniel.berendsen @welcometoheidi @chelseakane @bilodope @babydaddytv

Getting our dance on at the @babydaddytv season 6 wrap party!! See you back on @freeform March 13th!!

My real hubby & my TV hubby last night at the @babydaddytv season 6 wrap party! #luckylady @peteporte

My favorite picture from Sunday night where @chelseakane & I presented at the Makeup & Hair Stylist Guild Awards and showed how important these amazing artists are by doing our own. @local_706 #prettyprincess

Take a listen to episode 17 of @forks_ontheleft I had a blast talking comfort food, cheese and brandy old fashions!! Listen on ITunes!!

@chelseakane and I were honored to present tonight at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist's Guild Awards tonight and to prove how important these amazing artists are we did our own hair & makeup for the night! @local_706 Congrats to all the nominees & winners!!

How @lempapa tames unruly actors. @babydaddytv @chelseakane @freeform #backmarch13th #babywhisperer

Go see the hilarious @drew_droege and the amazing cast of "Die Mommie Die" at the Celebration Theater. It's ridiculously funny!! @celebrationthtr

So when you're lucky enough to have a friend who's an amazing artist/Emmy winner create the most amazing wrap gift ever. Thank you Jeff Fastner for your time and talent. Baby Daddy loved it!! #100episodes #backmarch13th @babydaddytv @freeform

Sorry if you're sick of these, but feeling sentimental...and learned how to use IMovie.....kind of. @tahj_mowry @derektheler @bilodope @daniel.berendsen @chelseakane @welcometoheidi @babydaddytv @freeform

When you get to take a Flat Stanley picture for Katie with your shows People's Choice Award. Flat Katie played it cool, I was giddy with gratitude!! @babydaddytv @freeform #flatstanley

I'm pretty sure Bonnie Wheeler tried to get her and Danny matching tattoos for his high school graduation, but Derek waited until now. @derektheler #100episodes @babydaddytv Xoxo

That moment when your already super cool boss gets inked!!! Thank you @daniel.berendsen for the best job, the kind leadership and for Bonnie Wheeler! #100episodes #brokenarttatoo #backmarch13th @babydaddytv @chelseakane

Right before Porte got inked!! @babydaddytv @peteporte #100episodes #brokenarttatoo

Thank you Jeremy at #brokenarttatoo for making this special night happen! @babydaddytv @freeform #100episodes

Proof!!! To celebrate our 5yrs and 100 episodes our gang got matching tattoos. It's the safety pin A from our logo. A million memories & laughs forever with me! Ps yea I kept my shoe on, it's fierce. @babydaddytv #backmarch13th

she got more laughs than me today and didn't get yelled at for talking too much. Emma Stand In. 2. Melissa. 0. #funatwork @babydaddytv #backmarch13th

When you want to let him sleep in but you don't want to snuggle. #truelove #happyvalentinesday #JanetIsMyStandIn #putawigonit

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