Макс Эмерсон


Американский актер, певец и фотомодель.
  • Все 1899
  • Фото 1792
  • Видео 107
Cupertino, California

Wedgie. One sec. 📸 @stephpaula

San Francisco, California

Monday’s suck, so here’s a picture of my baby @sergeantpupper from Feb, when he was just a little itty bitty baby. 📸 @official2xist and @marco_ovando

#whereInTheWorld? 👕@kennydwarren 📸 @andrescamilo___

Castro District, San Francisco

My agents: “Can you tone it down with the #gay stuff? We’re trying to sell you to family brands” Me:

Dear @Teslamotors, thanks for loaning me the flying car. If you want it back, I’ll need a duffel bag with enough unmarked bills to at least buy a model S. 📸 @tallerproductions

Cupertino, California

Hotel life means never having to make your #bed. Also has anyone else noticed that my #ears are too big for the portrait mode on my iPhone?

Does the five-second-rule apply to chewing gum? 📸 @cleverprimeuk

San Francisco, California

Happy 30th birthday to @andrescamilo___ I’m beyond lucky to have you as a partner can we have kids now please?

This week on MTV’s Cribs... @cleverprimeuk

A biological woman named Ambercrombie. If you haven’t seen #dragBabies on my YouTube, you’re probably sexist. 📸 @juliogaggia

Los Altos Hills, California

BUTT her emails. 📸 @stephpaula

Levi Strauss & Co

They asked me to bring @sergeantpupper to the casting today.

Balboa Strawberry Festival

Puppy heaven with @iheartmiles

Debriefing @lamodels

Santa Monica, California

#iWokeUpLikeThis. 📸 @andrescamilo___ @sergeantpupper

Lookin at Monday like...

Los Angeles, California

Probably a good idea to screenshot this before it gets reported

You guys wanna play #chicken? @cleverprimeuk

Los Angeles, California

I’m not posing you’re posing. @groceriesapparel 📸 @cleverprimeuk

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