Меган Янг


Победительница международного конкурса красоты Мисс Мира 2013. Меган Янг стала первой филиппинкой — победительницей Мисс мира.
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Caption this 🐶


Morning cab rides 🚖


Katsudon time 😍

Snackin - Greek yogurt topped with frozen fruits and honey from @angelapazfides' wedding 😍

Ramen time 🍜

Trying to get Salem to take a photo with me 🐱

Micasadeco & Cafe

Fluffy cloud pancake ☁️

Our Osaka trip was a short one - so we made sure to try as many places as we could! Vlog coming up on the weekend... Right, @mikaeldaez ❓❓❓

May pa-modeling pa habang nagsshopping oh 🕺🏽 #osaka

Hat hunting in vintage shops 🇯🇵

My travel essentials that just so happen to be in pink or rose gold 💕✨ Whenever I'm on a trip, I make sure I have my Bluetooth earphones, water jug, sneakers (still need to choose which one to bring!) and my 12" Macbook (which perfectly fits in my backpack and is sooooo light) from @powermaccenter ✨ happy to be a part of the @powermaccenter family 😍

"Pwede na bang kumain???"

Pancakes any time of the day 🥞

Cotton candy scarf ready to save me from freezing 😂 I honestly wish I could take cool "fashyon" photos but I always go for my most comfortable outfits so...here in this photo I'm giving you ✨already dreaming about the ramen we’re about to eat so TARA NA✨ realness. 🎥 New Osaka vlog linked in my profile 🎥

B & F in 🇯🇵


Gonna post a bunch of photos from our Osaka trip last January because... VLOG post coming up tonight 🍣 shot for the first time in 4k and it definitely won't be the last!

Hotel rooms that feel like home 🙌🏽

I love a good red but I also need a red that matches my skin tone - whether I'm tan after a beach trip or back to my whiter face and tan body (you girls know what's up 😂). I've found the shade that does the trick is #TWBMyModernClara 💄 It's the one red shade that matches every Filipina, from chinita, mestiza to morena 😍 #ColourCollection

Searching for new kicks 👟

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