Мекхай Файфер


Американский актер, продюсер, режиссер.
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This joint is actually talking about what plagues our communities. I ain't preachin', I'm just sayin'. Stay healthy my friends!!

Brooklyn/Uptown throwback! 22 1/2 years ago we worked damn hard at making something memorable that could be seen forever. Much love to @officialspikelee for having the foresight and courage to find an unknown to be the lead in his movie and to surround him with the best! #clockers @lawrenceadisa @iamstickyfingaz @fredro_starr @sylver135

This is how jazzy I'm feeling about T-Day and this long weekend of rest and relaxation! #givethanks Count your blessings; they are out there if you take the time to recognize them!! Much love!!

Check us out and chop it up with us tonight 845pm ET 545pm PT. Let me know your thoughts on tonight's show. Should be fire!!

Happy Ole School Mondays! Many blessings to all of you out there. It's been over 22years since this pic and I'm still curious about the world and what it has to show me! #Frequency #getyourfreqon #nevergiveup #worldtraveler

"It's just Me and Sly p, We kept em honest!" Throw Back Thursday...1995 Clockers Premier I think that's our uncle Eric on the other side. .@sylver135 #familyfirst #frequency

Don't make me reprimand you like Satch does to Raimy! Watch #Frequency tonight on the #CW Why not, its good as hell and it's free!

This is hilarious!! Who really got played, the people who voted for Hillary or the folks who voted for Donald? Welcome to the new America, this is going to be interesting to say the least!! @ronniewarner3rd @rileysmithofficial @AnthonyRuivivar @lennyjacobson @danielbonjour @lawrenceadisa @sylver135

The 'Boyz' got it in last night!! NYC Hotspot Up and Down showed us mad love! Work hard, play hard. Gotta have that balance! @kenn.alexander @sylver135 @spacepee

The Cubs!!! After 108 years they finally did it... Now it's Finally time to #getyourfreqon #CW #WB #frequency @rileysmithofficial @lennyjacobson @anthony.ruivivar @devkelley @danielbonjour

Happy Halloween!! The Freqs come out at night, the Freqs come out!! #Frequency @lennyjacobson @danielbonjour @devkelley Fright Night at the Amusement Park in Vancouver #hauntedhouse

Here's my #oldschool Monday joint. 1999 my man "O" was crazy in love!! Do you remember this flick? #lovecankill

This is a tiny part of what it takes to make something great! #readthrough Enjoy the show tonight my good people; it's going to be off the hook!! #Frequency #getyourfreqon @lennyjacobson @rileysmithofficial @anthony.ruivivar @danielbonjour @devkelley

You want to hear the same old rhetoric, name calling and useless information? Or something fresh, innovative and creative? That's the beauty of democracy, the choice is yours!! #CW #Frequency @rileysmithofficial @lennyjacobson @anthony.ruivivar @devkelley @danielbonjour

"I'm at the top of the world Ma!!" Getting my hike on once again, Quarry Rock Trail in Vancouver. On my solo mission, getting in touch with nature! #Frequency never stop challenging yourself!

Getting our Poker on last night at my Vancouver spot! We just taught @devkelley how to play and she whooped on @rileysmithofficial something awful!! @danielbonjour wound up taking all the dough in the end! #Frequency #begginersluck

Getting our downtime on after a great days work in NYC! #Frequency Had a great meal, a couple drinks and walked home! Gotta stay safe and responsible my friends! @danielbonjour @anthony.ruivivar #CW

I'm feeling very jazzy right now!! We have a strong a** show! I'm proud of all of our hard work and dedication. @rileysmithofficial @lennyjacobson @anthony.ruivivar #frequency

Ole School Mondays! #clockers Summer of '94!! Do you remember what you were doing that summer?? @sylver135 @lawrenceadisa @iamstickyfingaz @fredro_starr

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