Мекенна Мелвин


Американская актриса, сыгравшая роли дочери персонажа Джона Кейси русск. в телесериале Чак, роль Анджелы в телесериале Три реки русск. и Стефани Файф в телесериале Обмани меня.
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This describes every woman I have ever admired. And it’s a welcomed reminder as I continue my journey of growing into the woman I want to be. Let’s hear it for the girls!! #nationalwomensday @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

Till next time Costa Rica

Hanging out with Costa Rican locals. Sloths are magic. Believe the hype!

Night time Costa Rica vibes 🎥: @sethorygregory

Cheers to another year around the sun! I’m feeling as fancy and free as this picture of little me! Thanks for the B-Day wishes friends 🌞

Modern day Three’s Company Christmas. Love these humans @oliviastambouliah @gianluigicarelli ❤️💚

Skate date with one of my best friends and his mom. @nataliesmyka ⛸ ⛸

My voice is important. Your voice is important. I just made mine heard. I hope you will too. #Vote ❤️💙

Happy Halloween from Lydia and Beetlejuice 🧡🖤🧡

🌵w/ bea

Sam & Diane. 🍁

Sometimes it’s important to make a Sunday out of a Monday. Salt and Sand for the win. Thanks Mother Nature 🐚

Work week got us like.... zzzzz.... 8pm bed time. My 20 yr old self would be disappointed. My 40 yr old self will be proud!

Airstream dreamin’

When your girl shows up and you are accidentally twinning. We didn’t plan this! ... did we? 👯‍♀️💕

Summer Nights 📷: @jessielove77 (aka twinnie)

Praise be! Season 2 finale. 🙌🏼 Proud as punch of our girl!!!

Summer Cuts✂️ One of us looks like a real nerd 🤓 CUT: @patrickludlow COLOR: @emsyneri GROOM: @healthyspot

Don’t worry I called my Dad yesterday to wish him a happy Father’s Day. This picture is a day late BUT here is my fav of him being the best Dad around.

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