Мелани Каннокада


Американская актриса, модель и одна из основательниц Госпиталя Надежды в Индии.
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Manhattan, New York

Proud to share this - we had a lot of hurdles getting other people to make it - so we just made it ourselves! ・・・ Surina & Mel. is our entrance into the first generation world of brown people. This isn’t a show about culture clashes, or an Eat, Pray, Love fest. It’s about two American-born South Asian women who are figuring out what life looks like when you’re not a model minority nor a Bollywood star fighting terrorism on an ABC show, but kinda just two best friends dealing with the messy realities of trying to be halfway decent adults. We’re proud to present a show concept that captures our world - it’s authentically brown, edgy, and a little absurd - all through the lens of the modern day South Asian woman. It's a first of its kind. 🙏🏽 . xoxo #surinaandmel . Show concept created by @melaniechandra + @surinajindal + @sameergardezi |Written by @sameergardezi | Directed by @abivarghese . . Special thank you to @browngirlmag for helping us get our story out! @mehns @reemasampat @niksadhnani #browngirls #browngirlsrepresent #livetinted #iseeme #browngirlmagic #melaniechandra #surinajindal #diversityinhollywood #thefutureisfemale #womeninFilm #womeninTV #film #brownnation @brownnationtv #browngirlsswag #sitcom #dramedy #browngirlswinning #indianactress #indianamerican #indiefilmmaking #indiefilm #surina&mel #newyorkcity #femaleproducer #diversity #diversityinTV

Bridgehampton, New York

I never thought I would be a mom who only posts photos of their baby but then I became a mom. And Arya is clearly so over it! #happybelated4thofjuly

happy father’s day part deux. 👨‍👩‍👧 (ps - pls make this emoji in all skin colors)

New York, New York

Happy 1st Father’s Day!!

Baby laughter is the best!!!! 👶🏽😂 | #babylaughs

Paris, France

She might not remember this trip, but I will, every second of it! #parisadventures | first time #travelingwithbaby #latergram to last week.


#latergram to Monday! So exhausted (first trip with baby has its hiccups!) but was so happy to be there. #frenchopen

Eiffel Tower, Paris


No inspirational quote here, just haven’t posted in a minute and really like this photo by @coreyhayesphotos | @veronicaxyz !

To my daughter.

These past two weeks were spent changing diapers and getting spit up on while sporting a frumpy hoodie, under eye circles, and a messy bun. But the week PRIOR I had the joy of getting back on a film set, working with a talented group of artists, playing make believe in fancy costumes and transformative makeup and hair. I’m grateful to have joined the cast of a beautifully scripted period piece set in 1930s British India. It was really nice to get back to work (after an abbreviated maternity leave), doing what I love to do, but excruciatingly difficult (emotionally and logistically) to step away from my precious daughter if even for a small bit. And the guilt! It’s going to be a wild ride ahead, full of tough decisions. Until the next adventure, catch me playing make believe with my little one.

Snapped by 📸 @greiwe_film the other week 🙏🏽

New York, New York

Trying to get some work done but lil munchkin Arya just wants to play. #surinaandmel #2.5browngirls

New York, New York

3 years and it’s a party of 3. #threeyearanniversary ❤️

In love with today’s 1930s hair by the super talented @moemakeup - crushing it #vintage #behindthescenes #draupadiunleashed

#Vintage #draupadiunleashed

Walt Disney Studios

#tbt to #codeblack #pilot #seasonone #dreamtream ❤️ every single one of you

Go Arya GO! #tummytime #6weeksold

Kids are capable of some extraordinary things. Regram: @marchforourlives

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