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Американская актриса, модель и одна из основательниц Госпиталя Надежды в Индии.
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🎥 Just got in some behind the scenes photos from last weekends #2browngirlsproject. This one snapped by Brian Hollars (thank u!) 🎥 — @reemasampat remind us what were you saying here? @surinajindal ☺️

No More Boxes (part two): “We are specific and unique. But the majority of our casting notices read: Muslim. Wears a hijab. Conservative, pretty, smart, comes from a good background. Parents want to arrange her marriage. But how many shades of personality are there for our white counterparts? The next level up is “ethnically ambiguous,” which means we audition with anyone who isn’t Caucasian. Instead of stating “ethnically ambiguous” and considering oneself progressive, let’s write specifically rich female characters who HAPPEN to be ethnic along with their other plentiful individual traits. Our ethnicity should be used as an asset and not as a crutch. We are capable of more than filling the diversity quota. We are leading ladies. We're American. First generation. We don't need to comment on our culture at every turn because we don't do that in real life. We don’t all fit in one box. ______________________________ #nomoreboxes Us: Reema Sampat, Surinas Jindal, Gayatri Bahl, Melanie Chandra Photography : @saunakspace Makeup & Hair: @stylebysusmita _______________________________ #diversityinhollywood #browngirls #FirstTimeISawMe, #womenincomedy #womeninTV #womenintelevision #womeninfilm #southasiansinhollywood #indianactress #brownvoicesmatter

When all these silly girls want is a piece of the baby bump. 😆 #borderlinedisturbing #babybumpin #bts #2browngirlsproject @reemasampat @surinajindal @mehns

No More Boxes (Part one) Look at us. Four American women. Our parents are from Punjab, Gujarat, and Kerala, but we grew up on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and in the South. We had thick southern accents, spoke fluent gujarati or didn’t know a single word of our parents’ language. We’re single and we’re married. We’ve gone from cleaning toilets and having survival jobs to starting businesses, foundations and producing award-winning films. We’ve been sexually harassed, offered roles for sex, and told it’s an easier “in” than auditioning. We’ve been through depression and anxiety. We’ve been offered contracts from networks and have had contracts taken away without notice. We’ve been on hold for huge roles, but then they decided to “go another way.” We’ve had our hearts broken, been on the red carpet, felt invisible, and had our dreams come true. This is us. Four American actresses. —————————————- Us: Reema Sampat, Gayatri Bahl, Melanie Chandra, Surina Jindal Photography : @saunakspace Makeup & Hair: @stylebysusmita

New York, New York

That’s a wrap on filming the pilot for our #2browngirlsproject. This was so meaningful - it was my first time playing the role of an executive producer, co-creator, and a leading lady all in one… while nearly 7.5 months pregnant. Hoping that baby girl can be proud of her mom one day. Here’s me signing one last piece of paperwork - my newly formed production entity essentially “hiring” myself as an actress on this. As diverse actors we often have to create our own vehicles to launch our stories. No one is going to write or produce these stories for us, without slapping an accent on our characters or generalizing our writing. We need to spell out what these stories look like and prove that you can be specific and inclusive at the same time. With our project we hope to highlight a diverse team of talent - a multi-ethnic cast as well as South Asians in the roles of writer, director, producers, and actors. Huge props to Sameer Gardezi (Writer, Co-Creator), @abivarghese (Director, EP), @ashah03 (EP), our amazing crew, and this goes without saying, my on-screen partner in crime, co-creator, and bestie @surinajindal for embarking on this journey. Still a long way to go - post-production must begin - but it’s important to take this moment to celebrate this first step forward. #diversityinhollywood #twobrowngirls #FirstTimeISawMe, #womenincomedy #indieTV, #shotinnewyork #newyorkproduction #womeninTV #womenintelevision #womeninfilm #southasiansinhollywood #brownvoicesmatter #brownnation #untitledcomedyduo @brownnationtv #babychandra |Special thanks to @rahinyc for having us film a key part of our show in their beautiful restaurant

From day 1 of filming #2BrownGirlsProject w/my lady @surinajindal 💃🏽

This was at #25weeks / #6months (a few weeks ago). Getting bigger by the second! #cantstopwontstop 💁🏽

🎉Crazy coincidence to be featured next to @abivarghese here, little did anyone know we’ve been teaming up to executive produce a lil’ female driven comedy project together 🎉 #tobecontinued |Article by Anoop Menon for The New Indian Express. 📷 by @theomacabeo

This was snapped way back at #16weeks when she was roughly the size of an 🍊 😌😌😌 | 📷 by @theomacabeo #babybump

Announcing...#babychandra, due February 2018. #itsagirl !! ❤️😍🌺🙏🏽

#caught in a wide eyed moment by @theomacabeo

Miami Beach, Florida

Advice to my younger self: create more moments to enjoy the sunshine. 🌞

Cipriani Wall Street


Tribeca Rooftop

Honored to speak at Commit2Change's gala in just 2 weeks in NYC about the POWER OF CHOICE. Commit 2 Change is an incredible organization committed to girls education and gender equality in India. Link in bio. Come join! 👊🏽 #girlseducation #commit2choice #giveback #changemakers #commit2change #genderequality #galaseason #philanthropy #fundraising

Madison Square Garden New York

Penguins win!! 🐧 #lastnight

Happy birthday to my incredible husband. You may be one year older, but somehow as each year passes your heart becomes more youthful, more pure, and your love more boundless. Love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday! 📸 by our @ourlaboroflove 🌞

Came across this stunning photo and message by @lynseyaddario and had to share: Repost @icp, Lynsey: “I saw two women on the side of the mountain, in burkas - they were without a man. In Afghanistan, you almost never see an unaccompanied woman, especially in the countryside. I asked our driver to stop and had my interpreter ask what they were doing. It turned out Noor Nisa, who was about 18, was pregnant, and her water had just broken. Her husband’s first wife had died during childbirth, so he was determined to ge Noor Nisa to the hospital, a four-hour journey from their village in the remote Badakhshan Province. He borrowed a car, but it broke down, so he went to find another vehicle. I ended up taking Noor Nisa, her mother, and her husband to the hospital in Faizabad, where she delivered a baby girl. I was on a mission to photograph maternal health and mortality issues, only to find the entire story waiting for me along a dusty Afghan road.”

Los Angeles, California

Caught up with these fine lads the other week #onceafamilyalwaysafamily 😊@iamharryford @williamallenyoung @loueyfromthehood #codeblack

Summerfield, North Carolina

Twirling for the entrepreneurial boss ladies behind @holichicbymegha. Thank u for dressing me yesterday! 🌸 . . #indianfusionwedding #northcarolina #greensboro #blushpink

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