Меган Трэйнор


Американская певица, автор-исполнитель и продюсер.
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Happy #nationalpuppyday to my children. I love you both more than you will ever know 🐶🐻💖 (ROO & @missbiggietrainor)

He looks at me like this everyday, all the time, even when I think I look a mess ❤ I love you @darylsabara

Pure joy. Tried so hard not to cry. This was the coolest thing ever! Snapchatting and trying to watch at the same time is hard ahah. Thank you @lakergirls for dancing to my song #MeToo 😭💃❤️... 🎥: @darylsabara ❤

I love this so much! Thank you all of the GT birthday posts! ❤️ #Repost @bailrok ・・・ Dancing and having fun wid my dad to the song #dancelikeyodaddy by @meghan_trainor Happy birthday Mr. @garytrainor! 🙏🏽🎂🎉🔥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who taught me to be the best at whatever I wanted to do in this life no matter how big my dreams were, to be kind to others, to laugh and party as much as possible. This is the man who showed me how important music is and helped me find my passion at a very young age when he let me sing in church next to him ❤️ thank you for making me perform all the time to practice my skill, thank you for liking my songs even when they made no sense and sounded terribly produced (by myself). Thanks for loving me TOO MUCH like mom does. I hope you have a great day today and everyday Dad. I love you so so so much 💖 you deserve special acknowledgement everyday🎉 #happybdayGT #DanceLikeYoDaddy

@jose_aristarco and these lovely ladies just made my night! I miss this song! Great job👏🏻❤️#WatchMeDo #ThankYou

dying laughing at @chrisdelia talking bout people at airports hahaha 👏🏻😂 #Congratulations

Wishing this could be an additional single artwork cover haha love it! 💙👏🏻@ismaedits #imalady @smurfsmovie

#internationalwomensday I wanna thank all these amazing women for being a part of my music video and working so hard to make it so special. I also wanna thank the amazing women behind the scenes making me look so beautiful for this shoot. Thank you @acommonfemalecitizen for beating my face. Thank you @lorienmeillon and @alexis.vk for doing my hair. Thank you @hayley_atkin_ and @courtneymadison_ for making me the coolest outfits. Thank you @modnailstudiocity for my long rose gold beautiful nails ! Thank you @hannahluxdavis for directing it! And thank you @charmladonna for choreographing our every move. Couldn't have made this beautiful empowering video without these super women. Love you all❤️ #imalady

#imaladymusicvideo IS FINALLY ON ITUNES! Go download it for that good good quality 😉💖 #imalady

My New favorite artist!!!!! This album is everything ❤️👏🏻 @braytonbowman

Had no idea jojo was filming me hahaha just searching for the shark 🦈 @PlayStation @SonySquareNYC

So excited to get my @PlayStation VR. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you gotta try it! Stop by @SonySquareNYC ...I'm literally dodging a shark hahah😩😂🦈

If you don't know this talented young woman yet, you will... check out her page @jasminethompson ❤️

Obsessed! 💙@mikegibsonartwork 👏🏻 #imalady

Same girl 😂🏈just finally got to add some pink💖 thank you @megatron022 for making this! #imalady #imaladymusicvideo

When your dad is your number 1 fan😩🙏🏻💖 I love you GT @garytrainor #prouddad #imaladymusicvideo #imalady

@michymilli showin off😂💖 #imaladymusicvideo

@smurfsmovie 💙 #imaladymusicvideo

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