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Американская гимнастка, член женской сборной США по спортивной гимнастике, завоевавшей золотую медаль летних Олимпийских игр 2012 года в командном первенстве.
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down by the water

waiting for fall like . . .


"watch out, the yellow ones don't stop"

happy monday 👼

my first time in central parkkkk 🏙🌳❤️ who else loves new york?

hope everyone's having a nice weekend ☀️🐶 ily

hope u guys liked the new episode of super store on NBC! i had so much fun filming it! the cast and crew were absolutely amazinggggg. such hilarious, talented, down to earth people ❤️

#TeamUSA 🌃🇺🇸😉


happy monday :) quick reminder that ur a purposeful, amazing human being that deserves love, success, and happiness. (ok i'm done, lol love u guys)

this was seriously one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. i'm so far deep in the feels i need help out. #rio #olympics

GMA ☀️ (on again this morning if u wana watch... should be a funny one lol)

i've been up since 3am but i'm in new york so life is good ❤️ i'm also still on a high cuz my girls won gold yesterday 🏅 #teamusa #rio #gymnastics


Someone in the comments said I look like I can't decide if I'm going to New York or Mexico...... and that's exactly why this outfit is me 🌺

Had a very fun interview with @entertainmenttonight 😂😂Here's a little sneak peak of me doing handstands in my home away from home, aka @dubroomstudiola

quick thank u to tiger beat! love u guys💗

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