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We're dog-napping Earl.



miss you, valentine. ♡

just trying to make Britney & Justin proud, ya know?

Blanc Hair Salon-Uptown Dallas

@scott.tuan.witmer making sure I'm 2018 ready 💇🏼🙌🏼

my only 3 moods

def didn't sit on the bathroom floor in a comic book store for this pic. ha nope. that'd be gross.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

@alexyonks caught me being a fangirl in front of the old HOD stage. #longlivetheHart

happy halloween 🎃👻

they grow up so fast. here's to all our millions of lunch/coffee/random sketchy bakery dates. wouldn't want to travel to the middle of nowhere to get miniature cakes from a bakery (that isn't even real) with anyone else. ;) Love you, B! happy birthday. ♡

35mm. Duluth, MN. (some bts from filming something special.... coming very soooooon)

when we let @alex_kohnstamm take over hair & makeup...... never looked better, honestly. 🎬


NY you have my heart... but now it's time to get to work. ❤️

happy friday i am excited to sleep this weekend. that is all

happy birthday to my #1. here's to many more years of adventures & laughs. love u liv 💖

yeah... i'm ready for the weekend



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