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one time we went to a karaoke room in Canada and i was SO excited to put on Miss Independent, I even tried to record the awesomeness that was about to unfold... turns out nobody else knew the song & I was genuinely upset that I was the only one jamming while bailee picked new songs... #KellyClarkson4ever


this gem is not only the queen of photo booths, she's also 18!! welcome to adulthood, Brec!💖💖💖

I clearly don't know how to react to surprise parties... but huge thanks to my awesome family and friends for pulling this off!!! love you guys!! (and thanks to everyone for all the bday wishes!!!)

another year older, another year wiser. 👵🏻

happy SUNday... ha. jokes. it's raining in LA.

vote 4 pedro

catch us at Coachella @camdenriley @coopsriley @griffinmiller64

when you find out they're bringing back Tamagotchis 📷 @jessicaspohr

we went to a museum & took a mirror pic... #cultured

a lil poorly played Elvis for your wednesday 🎩

Heavenly Mountain

weekend getaway

forever wishing i could pull off the Victoria Beckham pose

the lighting was too good to pass up ya feel #friendship #justgirlythings

channeling my inner disco queen ✨ @subduedus

i saw a bee

PSA: @jacksonpace & I are available for hire for PSA's... serious inquiries only.


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