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Blanc Hair Salon-Uptown Dallas

@scott.tuan.witmer making sure I'm 2018 ready 💇🏼🙌🏼

my only 3 moods

def didn't sit on the bathroom floor in a comic book store for this pic. ha nope. that'd be gross.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

@alexyonks caught me being a fangirl in front of the old HOD stage. #longlivetheHart

happy halloween 🎃👻

they grow up so fast. here's to all our millions of lunch/coffee/random sketchy bakery dates. wouldn't want to travel to the middle of nowhere to get miniature cakes from a bakery (that isn't even real) with anyone else. ;) Love you, B! happy birthday. ♡

35mm. Duluth, MN. (some bts from filming something special.... coming very soooooon)

when we let @alex_kohnstamm take over hair & makeup...... never looked better, honestly. 🎬


NY you have my heart... but now it's time to get to work. ❤️

happy friday i am excited to sleep this weekend. that is all

happy birthday to my #1. here's to many more years of adventures & laughs. love u liv 💖

yeah... i'm ready for the weekend



I clearly don't know how to react to surprise parties... but huge thanks to my awesome family and friends for pulling this off!!! love you guys!! (and thanks to everyone for all the bday wishes!!!)

another year older, another year wiser. 👵🏻

vote 4 pedro

catch us at Coachella @camdenriley @coopsriley @griffinmiller64

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