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Британский прыгун в воду, бронзовый призёр чемпионата мира 2015 в синхронных прыжках с трёхметрового трамплина, участник летних Олимпийских игр 2012 года в синхронных прыжках с трамплина.
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Looking forward to a year full of happiness, success and hard graft! Last year was a really tough year for me emotionally. Becoming Olympic champion with my best friend was incredible, but left me feeling deflated and unhappy afterwards. I couldn't ever imagine having a feeling as good as that ever again in my life. I became negative and pessimistic for the first time in my existence, and questioned my morals and values. BUT I'm happy to say, I have re found myself and I feel bloody amazing! I have incredible friends, family and fans. 😜❤️ please remember, when things get tough, keep pushing onwards and upwards and I guarantee you'll reach the surface! X

Throwback to flipping around on Venice beach... 🌴

Dreaming of Christmas dinner...

Honoured to work with @peta to spread the word about animals in captivity. ❤️

Blocking out the haters 😊

Thanks so much to @dolcegabbana for letting me play some tunes last night 😃🙌🏽

I miss mornings in NY like this.❤️


3AM start tomorrow. 😴

When you see the IT clown in the back seat 🤡

Got thru Monday 🙌🏽


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