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Американская актриса, сыгравшая роли дочери персонажа Джона Кейси русск. в телесериале Чак, роль Анджелы в телесериале Три реки русск. и Стефани Файф в телесериале Обмани меня.
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Waking up with Bae. Don't worry my therapist said my obsession with this mutt is totally healthy 😉

Right before the storm rolled in. Love working with these ladies! ❤

Opening up twitter got me like....

Feel so proud to be working with this group of strong women!! Female director, producer, writer and DP!!!! ❤️ #womeninfilm @rsseries

Introducing Freya Mae w/ her big sister Kyla. My heart is exploding!!! I'm an Auntie for the 5th time ❤❤❤❤❤

This is not just a fun space movie. It reminds you of a time our country celebrated science and innovation. It left me hopeful and excited to see what this next generation of explorers will discover, create and how they will change our world!! Check it out now on Netflix! Congrats @madmikeb & team! 🚀🌎

This bride tho. @imabear #vegas #lovewins #winterwhitechapelwedding

Bucket list ✔️ We didn't get married but @greg_winter and @imabear did!!#bluesuadeshoes #littlewhiteweddingchapel ❤❤you two!!

A few months back my friend asked me to stand in frame so he could test the light for a shoot he was doing that afternoon. At that time days would pass without a shower, food was something I had to remember to eat and I cried myself to sleep most nights. This photo was never supposed to be taken or seen. And I LOVE it. No makeup, freckles (I spent years trying to scrub off or cover up) invisible lips and all. It's honest, beautiful and a reminder that growth isn't always comfortable. BUT the universe will always bring you the exact right people to help you through and find the beauty. @msvanessamatsui @kouroshkeshiri were two of those people. Forever grateful for your friendship and talents.... AND that's the end of my uncharacteristically sappy rant, everyone gets one right?! 📷: @kouroshkeshiri (check out his work. He is kinda amazing!!)

Hims is the best of the best friends. 🐒#nationalpetday

Sometimes you just NEED your bathroom to express your inner golden girl. #wallpaperingonafridaynight 👵🏻



#vote It's important even at the local level!

I know buddy but bad haircuts are just part of life... #lifelessonsthehardway #oops 🐒

Sunday adventure!

Immigrant march LA with two of my favorite immigrants! Even the porta potties are in the spirit. United We Stand! #nobannowall

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Here's a little throwback V-Day blooper for all you #chucksters 🤓❤

🎹 @lauramaxwell

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