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Шотландский актёр. Лауреат премии BAFTA (1997, 2004).
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#Repost @sharkgirlmadison with @repostapp ・・・ Every time I take a nice picture with a shark I feel like I'm lying to you. Like brands are lying to you. Like I'm showing a beauty that doesn't exist. Because this is the reality.. this is what I see. Smell. Step in. Here is where I've seen my most sharks... remember behinds all those images is a reality that they are leaving us... behind every shark interaction is chum and allot of work and travel to find what's left. This is the reality. This is what you need to focus on stopping, on bringing awareness to. Behinds every nice image is a starving nation trying to survive by killing what's left. This wont get as many likes as my bikini shots but that's one of the many reasons insta doesn't actually matter. This is important, more so than the beauty. Feel free to repost this image, share the sharks reality.

Guess I've been knocking around in VWs since the start!! #firstdayatschool #orangebug

Rocking my #festivefootwear (sort of festive anyway) with the help of Larry the rabbit for @supportchas. Pop yours on and donate by texting FEET02 and amount to 70070.http://bit.ly/festivefootwear xx

#Repost @vdubber4life with @repostapp ・・・ Totally digging the new movie poster for The Bug Movie. I know @mcgregor_ewan will dig having his '54 forever immortalized on the walls of vw fanatics everywhere! Link to preorder in bio. Movie will ship in time for Christmas! #vw #volkswagen #bug #beetle #savethevochos #vwslut #oldbug #vintagevw #vocho #thebugmovie #thewaitisover #chassymedia #documentary

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my great good friend Randy Carlson @bugnbox

@unicef_uk wrote- As a result of the offensive in Mosul, tens of thousands more people, half of them children, have had to leave the city. As these children and families arrive at reception sites on the outskirts of Mosul, Unicef is there to meet them. Many of the new arrivals are coming in dusty, exhausted and uncertain about what is going to happen next. Some are barefoot. Unicef staff are reaching out to families, checking on the condition of their children and finding out if any of them were missing. This devastating photo shows a newly displaced women with her two children at a check point south of the city. Visit our website to find out more about how we're helping children and families in Mosul. #smoke #fire #Iraq #Mosul #family #photooftheday #nofilter Photo: Unicef 2016 Romenzi

#Repost @unicef_uk with @repostapp ・・・ A young girl looks over her mother's shoulder as they leave the devastation in Mosul. Nearly 59,000 people, including 26,000 children, have been displaced as a result of intensified military operations that began a month ago to retake the city We are deeply concerned about the families affected - our teams are on the ground with life-saving support #iraq #mosul #foreverychild #eyes #photooftheday #nofilter Photo: Unicef 2016 Romenzi

Very fortunate to fly in the back of a WWII, North American AT-6 today. #happydays

Zuma Beach


I had a pretty epic afternoon. Thank you Condor Squadron.

New Car!! 1975 'Jeans' beetle. Built by @marcosupplies bought from #markstockton in UK. Now owned by me. I love it. I wanted a later model Beetle for ages and this one puts a smile on my face. #happydays

💥 Happy to meet these boys at Deus. Feel like I have known them for a long time! #Repost @rrrawlings with @repostapp ・・・ Turns out Ewan McGregor is a Gas Monkey fan! Just finished up filming for another Hot Wheels reveal and ran into him at Deus Ex Machina! He said he loves the show and he'll stop by the garage in Dallas sometime! #gasmonkeygarage #fastnloud #ewanmcgregor #hotwheels #deusexmachina

My man Sid.

Trying to explain to my daughters why America voted Trump in. Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped.

#Repost @newportitalian with @repostapp ・・・ Christmas is coming so it's time to give to #UNICEF We @newportitalian and @mcgregor_ewan are going to give this incredibly cool custom built Italian inspired helmet by chemical candy customs with a Billy D plush red white and red crushed velvet interior to the highest bidder until Dec 20th 2016 just bid on here !!! @mvagustaofficial @mvagustamotor @mvagusta.gc @mv_agusta_sydney @mvagustaclub @mvagusta_alkadesign @mv_agusta_reparto_corse @analogmotorcycles @bornfreeshow @motogp @mgnoc @motoguzzigirl @motoguzzi_americas @seeseemotorcycles @themightymotor @moto.meccanica @mgp_fanpage @bmwmotorradusa @bmwmotorcyclegirl @bmwmotorcyclesofaustin @bmwmotorraditalia @cjwilsonphoto @ducatista_luca @ducatimiami @ducatistagram @uralmotorcycles @vwtrends @unicef @unicefusa @unicef_uk @unicef_iraq @bmwadvriders @bmwadventureriders #mvagusta #bmwgs #motoguzzi #motoguzzioriginals #unicef #unicefusa #unicefuk #unicef #give #help #love #motorcycles

On this Day .. here is an image of Love. #Repost @unicef_uk ・・・ Amr, 7, is comforted by his #mother - he has experienced so much trauma in his short life. His family fled #Homs and are now living in a #refugee shelter in #Berlin, #Germany. Amr often gets upset thinking about the conflict in #Syria and his father being kidnapped by militants. His parents are trying to rebuild their lives but they face many challenges. While their most pressing needs have been met, they now have to deal with racism in their new community. Thanks to @Unicef for sharing. Photo: Unicef/2016/Gilbertson VII #family #mother #son #love #beauty #support #photooftheday

#Repost @americanpastoral with @repostapp ・・・ Meet #DakotaFanning's Merry Levov, a rebellious teenager in the 1960s, in #AmericanPastoral - Now playing in select theaters. Tickets: link in bio.

We had the @gocampaign Gala tonight and raised funds for grass roots projects to help children all over the world. If you'd like to help and donate $5 details are on the pic. Xx.

#Repost @unicef_uk with @repostapp ・・・ A young girl looks through a hole in the wall of a school, damaged in the ongoing conflict in #Iraq. We're working in the region, called Anbar, to support the clean up and rehabilitation of 100 schools. Photo: Unicef 2016 Khuzaie

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