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Американский актер, продюсер, режиссер.
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Sometimes it's good to get your expensive cigar on after a good weeks worth of work in! #atlanta #tbbs

My dude @comedianlilrel on his last day of shooting today. That's the thing I love about what I've been blessed to do; working with so many diverse talented people that I wouldn't have ever met otherwise and being able to travel the world and go to places I may have never gone to!! Much love to all of my supporters #Thebobbybrownstory @woody_thegreat @kingbobbybrown

"Tommy", Tommy and Bobby getting our work in!! This will explain my mustache; gotta look the part of big brother/manager! #bobbybrownstory #bet

Bobby & Tommy, True brothers for life!! #Thebobbybrownstory @bet @woody_thegreat

15 years!! Time flies when you are having fun and staying busy! Much love to all the fans who supported this true story and made it the CLASSIC it is! @noblewood @mr_camron #paidinfull

Happy New Year from a few of the Phifers!! #2018 Much love and many blessings!! Even the dog has love for ya!!

This is how Jazzy I'm feeling about another year here on this earth! Stepping into 2018 healthy and very focused! Much love to everyone who is giving me some real cool birthday shout outs! #capricorn #2018 #43 years young!

The #ER Fam!! Happy Holidays, and a great 2018 to you and yours!! @scottchristophergrimes @goran_visnjic @parmindernagra @lindacardellini @theshanewest @aprillhernandez

Me and my good dudes are putting in that serious work in chi-town! @roycedavoyce @nbcchicagopd Brilliant director/exec producer @eriqlasalle is crushing it for sure! @mykeltiwmson @canalstreetmovie

Talk about dedication! No doubt what his favorite movie is! Great work from the artist; the likeness is serious. Much love! #paidinfull @noblewood @mr_camron @hinikoj @morereginahall @sylver135

"Daaamn B!" 15 years ago we dropped this joint and who knew at the time it would be such a classic til this day and beyond. Much love to all the supporters and fans out there! Mad props to my good dudes @mr_camron and @noblewood for putting in that work! Much love to Dame Dash for doing his thing on the production side, and my dude Charles Stone for his great direction.

This is how Jazzy I'm feeling about another successful week on earth! Looking forward to the weekend with the family. #happyfriday #tgif #weekendwarrior @noblewood #loveislove

A little throwback with my dudes. Great times on stage with these Kats! #eminem #rip #proof @omarbensonmiller

Make sure you check out #CANALSTREET coming soon! Definitely powerful! And I'll keep you posted on the thriller/suspense movie I just finished #ruthless I'll let you know whats up on its release. For sure some really good work! Much love @therealchrisspencer @jamiehector @charliemackfirstout @yazzthegreatest @sylver135

It's about to go down!! Check out the full trailer at CanalStreetMovie.com #allstarcast @yanceyarias @jamiehector @therealchrisspencer @sylver135

It's crazy how time flies!! I remember changing my youngblood's diapers and now he's off to the prom! Another notch in the belt of life! #proudfather

Got to stay dry out here in these #chicago streets before I go in and rip this next scene with my #soulfood brother Mike Beach on the @canalstreetmovie Much love to the great cast and crew! Check out the full cast on #imdb Canal Street

What yall know about them chew sticks from back in the 90's? #throwback #throwbackthursday It may just be an East coast thing; NY, NJ, Philly!! We used to get them joints on 125th street before Harlem was just beginning the gentrification transition. That was when you had to have your mind right to navigate them streets!! Harlem's Finest!! @sylver135 @kenn.alexander

Sometimes you just got to get your 5 mile hike on!! The youngblood held himself down out there in the wilderness while hanging with the grown folks! @ronniewarner3rd @sylver135 #familyfirst Stay healthy my friends!

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