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Американский актёр, наиболее известный по роли Эйдана в телесериале "Волчонок".
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proper jetlag 🛬😵🐨

Los Angeles, California

“Rough Night”

Last pink hair pic I ever post ;) It's time to get #InTheCloud. Stream my newest movie free on #Crackle and follow @InTheCloudCrackle for sneak peeks and all that crazy Easter egg shit you kids are into these days. Link also in bio. #FreeShit #InTheCloud

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Simularity, our little short, makes its world debut tomorrow at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival. If you’re in town, check out the Comedy Shorts! What started out as a funny idea in @danielsharman living room became an incredible lesson in collaboration, creativity and... well, making shit you love. So grateful! Such an incredible cast, crew and creative team! #SBIFF #Simularity

Pink hair, don't care. See more #InTheCloud at @inthecloudcrackle . The movie will be streaming free on #Crackle February 8th. #WhySoSerious

I got that 👌 Catch @charliecarver and myself #twinning in #InTheCloud, streaming free on #Crackle February 8th.

#tbt to me all pretty in pink for #InTheCloud ;) Stream it for free only on @crackle starting Feb 8th

It’s about to get funky future weird y’all. Had a blast shooting this #scifi beauty. #InTheCloud premieres Feb 8th only on @crackle

Just scored my copy of @piercebrownofficial ‘s #IronGold 🎉🎉🎉 Can’t WAIT for the epicness that awaits! #IDreamOfIronRains #SleepDeprivationHereICome #RedRising

My pink hair finally makes its film debut :) #InTheCloud. Stream it free February 8th on @Crackle Please watch or I’ll be #SuperEmo 👨🏻‍🎤

Grand Canyon National Park

Hi 2018 :)

Merry Christmas from Uncle Max & Lil’ Max #HappyHolidays

Gearing up for the Holidays 😘 #HappyHolidays #StayNaughty 📷: @feiginphoto

Approaching #Thanksgiving , aka one day of many to give thanks, I just wanted to thank you all for your dear support, fanship and friendship. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you and I can’t thank all of you enough for taking an interest in causes I am passionate about, the sweet messages you send me, the awesome little treasures I have received from around the (some pictured here... thought some of you might enjoy) but most of all, how wonderful you are to each other. Let’s keep it that way. We are all part of the pack. Go find something you believe in and give it everything you’ve got :) THANKS xoxo 😘

#Repost @paulscheer ・・・ No matter what your politics we need to pay attention to this. 👇🏻 🚨The chairman of the #FCC is very likely to announce a vote to gut neutrality, possibly as soon as this week.🚨 Once a vote is called, it will become much, much harder to stop ISPs such as Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner/Spectrum, and others, from charging us all extra fees to access streaming services like #YouTube, Netflix, #iTunes, -- and they can demand payment from independent artists and labels, stifling independent voices. 👉 Repeal of Net Neutrality would allow companies like Comcast, to charge you MORE for binge watching #StrangerThings season 2, ON TOP of your #Netflix subscription AND the internet access you already pay for. 📞 CALL YOUR SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE RIGHT NOW through November 22nd, and DEMAND THEY SUPPORT #NETNEUTRALITY Click to call: https://www.battleforthenet.com/ or dial 202-930-8550 to call your representative. When you get through to your Rep's office, introduce yourself, be polite, and say: 💬 I support Title Two net neutrality rules and I urge you to oppose the FCC's plan to repeal them. Specifically, I'd like you to contact the FCC Chairman and demand he abandon his current plan."

The brilliant @susieabromeit @christiemaccampo and @alonatal have created this genius and painfully accurate show about what it’s like to be an actress in Hollywood. Wrote it, produced, shot it. That’s empowering. It’s called “Famous Adjacent” Think Entourage meets Girls... or something like that ;) Can’t wait to see it! Congrats :) @famousadjacenttv ・・・ #FamousAdjacent #TheRealLaLaLand

Had a great time at the @sagaftrafound #PatronAwards last week! Join me in supporting this great org that provides a safety net for performing artists: http://www.sagaftra.foundation/donate

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃#ComePlayWithUs #tbt

Universal Studios Hollywood

Max here with your helpful hint of the day... highly recommended NOT going inside the @blumhouse maze at #halloweenhorrornights ... unless you’re into horrific nightmares and that kind of fun stuff... #StillRecovering #universalstudioshorrornights

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