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Los Angeles, California

Am I in a secret English garden or an empty lot next to an electric building on Pico? I’ll never tell.

wut a weird week eh


Mexico wuz cute

The ending of the City on Fire was my favorite to direct & watch come together so thought you guys may like seeing the rehearsal/shooting process. Seeing these dope women fly around the room with such energy and passion was pure magic. And I swear when I was yelling “fuck you” off camera it was an acting note 😆😆 Love you ladies @stevielyne @kellchoi @bridgetkrouse @jess.hiestand @_kelsey_landers_ @tashcrudup @hailey_ho @kthazard @sammifarber song by: @tylerhilton

We got married 3 years ago today & I think this year of traveling the world, making art together and hiding away in the woods together has truly been the most magical yet. Ily @tylerhilton you have my entire ❤️ forever 🤩

This video is a love letter to women. An ode to their fear, their pain and their often appropriated power. To women supporting other women and the stunning beauty in the strength of our unity. Thank you @tylerhilton for writing this song and reveling in women taking center stage (And happily letting me end his video with a metaphorical dick grab) xx full link in bio Special thanks to: @stevielyne @tashcrudup @bridgetkrouse @kellchoi @_kelsey_landers_ @kthazard @jess.hiestand @hailey_ho @eloise.mumford @missipyle @liztrinnear @officialmadeleinemcgraw @violetmcgraw Producer: @sammifarber DP: @patrick_jones Styling: @madbadting Choreo: @awinghart and many many more wonderful people who brought this to life.

Vancouver, British Columbia

She sick but she’s trying her best 😷🎥

Vancouver, British Columbia

Remember my mustard puffer phase? I’m immensely honored and proud of this video dropping in a few days. More BTS on @tylerhilton page. Huge special thank you to @missipyle @eloise.mumford @liztrinnear @stevielyne @officialmadeleinemcgraw @violetmcgraw xxx

Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi I’m in Vancouver making a movie and loving the rain wyd 🌲☔️🎥

Vancouver, British Columbia

My deeply personal audition prep (or as my sister calls them, “pretending contests”) 🤪🤪🤪

Wait I’m obsessed a this pic of my littlest muse and I @officialmadeleinemcgraw HOW CUTE IS SHE?! We’ve worked together on a few projects now and my heart still goes 💕💕💕

BEST WEEK of my LIFEEE in the Canadian wilderness on an island. Tyler and I learned we are boat people, that you can wear camo & stripes in the woods and no one cares and we fell in love with the dog that is not ours but waited outside the window every morning to greet us 😍🇨🇦 🚣‍♀️ 🌲 @tylerhilton

Byeeee going 2 a small remote island in northern canada w my boo & a buncha good books ✌️

sneak peak of my project with @janellemonae starring my genius friend @franciaraisa thank you for lending your insane gifts. Ily. (Adrian to my Grace forever) 💋💋💋💋many thanks also to: @prettybirdpic @belvederevodka @sammifarber @patrick_jones @liam.mooore @ariannashiningstar @tismeamysparks and MANY more

I had the honor of collaborating with @janellemonae on her Beautiful Future short film series WITH one of my favorite humans ever @franciaraisa starring in the one I wrote and directed. SHARING SHORTLY. Thank you @janellemonae for choosing me to be a part of such an incredible initiative ❤️ @prettybirdpic

Bts on a recent shoot w the A team, producer genius @sammifarber and DP genius @patrick_jones whom I’m incredibly grateful for ❤️ (filmmaking is a TEAM sport)

London, United Kingdom

40 something days in Europe, many many countries later and instagram will only let me close out with 10 photos but the general vibe was WE. HAD. A. BLAST. (heavily ft. @tylerhilton @chriscavell )

Had so much fun working w the epically hilarious Adam Pally in the new movie Dog Days directed by the V COOL @kenmarino it’s out today! Go see! 🐩 @dogdaysthefilm

You guys, life is hard when you peak at age 13...

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