MC Hammer


Настоящее имя Стэнли Кёрк Бёрел, родился 30 марта 1962, в Окленде, США. В 80-х и 90-х — американский рэпер, позже — проповедник. Ныне — телевизионный ведущий. Живёт в Трейси.
  • Все 1671
  • Фото 1585
  • Видео 86

Back to The Bay 🕺🏿🎧✈️✈️✈️🛫🛫

May God Bless Your Families on this Memorial Day Weekend 2017. Salute and Thank You to those who gave and sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. Prayers for your families 🙏🏿 USA 🇺🇸

Beautiful Drive through a village in Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹Shouting out @iam360wise @djkingassassin @iamtonyneal @boobyhammer @j.hammer_tho @gigs510 @gentrykozia Pleasure Ellis 👊🏾💯🔥

My Brother Jimmy on point 👊🏾💯#AllRollsRoyceWeekend @Iam360WISE 👊🏾#RollsRoyceSweptail 🔥🔥🔥

#PerfectNight 🔥🔥🔥#AllRollsRoyceWeekend #RollsRoyceSweptail

#PerfectNight 🔥🔥🔥#AllRollsRoyceWeekend #RollsRoyceSweptail @Iam360WISE @IAMTONYNEAL @djkingassassin

Dinner Time 💯💯💯 #PerfectNight 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Iam360WISE @IAMTONYNEAL @djkingassassin Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 #RollsRoyceSweptail

Dinner time !!! Como Italy 🇮🇹 #AllRollsRoyceWeekend #RollsRoyceSweptail #Hammertime #PerfectNight 👊🏾💯🔥

Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 #AllRollsRoyceWeekend #RollsRoyceSweptail 🔥🔥🔥

‪I love to dance for you and I ain't gonna stop. 👊🏾💯 Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 #Hammertime👣 @djkingassassin @Iam360WISE @IAMTONYNEAL Salute 👊🏾💯‬

Enjoying a beautiful weekend in Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 @djkingassassin @Iam360WISE #RollsRoyceSweptail 👊🏾💯🔥#PerfectNight

‪Proud of my man Sam Li designer of the one of one " Rolls Royce Sweptail " A gorgeous car !!! Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 #AllRollsRoyceWeekend 👊🏾💯‬

It's always been about your lens on life.The laws of attraction are real.You become your thoughts. War against your inner self. 👊🏾💯🙏🏿

‪Enjoying myself. Lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 #AllRollsRoyceWeekend @Iam360WISE @IAMTONYNEAL @djkingassassin @KLASSIKCEO 👊🏾💯‬

#thuto 🔥🔥🔥 @casspernyovest

My skin. My win. Content being me. Peace is found within. 🙏🏿 Milan,Italy 🇮🇹 @Iam360WISE @djkingassassin @IAMTONYNEAL

I Smile and keep it movin' A Beautiful Day leading to a #PerfectNight in Milan, Italy 🇮🇹 @Iam360WISE 👊🏾💯🔥#RRWeekend

Beautiful Day in Milan, Italy 🇮🇹The beginning of an all #RollsRoyceWeekend @Iam360WISE @djkingassassin #townbizzness 👊🏾💯🔥🔥🔥

I'm in Milan ..was it a playoff game tonight ? Who we playing against ? Oh really ? #Shazam !!! 😂 Dreams come true👊🏾💯 Go #Warriors !!!! #DubNation #OaklandFightClub #PerfectNight

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