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Американская актриса, модель и одна из основательниц Госпиталя Надежды в Индии.
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Momma is back in action! First time feeling like myself again post baby and pregnancy. Thank you to my mom for helping me recover - she’s been so amazing to stay with me for a whole month (first time she’s spent time away from my dad in 40 years), keeping me healthy and mentally sane so I can focus on taking care of the baby. She’s been feeding me simple and nutritious home cooked meals so I can nourish the little one and has kept me away from the junk I crave :/. And full disclaimer - I think the postpartum recovery was accelerated a bit by mom’s badass metabolism that somehow, I was lucky enough to inherit. So yes, thank u mom for all of that! #momsarethebest

Morning snuggles with this soon-to-be badass chick. #19daysold #babychandra

Best birthday gift ever.

Welcome to the world, dear Arya😌 - February 17, 2018

Manhattan, New York

A celebration of womanhood! I was hesitant to do a maternity shoot this late in the game, but so glad I did. @glowportraits made me feel like an absolute queen and I can’t thank them enough for capturing this special moment in my life. #39weekspregnant #readytopop #glowportraits #babychandra #babybump

📷 🤰🏾#38weeks today!

Pasquale Jones

Only 3 weeks to go!! Me: “Breathe, you can do this...” 🙏🏽 Neeraj: “What did I get myself into...” 🤔🤭🤔 #37weekspregnant #itsagirl #babybump #babychandra

Waiting patiently for baby’s arrival 😌4 weeks and counting. Moms: what’s your number one piece of advice? . . #babytime #36weekspregnant on Monday

Repost @payal: “When we stick together as women, as girls, as sisters, we can achieve the extraordinary.” - @janellemonae #womenwholift @holichicbymegha #throwback

Can’t wait to show this speech to my daughter one day. Thank you, #Oprah. #goldenglobes #timesup @timesupnow #oprahforpresident #thefutureisfemale

#whywewearblack: #throwback photo to show support of the #TIMESUP movement and its huge backing at the Golden Globes red carpet and awards show right now, where women are dressed in black to raise awareness and stand up against sexual discrimination and harassment. To support @timesupnow, see link in bio and post a photo of you in black! @americaferrera

2018: Year of the WOMAN. #itsagirl #thefutureisfemale #8monthspregnant

The most amazing part about bringing a baby into this world is its power to bring family together. The outpouring of love and support, with both sides coming together to celebrate a new life that is connected in some way to each one of them. This New Years weekend we had many relatives fly in to take part in a "bangle ceremony” (AKA “valaikappu” in South India) to ensure a safe birth for our baby girl (swipe right to see some images), a tradition on my husband's side of the family to bless mothers to-be. This makes me reflect on the year, where both home life and work life have been defined by three things: honoring your value system, living life on your own terms, and working to create something that will outlast you. Doing things because of the genuine love in your heart and not because of obligation. With baby on the way, and two other babies cooking (original television shows in development) it’s all about creating. Create. Create. It can be easy to sit idle. But we have the opportunity to shape our lives. I’m definitely not perfect when keeping this mindset. But I’m trying, and that’s the first step. #cheersto2018 #livebydesign #33weekspregnant Shoutout to @holichicbymegha for dressing me in this elegant white anarkali for the day!

Baby Chandra wants to twist! #32weekspregnant on Christmas Day. Happy holidays everyone! 🎄🎁 👶🏽

He’s got that pregnancy glow! #babydaddy

One last thought before sharing the final piece of #nomoreboxes. To all the young women of color out there: to anyone who has been told “no” or left out of the conversation because of the color of their skin: Stand up. Speak up. Create. Keep pushing to defy the odds. Don’t let anyone put limits on the size of your dreams because of a “box” they see. In an industry that breeds competitiveness and cuthroat-ness, my colleagues and I stand together. As women. As friends. As artists and creators. Our skin, our voices, our cultures - our complexities - belong in Hollywood - and we believe it. Hollywood has the power to reach the masses and tell stories that change the way we think about the world, and of each other. Which translates into how we behave and treat one another. Let’s put aside the biases and celebrate our individuality. For the sake of powerful storytelling. Here we go… — No More Boxes (part 3 of 3): “It takes courage to question your own perceptions. Especially when they are validated every day by our culture.” - The Queen’s Code We are forging a new way of living that’s different from our parents, with no prior connections. We studied medicine, engineering, economics, and architecture. We deviated from a set path to follow our hearts and fulfill our creative minds. We stepped out of the mold and into living the life of a creative. We would rather keep going and fail than be “comfortable” and wonder “what if...” We’ve taken a leap into the unknown and are daring Hollywood to do the same. It’s time. Us: Surina Jindal, Gayatri Bahl, Melanie Chandra , Reema Sampat Photography : @saunakspace Makeup & Hair: @stylebysusmita


🎥 Just got in some behind the scenes photos from last weekends #2browngirlsproject. This one snapped by Brian Hollars (thank u!) 🎥 — @reemasampat remind us what were you saying here? @surinajindal ☺️

No More Boxes (part two): “We are specific and unique. But the majority of our casting notices read: Muslim. Wears a hijab. Conservative, pretty, smart, comes from a good background. Parents want to arrange her marriage. But how many shades of personality are there for our white counterparts? The next level up is “ethnically ambiguous,” which means we audition with anyone who isn’t Caucasian. Instead of stating “ethnically ambiguous” and considering oneself progressive, let’s write specifically rich female characters who HAPPEN to be ethnic along with their other plentiful individual traits. Our ethnicity should be used as an asset and not as a crutch. We are capable of more than filling the diversity quota. We are leading ladies. We're American. First generation. We don't need to comment on our culture at every turn because we don't do that in real life. We don’t all fit in one box. ______________________________ #nomoreboxes Us: Reema Sampat, Surinas Jindal, Gayatri Bahl, Melanie Chandra Photography : @saunakspace Makeup & Hair: @stylebysusmita _______________________________ #diversityinhollywood #browngirls #FirstTimeISawMe, #womenincomedy #womeninTV #womenintelevision #womeninfilm #southasiansinhollywood #indianactress #brownvoicesmatter

When all these silly girls want is a piece of the baby bump. 😆 #borderlinedisturbing #babybumpin #bts #2browngirlsproject @reemasampat @surinajindal @mehns

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