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Шотландский актёр. Лауреат премии BAFTA (1997, 2004).
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#Repost @mcgcolin It’s official... http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/history/raf?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_press_office&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=corporate

Sharks will die out if we keep killing them at this rate. Then the balance of the oceans won’t work and then we are all screwed #Repost @sharks_are_awesome1 (@get_repost) ・・・ 🦈 I wish there were only "nice" photos of alive sharks to share. Unfortunately this is not reality. This video, although some of the numbers are not quite accurate anymore, shows what goes on around the world every day. Lets keep fighting against the use of any shark product and their senseless killing before it's too late. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ @yao @gordongram #sharks #shark #jaws #savesharks #sharksareawesome

Little post Christmas present to myself. Happy New Year everyone.

#Repost @unicef_uk (@get_repost) ・・・ #Repost @dfid_uk Happy World Children's Day! Today children from George Green School in Tower Hamlets are joining us in our London office with @unicef_uk Follow their visit on our Instagram Stories later today! #worldchildrensday #futuregenerations #kids #future #kidstakeover

Thank you @Vespa_official for the loan of the Sprint! What a laugh. I will put #ad as they lent it to me. #vespa #canibeamodandarocker #iambothsothere

Repost @unicef_uk A family sit outside their shelter in at a camp for the displaced in northern Uganda. This isn’t the first time the family have been uprooted. Originally from Bor, South Sudan, they were forced to flee Juba, when intense fighting broke out. The violence spread and once again the family was forced to flee, making their way across the border into Uganda. Every child needs a safe home and hope for a happy future. 💙 Photo: Unicef 2017 Ose #achildisachild #uganda

#Repost @unicef_uk Today is #WorldPolioDay. The incredible generosity of @easyJet customers has raised over £10 million for children in danger and helped vaccinate more than 19 million children against polio. Thank you!

#Repost @unicef_uk Rohingya children are witnessing things no child should see. A child is a child no matter what. Double tap if you stand with Rohingya children 💙#achildisachild #bangladesh #rohingya #children #Repost @unicef (@get_repost) ・・・ Scared. Traumatised. Alone. A quarter of a million Rohingya refugee children have fled violence in Myanmar over the past month. More are arriving every day. We’re providing safe places to learn, emotional support, vaccinations and clean water. #foreverychild, support

Boots of the day.

#Repost @unicef_uk Right now, refugee children are being kept from their uncles because UK refugee law doesn’t recognise uncles as family.Click the link in our bio to sign the petition and help keep families together. #family #together #love #uncle #niece #nephew #achildisachild

#Repost @unicef_uk Right now, refugee children are being kept from their aunts because UK refugee law doesn’t recognise aunts as family. Click the link in our bio to sign the petition and help every niece and nephew have the future they deserve. #family #together #love #aunt #niece #nephew

Jimmy has opened his own store in NYC. Best in Town!! I love you Jimmy!! Repost @ixneedxmore A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE GOING ON IN THE BIG WINDOW AT I NEED MORE !!! #WholeLottaLove #LoveInTheWinsow #LoveOnTheInside #WeLiveRockNRoll #IxNeedxMore #TheCradleOfLove WINDOW BY: @chynagay PHOTO BY: @michaeledmonds.com_

#Repost @unicef_uk Nur is 13 and fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, this is his story. A child is a child, no matter where they are from or where they are going. Double tap if you believe all children deserve a safe, loving home. #Rohingyachildren #achildisachild #safe #home

#Repost @unicef_uk Right now, #refugee #children are being kept from their #brothers because UK refugee law doesn’t recognise brothers as family. You can help fix the law that is keeping brothers apart. Click the link in our bio to sign the petition. Help every brother and sister have the future they deserve #love #family #together

#Repost @unicef_uk I am missing my girls today. Today is #internationaldayofthegirl. There are more than 1 billion girls in the the world and they deserve the chance to fulfil their dreams. Watch the new @theglobalgoals film and bust www.globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl to take action #dayofthegirl

#Repost @unicef_uk #FreedomForGirls is education – even in conflict. We must empower girls to fulfill their potential no matter where they are. #DayoftheGirl Photo: Unicef 2017 Rose

Come on people. This man has to be stopped support @aclu_nationwide

#Repost @oneoceandiving #Repost A very important message from team member @mermaid_kayleigh ・・・ Powerful image by @juansharks as I try to send all the love I can to #RoxyTheTigerShark. This shark has been through a lot with entanglement and other human impacts causing stress and threatening her life. She has been satellite and acoustically tagged, her jaw has been broken, she's had nets wrapped around her dorsal, multiple hooks with line, and now she showed up yesterday with a metal hook and rope dragging beside her (which is clearly a rig for shark fishing). My heart goes out so much to this shark. The rig was clearly bothering her as with each pass she would wiggle her jaw or accidentally get it caught in her gills or down her throat causing her so much pain. @OceanRamsey tried to remove it gently but Roxy was already hurting and the rope was so hard to cut through, it made it impossible. Despite her discomfort she still swam with us gracefully and peacefully for over an hour! People might look at Roxy and think she looks really scary especially with the broken jaw and being entangled in rope, but truthfully all I see is humans taking something absolutely stunning, beautiful, and perfect in nature and interfering with it to the point of near death. She represents so much more about what is truly wrong with the world these days. I'm grateful that she is still alive as many sharks around the world do not have a similar fate. The current rate that sharks are killed by shark fishing, mainly for their fins, is 2-3 every second which adds up to a minimum of 70-100 million every year. With this mortality rate we could see the extinction of these gorgeous animals in our lifetime. If you want to experience sharks for yourself and learn a lot more about them join us on a pelagic interaction tour @oneoceandiving! Mahalo for reading. 🙏🏼🦈🖤 Photo by talented, worlds best #sharkphotographer @JuanSharks 🦈📷

In the past few weeks over 400,000 #Rohingya, around 240,000 of whom are #children, have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh. #Unicef is providing clean water, child friendly spaces and life-saving food as well as immunising children against measles, rubella and polio amid threat of disease outbreak. Please help @unicef_uk reach more Rohingya children by donating to their appeal: link in my bio

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