Макс Эмерсон


Американский актер, певец и фотомодель.
  • Все 2069
  • Фото 1951
  • Видео 118
Los Angeles, California

I hope this #shameless thotty picture will bring your attention to the fact that 3000 trans people are ACTUALLY murdered every year globally. Their representation in media changes public opinions and makes this violence less common. @denimthefilm is just $1000 away from its goal and is in its only one-day deadline extension. Please help out if you can.


Last day to help @denimthefilm reach its goal. Please help us get this great project to the finish line. They’re going to do amazing things this festival season! @jarchibald_nyc

@denimthefilm, a short film project focusing on trans issues, has got TWO DAYS to reach its post production fundraising goal. Please help us get this story out into the world. Donate, share, whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. #loveOnly

Melrose Avenue

Helpin my bros market some delicious dairy-free @warriormeal benefiting @ptsdveteranathletes. Please help by trolling @sharktankabc with “💪 💪” until they book my guys thanks!

Learning to wear a 👕 @groceriesapparel ❤️ 📸 @psad @darrenbluestone

Freehand Chicago

Wish me luck.

Brooklyn, New York

I know I literally posted a kissy pic yesterday but this is still my favorite. #loveOnly

Freehand Chicago

@andrescamilo___ and I did #Valentines early so we could get you a video in time. Now live on my #YouTube.

Freehand Chicago

NEW VIDEO🚨🚨🚨We did a pre-Valentine in #Chicago with @freehandhotels. No cute Midwestern boys were harmed. 📸 @june_in_chi

Café Integral at Freehand Chicago

Running out of Hoodies and books. Debating whether or not to continue doing physical product or going fully digital in order to help save planet. Thoughts? ❤️(as always, thank you for supporting my work) www.maxismsMedia.com

Freehand Chicago

Do these stairs make my legs look short? @freehandhotels #Chicago #sp 📸 @andrescamilo___

Freehand Chicago

#iWokeUpLikeThis. Good times at #hallPass @freehandhotels #sp 📸 @forallhumans.co

Freehand Chicago

Heard they were gunna have body painting at @freehandhotels #Chicago tonight, so I got myself on a flight... see you there at 8. #sp

Snowbasin Resort

ski-layover in #utah on way to Chicago. Could have picked a better place to decide my outfit. 📸 @bush_lightning

Santa Monica, California

Happy to be homo

Angkor Thom

This is your friendly reminder that @andrescamilo___ and I made a three episode series about traveling thru Asia this winter that’s live in my YouTube and totally doesn’t suck! #LookMomNoHands

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

@garetopia waiting for you to flood his DMs like... (to be honest I was a little worried when Andres asked us to pose like this) thanks a million to @elevationgayski and @monttremblant for hosting us on this insanely fun weekend! #elevationgayski

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

“It was only a matter of time til he got his legs in the air” -everyone at the hot tub @elevationgayski @monttremblant #tremblant #elevationGaySki

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

When you’re supposed to be skiing but #cuddle is life. @elevationgayski @monttremblant #elevationgayski

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