Мишель Борт


Американская актриса кино и телевидения. Известна ролями в телесериалах «Скажи мне, что любишь меня», «Забытые», «Гавайи 5.0» и «Военный госпиталь».
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When you can’t leave the house because you’re a highly contagious Petri dish of bacteria, combined with mild fever delirium......shit like this happens. This is the FLU in its greatest form🤒😷🤤. #happynewyear #fluandfashion #suggitfluvirus

✨Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone✨ Love- Mr. Bean and His Human. 🙏❤️🌎 🎶”Deck the halls with ballz of holly.....’Tis the season to be jolly.” 😘😇😉. #peaceonearth #givethanks #bemerryandbright

20 years later and it still hurts. The world got a little darker when we lost a great man, and a comedy legend. Today I have a better understanding of Farley’s struggles...still I can’t help but feel the world would be a better place with him still here. I don’t think there’s a day where I don’t quote something..... Thank you for all the joy and laughter you brought to us, you’re dearly missed, but will never be forgotten. The world misses you❤️🌍🙏. RIP #chrisfarley #legends. #patrickswayze

The ties that bind us can never break us... ❤️🌍🙏#onelove

Grrrrrrrrrr.....so when I know better to post any kind of controversial ideology, I’m just gonna post a pic of Mr. Bean showing off his junk. Enjoy!! 🤦‍♀️🤨🙏

Stay safe please🙏 Thank you to all the first responders, firefighters, policemen, volunteers, shelter homes, donators, reporters.........thank you. My deepest sympathy to those who have lost their homes, we will rebuild.🙏❤️. #cometogether #californialove

This is my- I just woke up very confused face.....”Why do I have the perfect messy bun NOW!? And “ Wait, people still Tweet!? What the What!”Both are equally mystifying.😉🤷‍♀️😘. #familyguy

To ALL MY GIRLS. Other women are not your competition, stand with them not against them. Empowered women empower women. Whatever your lot in life you have a voice, and together we have a thunder. Please speak....don’t be afraid to take a stand. And always respect all your fellow queens.✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 “Each time that a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” -Maya Angelou. #takeastand #imnotafraid #speakyourmind #weareone #onevoice #womenempowerment

Ahhh Thanksgiving........ Happy Cleaning Up Day!🦃🍁🙏😂😩😘

Frances Farmer. One of my own personal hero’s, she was a woman ahead of her time, who boldly spoke her mind in an era when that was unheard of and unacceptable from women. She was also flawed, imperfect, and made mistakes just like you and me. Her passion for change and compassion for others was her ultimate demise, but the her legacy will always remain. It’s okay to have hero’s, just don’t immortalize them and follow them blindly.....we’re all just human after all. -“We live in a very fragile and delicate time in the world where artists can use art as bullets, to tear open-expose truths that can make this world a better place....and you my dear are very beautiful ammunition.” - ‘Frances’. #greatwomeninhistory

Senior Beani-Arnaz & Dame Lucy Luí Ball. I ❤️Lucy

Dame Lucy Lui. 15yr old Dachshund. Gettin her first bath in a long time❤️ If you’re thinking about fostering a dog, please consider an elderly one, give them the gift of a loving and wonderful life until they peacefully pass. 🙏❤️. #fosterlove #fostermomma #fosterolderdogs

The divine in me bows and honors the divine in you. -Namaste

Knott's Scary Farm

Knotts’ Scary Farm is a must... I don’t care what age you are! If you’ve never been, next year GO! It’s amazing😱💥🙌. I only kinda pee’d my pants like once or twice ....kinda🤷‍♀️. 💀👽😈🎃👺☠️🎃❤️👏👏👏👏👏🙌

“Three tomatoes are walking down the street…papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato. Baby tomato starts laggin’ (late) behind and papa tomato gets really angry, goes back and squishes him and says… CATCH UP!!!!” -Mia Wallace. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!! 👻🎃☠️

Reflections. #funhouse #mirrormagic 🎪😱✨

“Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.” -Nikita Gill. #bewild #befree #befearless

To the most magical fairy of them all....Happy Birthday Beauty!!!!!! I’m so proud of you love....let your light shine brightly. NYC has no idea what’s coming, knock em dead sista😘❤️. #superstar #fairylove #fairygodmother

Duh 🙄

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