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Happy Valentines Day!!!

favorite dance partner

welcome to MA’s. 🍾 full trailer in bio! #MAmovie OUT MAY 31ST!!!!! ... and if you think the wait is suspenseful, just wait til you see the movie... ;)

trailer tomorrow, full movie May 31st... Get ready!! So much love for my MA family. ♥️ @mamovie2019

we’re very professional on @butterthemovie 📹 @abovedown


Been working on a really special project the last couple weeks. Can’t wait to share BUTTER with everyone!

apparently this is an actual face I make after taking a sip of fancy coffee......... yikes. PS- if anyone wants to help a sista out with some OU v Bama tix @ the Orange Bowl lmk lol jk (but not rly i srsly need to go 😫)

we clearly had NO fun on this episode. ;) CHARMED tonight on the CW!! 💖💛✨

missing my lil canadian 🍁🧡🎃

Here's Johnny

Jack & Wendy left the Overlook Hotel for a night to party with Michael Myers. (don’t worry, we got Danny a sitter)

just a gal & her pimple cream. #undereyebagsarein

Happy Anniversary


i don’t know about you, but she’s NOT feeling 22...... ha. i think i’m clever... (and i will absolutely be reusing this caption for my birthday). HAPPY 23rd MEGS!!!!!! hope yesterday was magical and filled with LOTS of queso and wine! ✨🎂

there’s a pile of gold at the end of the rainbow.... and a pile of trash underneath. 🌈

hbd to my main squeeze. can't wait for another year of adventures. love you beyond!

it's my brother's birthday and he's getting old and idk how to feel about it and he never wants to take pics with me so i have to force him, but i still love him so i guess it's ok. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIF!!!!! U R THE BEST BROTHER IN. THE. WORLD!

i got lasik 4 years ago #itsallalieimsorryitrickedyou

IS olivia more than just a floating head? IDK. guess you'll have to watch #CloakAndDagger TONIGHT (/RIGHT NOW) to find out. (pssssst: it's on freeform)

happy father's day to the man, the myth, the legend, (and the person ALL my friends like more than me), PABLO!!!! the funniest human I know (sorry, mom). love you!!!!

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