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Британский прыгун в воду, бронзовый призёр чемпионата мира 2015 в синхронных прыжках с трёхметрового трамплина, участник летних Олимпийских игр 2012 года в синхронных прыжках с трамплина.
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💎Slow and steady wins the race💎

Individuality beats imitation


So close to dying, so far from giving up - here’s my #NoMatterWhat story. For my full story visit www.nomatterwhat.uk.com

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"What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be." The journey should be beautiful in its own twisted unique way... let it play out and never ever stop following your heart.

Had a great time 😎 #montblancsummit #beahead @montblanc cheers to @karlaotto @Tommyhilfiger for the outfit!



First mix of 2017 is out! Link in bio 😎

ITS OUT! My remix of @iamparsonjames Sad Song is out now. Link in bio! 😎

Awesome evening #NBALondon and great times at the @AmericanAir after party - shout out and thanks @NBA for the hook up 👊🏼🏀

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