Меган Янг


Победительница международного конкурса красоты Мисс Мира 2013. Меган Янг стала первой филиппинкой — победительницей Мисс мира.
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One of my favorite spots at @vesselhostel 📺

What is gigil? 😂

“Nakakasilaw” pose 😆

Still dreaming of all the food we ate during our last La Union trip 😍 we ordered Tapa, Hummus, Shakshouka, Full Taglish from @barefootelyu 🧡

My signature looks: sleepy pose and "silaw" pose 😂

The biggest adventures can sometimes be found on the smallest islands ✨ The serene island of Camiguin definitely gave this BENCH/ crew something you can’t find in the city 🍃 From the tallest falls to the sweetest lanzones, Camiguin surely gave us all the feels. Join us as we #FeelCamiguin ❣️ #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #LiveLocalLoveLocal - Special thanks to DOT Secretary @bernsrp, The Department of Toursim @tourism_phl, Camiguin Tourism Office @camiguintourismoffice, and the Provincial Government of Camiguin 🍃 - Follow #BENCHSummer2019 as we explore the finest shorelines and richest cultures of our own islands 🌊

Loved our time in LU 💛 most of it was because of our chill stay in @vesselhostel 😍 this is the roof deck area in the morning during breakfast ☀️

What we look like whenever I ask him for in game purchases... Hahahaha 👾🎮😋 #gamergirlfriend

Picture taking before eating out 😂

We love traveling for coffee. Before even checking in, we went straight for a coffee shop. What we love about coffee isn't just the coffee itself - but also the people you meet along the way. Thanks @cleanbeachco for letting me go behind the bar to make coffee for everyone! Loved geeking over our favorite beverage with you guys ☕️

No matter where we go, the first thing we look for is coffee ☕️

Fresh makeup with a little spark of purple 💜 @gerypenaso

Celebrating @itspatriciasnts atelier opening last week 🌸 so proud of you for all your achievements, Patricia! Can't wait to see what's in store for you in the future. And thank you for the mini birthday surprise hehehe!

2️⃣9️⃣ Hello to another year in my life. I've been able to do so much before turning 30 but there's still so much I want to do. Well, there's a whole life time for that anyway. 😁 taking it easy today by just being around people that I love and playing games to my heart's content 👾

Tagaytay City

It's hot out but still wearing black 🖤 one of the staple colors in my little wardrobe haha

When @antheabueno and @styledbysuyen do their glam magic 💕 also when a reflector is key in a selfie 😂

While working on a new campaign, I found out that Ate Vi, Ms Vilma Santos, THE Star For All Seasons was in the studio next to ours. I shyly asked the staff (hehe joke lang kinapalan ko na mukha ko) of their shoot if I may have a picture with her. Right after her shoot was done, I ran to her studio to have a picture with her 😋😋😋 thanks for being so sweet Ate Vi! ❤️ #StarstruckAkez #kilig

Always making me laugh til I have my gummy smile 😂😂😂 @previewph

Always thankful to have you in my life @mikaeldaez 🧡 you make life more exciting and you have taught me to appreciate what I have and the people around me 😍 you have taken (most of) my sungit vibes away and brought out my kulit vibes hehehe okay tama na 🧀 thanks to @previewph for this beautiful feature on Mikael and I. This is probably one of the most heartfelt written features about us and I appreciate everyone that was a part of this shoot ❤️ PS: Mikael was about to bite my nose in this picture 😂

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